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6 > Image 6 of Field workers' manual

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

I rr V"`.; Y V ` r. H .. I ' V. I VI" 7 v' I j M P ` _. ~:I F = i - 2 & 1 Book Quarterly Court". (Refer to item l, of the H.R. form). g A Should the same series of records have more than one volume, it will be ) necessary to give the exact title, labeling, and beginning and ending dates Ll Q of each volume in the record series. Begin with the oldest volume and list , j them in chronological order until every volume in the series is listed. I e* _ Let us assume that you have a number of volumes containing administra- v_ 'I; tors' bonds and that there are eight volumes dating from 1882 to current in is j ` this "record series." Refer to sample number 1 given below and you will 1 notice that for each volume we ask that you give three distinct types of 4 g r information: (ll the exact title found on the spine of the volume or outside NeZ of container; (2) the labeling; and (5) the dates covered by each separate ,,e j volume. When you have more volumes than will go in Item 1 of the HR form, -2 3 it will be necessary for you to give this information on a separate piece . or pieces of paper, and attach same to the HR form. The title, labeling, and j~ Q dates of each volume should be given as shown in the example below. 2, U ` Sample No. l "jjft Title Eabeling Dates fel; "Aam1~S. Bonds" 1 7/ze/issz-io/2s/1894 ` "Adm'rs. Bonds" 2 ll/19 1894-12/50/1905 L`f;l "Administrators Bonds" 3 2/7 1906-9/2Q/1912 ?g;} "Adm'rs. & Executors Bonds" 4 10/ld/1912-2/2 1914 ~.g p6'; _2,; "Adm'rs. Bonds" 5 5/7/1914-8/Q 1921 -*g ` "Adm'rs. Bonds" 6 8/20/1921-5 8/1955 ;_~y "Administrators sm1S* 7 s/1 5/1953-6/2/1959 Zklgpl g "Administrators Bonds" 8 6/26/1959-Current yl? ; ` Please note also that inasmuch as volume 8 in the record series given agi; ` in Sample No. l is the current volume of the series and bears the title ji ,.i T "Administrators Bonds," the title to be given in Item 1 of the HR form g,lA will be "Administrators Bonds." Lgjg, How refer to Sample No. 2 given below, covering a difficult series of gbfl deed records. Please note that many of the dates are overlapping and that ;fQ;J the labeling does not follow any logical order; you can consequently see that 2; it is impossible to be guided in all cases by just the labeling, and that it Fnggi will be necessary for you to use the dates in order to obtain the proper se- `{QQ3 quence of the volumes in such a series. After you have thoroughly studied gijl Sample No. 2, we believe that you will readily see the necessity of giving Yi{$l} the title, tho labeling, and the dates for each volume or file box in a .Qjf,l record series. ;$7Y ` Refer to volume number 21 in Sample No. 2 and you will note that this ,15%;; volume, the current volume in the series, bears the title "Deeds". This ?@ title would therefore be the title given in Item l of the HR form for this ~;fj record series. ajigr to E '?' " ` .-F. ' N I; .~;_ _ ___ e .._ ,>,_ *" , ' _ . ' *-l"""CT7;"`'.f" - SS: T , " r'v...-sz-;;s~.;< : ~: . -/~ ~ . paws:. ~ ... ..