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Lucy E. Walby papers, 1878-1936, 1900-1931 (bulk dates), 1878

Part of Lucy E. Walby papers, 1878-1936, 1900-1931 (bulk dates)

73m8 Guide to the Lucy E. Walby papers, 1878-1936 Processed by Beth Eifler; machine-readable finding aid created by Beth Eifler Special Collections 2005 Manuscripts University of Kentucky Margaret I. King Library Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0039 USA Phone: (859) 257-8611 Fax: (859) 257-6311 Email: URL:<ab_rank=3 University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved. Machine-readable finding aid derived from ${DERIVED}. Date of source: 2005 Description is inEnglish. Guide to the Lucy E. Walby papers, 1878-1936, 1900-1931 (bulk dates) Contact Information Special Collections Manuscripts University of Kentucky Margaret I. King Library Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0039 Phone: (859) 257-8611 Fax: (859) 257-6311 Email: URL:<ab_rank=3 Processed by: Beth Eifler Date Completed: 2005 Encoded by: Beth Eifler Copyright 2005 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved. Lucy E. Walby papers, 1878-1936, 1900-1931 (bulk dates) 73M8 Walby, Lucy E., d.1947 3 cubic ft. The materials are in English. These are the papers of kindergarten teacher, Lucy E. Walby, who served as principal of the kindergarten at Morton School, and later Maxwell School, in Lexington, Kentucky. The materials primarily relate to kindergarten instruction, including teaching methods, class planning, stories, and art instruction, but also document Walby's involvement with the Episcopal Church and the mission school in Proctor, Kentucky. University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections Collection is open for research. Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky. [Identification of item], Lucy E. Walby papers, 1878-1936, 73M8, Special Collections, University of Kentucky Libraries, Lexington Walby, Lucy E. , d. 1947. Maxwell School (Lexington, Ky.) Morton School (Lexington, Ky.) Episcopal Church -- Kentucky. Kindergarten -- Kentucky. Educators -- Kentucky. Lexington, Ky. -- Education. Proctor, Ky. -- Education. Lucy Walby was principal of the first kindergarten at Morton School in Lexington, Kentucky. She studied Kindergarten Theory under Sallie Adams, who in turn had studied in St. Louis with Susan Blow (1843-1916), a pioneer in the American Kindergarten Movement. Adams brought what she learned from Blow back to her hometown of Lexington and opened the first school for training kindergartners in the south. Walby was a graduate of Adams' first class.When Lexington's Maxwell School opened in 1903, Walby served as head of kindergarten there until her retirement in 1931. In addition to teaching, Walby was active within the Episcopal Church and was also involved with the mission school at Proctor in Lee County, Kentucky. The majority of this collection contains material relating to kindergarten instruction, including teaching methods, class planning, and other classroom aids. A number of children's stories are included as well as several pattern books pertaining to art instruction. There are a few rosters of Walby's classes. Papers and several photographs (removed to Audio-Visual Archives) document Walby's religious work, including her involvement with the mission school at Proctor in Lee County. Many items relate to the Episcopal church in general. Related MaterialPhotographs from this collection have been removed to Audio-Visual Archives (accession number: PA73M8). Container List CHURCH MATERIALS, 1900-1924 These materials relate to Walby's involvement with churches in Lexington, Kentucky. CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL (LEXINGTON, KY) 11Letter to the Parish Lenten Offering Secretary, Epiphany, 1927 12Key Book to Primary Picture Rolls - New Testament, n.d. GOOD SHEPHERD CHURCH (LEXINGTON, KY)13Women's Guild By-laws, n.d. 14Girls' Friendly Society, 1924 EPISCOPAL CHURCH (LEXINGTON, KY), 1900-1936 15Clippings, 1900-1936 16Miscellaneous leaflets, prayer cards, and post cards, 1924-1931 KINDERGARTEN MATERIALS, 1878-1931This section includes materials relating to Lucy Walby's education, such as school certificates and notes, as well as materials relating to her professional associations and to Kindergarten education in general. 17Christ Church Seminary Certificates, 1878, 1881 18Chautauqua Assembly, July 23, 1896 - 19School Certificates, June 10, 1892; July 1897 110Correspondence, 1923-1931 111Daily attendance records, February 1910 - February 1923 112Financial records and notes, 1915-1916 113National Kindergarten and Elementary College, Views, 1921-1922 114Detroit Kindergarten Tests, 1921-1925 115Committee of Kindergarten Extension, Minutes, March 15, 1923 - April 20, 1923 116Loose leaf notebook, 1923-1924 117Elizabeth Harrison Clippings and Memorial Service Invitation, 1927-1930Elizabeth Harrison was Founder and first President of the National Kindergarten and Elementary College. 118Miscellaneous Material, ca. 1894-1931This folder includes notes and pamphlets relating to Kindergarten education. TEACHING MATERIALS, 1891-1930 This section includes lesson plans, stories, music, patterns, and games which Walby used in her teaching of Kindergarten classes. PROGRAMS, 1901-1912 211901-1902 221904-1905 231905-1906 241908-1909 251911-1912 SUBJECTS FOR THE WEEK, 1899-1901 26September 1899 - January 1900 27January - May 1900 28September 1900 - March 1901 29March - May 1901 STORIES AND MUSIC, 1891-1930 31Stories, 1891-1899 32Stories and notes, 1899-1904 33Stories, 1902-1929 34Stories, 1919-1930 35Empty Binder [previously contained the contents of Box 3, Folder 4] 36Songs and Music, May 10, 1894; 1910; 1923 ART INSTRUCTION, 1891-1900 Sewing and Brush Work 41Sewing and Brush Work in the Kindergarten, 1900 Weaving 42Bradley's Industrial Weaving: mats and fringes, n.d. Patterns and Games 43Patterns and games book, February 1891 44Pattern Book, n.d.45Loose Patterns, n.d. Oversize Pattern Books 51Tommie Whitney Webb Pattern Book, n.d. 52Louise Gray Webb Pattern Book, n.d. Lucy E. Walby papers, 1878-1936, 1900-1931 (bulk dates)