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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 12, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

t m YtititL ENTUCKY KERNEL EXCEPTION IS TAKEN 1 TO KERNEL EDITORIAL Stroller Champion Differs With Editor as to the Performance. The editor The Kernel is in re- kcipt oflhb following letter: J' Nothing Is more odious to tho Writer's mind, than communications to newspapers In which wrongs or alleged wrongs are discussed and personal grievances are debated for tho benefit of tho public. However, In a case in which the roputatloho"f a student organization Is (cssailed, when a "rap" is taken at thb Try-ou- t Committee of Tlio Strollers, nnd more or less unkind remarks are hurled at those students who were made" members of Tlio St'roile'rs, 'the (writer feels that some effort should bo made to bring the facts before the student body. r tlt Is generally understood that the writer of the editorial headed "Amateur Night," which appeared in the last issue of The Kentucky Kernel, was not the but one of his j assistants, but las the as the writer understands it, is responsible for the editorial policy of his paper the remarks which will be made wijl of necessity be directed at him with the hope, however, that the author of the exaggerated article In ques-tipwill take the' time to read the facts in the case. While welcoming constructive criticism in any form whatsoever The Strollers still desire the criticism to be based on fact. The writer pleads guilty to the charge that the acts presented Amateur Night were somewhat below the average; to the remainder of the charge the plea will be not guilty. The hundreds of students who crowded into the chapel Amateur Night seemed highly entertained by the 'iRube act, a poorly prepared blackface and a worse burlesque." In passing we wonder just what the writer of the editorial had for dinner thai night that caused him to have such an outlook on life. 'Perhaps he had attended the Ada Meade the night before and was suffering, because of o"f . Editor-in-Chi- Editor-in-Chie- n the contrast; "We were led by misinformation to expect an- entertainment o merit," says the article. "Misinformation" proved an able leader and the editor a willing follower when one considers the remainder of the article. As the writer shall endeavor to stick to the truth and nothing but the truth In the- remainder of this communication it" is suggested that the editor secure ait interpreter or guide before what is to follow. .'Seventy-onapplicants wore accepted to full membership in The Strollers. Not many more than thlB tried out. In fact, so far as we are able to learn, only one or two Freshmen without connections were refused admittance," boldly states the article. Records of the committee show that apabout one hundred and twenty-livplicants submitted their names and that of this number more than one hundred appeared before the committee. The facts speak.' "Three priests, so we are told, crawled onto the darkened stage, died, and forthwith became members." Aptly expressed we must admit but without a semblance of truth. "Misinformation" leads again, disguised as "wo are told." Tho facts are: Two of the three priests were admitted as Strollers because they had speaking g e e parts in two nets Jin whioh they tried lt jtFjo editor stjjl tjio dny beforc. flit leary of (heir a perhaps n private. .try-ocou'lu be'.krrangel). Tho writer admits that some mistakes mny have been made; after hearing recitations ami witnessing, plays for four afternoons rtnd- two nights; after hearing everything from "Roses are, red and violets are blue," to "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your eara," tho patience of nny committee is 'likely to bo ex hausted. Mistakes may have been made in previous years and the writer is willing, to wager that .mistake will ho made 'in tho future. Having had s occasion to witness tho last year and having seen the annual Stroller play of last year, '"The Climbers," the writer Is led, to beljove that Judged strictly on the merit shown In tho possibly three of tho amateur "Climbers" cast would have mado tho Strollers. a The Strollers had undertaken larger program this year than ever before and plans were made for enlarging the membership. The plans now contemplate the presentation each month of some sort of entertainment for tli' student body. Several other plans now are under consideration for making The 'Strollers' one of the largest and strongest organization on the campus. It is not the writer's desire to start a controversy in this matter and 'this communication, which the writer trusts will be published, should set the facts before the student body. Let this be considered final. Respectfully yours, A Stroller: miC n ono-ac- t' try-out- try-out- o Y. M. C. A. By George Gregory. lUHIVFRSITY . Mi 111 EXTENSIONe Vi , 111 T Be Held. CIGARETTES, CIGARS and TOBACCO "k Tho Department of University ExBring Your Kodak Films Here5 tension of tho University of Kentucky, . Opposite Campus Is planning an Interscholastic League for accredittcd high schools of tho State. r Announcement, of plans ,for such league was mado foliowing a recent mooting of tho Committee, on Unersity Extension. The League will include at present activities In debate and also In athNothing aids the ability of a team more1 than letics. ,Tho .accredited high schools outfits Of tinSquestoned quality. n of the State will be (invited to Join the league In these two activities. The We .carry a complete line of A. J. Reach & Son's sport'" plan calls for a iserie3 of contests ing goods. among the schools that are members CO. . HAY HARDWARE of either, group; and a final series of (Incorporated) contests in an annual tournament at LEXINGTON KENTUCKY the University in May; The League is organized under the direction of an Executive Committee composed of the Director of University Extension as chairman. The professor Incorporated of public speaking at the University Is a member of this executive comDAY AND NIGHT SERVICE mittee and he is at the same time PHONES 1854-368- 0 WHITE LINE TAXICABS director of debate: The Director of Physical Education at the University, CARS FOR TOURING CITY RATES 50 CENTS who is also director of athletics in PHOENIX HOTEL LOBBY the League, is the third member of the State Executive Committee. Schools accepting membership in the league will be grouped into districts and local committees appointed MISS AMERICA for series of contests will be held In both debate and athletics and the winMIDDY SUITS AND MIDDY BLOUSES ners of these contests will come toABOVE ALL gether in a final tournament at the University. CHARM IN BEAUTY VALUE Such leagues as these are in opera-tioin a number of states in connection with the state universities. The Incorporated University of Texas, University of Indiana, University of North Carolina, THE CADEN DRUG COMPANY Michigan and a number of others have in successful operation similar leagues.1 REMEMBERED THE DISCRIMINATING TASTE OF THE COLLEME Wellington Patrick, Director of UniSTUDENT IN CARRYING WHITMAN'S. versity Extension here, is expecting to send announcements to the various high schools throughout the State in A WAY TO SAVE MONEY! Professor W. H. the near future. Mlkesell, director of debate, Is making Five Dollars on Each Club Enrollment.' plans for the work of debate, and Professor S. A. Boles, Director Of Physical Education, is making preparations for the forthcoming season in athletics. SPORTING GOODS naiiral Phoenix Taxi Cab Co. For The College Woman v J, D. PURCELL CO. Becker's Pressing Cluh BURTON PREWITT, CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE HIT THE TRAIL UP CHEAPSIDE TO SHORT STREET MONEY SAVING OPPORTUNITIES IN ALL DEPARTMENTS YOU CAN BUY HERE AT Reserve Annual Space sororities, .organizations and clubs desiring to reserve space in this year's Kentuckian should see Fred Augsburg at once. Single pages this year are $20 while two pages are offered at the reduced price of $35. A payment of 25 per cent. Is required when the space is reserved. Tho balance is due January 15. No space will be reserved until' the initial payment is made. .1 offers to, the students of the University a complete assortment of Stationery, Candies and Toilet Articles. Prescriptions filled promptly. Inerscholastic(Debating. and Athletic Contest to DOCTOR NOE- - 8PEAKS The growing interest in the Y. W. C. A. was evidenced by the large number of men, as yet the best attendance for a single meeting this year, present to hear Professor Noe. Doctor Noe kindly substituted for the speaker of the evening, Mr. Charles Manning, who was unexpectedly called out of town. He spoke on "Idealism." Doctor Noe said: "The future of America lies in its youth, and largely that part of its youth which is in col- lcge. Education is idealistic' but we would not have it otherwise. I am happy to be an Idealist, for as such I can keep company with Shakespeare', HEAR SUPT. GEORGE COLVIN AT Washington, Lincoln and Wilson. THE Y; M. C. A. SUNDAY NIGHT Idealism is the fundamental factor in the building of a successful life."' State Superintendent of Public In THE STORE THAT OFstruction, George Colvln, will give the third of the Life Work Series of Lec FERS RELIEF FROM tures, which are being given by tho Y. M. C. A. Mr. Colvln will speak on HIGH PRICES Teaching as a Life Profession." He if, n forceful speaker and all men interested in teaching are' especially in vited to' hoar him at the"Y" rooms, Sunday at 6:30 p. m. All fraternities, .. University Pharrrilacy SCHOOL LEAGUE n From Fred Augsburg .n Best Cop NEW FALL SAMPLE HATS $3.98 HANDCRAFT SUITS AND OVERCOATS, $45.00 Values LOWEOJCPS