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[25] > Image [25] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1901-06-dec11.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THl BOARD OF TRUSTEES ,Dec. 11, 1901 - page 90 Lexington, Ky. Dec. 10, 1901 To the Board of Trustees of State College Gentlemen: Your committee on Internal Expansion dubmit the within report as follows - First we visited every professor in every department whilst on duty in the class room witnessed their class work with the students, and a report of same of each professor, number of students & E-tc. is here submitted and includes part of our report. We are happy to report all very satisfactory: Our professors are good men, and are working faithfully, to truly educate the classes in their departments. We find three departments short of room and must have assistance,, they are too valuable to the students, to the College, and to the State, to be so cramped for room. First is Prof. Andersons, His Mechanical and Electrical education is so valuabe that the number of students is double our proper capacity and must be enlarged - We must not neglect this. We had better drop the classical Latin and Greek than the practical0 Prof . Pence is so crowded we will be compelled to divide his class, or have more room0 Our finances are too short to supply our absolute necessities. We must cut off salaries, or reduce our expenses in some other way, or raise more income from our State, or charge our paying students more tuition fee0 It was beneficial to Trusteess Professors, and the students to visit them0 It evidently inspires and brings life and intelligence. We would be glad if every trustee would take the time to go through every department , visit each professor and class in their exercises, and speak a few words of cheer. It will help you, it will help the professors and the students, and it is your duty. -