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Image 8 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1987, no. 3-4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l S II ’ dBId ’ G'Ib ,6 U 35 UH U y 36 I . In Thrs Together 4 I HEY ARE A GOOD MATCH AND HAVE BEEN FOR 57 YEARS. He tciughtodvcinced moth courses. According l Both ore educotors; both ore othletes. She olso hos outhored severol books ond or- to Bill Hurt, the principol ot Henry Cloy, "He Stello Spicer Oilb ’35 ond Elmer "Boldy" ticles on the ori ot cheerleoding. The Gilb Fi/e wos considered to be one otthe mostoutstond— l Gilb '29, '36 were morried in l930 when she ofGomes hos been tronsloted into Sponish ot ing moth teochers in the progr¤m." The Henry wos o teocher ot the UK loborotory school in the request ot the Mexicon Ministry ot Educo- Cloy gymnosium/studentcenteris nomed in his the College olEducotion, ond hewos ossistont tion_ honor. ‘ tootboll cooch cindtreshmon bosketboll cooch According to "everybody" Stello tought AnotherGilb honoris Stellc1's induction into ot UK. He wosolso one ot Adolph Rupp's chiet "obout holt the kids in Lexington to swim," the Kentucky Athletic Holl ot Fome. She is the scouts. including, she soys, "Johnny Brown/’ the onlywomoninthe Hollond soys, "Thisisoreo| ln l933 Bclldy WGS nomed heod bOSl<€ilDOll tormor govornor ot Kentucky Boldy osgistocl hor breokthrough ll'i€ lC€ TOFWOFFIGD Oncl lid like to cooch ot the old Picodome High School, but much otthetime with swimming lessons, which see it continue. l’m thrilled." it wos with Henry Cloy High School thot he in retrospect, hos given herthe most pleosure When osked it she ond Boldy ore competi- mode his mork ond shored ci 37 yeor portner- in her coreer. "l like to remember when those tive ot home she onswered, "Oh no. We’re so ship. He begon his stint os ossistont tootboll littletoces would look up ot me in surprise ond compotible. We do o lot ot things together, cooch in l93¢l ond stoyed with the Blue Devils soy ’| didn’t drownl’ " swimming, golt, ond we love to reod." until heretiredin l970. He ended his coreeros Boldy'sloveistootboll, buthe’sohigh school Theirdoughten Helen Vonce Gilb Jomes ’56 heod cooch torthe Blue Devils bosketboll teom cooching legend in both tootbcill ond bosket- is corrying on tomily trodition in Ft. Louderdole, in l962, following on impressive 20-3 bcill. He is the second recipient ot the onnuol Flo., where she teciches heolth ond workswith compoign. A.B. "Hcippy" ChondlerAword giventoo Ken- cheerleoders. Her mother regrets thcit when Stello wos corvingoniche otherown during tuckion instrumentol in the success ot high _ Helen wcisin school during the ’50stherewere those yeors. Sheisthetounderolthe Kentucky schooltootbcill. When heretiredtromteoching no othleticscholcirshipstoryoung women, but Associotion of Pep Orgonizotion Sponsors, or he osked to keep his position cis ossistont toot- glories in the toctthot "times hove chonged ond KAPOS. She formed KAPOS in l954 becouse boll cooch olong with being the school’s golt cire chonging." she is "o prude. I got tired ol seeing girls otstcite instructor. tournoments running oround with no choper— Stello sciys Bcildy got the tirst Outstonding By Koy johnson [go, Ossfsfcnf oorno, or UK Olumnf ones" Now KAPOS sets stondords lorcheer— Teoching Aword ever given in Foyette County. publicorions. leoders ond conducts yeorly competitions. KAPOS still usesthe hondbook Stello wrote ond _ KENTUCKY , _ K DNTUCKX U? .. .. .. hos kept the some high stondords she set. Hon I r Since l964 o tolol ol 43 scholorships hove LM _` AI, J V K _ if T been oworded by KAPOS to cheerleoders in ·<»‘· EA g *“"·""° In · · - ¢ - .· HALL OF FAME ‘*···‘ V V t . her nome, ond she is porticulctrly pleosed thcit , ~— { ·. v_¥;j*_:.j_:.*__.$_=·¤~1_.,:._:_:_m__,,;,,;,,x_,,_:?:,:> _ _ egg . 2 ` over $32,000 hos been given to deserving ·· J _ YOUHQ WOm€,n_ —— _, _ _ _ s 5 a - r V . is / _ ‘' l l "tz — ix ig,}. iii j ·V', s° gy J; ` ` V _ ( I ‘¤&`.}·‘ ‘,&;.s4i;;=;;g;_i Stello Gilb, gronddoughter \ _jl `V ? , "-_.°l§,g`¥§ilT·# Lyn Vonce Kubic, doughter `.`. ,’.¥€"‘* “_. 3 ·, ‘ . - . l igliik; Helen Oilb lomes, ond VA __ _ 3 ell Elmer T. (Boldy) Gilb, ‘ 3 ~ _ g Xg l s~ & ° 1 wimic _ “ Q ’ \ V iv . { ’ _ y X, (FFAME '°'·•~· , \ " 1 . ;» R Q•.1*..*:*.·*..!2.*·•............m.. ...... G ¤ » = . ¤·· .»·. =·=— ;—V~; :·- :·..—.::.·:r..-.·:.-·..:·..·:..:<-r:.v:¤ 2 · " 1 tz Q V - .`-.l V wo; .;¤e·:@;w’s _· 2 ' V V . - ~ T o "