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2 > Image 2 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1987, no. 3-4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

V\K)l\ll BE I E L EV I S E D . And it wont be played in Rupp Arena or Freedom Hall. This year, the states hottest Intercollegiate battle takes place in the General Assembly. And theres much more than a basketball game at stake. Whats on the line are the dreams of every Kentuckian who believes our colleges and universities are an essential part of our state. Some of our leaders say we cant afford to spend any more on higher education. ` . We say we cant afford not to, if we want good jobs for our children and a higher standard of living for all of us. . I If you agree, we need to hear from you. I I Because the clock is running out. And to us, this is no game. I Kentucky Advocates for Higher Education To join the thousands of Kentuckians who have already lent their support, complete the coupon below and mail to: Kentucky Advocates for Higher Education, RO. Box 391, Ashland, KY 41105. i "```"`"`"""`'""`'`'``"''''''"```````"`"`` ` I I DON'T GIVE UP ON THE DREAM. I , I I I To the Kentucky Advocates for Higher Education: Please tell the Governor, the General Assembly and the _ I , I _ Council on Higher Education that I, like thousands ofother I l l)l'V llml KlUCl