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The Kentucky Kernel, December 5, 1919

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KY. DEC. 5, 1919 VOL. X. ANNUAL IY BANQUET HELD INSPIRING TALK IN CHAPEL FRIDAY ORGANIZE PADUCAH CLUB IN UNIVERSITY Y.W. C. A. RALLY HELD FOOTBALL SQUAD Returned Missionary Urges Students to Go No. 11 Twenty-fiv- to China. Team and Friends Feast at Students woro given an unusual Leonard Optimistic Vein treat In chapol last Friday morning when Maurlo Wilson, an old U. K. in Speeches e Members Obtained First Meeting. at TUESDAY Tho initial meeting of tho Paducah Club was held Tuesday night, November 25, at 7 o'clock in tho Natural Science Building. The following officers were elected: Carl Denker, president; Nell Hank, Edith Alexander, secretary and Lawrence Burnham, treasurer. The purpose of the club Is to unite into closer fellowship the Paducah students registered in the University of Kentucky and to bring into closer relationship the people of Paducah with the University of Kentucky. Meetings will be held on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. There are about twenty-fiv- e members in the club. A committee was appointed to draw up a constitution composed of Miss Lora Robertson, Ed Puryear and G. Segenfelter. GREAT SUCCESS $675 of Budget Raised in First Days Work man, who has Just returned from DR. McVEA SPEAKS Hong Kong, addressed them on the McVEY MAKES TALK Shantung question. Mr. Wilson is The Rally of the Y. W. iC. A. which Kentucky men who for long weeks especially fitted to discuss this matwas held at Patterson Hall Tuesday had undergone all the privations and ter olnco he has been for several evening at 0:45 o'clock wag a success sacrifices Incident to football training years intimately associated with the from every view point. Talks both were given a real turkey dinner and students of China as Professor of inspiring an dat the same time filled an evening of genuine pleasure Tues- Physics in tho University of Hong with pep an denthusiasm were made. day when they and their friends as- Kong. Dr. Emile W. McVea, president of "Forces both external and internal sembled at the Leonard Hotel for the Sweet Briar Colle.e made tho prinin iChina and Asia are working to annual football banquet. cipal address of the evening. The Forty-thremen were present. This make these countries unsafe for debudgot was read to the association number included the entire 1919 foot- mocracy," said the speaker, "and the and various phases of the work of ball squad, members of the faculty, only solution Is democratic educacommittees for which money was several alumni and a few other tion." needed were presented, short talks Air. Wilson declared Japanese rule friends of the team. At the banquet being made by Louise Will on For the announcement of the election of to be "the tryanny of the unfit," sayeign Missions, Virginia Milner, Home Eger Murphree for captain of the 1920 ing that it would make even the Missions, Adele Slade, Social Service; squad was made by the retiring cap Kaiser blush. Elizabeth Kraft, Social, and Lucille EGER MURPHREE, CAPTAIN The speaker ended his address tain of the Wildcats, Tony Dlshman, Moore, Program. Dean'Simrall intro OF 1920 WILDCATS. VV. C. Shinnick, alumnus of the with an ardent appeal for men to go duced Doctor McVea who came here ENGLISH CLUB GIVES University of Kentucky, presided as aa missionaries to China. "I'm lookfrom a conference she ha3 been atThe new captain has played varsity ing for men," he said, "to go out foastmaster for the occasion, and call tending in Louisville. football for four seasons but is elig ed upon many of the guest3 for short there and play the game for Christ." lble "The Young Women's Christian Asfor the 1920 season because of talks. sociation," said Dr. McVea, "has a S. I. A. A. ruling that the season the power and influence no individual President Frank L. McVey was the PA T. HALL IS SCENE of 1918 should not be included in In Ruskin, Lowell and Whit- possesses. In the last four years we first to respond, making a records. Murphree will man Discussed in Chapel have learned more than ever what talk to the students, giving his OF INFORMAL DANCES graduate at the end of the present Tuesday the Association means, what great on collegiate athletics, and views school year, but will return next fall and definite ends it can accomplish. promising the teams of the future his for work. Among other Attendance Is Restricted to heartiest Tuesday's Chapel exercises were in It has the opportunity to interpret "Murph" is a Senior in Industrial things he said, "Football is a part of U. K. Men and DormiChemistry, a member of the Sigma charge of the English Club and a pro- God to the world and the teaching ot the educational machinery of a uniResidents Nu Fraternity and of the Alpha Chi gram in honor of the Whitman, Rus- the doctrine of love is one of its purversity . . . and plans should be Sigma chemical fraternity. He hails kin and Lowell Centenary was given. poses. It has a great vision of youth, worked out by which the coaching The .Recreation Hall at Patterson from Louisville, was a football staf on James Dixon, president of the club, seeing the highest things that can be staff of the teams should have at its Hall, presenting a most Inviting ap- the Boy's High School eleven, and presided, opening the exercises with a seen and setting about to accomplish command an unceasing stream of ex- pearance with its new wicker furni- has been a member of the varsity of scripture reading especially