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Image 7 of Field workers' manual

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

i lj ` i s > -` 2 e 8 c v r ' I { 1 E Sample No. 2 E Eitle Labeling Dates 2 V A "Deed Book" Al Z/1794-1/1797 1 J_ ( "Deed Record" Bl ll/1797-4/1799 Q p "Deed Record" Cl Q/1799-1%/1803 l ,~ "Deed Book" D1 7/ll/1805-4/15/1808 g_M." *DeaS** ei s,/12/ieee-5/21/1818 Q "DeeaS** ri 6//24//1817-7/15/1828 2 "needS" A2 2/271820-io/21/1.844 V W { "Deed Book" B2 12/1 1829-2/ll/1836 1 j "Deed Book" C2 5/7/1856-6/8 1846 1"i l "Deed Book" D2 6/22/1846-l/Q5 1858 1 t i Deeds" E2 2/l1/1856-5/9 1861 _ ; Deeds" F2 3/20/1861-l/27/1869 ei`} "Deed Beale is 2/171868-7171889 Deed Book" B5 4/8 1887-8 15 1895 Q l1_ ed "Deed Book" cs 5//ll/1892-L5/ll/1899 % "Deed Book D5 4/19/1899-5/16/1910 1 -.1_1 py "neeaw es 4/11/1909-2/ze/1918 3 "Deed Book" F5 2/17/l9l8-2/13/1924 ily; "Deed Book" 19 5/li/1924-;/7 1929 bfeig "Deeds" 2O 5/7 1929-4 25/1935 `;$5 "Deeds" El 9//1.9/l95~1-5/l/1940 If the title of a record is so general, vague, or misleading as to be ;9'Q_ of little value as an indication of its contents, the field worker must add ;,; an explanatory title in parentheses directly after the title borne by the Q{?_Y record. Thus the title Record Book" might be followed by (Minutes of [fQ7 Board of Election Commissioners). lf a record has no title and it is I ?Q; i necessary to assign one to it, such title should be printed in capital ill; letters and enclosed in parentheses (Refer to item l of the 12-15 HR form). gl? Q An abbreviated title is followed by fully spelled out words enclosed in ft? AV": * parentheses. For example, "Settlements T.J.F." would read "Settlements jQZ} T.J.F." (Settlements Trustee of Jury Fund). In all cases field workers Lia g ` must give the exact titles appearing on the volumes, file boxes, or other p$;; containers. The following is a summary of the information given above in fig;} reference to item 1. Titles: esell (a) The full title of the current, or latest, volume in the record ;7i;! series must be given in quotes as the title of the HR form. ,Qf{ (b) lf the same series of records contains more than one volume, then i;;( the title, labeling, and corresponding year dates of each volume _i#{j must be given. pl?j (o) If a title is vague or misleading, an explanatory title in paren- rflfl theses must be given immediately after the title borne by the record. QQQM1 eitf %;Yl *' * ~ " - i -- .1. -_ 4 al ., ~ - :r * i7 F- T i .*c:_~ ,..*7: ,;,.,~y~T ., ~ 4 - ~,._,... _ we . . ,- V, _ , .,, _ ,,,. V1