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11 > Image 11 of Field workers' manual

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

G r .. - A G i' c p " ..-.i,.,.....,.,,.,--,,,,,__,i.. H c + c 3 I - 7 _ ` I- books: "Arranged chronologically by date of court term and numerically there- under by docket number." y ~ It wi.ll be necessary for the field workers to familiarize themselves j with the records in order to explain their proper arrangement. _ 1 V The records will be filed in some file boxes in no systematic manner _ ` of arrangement, and it would be advisable in this case to state "no obvious V p arrangcmcnt." " i r 8. Indexing _ _ If the index is part of the volume containing the record, it should be y described under item 8 of the HR form covering the record. An individual _ E index should be treated the same as a self-contained index and described g upon the same HR form as the record itself; an individual index is the small ii index book that covers one volume only. Refer to your deed records, and you .. will likely find an individual index book to each deed book. If there is rci ` V not enough space for the full description of the indexing to be given under p, _ item 8, a continuation may be shown in item l2, "Other information." The `_li field worker must study the indexing very closely in order to give clearly l necessary information. For an example, we will assume that the self-con- __ TZ,} tained index given below is to a Marriage License and Bond Book, and that ,f`~ the groom's name has been used as the key word. Groom's Name Page `f A ~ ciii, Chester - Nell Gray 26 Gillis, J. R. - Betty Johnson 45 T Gray, J . Philip (col) - Mary Smith 72 Grilton, Henry Clay - Gladys Jones 88 Q Goodlot, Archie - Jane Crider 97 { Green, Willie D. Vera Madison 108 f;_`i`__Qj Griffin, Geo. Mattie Hill 115 Y From the above you can readily see that the index is not alphabetical by the full name, but by the first letter only, so your description in item 8 should read; "Alphabetical self-contained index, direct by first letter ` of surname of groom, showing name of bride and page number where recorded." ` ` The following example is an individual cross index to Commissioners Dee ds: i (a) Direct index using grantor's name as the key word. G1011l3<>I _t_g Grantee Page M<>BI&jy91, J. " Collins, Nannie 128 aq ..]f(;`l,$ { nckay, O. C. Black, J. B. 248 ,_;=_;;,:;r; I McKay, O. C. " Sparrow, M. 250 . i s +4 I i i i l il t f