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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 13, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Page Four The Kentucky Kernel FrltUr throwrhout the PubHrtiH titty Cellcfc rear by the atudent hodj el the UnWeriitr of Kentaekj. Kernel ii the official newsThe Kentucky paper of the atudents and alumni of the UniTFMitr of Kentucky. frtacriptlM, One Ftfty Curtt Deflaf an Entered at Lexington Psataffiet M lie clan nail matter. a1 Mitef-hi-CM- 1RKNE McNAMARA, 2117-- T Hiani MMlnff '31 14 Eter RAYMOND L. KIRK 2117-Phones ASSOCIATE EDITOR! J. A. Eitea '24,. Norrii Hoyden J4 4 Arthur Hodgea '35 Margaret LerU 5444 IPORTI EDITOR Eugene Moort, 21 Aaaittaat I porta Miter Robt VanPelt '21 Robert W. Berry 2S NEWS EDITOR Betty Barbour '25 Staff Photographer BILLY WILLIAMS. '23 Buaineas Manager L. B. HALL. n23 Advertising Maaager WILLIAM BLANTON, 2S Circulation Manager WILLIAM TATE, '2S The Kernel believes that every student in the University, regardless of his or her financial condition, can save or cam $1.57 a month for sixteen months. Such an amount could easily he saved on picture shows, food, cigarettes or by some petty denial, and contribute, which would show in an humble way the love and appreciation that they feel for the advantages that (their foster mother has given them. It believes also that the spirit and love for hon orable conquest that has immortalized Kentucky and surges .through the veins of every true blooded Kentuck-iawould rise up in revolt if they were not allowed the privilege and satisfaction of contributing to the big gest undertaking of the state institu tion. The Kernel not only asks the stu- demts but pleads with them to seize this oDnortunitv and subscribe, be cause if the drive is not successful here, it will probably never be undertaken again within the next two decades at least. Such a campaign was slow in being brought about and if not approved by the students will never be brought about again. If the students will contribute the alumni and friends will do the THE LET'S REPLACE rest. BLEACHWEATHERB EATEN ERS VjITH A CEMENT n $25,-00- REPORTERS: Affie Hammoad 23 tlnrothv lata. 'SI Maty Barsarn 14 Helen King Gardner Bayleaa '24 Alma Hutcheai '21 Oeorge Lee Murpby 'It Orine Martin '24 J. P. McClure '2S Robert Lawless '25 A CORRECTION Lora Banta '21 Louise Burks '25 . Ii. C. Vet '24 bugene O'Ham '24 Ilixcn Davidson Tom DuflSM 2S The attention of the Kernel has been Margaret VanMeter '24 Chas. Wheeler "26 Rachelle Shacklett Jimmie Davidson '25 called to an error which appeared on Mary Catherine Gormley '24 page seven in .its issue of March 28, Press of Commercial Printing. Company which stated that Mr. W. Arthur K OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS coats arc too loud. Would it be a!i right if we'd wear mufflers with them, Dean HERE THEY ARE ? Wick Moore gets the embroidered walking stick this week. In the Bible says: "Say, why class, Farquhar don't you girls bring your books to class? Look at Miss James over there She's a frail little girl, but she alway brings her Bible." Snvs Wick: "Mcbbe that's what makes her so frail." s, We also serve Pies, Coffee, etc. Coney Island Hot Dog Lunch E. MAIN STREET. 231 A note found in the pocket of a young writer wlto committed suicide: Wouldn't it be a thrilling romance, of the story of the reconciliation Methuselah and his bride after eight hundred years of misunderstanding! K FIVE MEN ARE INITIATED INTO ALPHA DELTA SIGMA "The Lexington Way" Banquet at Lafayette Hotel Follows Services The Henry Wlattcrson Chapter of Alpha Delta Sigma, men's honorary journalistic fraternity, held their annual initiation at the Lafayette Hotel on the evening of April 8. Five pledges were received into fellowship after which Arthur Hodges, the pres ident of the local chapter, presided at a dinner served in honor of the new members. The active members are: Madison Cawein, Raymond Kirk, Troy Perkins, L. B. Hall, Arthur Hodges, Em- mett Bradley, J. A. Estes, Herbert Carter, Henry Taylor, Dan Bowmar, and Eugene Moore. The new mem bers: William Tate, Robert Van Pelt, Tyler Munford. Sterling Towels, and Jasper Reed McClure. : r. or any time you arc hungry. After the showafter the dance for sale Three Fords Wanted: cheap. They won't last long. Ad in Lexington Leader. Johnson; Jr., was selected to Associate Member of Sigma Xi. This was a mistake a'tid s'hbu!f "Have read Mr. W. Arthur Anderson, Jr., student as sistant in the Department of Botany The Kernel deeply regrets this m's- takc and hastens to inform Mr. An K dcrson that such mistake was unin HANDBOOK IS PUBLISHED tcntional and probably resulted from a mistake made by the l'notype operThe constitution of the Men's Stu ator, which failed t be corrected by dent Council has recently been pub lie proofreader. lished in booklet form, and copies are now available to the student body. Each fraternity on the campus will distribute copies to its members, and BOHEMIA SAYS men may obtain these copies by calling at the office of Dean Melcher in the Administraf'on Build VERS LIBRE ing. The opportunity for which the University of Kentucky has long waited has come and placed in the hands of the students the perogative of having and most .beautiful s'tadium in the South to (be erected on Stoll Field. A campaign is now being conduoted upon the campus and the response made by the students will largely determine the success v3th which it will meet when presented to the alumni and friends