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Image 15 of Field workers' manual

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»r,,_ 1 l »- 3 — , _ _’ · · V ria E ` . 3 5 LIBR . E p ENTUCKY P — ll - , In preparing the supplementary HR forms for the records given below, the p V i following information should be given: h · Form identification number; If the master HR form is number A—2, the V_ j I Eupplementary—E§wforms would be lettered, using the master form number 1 Q`? as a key number, and followed by a letter of the alphabet; e.g., A-2a, `.,s, l A~2b, A~2c, A»2d, and so on. j»i,; J Item l. Title: the title of each supplementary HR form should be en- " Vp `eldsed in"pErentheses; e.g., (Chattel Mortgages), (Mortgage Releases), It '{ and so on. ~ A *l` Q Item 2. Dates: the inclusive dates by month, day and year, if possible, "yoY Q of each "alsd-contained" record series must be given on the supplementary gg ER form describing it. hhen there is only one entry of an "also con- }g;Y i tained" record, show thc date of that entry, and immediately after the gi§{;f date state, "Only one cntry." ‘¥¥fg] i ‘ Items 5, 4, & 5. See Master Form. The supplementary HR form should jf],% `refer to the master_?R form_in~thcse items, giving its identification _VVi }§Q’3 number and title; e.g., "Sce Form A-2, "Mortgages." ;`ijg{ Item G. Contents; the description of the supplementary or "also con- Qgifjl tained" record should be given in this item. The same procedure should ff;] »___ i be followed in accordance with the instructions given on preceding pages sfd I of this manual. ;?yrQ In brief, the supplementary form shows four kinds of information about ‘€E% l the "also contained" record. It shows the title, the beginning and ending j¥§@} dates, and a complete description of contents of the record. ‘lglT‘ ;··¥·’:t-L A Items 7-ll. The supplementary HR form should refer to the master HR Qgggtl liEEKdEIYEese items, giving its identification number and title. cfggei ` 4 I Sorting and §rranging_§ecords· _;%f; g In dealing with file boxes or other unbound material it is generally E?§¥l necessary to sort and arrange the records into definite record series before igléfl the inventory forms can be prepared for them. In doing this, all records be- l§§§§{ longing to a record series should be assembled and placed in their proper tiéffjj order. Records for which there is a permanent index should be arranged to g%gf{{ conform to that index. In the absence of any index or other moans of refer- lggi ‘‘i‘_ j ence, a simple chronological arrangement may be followed. Each file box, §§gQ_j file drawer, or other container should be adequately labelled to clearly ;§§§fE Show just what records are to be found therein. The general policy of the §§§f$ survey in doing sorting and arranging work is to follow the systems and ‘%§§§, practices of the office or agency responsible for the records, or in the §§?$Q§ absence of any definite style of arrangement, to work out such a system as jfs? i will best serve the needs of the office and the purposes of the survey. iggp ·r'_ antrw Z@%?J 3€¤0@T*5 E%%§*l -’ diy; I I . _. so I I I I I I _ p je_jt¤i»;j;;;_;;;;ififj »eey#¢“»~>;;""<»1ei¤i2;# emejijiijipggigia;iEg§&§é§i¥}E§§f%§9¢5$¤e¤¢#¥“ gy ’‘ ....v-·