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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 81, no. 3, Fall 2010

Part of Kentucky alumnus

2 Presidential Conversation UK And WEG: A World-Class Partnership ,,e Lexington will have a different horse buzz this fall. Sure, we will attract the usual crowds to the gg~= Bluegrass for Keenelands October racing meet. But it is another equine event that has Kentuck- ians ready to put our best foot or shall 1 say hoof- forward. i * iv Horse enthusiasts from across the globe will descend upon the Kentucky Horse Park Sept. 25 j through Oct. 10 to witness and experience the 2010 Alltech EE1 World Equestrian Games * __;_ hlhis is the Hrst time the games will venture outside of Europe, and 1 know Kentuckys C j famed horse country is ready to put on quite the show A ]ust as \WEG provides Kentucky and the nations horse industry a prime opportunity to show- case our excellence, the games will allow the University of Kentuclqr a unique opportunity to j E g share our story with a global audience. 4 l UK has developed an array of parmerships with \WEG, as we seek to add value to the games. B Q . Countless alunmi, faculty staf and students will be volunteering throughout the games to make - - W sure that the Commonwealth is represented in a Hrst-class manner. hlhe UK College of Agriculture has been working with the games since the very begimiing. Eac- ulty stafH and students within the Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center have worked on an array of horse-related issues. Our for- eign language department has been working to provide translators for our global guests. UK Opera hlheatres Everett McCorvey has designed and planned the opening and closing ceremonies. UK HealthCare is serving as the chief medical provider for the games. And though we hope all the athletes and guests enjoy a safe stay in the Bluegrass, our world-class medical team will be prepared if anyone needs medical attention. hlhose that seek emergency med- ical care will be seen in our new emergency room. hlhe emergency room, which is part of our new $570 million UK Chandler Hospi- tal, opened in]uly It is a fantastic facility providing our doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals with all the latest in high-tech medical equipment. hlhe rest of the revamped facility will start opening during spring and summer of 20 1 1. As excited as 1 am for the world to see the kind of leading-edge care that is on display here at Kentuckys flagship university 1 am more excited about what this new facility will mean to Kentuclqr patients and their families. We - U T p s q ,_ are _;-x,.r,: -_ now have the type of Hrst-rate facilities in the Commonwealth that our patients deserve. 1 - --t 1 C ..ri C - gg *1 5 hope Kentuckians will feel conhdent knowing that no matter their ailment, no matter their 4 p T. gf.; if gi j /`~ - afHiction, they can come to UK Chandler Hospital and realize they are receiving the worlds \j_ #{1 Q plq- ; best CHIC. l/" ji? '; W 1 Y nw V C/r_ _r_f rm Enjoy this edition of Kmtuc/Q/Alumni magazine. hlhere is a great feature about the College if F P _; ery P tece i of Medicine and College of Nursing turning 50, and some terrihc stories about some of our pa gi} _ fellow alumni who are leaders in their Helds. Yi vm fi? i 0 jig; ,1. xg Sincerel , 1 gr *? 5" ll I ii- V A , ` Y fflF A i:& "___ _} gi', N a..lQ.aQ~ . xe Lee T. To dd ]r. 4 U1 2 . EQ " -1 if 4 $3 President 1 '1 Wt *' X 0 E b I is S G G U G. zn ever)/t/omg we do. www.uka| 7 ((