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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Fleming County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

lr [Q I { ..5. t FLENIFC COUITY 4-H CLUB COUNCIL (State and National iH Clubs Council}, l c/o James I. Stephens and Eula C. Collis, Fleninjsburg. Founded lf2Q. t Advisors, James I. itephens, County Agricultural Agent, and Eula C. Collis, c Home Demonstration Agent, Telephone 2lC. Terms indefinite. Y lknbership: 700. Qualifications, open to rural boys and ;irls from lO to W 20 years of ape. ~ Q County Leaders; 40 in various sections of Fleming County. I Purpose: The study of agriculture and hone economics by rural boys and girls. Stressin; tne production and preservation of food for health and Victory. l; Normal Civic Ictivities: School beautification, promotion of all farm ` *""""T*."_i" [ activities. ` Defense Activities: Interested in, Civilian Aircraft Warning ber ice, Lewing -*'*T'*""""*""*"f .1. . . . ,. and rreparation of Surgical Dressings, birst Aid, Production, jreparation, Preservation and Serving of Food, Collection cf icrap Detals, Entertainment, g Recreation. Bond sales. All other farm and home~making activities. 2 l T, : -' A Y * 1 ] I { Local iublications: sed Club news is reported tnroup; the two county i newspapers. E I `V l l J ., .. on J u I MLnINCSDJRC GdnDED LCdtCL PnRE:T~TEAC;La LbEObIATIC.(ctate and rational Congresses of Parents and Teachers), c/o Irs. Samuel Tlanck, Flcninpsburg. Founded lO25. President, Irs. Qanuel Ilanck, Telephone 578. iccrctery, Hrs. Jack Grannis, Fleminpsburg. Terms expire Hay, l945. Icmbcrship; 158. Qualiiications, open to reputable persons interested in p school children's welfare. Committees; Finance and Budget, Mrs. Eugene Davis, Flcrinpsburg. Furposo; Troxotion of mutual goodwill between hone and school; child and community welfare. Eormal Civic Activities: Executing school lunch program, and planninp a I community C&TGOD Defense Activities: Enpagcd in, Scwins and Preparation of burpical Dressings, ------ -=---r .. _ V. r_ , ___._ 0 .. , , Red Cross Lssistancc. lntcrcstcc in, Preparation A20 Sclvin_ oi boot, Operation of Cantcons, Fmaily Social Service in Industrial Areas. I N, . L. . ; Local lublications: None. i { , E l \ M \ l. in l-Li-..n.a.ninn__n_____,__, iz;nreaw:~<4,k ..t . pr