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16 > Image 16 of Field workers' manual

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

~ l r J ` o _g_; of __;,, fgii _ . L. Q - 1 S av y*gsaeetee&iQeee -v~ 2 eeaae 2cidffeneseaiaesegiiieeeeaaeeeanieseiwee> ; .. 12 - E Special Instructions to Worker A'` l g } l. Do not smoke while you are in a room containing records. lift J l j 2. Dc not remove records from their storage room without the consent of the *` l 2 official in charge. .; 'l i 5. When you have questions about your work, write to the state office. .Y Vl"`, , 4. Be courteous and agreeable to the county officials; however, you are not Qs}, i to undertake work for county officers other than called for by instruc- ; .y.Y__ ij; tions from the state office. rh3;yf T l I 5. You cannot prepare HR forms which will be accepted by this office unless Qj;Qr you completely master the instructions contained in this manual. _f@;_e I 6. When you survey a record series and find a missing volume or file box, #f?Y show the missing dates in Item 5 of the HR form. Do not hunt all over *.,, ik{ Q I the courthouse for the miesing volume or file box. Complete the survey v{j>Q of the office in which you are working; if you later find the missing `. _YQ { . ., . . _ - '*T_ ? record in another office, prepare an hR form for the volume or file box -;;;@ . . . . . 'ii>T;=F M and, in Item 5 of the hR form, refer to the identification numoer of the .;jj; form previously prepared for the same series of records. Thus, if you fig;; prepare HR form A2O for an order book series in the county clerk's gj? office and find records missing from 1850-1855, state in Item 5 of A20; yQg _-y_ l "l850l855, missing." Then, when you find the missing volume in another ${f~y storage room, you will prepare another HR form for the volume found, and Qj;`{ state in Item 5 of your form: Sce form A-20." Qyj 7. No worker is permitted to do scheduled work at home. All assigned work tjgjlj must be worked in the courthouse or in the office of the official whose Zjg . . . . ., .;:4; j? Q4 records you are surveying. he exception will be made to this rule. _.gby ..,_; 4 8. Whenever you send mail to the State Office, list on your mailing report ?&E the day of the month, number of pieces of mail, and total weight. Return $l mailing report to this office on last work day of the month. a$;;j 9. Enter all HR forms on our ro ress sheet before mailin. them to the State $;] . -. E; 2 , Office. hail the HR forms prepared during the vtek to the State Office $Pq on Saturday. iigegi 't 2 zsee W i.*`g;-ii" ; lO. In event you are transferred or released from this project, mail all mate- igguj rials, and supplies furnished you by the project to the state office imme- %EE5 diately. igfia T;=`f?E:'$:f. 4 ll. Do not prepare nR forms on printed material found in the various offices, @l such as; Acts of the General Assembly, House Journals, Directory of %' Births and Deaths compiled by the State Board of Health, Adjutant Gener- E l ;J,,.>:>0 ' als Report, etc. g$zw e>i]?2L .. ; %tl, 4 %?] Mem an v_ ,,4, _yl,_yMnllno tall .--. ~ V - ~~e--V- We .... lr., _,,_.,, rio ._h,_ .,.. Y __ _ ____ __ _ or @ l ~v"""`v****-e-~~la.;;n;;;acv~;;;;;n;;;;;;;;; _,