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15 > Image 15 of Field workers' manual

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r,,_ 1 l - 3 , _ _ V ria E ` . 3 5 LIBR . E p ENTUCKY P ll - , In preparing the supplementary HR forms for the records given below, the p V i following information should be given: h Form identification number; If the master HR form is number A2, the V_ j I EupplementaryEwforms would be lettered, using the master form number 1 Q`? as a key number, and followed by a letter of the alphabet; e.g., A-2a, `.,s, l A~2b, A~2c, A2d, and so on. ji,; J Item l. Title: the title of each supplementary HR form should be en- " Vp `eldsed in"pErentheses; e.g., (Chattel Mortgages), (Mortgage Releases), It '{ and so on. ~ A *l` Q Item 2. Dates: the inclusive dates by month, day and year, if possible, "yoY Q of each "alsd-contained" record series must be given on the supplementary gg ER form describing it. hhen there is only one entry of an "also con- }g;Y i tained" record, show thc date of that entry, and immediately after the gi{;f date state, "Only one cntry." fg] i Items 5, 4, & 5. See Master Form. The supplementary HR form should jf],% `refer to the master_?R form_in~thcse items, giving its identification _VVi }Q3 number and title; e.g., "Sce Form A-2, "Mortgages." ;`ijg{ Item G. Contents; the description of the supplementary or "also con- Qgifjl tained" record should be given in this item. The same procedure should ff;] ___ i be followed in accordance with the instructions given on preceding pages sfd I of this manual. ;?yrQ In brief, the supplementary form shows four kinds of information about E% l the "also contained" record. It shows the title, the beginning and ending j@} dates, and a complete description of contents of the record. lglT ;:t-L A Items 7-ll. The supplementary HR form should refer to the master HR Qgggtl liEEKdEIYEese items, giving its identification number and title. cfggei ` 4 I Sorting and rranging_ecords _;%f; g In dealing with file boxes or other unbound material it is generally E?l necessary to sort and arrange the records into definite record series before iglfl the inventory forms can be prepared for them. In doing this, all records be- l{ longing to a record series should be assembled and placed in their proper tiffjj order. Records for which there is a permanent index should be arranged to g%gf{{ conform to that index. In the absence of any index or other moans of refer- lggi i_ j ence, a simple chronological arrangement may be followed. Each file box, gQ_j file drawer, or other container should be adequately labelled to clearly ;fE Show just what records are to be found therein. The general policy of the f$ survey in doing sorting and arranging work is to follow the systems and %, practices of the office or agency responsible for the records, or in the ?$Q absence of any definite style of arrangement, to work out such a system as jfs? i will best serve the needs of the office and the purposes of the survey. iggp r'_ antrw Z@%?J 30@T*5 E%%*l - diy; I I . _. so I I I I I I _ p je_jti;j;;;_;;;;ififj eey#~>;;""<1eii2;# emejijiijipggigia;iEg&i}Ef%95$e# gy ....v-