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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1927-04-apr5.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

Minutes of the regular puarterly meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Urjniel. tt7 oy for Tuesday, April 5, 1927. The Board of Trustees of the Univers3ity of Kentuclkuj met in regular t:aerterly sessi.on Lin tae Prcsident r. office at the Uni- vei'sity at ll : 30 a. mn Tuesday April 5, 1927. The following mamb e,' 8 ieo preoent: ITri ?W[c,'Pc- -v Phoads, Mr. E. B. webb, MAr. Louis HiJllerimaeye-, '. :vir kiolrt Mr. Robert G. Gordon, Judge P. C. Stol.L. Sen tor .nc Scnator H. r. Froman. Meeting with the Board rere Dr. Fionk ,r MoVoy, President of the Uni- versitv, and WIellington i;ici Sec-retary of the Board. The minutes of tQhe prcvJ-1:)'is rmot'in7 of the Board a.nd the minutes of the Executive %imrr C s...nce t'-at time zore approved as published. 1. Report of the Businass Agent. The repr't of the Business Agent was prosented and up::ii mnotion duly seconded mas ordered received and filed. 2. Purchase of Uniforms. A cormunioation from Colonel Horace P. Hobbs was read, statling that the War Department appro- -priations were insufficient for the purpose of purchasing uni- forms and asking if Universit y funds could be allotted for the purchase of uniforms for advanced course students. The matter was presented, discussed and a mrtion was made, seconded and carried that it was the opinnion of the Board that the use of University funds for such purposos wo-ld b3 of doubtful lcogality. 3. Quarterly Report of the PTesident. The following state- ment from the President of the University making a quarterly report to the Board of Trustees was presented as follows: President's Quarterly Reort There are a number of notable matters to be presented to the Bcard of Trustees in my Quarterly Fepcrt to be mqade at the April meeting. These matters jnclude some construction, plans f~br further coimtruction, the rurchase of land:, the completion of plans for the campus, landscape gardening, retiring allowances, courses in Art and Music, and the request for a grant fromte General Education Board. Five years ago Mr. Henry Wendt off-red the University the complete equipment for a forge shop if le University would erect the building. It has been possible by careful financing to -provide this building at a c6 of about .8P30,000 and the equip- ment is now being installed.