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[5] > Image [5] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1988-03-apr5.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-5 I. Revision of University of Kentucky Retirement Plan (PR 3C) President Roselle stated that PR 3C is a recommendation that the Board of Trustees approve revisions in the University of Kentucky Retirement Plan; the effective date will be July 1, 1988. He then asked Dr. Sears to summarize the revisions. Dr. Sears provided a brief summarization of the revisions and Mr. McCowan stated that most universities and corporations are making the same kind of modifications. On motion made by Mr. Stricker, seconded by Dr. Pisacano and carried, the Board approved the Retirement Plan revisions in PR 3C. (See PR 3C at the end of the Minutes.) J. University Research Professorships (PR 3D) President Roselle reviewed the background of Research Professorships. He pointed out that the list of Research Professorships for the last ten years reads as the Who's Who of the University of Kentucky faculty and stated that this has become a very prestigious award over the years. He indicated his pleasure in recommending that the Board approve the naming of Professor Daniel Nelson, Department of Political Science; Professor Robert Dickson, DeDartment of Biochemistry; Professor Jesse Sisken, Department of Microbiologey and Immunology; and Professor Mina Miller, Department of Music, as University Research Professors for 1988-89. Mrs. Hayes so moved. The motion was seconded by Professor Coleman and unanimously carried. Professors Nelson, Dickson, and Miller were in attendance, and they were asked to stand and be recognized, following which they were given a round of applause. (See PR 36 at the end of the Minutes.) K. Honorary Degree Recioients (PR 3E) President Roselle stated that three of the five nominees for honorary degrees could attend Commencement exercises on May 8 and there was a move to invite the two who could not attend this year because of scheduling problems to the 1989 Commencement. He then asked that approval be granted to awarding the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters to Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson, the noctor of Science to Joseph A. Boyd, and the Doctor of Laws to Robert D. Bell. The motion, which was made by Professor Betts and seconded by Mr. Bates, was voted on and carried. Governor Chandler asked that his vote be recorded as having opposed the awarding of an honorary degree to Mr. Robert Bell for a Doctor of Laws degree and stated his reasons for opposition. Mr. Forgy, Ms. Weaver and Professor Coleman made favorable comments in support of Mr. Bell's nomination for an honorary degree. (See PR 3E at the end of the Minutes.) L. Associate Degree Program in the Community College System - Southeast Community College (PR 4A) On recommendation of President Roselle, Mrs. Hayes so moved that the Board approve for submission to the Council on Higher Education a new degree program, Associate Degree in Applied Science, Engineering Technology, Computer Repair Option, for the Southeast Community College. Her motion was seconded by Mir. Wilcoxson and passed without dissent. (See PR 4A at the end of the Minutes.)