throughout the State. Plans for the stadium have been designed similar to those of Yale, Harvard, Princeton, We sit Point, Annapolis and other large colleges of the East. It is to be built of cement in The mellow tintinnabulations the shape of a horse shoe with seat- Impart their weekly call "Sabbatical. Hurry up! dong-dining capacity of 24,000, will include a Twitter-twittecinder track, club house and basket- Let's go to Sunday-schoo- l. The house is quiet. ball court which will accommodate 4,000. Such a stadium would not only be an asset to the University but to A gibbous moon rides in the heavens. the State at large. It may be made The house is mirth and cachinnation. Snap-snaCome seven! possible with such a sitadium to hold Click-clic;hot only the State High School Tourn- A plaintive voice wails for a Full House ament here but also the National Sunday night. Tournament which is held in ChicaM. Hail. Tournago and the Intercollegiate The Hilobrow says: "Never explain ment held at Atlanta. your friends do not need it and The prospects for the best athletic teams in the histony of the University your enemies will not believe you anyis the prediction for next year if the how." record made by the freshman class EMINENCE means anything. This year, accordTo those who find diversion in the ing to the new S. I. A. A. rul'ng, such as freshmen were not eligible for varsity collection of teams and for this reason, freshmen badges of honorary fraternities, the athletics was encouraged with the re- local campus offers a wide field. One sult that they won both the football is' not content, ordinarily, to be a member of eight or ten of the sixty-thre- e and basketball Southern Championship by defeating the strongest teams organizations at our little school. One Vi;h such a record should be a charter member of two of the South. made by these teams, the eyes of the or three such clubs. Despite the number of joiners in Southern athletic world will be directed toward the University of Ken- our midst, we have, amazingly enough, tucky next year. Thousands of peo- ,no Acting fraternity, no Art fraternity, ple from distances will'.come to wit- no Football fraternity, nor any lodges ness these contests. Can we accom- specifically to honor those who dismodate tbem? Positively not with tinguish themselves at Bridge, Poster-tackinBowling, ihe present facilities. Danc'ng, Loving. Already the cHy of Louisville has Ticket-sellinand pitching horseshoes. begun plans for transferring the Possibly the regrettable timidity of Basketball Tournament in forming held yearly at the University to that our 'local upon 'the assumption that the adequate unions maybe attributed to city meeting-timTime will .University has riot the proper means of the lack of accommodating the increasing crowds surely remedy this. Undoubtedly the witness the meets. Must we quaint custom of holding classes, in its early senility, will .sacrifice this, one of' the appealing at which institution offers for in soon become obsolete, and the time tractions our terestiug those yet in high school to now wasted on details of the curricuthroughout the further their education rather than to lum will be devoted meeting of honorstop with their high school training. entire year to the Every student in the University has ary societies. At that time, possibly, a fraternity recognizing '. been asked to subscribe a maximum we shall have study. ,of $25. Such subscription may be those who oaid in a single allotment or at any. ithne durjng.a period of sixteen months iff amounts convenient to the donor.' Dean Melcher says the spring top Real Coney Island Hot Wieners Of LAUNDRYING DRESS SHIRTS AND COLLARS IS UNEXCELLED. Phone 62 Lexington Laundry Company WE CALL FOR, PRESS YOUR SUIT, AND RETURN SAME DAY. Miss Spurr's Dancing School SPECIAL RATES FOR STUDENTS IN CLASSES AND PRIVATE LESSONS REGULAR DANCES FOR UNIVERSITY STUDENTS SATURDAY NIGHTS ' THURSDAY AND PUBLIC SALES We have purchased 122,000 pair U. S. Army Munson last shoes, sizes 5f to 12 which was the entire surplus stock of one of the largest U. S. Government shoe contractors. This shoe is guaranteed one hundred per cent solid leather, color dark tan, bellows tongue, dirt and waterproof. The actual value of this shoe is $6.00. M Owing to this tremendous buy we cc offer same to the public at $2.95. Send correct pise. Pay postman cn delivery or send money order. If shoes are not as represented we will cheerfully refund your money promptly upon request. NATIONAL BAY STATE SHOE COMPANY, 296 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Phone Pppo. Phoenix Hotel PARRISH 8c 6268-- R or 4503-- X BROMLEY DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING Phone 152 S. Limestone St. 1550-- Y QUALITY AND SERVICE MMMM M MMM M M MM M M M MMMM Conklin PENCIL Better Built for Better Writiag Pena With Larger Ink Capacity. Pencils with long leads that will not clog in tip. PEN FULLY GUARANTEED University Book Store Basement Mailt BuUdtag. MM MM MMMMMJM INVITATIONS AND for all social and public functions. Crap-shooti- i -- Address and Crest Stationery, Visiting Cards. Monogram, Book Plates, Greeting Cards, Menus. Transylvania Printing Company I I ,Bv H XBSiBW QbBw Ba BBBm.iBH BBLbBBP BBBBBEBf H aac m. atw Neatly cssstod la the ssaralaeaM WB 'feck ha ike 6r uy uaruly kair f y,M4 Mksa aU fw left, day use wo t Kieeaak tkta yeur kair wiH stay juat as yea waat k. alter watUkf yeur kair. Leaves tke kair selt sad lusimn. H H H , en wahid I"1 ewsjptm. ! Hi par