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4 > Image 4 of Inventory of federal archives in the states. Series II. The federal courts; no. 16, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

iii PREFACE The Invmntory 0f Federal Archives in the States, is one of thc products 0f thc work 0f thc Survey of Federal Archivcs, which oper- ated as a nati0nwid0 project of the Yorks Progress Administration from January 1, 1956 to Juno 30, 1957, and has been continued in Kentucky since that date as a state project 0f that Administration. The plan for thc organization of the Inventory is as follows: Scrios I consists 0f reports on tho administration of thc Survcy, ac- knowledgments, and general discussions of the location, c0uditi0n,'and content 0f federal archives in th states. Succocding series contain d thc detailed information secured by workers 0f the Survey, in inven- tory fOFW, a separate series nunbcr being assigned to each 0f thc 0x- ccutivc departments (oxccpt the Dcpartncnt 0f State) and other major units of the Fddcrml Gcvcrnmcnt. Within each series N0. l is a gon- crul introduction to the field organization and records 0f the govern- mental agency concerned; the succdcdimg numbers contain the inventory proper, scpurutc numbers being assigned to cmch state in alphabetical Ordcr. Thus, in each series, thc inventory for Alabama is N0 2, that for Arizona N0. 3, that for Arkansas N0. 4, ctc. For each lccul office information regarding each series, 0r unit 0f related rccdrds, is prdsuntdd in thc following order, title, in- clusivc dates ("to date" indicating an open filo at the time the in- formation was s0curcd(, gcndral dcgcriptiwn mf informational contcnt, dcscriwtlvn 0f the system of filing wr indexing (if any), a statement of frcqucxcy and purpose 0F usc, Form of the record itsolf (bound vol- ` umcs, shoots in folders, ctc.), linear foctagm, dcscriptinu of thc containers, physical cdmditidm of thm records (not skubcd if satis- factvry), lccabivm by room numbdr or othwr identifying infdrmmtion, and finally, the mumbdr of thu Perm SSSA on vmich this information was Originally rwcvrdcd by a Suyvcy wdr%ur and from which ih was sb- . gtraubdd for thu Inventory. This fnrm is nn filc in Tho National Lrchivds. Thom if contains substunbirl information cn nddcmdn shoots mhieh has not been included in thc mimmoprcphdd m%str;ct, indication of thiS is Qivdm by use 0f thc rcfcrdxco "Swc ddnndw" In Kcntucky kbd work 0f thc Survey www umd0rt;?un by Judge Samucl C. Villi ms, with Nr. John Vllsdn Townsend as his cssisbanb, from its incuptinn until OGkO}QT 193G. Since thai time Mr. Tomnscnd has boon in uhargu n? hn, urdjqct. This Inventory 0F the rccdrds of thc Fed- eral Courts in Kdmtucky mas prgymrnd ii kh; Lewisville dfficc of the Survey and was edited bf`r0 flyml kyping by Dr. Richard R. Stcnbcrg Of fhe Tbshixgtwn nfficc. It is rayrdduncd in mimwwgrnyhcd form through the fmcilitidm of Eh. Histr0rl Rccvrdm Survey. Cohu Lila n Townsend, Strbc Supmrvizcr l Lduisvilld, KcnLmcky Srrrny df Fcddrnl Lruhivcs Lujust 12, l3Q in Kcnhucky A4!