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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1987, no. 3-4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l i =;` o `WVV l OAK Honors UK Fellows of l987 _ It New UK Fellows honored at the annual ,, rm ; "` Development black-tie dinner num- _ W" `. 1 bered 174. There are now more than I _ * 5 1,600 Fellows who have contributed or fi: V to " pledged $34 million to the University {o ; ; { STHCC the pI`OgI`3.ITl began ,x J ;, Ygit _ This years honorees are Richard W. _A; ma I Adams, Madisonville; Ann Aldridge, i Len Aldridge, Marla Aldridge, Mon- ` V V ica Aldridge, Roger Aldridge, Kirtley A _1 B. Amos, Raleigh R. Archer, all of Lexington; William H., jr. and ` Corinna C. Balden, Danville; Dale Bal- Joseph Boyd FOUGSTC; POQUG dwin, Robert E. Ballard, Theodore B, Bates, Larry K. Baumgardner, all of joseph A. Boyd, retired chairman and Boyd was elected president of Harris Lexington; Richard A. and Martha B. chief executive oflicer of the Harris Corp. in 1972. In 1978 he became Bean, Louisville. Corporation and a graduate ofthe Uni- chairman and chief executive officer. Ken and Susan Beard, Oak Brook, versity, was honored as an Outstand- He retired from the position of CEO in Indiana; Hallie Day Blackburn, Dry ing Alumnus of Kentucky by the Ken- March 1986 and recently retired from Ridge; Herman A. Blair, Lexington; tucky Advocates for Higher Education. the chairmans position. _ Philip W. and Susan B. Block, Atlanta, ` The ()AK (Outstanding Alumnus of Harris Corp., based in Melbourne, Georgia; William B. Blount, Lexing- Kentucky) Award recognizes alumni Fla., is a high-technology producer of ton; Leland W. Brannan, Ft. Myers, from Kentuckys various institutions of communication and information pro- Florida; Edward T. Breathitt, Lexing- higher education for a distinguished cessing equipment with more than ton;Bruce E. Burnett, Lexington; Law- i career and continuing attachment to 24,000 employees in the U.S. and rence K. Butcher, Pineville; janet G. T their alma matcr. The awards, to be abroad, Company sales for 1987 topped Carter, Lexington; james B. Cash, presented biennually, included six hon- $$2 billion. Lexington; Kenneth M. and Mary Sue orees this inaugural year. Another UK alumnus, Forrest Coleman, Lexington. Boyd, a native of Oscar, Ky., near Pogue, was honored in the name of Leslie Combs ll; Lexington;John B_ Paducah, is also a member ofthe UK Murray State University, his under- and Wanda M_ Conrad; Lexington; llall of Distinguished Alumni and a graduate alma mater. Byuee I-{_ Crant; Lexington; M_ Doug- UK Fellow. He was the director of the George C. las Cunningham; Lexington; Margrito . He graduated from UK in 1950 with l\/larshall Research Foundation as well M_ Davis; Lexington; Suvas and hachclor`s and masters degrees in as director of the Marshall Library in Nirinala Desai; Lexington; James E_ electrical engineering, then earned Zl LeXington,V21.fOrm8I1yyC21TS. and Rebecca L, Dockter, Alpharetta, doctorate and subsequently taught elec- Formerly 21 Depalrtlrlllt ofthe Army Georgia; Audrey Dorton, Lexington; , trical engineering at thc University of historian who holds master degrees in Hgward E_ Dorton; Lexington; Ron [ l\/lichigan until entering the electronics international relations and diplomatic and Colleen Duel]; Lexington; Lois ili(lllS(l`y il] lIlSI(JI`y, Pogue I`ClVCl [TIC BYOYIZC Star Duggy; Cgntrgvillg; Maryland; R0by[ and the French Croix de Guerre for Michael Duncan; Jn; Inoz; Dt Y_ i frontline interviewing in the European Dunn, Murray; Nettie ]_)_ Duval]; An- Theater of Operations during World enorago W1V11 Billie F. Eads, Lexington; Paul A. t Fmm 1974 {O 1984 hc Served as d1' Faulkner, Louisville; Larry R. and i rector of the Dwight D. Eisenhower ln- stitute for Historical Research. He has recently had published the fourth and final volume of the author- ized biography of George C. Marshall. l Y UK i