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5 > Image 5 of Field workers' manual

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

I "I ' " ' ' """""_";" ;" " *"*"_ - . I r g J i Procedure to be followed in preparation of . l2-l5 H.R. forms A C Field worker's name should appear in upper left hand corner of form. ` 2 _ Date prepared should appear in upper center. The form identification pf; number should appear in upper right hand corner (see top line of 12-15 H.R. r y form). Place the name of your county and state in the spaces allotted for g them. 2 Below is a list of code letters to identify each office or storage ,.2 V room. The proper letter is to appear before the number of each form; for _ pVVv ,g example, the first H.R. form prepared on records in the County Court Clerk's J) T office would be identified as A-l; the second, as A-2; the third, as A-5; _ _? and so on in consecutive order. lf the records you are listing are stored _.{ Q in the County Court Clerk's vault, the identification symbol on the first l;,` H.R. form for these records wpuld read: AV-l; the second, AV-2; and so on. Qfgf Office Identification Letters f_g . ..*,1 I A. County Court Clerk M. County Attorney ` jgyg B. Circuit Court Clerk N. County Court Room figj C. County Judge P. Jury Room j?gi* D. Tax Commissioner Q. County Treasurer ~;;y E. Cgunty School Superintendent R. County Road Engineer rjfly F. Jailer S. Master Commissioner cgi; G. Sheriff T. Commonwealth Attorney ;g"$ H. Health Department U. Coroner ~g; { J. Attic V. Vault ;QQ, K. County Poor Farm W. Basement [%>, L. Agricultural Agent X. Justices of the Peace leyfj IL - 4 (In listing the records of Justices of the Peace, it will be necessary QQ_ ..._ that you precede the X with the number of the magisterial districts; thus, ,Q;g, magisterial district #l, H.R. form one, would be listed lXl; magisterial _Y#?f district f2, H.R. form one, would be listed 2Xl). %gTg; Records are listed by record series. A number of volumes, containing lt?$4 A,` a similar type of record, such as marriage bonds, or deeds, or mortgages, Ql or county court orders (or any other record), is called a "record series. {$5*} Also a number of file boxes containing a similar type of record, such as ggfi case papers, or court orders, or original deeds, or original mortgages, or 2i$W original mechanic's liens, and the like, is a "record series. fQQ 1. Title -The*exact title appearing on the current or latest volume, file box, ;*E_ bundle, file drawer, or any other container must be used as the title of the ??g" master form covering that record series. For example, if a volume is titled QEl! "Order Book Quarterly Court," the exact title must be given in item l of the igii l2-13 H.R. form. Please note that the title is enclosed in quotes, as Order _ ',g$i ,'_ . w i*>f1`i L?j;i;{i ; - lr- r r A .. r,.. r. \... rr., r,,, s r,.,. - T. ,....,_, .. - r .,,, .. , V rrr. P , M P- i;;;_.; " `* ` ~ i;" .. _ . - `." .