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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1988, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

V t rA 4 I >= . Q .5A Y A W v~;: 5 l :- , I =- . ,5 , %- IE ii _ i ~ AV . i ; A \ &*` t i `` " . " E CHARLES E. BARNHART i I R A RI I l . g n 1948, a young swine of the Agricultural Experiment Station I nutritionist from Iowa State and assumed the title of director of the l University was interviewed for a A5 an Cooperative Extension Service. [ l position in the College of During his tenure as dean, Barnhart { Agriculture. The dean of the college, Tc0.g-nazd au On has expanded the breadth and scope of I Thomas Poe Cooper, asked him if he ' ` ` research within the college and has i planned to stay if he were hired, or to anzy/nd! MMZOHJ multiplied the number of research j get a few years of experience and look ` [Z0?. _ projects and journal articles coming for another position. That young man ZS aut OT CO from UKs Ag college. Several ES {"33li p.ELi;Z?`?ri2.} $$2% QF mm than 100 Smmyfw l?ZLY2?ZY$d.IZ.'3Jl`.Zif.lLi Sid probably leave." a7*dp On internationally recognized for their I After 40 years, the swine nutritionist _ _ _ _ excellence in research. I from Iowa State-is leaving. Charles E. Sujzng and Sujzng Under his leadership, the college has I Barnhart is retiring as dean of the kept pace with the larger framework of , College of Agriculture, a position he science and has instituted programs in has held for the past 19 years. Station, he was responsible for biotechnology, energy management, During those 40 years, Barnhart has administering all the research projects animal and plant genetics and distinguished himself as a world of the College of Agriculture. immunology. renowned swine researcher and an Barnhart became dean ofthe College Upon becoming dean, Barnhart administrator. of Agriculture in 1969, after the death restructured the colleges Cooperative I Barnhart, whose early research into of Dr. William Seay, who was killed Extension Service to encourage swine nutrition resulted in several when a plane he was piloting crashed in improved communication with the , patents, became director of the ` West Virginia. users of the system. Instead of an area Agricultural Experiment Station in When Barnhart assumed the position concept, in which agents and area , 1966. As director of the Experiment of dean, he also kept the title of director subject specialists worked with a large 7 UK