fitted to things worth while. Dr. McVea expressed her deep interest in the) He con- ture and cteonne hangings, has been the 'University of Kentucky for four the occasion. cellent football material." gratulated the 1919 team upon its the scene of several successful Sat- years. His recent selection as right The three poets were discussed by budget and prophesied that It would, record, and said that It had played urday night dances. These dances tackle on the team gives the speakers not only from the lit- not be hard to raise with such a splen-- . through a successful season because are given by the girls of the dormi- him a perfect record, having made erary point of view but rather as did association backing it. The real drive began Wednesday it had fulfilled the two greatest re- tories, with the men of the University the team all four years great and patriotic men whose Ideals quirements having done its best, and as guests, for the purpose of creating he has played in have influenced and are influencing morning. Teams and captains were appointed two for the three dormihaving played the game cleanly and a homelike atmosphere and introducus today. squarely, victories being of no great ing the new men to the social side of "Walt Whitman had reverence for tories, and one for the faculty and The results of each importance. President McVey said college life. IOWA GIRLS MUST SWIM FOR the past, reveled la the present and town people. day's campaign will be registered om every effort was being made for big A committee appointed from the THEIR DIPLOMAS. was hopeful for the future," said Improvements in the athletic equip- Student William Soward In his talk on the clocks representing the three teams Government Council, by ment of the University, and that with Louise Will, president of Student (Exchange.) New Jersey poet. "He trusted all men which will be placed in the Recreation Hall. Martha Buckman, captain, a little time Kentucky should have Government, assisted by a memberj University ojt Iowa Women are lit and was trustworthy himself." the best team in the country. Ellznhftth Marsh nil nnnkn nn .Times of the Blue Team, was In the lead at. of the Student Government Advisory erally required to "swim for their The second talk of the evening was Board, chaperones the dances. No diplomas." Heretofore swimming has Russell Lowell, the American, the tne close of tne flrst day's campaign made by Dr. J. J. Tigert, whose wit unconventional dancing will be allow- been taught, but as an elective sub- man who is remembered today for having raised $300, the White Team the ban- ed. Those who disregard this rule ject only. Instructors in the physical his big heart, plain common sense, with Bernice Young, captain, came and wisdom entertained queters. He offered congratulations to will not be called down on the floor, training department for women be- public spirit, social justice and stern, second with $285 and the Black or Team third with $90 the team for their recent successes, but the guilty members of the Associ- lieve that every girl should learn how patriotism. and resorted to his favorite topic, ation will be called up before the to take care of herself in the water Adele Slade held John Ruskin up "Reminiscences," which was very in- Student Council. and advocate making swimming in a new light. "Tho economic revolt STROLLER S teresting and of historical value to The dances are for the girls of the which we are facing today is Influ TO BE REVISED the assembled Gridiron stars and sub- three dormitories, enced to an almost unbelievable their week-enAt a meeting of the Strollers, held stitutes. He made a touching refer- guests, and the men of the Univertby Rusklu. The great memor- Wednesday afternoon, It was CADET HOW SATURDAY. decided ence to the intense patriotism of the sity of Kentucky exclusively. Lexingable quality, however, which stamps that the constitution and s of members of the unconquerable Bquads ton men and students of other colThere will be the first Cadet Hop of the life of John Ruskin was his the society should be altered and '15 and '10, every one of whom, leges will be admitted to the dances the season on Saturday, December 6, boundless sympathy for human suf- corrected. Mr. Frazler, president of wth the single exception of one who only when a card of permission has In the Armory. All students are per- fering," said she. the society, appointed Miss Martha was physically unfit, entered the serv- been obtained from the house presi- mitted to coma even it not members iiuckman and Preston Cherry to as ice of his country. One of these im- dent, Louise Will, upon the request of the University battalian, but the NOTICE. sist him In this work. mortals, Howard Klnne, '15, was kill- of the dormitories. attendance will be confined to UniThere will be an Important meeting Plays for the year were discussed. ed in the service. Saturday evening, December 6, will versity students. Tickets will be on of the Senior Class Monday after It was announced that the selection Ceach Gill and "Daddy" Boles both be the next Patterson Hall dance and sale in the Commandant's office on noon at 3:30 o'clock. It is imperative of the annual play would be made at responded with words of commenda- - all students of the University are cor- Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 aad on Sat- that every member of the class be the next meeting and s ar dially invited. urday from two to three. present. ranged. (CmUbm m Page 7) e heart-to-hea- tory inter-collegia- Town-Facult- y BY-LAW- d ex-te- n try-out-