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13 > Image 13 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 81, no. 3, Fall 2010

Part of Kentucky alumnus

nd eve I 0 T;f ~KENT1UC . Ex" ~..a?.;a-ear Alumni Support Critical To Presidential Scholarship Initiative With the launch ofthe Presidents new scholarship initiative, UK alumni can provide scholarships used to alumni can significantly increase the amount of support avail- help meet financial need, recognize students able to deserving students at UK. As you hear the theme see with outstanding academic merit, and in- ` blue, make a difference over the coming months, remember crease campus diversity. You can change the that alumni and friends are critical partners in this undertak- life ofa UK student today. Contact the Of- Pmmms ing. The goal of this initiative is to ensure that students pursue fice of Development or UK Alumni Associa- Sf,?i$i'{lQ an education and fulfill their academic dreams. 1n a struggling tion to find out how. CCOHOHIY, private SHPPOIAIZ is lI'1CIC1S11'1gly 1I1'1POI[1H[ [O S`[l1dCI1iZS. Phonathon Breaks Records in 2010 Society Of 1865 On]uly 30, 2010, support from alumni helped the UK The University of Kentucky has a recognition program for Phonathon break its long-standing record for the number of alumni and friends who make a planned gift to UK. The Soci- phonathon pledges secured in a single Hscal year. The new record ety of 1865 will include all donors who make planned gifts to of 19,269 tops the previous record of 19,260 set 10 years ago. the university. 1n]une, another record was set. Contributions by alumni led For many alumni, there is a compelling need to make a lasting Phonathon to break the record for the total dollars pledged in one impact on those dearest to us and on the world in which we Hscal year. The total was $1,559,175 an increase of 9.87 percent. live. The search for significance and the desire to plan for the Whoever would have thought...that given the economy...the future leads many to ponder their legacy. What kind of legacy 09-10 Hscal year would be the best year ever in both dollars and will you leave? donors! exclaimed Wayne Rogers, director of annual giving. A planned gift is, perhaps, the easiest and most tangible way to Thanks to all alumni who showed their generous support have a lasting impact on the people and organizations that mean through giving to the UK Phonathon. the most to you. UK alumni may want to consider a scholarship or a gift to a particular college or program in their will. Addition- " ., ally, a planned gift may be an effective way to make a contribution and lessen the burden of taxes on your family and on your estate. 1f you are interested in learning more about planned gifts, sup- ,, K H porting the university and its students, and becoming a member of II W Q the Society of 1865, please contact UKs Gift and Estate Planning Il _ _ =:-T.1`__,_-__,___; officers, Dion Guest and Ford Stanley, at 1-800-875-6272 or gif- {;`\ ~ r tandestatC@ukydU A Mw "'V '*i "**- w-:.e,i;?_ NI ' A in `\ . l L `\ www.u ky.ed u/development www.uka| 11 ((