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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 9, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE 8 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL CONCERNING THRILLS (With Apologies to the Press Association) Divers and BUndry hearts In the lit tie village of Possum Trot received a thrill last evening about 6 o'clock. Never again will the before-mentione- d hearts beat so quickly and caper about so rambunc-tlouslas they did at that time. The cause of all the excitement was r headline on the front page of the local paper to this effect: "POSSUM TROT BOY BREAKS ALL RECORDS." Such a statement coming so unexpectedly was sufficient to unbalance the soberest intellect, and make malleable the most adamantine heart in Possum Trot. It did all that, and more. Turn thine eyes to one home In particular, where you will have the privilege of seeing what a headline can do and seldom does. Father, Mother and the children are seated around the center table, and Father Is reading from the "Possum Trot News Weekly." The item which engages the undivided attention of all is as follows: "Josephus Varney Steeples, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Steeples, of this city, is making an enviable record at the University of Kentucky, where he has been attending school for the last two years, etc." Turning to Mother, and taking an unusually long draw at his old cob pipe, Father says: "Martha, didn't I tell you that boy would make his mark? They fcin't a smarter boy in Kalntucky than our Joe. His education has cost us a heap of money, but he's showin them College people what kind of stuff he's made of. You watch him make 'em set up and take notice." "Yes," replies Mother. "Joe always hankered after larnin', and I'm mighty glad we have give him a chance to get it. I'd like to see him now, wouldn't you, John " And she brushes a tear away. Mothers are prone to that sort of thing, you know. "Gee, I bet Joe'd feel big if he could see his name in the paper," says Joe's brother, Jim. "And my, won't Ethel Barton be jealous of me!" chimes in Maude, Joe's pretty sister, who is a freshman in high school. "Her brother was sent home from the University because he flunked in his studies." So goes the conversation as Father reads the record of Josephus Varney Steeples' achievements at the University. Results: Two days later the said y d WANTED! Josephus receives a letter, postmarked at Possum Trot, and containing, along with n check for a goodly amount, some words of commendation, encouragement, ct cetern, the gist of which Is, "Go to It, my boy; I'm for you I" All of which goes to show that tho Press Association in a good thing, and is not " a flower born to blush unseen, And waste its sweetness on the desert air." Selected from "Sayings of Solomon II." LITERARY SOCIETIES Phllosophlan. Mrs. Mat Walton, of Lexington, gave a number of readings in Italian dialect at the meeting of the Phllo sophlan Literary Society last Wednesday evening at 6:45 o'clock in the Recreation Room of Patterson Hall. By way of enhancing the attractiveness of her program, Mrs. Walton was dressed in the native costume of an Italian peasant girl. Horace Mann. Oliver Wendell Holmes was the subject for discussion at the meeting of the Horace IMann Literary Society last Thursday night. Among the speakers on the program were Affle Hammond, Wilna Brown, and Professor Baker. Dean Simrall returned Wednesday College, morning from Sweetbrlar Sweetbrlar, Virginia, where she delivered a lecture on "The Mystic Miss Trend "in Modern .Literature.' Simrall was formerly Dean of Women and instructor in psychology at Sweet Briar. She will go to Frankfort next week to attend a meeting of the Wel-lesle- y LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY A Metropolitan Hotel Respectfully Solicits the Honor "Frat" Pins, Club Pins Patronage of University People IN JOHN SKAIN, Manager Gold and Silver Orders Promptly Executed HEINTZ, Jeweler 123 East Main MRS J, TANDY HUGHES Street Opposite the Phoenix SCHOOL LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY of DANCING PHOENIX HOTEL University Class, Tuesday, 8 p. m. to Montague Sextette W. B. Martin's BARBERSHOP Haircut 11 p. m. University Dance, Saturday, 8 :30 p. m. to 12 p. m. rt ii i ii omirn sextette 25c Shave 15c Shampoo .25c Tonic 15c 153 South Limestone St. Mrs. Hughes has closed some and has more time for private instruction. out-of-to- 547 PHONE classes 547 Lexington, Ky. Club. Miss Jane Bell, former senior In the Home Economics Department, visited the campus last week. Miss Bell is at present teaching in West Virginia. Herman Becker, sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences, and a prominent member of the A. T. O. fraternity, has been called to his home in Louisville by the death of his father. It is not yet definitely known whether Mr. Becker will return to school. Doctor J. J. Tigert is spending Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lecturing. Wednesday he addressed the graduating class at .Upton, Kentucky. Thursday he spoke before the Woman's Club at Versailles and Friday he talked before the Y. M. C. A. Boy's' Conference at Cynthiana. Hart Schaffner & Marx d Ashland Suits and Topcoats for Spring TAILORED BY HAND IN THE SNAPPIEST STYLES BEST MATERIALS WANTED! Young men of ambition for summer work, selling our high-gradmaps by our modern, sure-firnew, sales methods. Days Work We Guarantee $525.00 for Seventy-fiv- e An Average of $7.00 Per Day. Some of our college men last season with no previous experience cleared over $2,000.00. Not a man who finished his contract failed to earn more than we guaranteed. If you are open for employment and are not afraid to think big money, ask us to send you proofs and tell you how it's done. The work is conducted on a high plane. Right now is the best time in all history for the sale of really good maps. Territory is reserved in the order contracts are signed. up-to-da- Phoenix Hotel e, te e, AH Wool Guaranteed See them in our windows Kaufman Clothing Co (Incorporated) up-to-d- NATIONAL MAP COMPANY (USINESS ESTABLISHED 1SM) If interested in this proposition see Boyd or Sullivan, Law Department, College Representatives. LEXINGTON'S BETTER YOUNG MEN'S STORE k I