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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1987, no. 3-4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Journol Entries George Woshington ot UK Aeromediccil Service Freshmen in the UK Honors Program The UK Aeromedical Service (emer- are embarking on a four-year intellec gency helicopter transport) broke the li tual journey and, with the help and . l _, . national record for the number of ser- encouragement of faculty and adminis- te vice missions in the first 30 days of ser- trators, will record the journey in a per- t ;` vice with 77 service missions. Eighty- sonaljournal. A seven patients were transported from Ray Betts, director of the Honors referring facilities, including one trans- Program, said 81 freshmen and 35 ad- port from the scene of an accident. The visers have agreed to participate in the I; previous record was 76 service mis- project. He said journal advisers sions, held by Air Evac in Tulsa, Okla. (among them some of the top adminis- trators on campus) will serve as moni- tors for students. The University of Kentucky Art Muse- Training Consortium At the end of each year, students who um unveiled a major addition to its per- have continued theirjournal entries and manent collection as the climax of the A consortium Of heelth edueetien are in accord with their advisers will re- University of Kentucky College of Fine centers including UK Ohio Stete Une ceive one college credit. At the end of Arts Benefit Performance. Gilbert Stu- versity Mehetty Medical Ceueee the four years, a book will be compiled arts celebrated portrait of George Untvetett Of Miehi en end Cineinnet; of excerpts from thejournals. Washington is one of the most famous Board Of iiieelth hi teeetved e federal * lHiagS_in_ America' Reproductions Of grant of $1,652,,398 for three years to - thls Pag appear. On the U'S' One- develop and administer training pro- H6|n Hayes dollar bill and hang in countless school etnme fer neetith eeee neefeeeienele en Classrooms across thc Country dealing with AIDS treatment and pre- Helen ll3Ye$ helped the UK Cellege Ol Gllbert Smart_(1?55_1828) was one vention. The consortium to be called Fine Arts launch its first fund drive. Pl Our YOug_aUO S rhhst tfllcmcd are the East Centra] Region kIDS Educ? Renowned as the first lady Of the ists. As leading portrait painter of his tien end Teetnine Center fee Heenh American llleelle and Wlmlel Of {WO day- he painted. the Hrst President On Professionals is one of four regional Academy Awards, Hayes was thc sum ."S .F"SS The }S f?S centers in thi; U s funded is the Bti- artist at a gala benefit performance for Oli llls depleelells Ola Washlngten lstflle regu of Resource; Dcvelopmezt Health the C0llge ih lhe Celleell Hall Ol llle SO-Called Atlicncunf Portralt _ Resources and Services Administration. Sihgimry Cehtcr lol h<> Am "m"l eftcf mc 1.*bmY B? Where In addition td other Cniidbdtdtivc cr- "I r>i>rit the stm i>f Kchwcky is hhvihs lg SO lll was Sm" h lh" win iid responsible ini creatin indtcn- lleleiii Ms l`laYeS Said; iirllllls Ulllvep lmag ijxccutcd In 179% that he based als and programs for specific hgalth care sity, like other universities around the all f hS hSqt hhhgcs of Wash- gmupe UK through the Medical Cert <>viShPihshtfaliV-" g " , , , . {Cf and itticdiitgc of Allied Health eeizixzjceuemeseleiletllslgeis cgigefttlzg Professions, wiil create programs for i k dentists, physician assistants and clini- nown to have made of the Atheneum . ortrait. Lon in the collection of a cal pastoral cOunSclOrS`.UK Wm. else lalew Orleans gfamily, it was donated to ilsciljgfn th;;eAH%? tragleiiig ueimuies i the Art Museum by Mary V. Fisher of in te gms einigz tits at tl mn tram- Lexington. g P g S C S a c` F Not only is the painting a dignified and stirring image of our first Presi- dent, but it is also an historical docu- ment of some importance. Miss Fishers gift, made in this the bicentennial year our nations Constitution, is particu- larly welcome and should be a source of pride to all Kentuckians. A UK