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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1955-03-apr5.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

McVey and Hughes in their book, PROBLEMS OF COL- LEGE AND UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION, say, "The prepara- tion of the annual budget seems to us to be the most important . single administrative job of the year. " After twenty-seven years as a college president I have come to the same conclusion. A considerable amount of the time of the President, Vice President, Comptroller and the deans must be given to this important aspect of administration of an institution of higher education. That the trustees may be better informed as to how our budget is prepared, I should like to give you some of the details. First, the Comptroller is requested to prepare an accurate esti- mate of the total income of the University. The next step is to appropriate to each of the colleges and other independent adminis - trative units a just and adequate sum of money for their operation. The distribution of the total funds of the institution among the various units is a delicate and difficult undertaking. Unless great care is given to a fair distribution of the funds, the University can be crip- pled in its total responsibility to the citizens of the state. In performing this duty, tradition has somewhat determined the relative ratio as between the colleges and various divisions of the funds. For example, the amount of money which a college has been receiving over the years in relation to the amount appropriated to each and every other college determines to a considerable degree how new funds are to be distributed. The enrollment in a college is one of the major factors to be considered, but not the only one. Over a period of years the seven colleges in the University have been maintaining a rather constant ratio or about the same percent- age of the total fund appropriated for the maintenance and operation of the University. If a. college has a new responsibility placed upon it, a somewhat larger amount of new funds will be appropriated to that college in order that it may discharge its functions properly. The President, Vice President and the Comptroller after careful study will finally allot to each college and other independent administrative unit the total amount of money it is to receive during the current year and so notify the dean or the administrator of the unit. After this is done the dean and the heads of the departments of his college will make the distribution of the funds the college re- ceived between the various departments of that college. The dean and the head of the department, sometimes with the assistance of a committee of the department, will consider the department' s budget as to Personal Services, Capital Outlay and Other Current Expenses. Salary increases will be recommended to the dean by the head of the department, but the dean will have final authority on such matters. After the dean or head of an independent unit makes up the total budget for his college or independent unit, the dean meetts with the President, Vice President and Comptroller and each item in his budget for the college is reviewed. Changes may be made in this final review, but usually the recommendations made by the dean and heads of departments will be approved if they do not exceed the sum appropriated to the college. The recommendations on salary adjust- ments come up from the department head and the dean to the top