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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1988-03-apr5.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 2 - Development. He added that many of the University's faculty have had very enriching experiences because of their involvements with Indonesia and the very fine people of that country. After President Roselle expressed his thanks and appreciation to the vice rectors for being on campus, Mr. McCowan asked them to stand and be recognized, following which they were given a round of applause. President Roselle pointed out that Mr. Mohaimmad Toha is an alumnus of the University of Kentucky. President Roselle then called attention to the upcoming University Honors Day program and asked Dr. Joseph Fink to inform the Board about the new event. Dr. Fink indicated his pleasure in informing the members of the Board of the plans for University Honors Day which will be held on Thursday, April 14, at 3:00 p.m. in the Concert Hall of the Singletary Center for the Arts. He stated that the program will recognize the achievement of faculty, staff and students at the University of Kentucky. It will also provide a forum for the conferral of a number of university-wide awards and a special feature being a brief investiture ceremony recognizing President Roselle's assumption of the office as the ninth president of the University of Kentucky. University Honors Day will serve to focus the attention of the University and the community at larqe on the good things that are happening at the University -- the very creative achievement of the faculty and the tremendous innovations that are occurring on the campus. He urged the members of the Board to attend and extended an invitation to others in the community. President Roselle continued reviewing his report by calling attention to the following items: The Medical Center has formed a heart institute under the leadership of nr. Anthony M. DeMaria, Dr. Jacqueline A. Noonan, Dr. W. Randolph Chitwond and Dr. John N. Diana. President Roselle stated that this is a very important issue and will be a significant event in the life of the University of Kentucky. The University debaters won the S!ational Novice Honors which continues the University's tradition of successful competition and debate. Merit weekends attracted 400 outstanding students and parents. President Roselle indicated that the University should have the most qualified group of entering freshmen in the University's history selected from the largest pool of applicants entering school this fall. He added that this was the experience last year and he believes a new record will be set bv both criteria, number of applicants and quality of entering applicants again in the coming academic year. The Department of History has established a fellowship endowment honoring retiring professor Charles Roland; the fundraising activity is being presided over by Dr. Otis Singletary.