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10 > Image 10 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 81, no. 3, Fall 2010

Part of Kentucky alumnus

2 UK B E a 1: Governor Appoints 3 To Board Of Trustees Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear announced the appointments of He formed the Boneal Charitable Foundation and also provides William Stamps Parish ]r. of Versailles, Oliver Keith Gannon of leadership to a number of charitable, educational and trade Mt. Sterling, and Terry Mobley of Lexington to the UK Board of groups. Trustees. Mobley recently retired from UK, where he served for 33 years Parish manages Lanes End Parm and currently serves as chair- in many capacities, including director of development and chief man ofthe Breeders Cup and Horse PAC. He also is a founding development officer, interim athletics director, vice president for member ofthe Kentucky Equine Education Project. development and most recently vice president for institutional ad- Gannon is CEO and principal owner of Boneal Incorporated, a vancement. He has been a member ofthe UK Alumni Association provider of manufacturing services, sourcing, procurement and lo- Board of Directors since 1977. Mobley 65 ED, was a three-year gistics support to private corporations and government agencies. starter for UK Coach Adolph Rupps teams from 1962-65. College Of Pharmacy Na mes Dean WRFL Increases Signal Timothy S. Tracy has been named dean ofthe UK College of WRFL'FM> Radie Free LCXi8TC> THSCCHCC C HCYV mmsmisiiml Pharmacy He has been professor and head ofthe Department of Ex- CCWCI CH the CCP CCPCCCCISCH Oficc TCWCL CXPCPCIHB the Stations petiniental and Clinical phainiacologs, at the Univetsits, ofMin_ wattage from 250 watts to 7,900 watts. The additional wattage allows nesota College ofphatniacya , its signal to reach most of Central Kentucky Ttacs, has gatnetecl exttainutal funding WRPL, located at 88.1 on the PM dial, has been broadcasting to thtough the National institutes of Health and Lexington and surrounding areas for over 22 years. It has taken nearly is the ptincipal investigatot on two NIH sup_ $5 gt a decade of ftmd-raising and campaigning from various disc jockeys, potted giants and co_inVestigatot on a thitcl t l l general managers and multiple volunteers for WRPL to upgrade its project with total funding of more than $2.7 if V . POWCL _ _ _ million, in addition) he is the author of numen in i it i t E t Por more information on W RPL, go to the website at ous scientihc publications, book chapters and a_ ` i, C gl ~ ~ two books. He also holds two patents. T l I lil , _ . The UK College of Pharmacy is ranked _l__ lh T l _ t ( among the top Hve pharmacy schools in the lmot y racy ~ I ln { 4 nation. I ` I ` U New Dean Of Libraries Has e Mt - History Of Service With UK Terry Birdwhistell has been selected as the next dean ofthe UK Li- braries. . Birdwhistell, who served as interim dean, U K | Ia nce ps Restore was most recently associate dean for Special - ; Collections and Digital Programs, in addition _ _ . Ira ql H lg h er to sewing as co_clitectot ofthe Wendell Ha ' _. an The University of Kentucky has been chosen as one of Hve US. lzoicl public policy Reseaich Centei and holcl_ _i f V schools to help bring higher education back to Iraq through the ing an acliunct faculty appointnient in the UK i Academy for Educational Development Center Iraq University College ofpclucation V E Linkages Program. This nonproHt organization works globally to Bitclwhistell is a nienipei ofthe UK College ii create solutions to critical problems in health, education, social and awa li. .. . of Education Hall of Pame and in 2007 was -I-err Birdwhistell CCCHCHHC dCVClCPmCm naniecl one ofthe #25 Movets and Shapets at y Through this grant, UK will receive $1 million to be spent over UK cluting the past ~lWents,_hVe Yeats in UK threetyears in the areas of curriculum development and distance Office of Reseatchs Odyssey ywdgdzmu learning. UK is partnered with the University of Kufa in Najaf in southern Iraq with civil engineering, business administration and English as a second language as focus areas. Compiled from UK Web sites, UK Public Relations news reports, and Kentuclgr Alumni magazine staff reporting. >> 8 Fan 2010