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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 81, no. 3, Fall 2010

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)) O i r p e n n g R e m a ks g Lets Celebrate Big Blue Pride! f` I love fall. Its a special time of year for many reasons. Slhe start of the fall semester brings students back to campus en mass. You can feel the excitement and anticipation of college football (and tailgating!) and Homecoming. And, were close enough to peek around the corner l I l A and see Big Blue Madness. It seems Htting that my Hrst issue as editor of Kentucky Alumni 1 I l " magazine is a fall issue. Slhere is energy in the air when fall rolls around. I hope to bring that same A fi energy to Kentuclej/Alumni. Before we look ahead, I want to take a moment to salute the l I accomplishments of Liz Demoran, who served as editor of Kentuc/ey Alumni magazine for 5 @9 i\ _ many years. She recently retired after 37 years of service and dedication to the university and the alunmi association, and made Kentuc/cj/Alumni magazine into the publication it is today #4 Kg \ \ IIer list of accomplishments is long and varied. Liz left some pretty big shoes to 611. I learned a lot from her and hope to put that knowledge to good use. Slhere are amazing things happening at the University of Kentuclqr and with its alunmi. Our vision for Kentuc/ey Alumni magazine is to celebrate the pride we have in those accomplishments. Slhe fall 2010 issue celebrates the College of Medicine and the College of Nursing both marking 50 year anniversaries.]ust think about the students who have graduated from these two colleges over the years and the lives they have touched. We are also celebrating the 2010 UK Alumni Association Distinguished Service Awards recipients and the ]oseph T Burch Award recipient. Congratulations to Brenda Gosney Kelly IIolland, Lee ]ackson, Dan McCain and Lee Webb. Slhese dedicated volunteers give freely of their time to support their local alunmi clubs, communities and the university Slhank you! We truly appreciate everything you do. Slhe celebration of Big Blue pride continues with the story of Wildcat basketball great Wayne Turners journey to complete his college degree. Slhats really something to celebrate! I must admit that Turner is one of my alltime favorite Cats. IIis performance in the epic battle against Duke in the 1998 NCAA Regional Finals is one that Wildcat fans will never forget. I know Wayne is very excited about walking across the stage at Commencement. We are excited to welcome him into our alunmi family You might notice some changes in upcoming issues of Kentuclej/Alumni Let us know what you think. Your feedback is always welcome. Something new in this issue are tags. Slhose are the funny little icons that can be found on select pages. Visit tag to Hnd out more. I hope you enjoy this issue of Kentuc/ey Alumni! Go Cats! 44 tem Kelli Elam S G G D l U G. ]%neven www.uka| 5 ((