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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1987, no. 3-4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l V ~V. ,V= / l 'V; V, .= ;-e te shall, _]r., St. Louis, Missouri; William Owemmy QE"; ~}' ` d i R. Martin, Midway; Linda B. Mauk, Robert E. Showalter, Lexington; . , l%h`Y* { r ;_ i Lexington; Helen Mayes, Lexington; Dana Siegel, Cincinnati, Ohio; Richard B 3 J _ j ,7 R. Burl McCoy, Lexington; james F. D. Siegel, Cincinnati, Ohio; Karen S. _' i 1; i McDonald, Barrington, Illinois; James Skeens, Lexington; Robert A. Slone, ;ii*eS5*** Tuskg W'k'"g " bUSllJh" n W. McDowell, _]r., Pewee Valley; Mi- Lexington; Walter T. Smith, _]r., Lex- ermcm Oopel [_ chael McGraw, Louisville. ington; William A. and jane F. Smith, A bust ot Kentueky*s legendary States- rt Lin and Betty McLellan, Goshen; Union; Robert H., Sr. and Ann B. rnant former U_g_ Scnator John Sher- 3 _ Lucinda Caywood Miller, Winchester; Spedding, Lexington; Carol B. Stelling, man Cooper, was unveiled in the rotun- _ t- { Mary K. Miller, Frankfort; Ralph E. Lexington; Carroll D. and Libby F. da of the State Capitol. Guests at the V Mills, Frankfort; john and _]o Mink, Stevens, New Haven, Connecticut; Di- unveiling ineiuded Senators Edward __ Lexington; Andrew M. Moore, Sr., ane V. Stuckert, Louisville;]. W. Suth- Kennedy and Miteh MeConneii_ _ d Lexington; James A. Moore, Front erland, Prestonsburg. The seuloture was ereated by John t Royal, Virginia; Margaret Moore, Susan Starks Talbott, Lexington; Tuska, a UK art oroi"essor_ Tuska was ` Lexington; Elmer E. and Lucy Mor- Septtimous Taylor, Owensboro; Rick awarded the eoniniission in 1983 by the _ gan, Louisville; julia Caldwell Morris, L. and Patricia Todd Thomas, Lexing- John Sherman Cooper Cornrnernorative i Nashville, Tennessee; David and Phyl- Fund, headed by Lexington lawyer hs Nash. Lcxlhgmhi Charles G Nlch` Larry Forgy and U.S. Representative ols, Pikeville; Danny C. Noland, Harold RogersiR-Sornerset_ UK 3