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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX CATS WILL OPEN BASEBALL SEASON MONDAY WESLEYAN NINE TO BE FIRST OPPONENT With the opening game of the seawith the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers, only a few days off, Coach Pat Devereaux has been sending his baseball candidates through some stiff sessions during the past few days. The tilt with Wesleyan, which will be in the form of a practice affair, should be productive of a good battle, as Wesleyan js reputed to have a tpam of about the same calibre as that of Kentucky. They are said to have a good pitcher, but outside of that the team is composed of only average ball players. But for that matter, the local team is not expected to be any world beat- son, ing aggregation this year. Powell may take care of first base, while Smith is expected to be on second, with Gilb at short. The third base job will probably go to Crouch. Charley Wert is expected to pitch the opening encounter, while Captain "Swede" Ericson is expected to be behind the plate to receive Wert's slants. Ray Schulte will be in reserve ready to enter the fracas any moment. Mayo Anderson, A. D. Rufef Franceway, Bach, Pat McGuffey and Beecher Adams are among the men who are expected to get into action against Wesleyan, although Coach Devereux will undoubtedly use a great many more players before the gams is over. Not much stress will be put on winning the practice affair, although winning it would start the boys off in the right mood for the season, which is expected to be successful as far as winning games in the state is concerned. LONDON TAKES SECOND GAME IN TOURNEY PLAY BALL says Mr. ! Never-grow-u- p. "Aw, Ma, I don't want to study no music lessons. I'd rather play ball with the fellahs than play a tune as good as Mr. Whosit oh, yeh, Padercaruso. I want a baseball suit of my own and a bat and a ball and a glove." So daddy brought him here and outfitted him. Play ball! SPECIAL PRICES TO STATE STUDENTS BURKE'S SPORT SHOP Sporting Goods, Athletic Supplies 128 North Limestone Strjeet Lexington, Ky. Bicycles, CHICAGO, March 30. Class of the national basketball tournament bte- gan to show up today, when London, Ky., and Safford, Ariz., first round winners, met in the second day's opener. Teamwork was about even, but the Kentuckians were superior marks men and won, 29 to 20. The cowboys kept close on the heels of the London squad most of the first period, but a break came when Wickersham, of London, dropped a short shot and made one of the two free throws granted him for Mullenaux's rough ing. Goodman and Stimson led off with a basket apiece in the second half for Arizona, but Stimson stepped outside and his basket was not allowed. He quickly made another in its place. Cain then lengthened London's lead after which the westerners climbed up to within three points of the Kentuckians. The London scorers then got back to work and ended the game nine points in the lead. niiiiii8iiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!ii;i!i;iii!iiintmmt YOU STUDENTS WHO KNOWHE BEST BEST FOUNTAIN DRUG CO. IN THE CITY SPRING FOOTBALL more-senio- r. Thursday, April 6, freshmen vs. junintelectual control. Not evry lawyer is great in a court room, but un- ior. less a young man is qualified to stand Friday, April 8, sophomore-senio- r his ground in the battle of wits that vs. freshmen. " marks the modern trial, he is not likeThursday night the W. A. A. counly to achieve greatness in any other field of the legal profession. Some cil gave a tumbling stunt at the W. men shrink from controversy as from S. G. A. banquet. Sunday morning at 7 o'clock sevphysical danger. A great lawyer does Football is in the process of mak The various kings have been crown will be counted double the total and not seek controversy but he does not eral enterprising W. A. A. members ing eight week's introduction to spring ed, the cups given away, the medals arranged in class A; only superin- shrink from it. He meets whatever hiked to the reservoir and cooked out in Stoll Stadium this year for No casualties were the first time in the history of the awarded, and all that remains of the tendents and principals of high comes in the way of argument, criti- their breakfast. ninth annual interscholastic basket schools will be allowed to vote on im- cism or attack. It takes a certain reported. university. More and more the Wildball tournament which was held at portant subjects before the board; if amount of physical courage to stand cat gladiators are becoming accusRifle practice is being held daily tomed to warm weather, and when the the University of Kentucky is the a pupil migrates from one school to up against the advocate who persists backboards, which bear mute proof of another during a semester he will be in ridicule or in innuendoes or in bla in the gymnasium, and several girls cool breezes of autumn blow over Stoll many a field goal. ineligible for participation in ath- tant falsehoods, and still be master have proved themselves excellent field next fall they will find a seasoned And now "Daddy" Boles who says letics for that semester; any athlete of the situation. A client has the shots. The highest score made up to and crew to represent with great gusto that "We' made a who plays on an outside team during right to expect of his counsellor and the present time is 96 out of a possible Kentucky during a hard campaign on little" on the tournament, and Ralph a short season shall be declared in- advocate utter forgetfulness of self 100. the gridiron. Hill, secretary of the K. I. H. A. eligible for the entire'season in school and complete devotion to the client's Daily, Coach Gamage is meting out PICTURE GIVEN ANOTHER cause. Only a man Of courage can A., are busy as hens in the spring- sports. long scrimmage sessions, intermingled time trying to devise soma, means Other proposed changes are: Once meet that test. "From Coal to Electricity," one of with the perfection of the kicking and Must Bear Others' Burdens whereby the B class teams won't win a pupil is eligible for graduation he punting game to the again and the A class teams won't will not be allowed to enter into Thirdly, there is the task of bur the series of pictures being shown 'Cats. Out on the field early in the win so darn often. sport activities if he remains in high Unless a young man de- by the Engineering College, was giv- afternoon and back in the dressing To the disappointment of about school; failures of coaches to turn in lights to share the burdens of others, en at 4 p. m., Wednesday, March 30, room as darkness falls, the Wildcats 99 out of every 100 fans in Lexingeligibility lists will mean suspension he will find the practice of the law a in Dicker hall. This film was furnished by Stone are really putting their shoulders to ton, the tournament was a success from the association; a proposal to wearisome undertaking. If the trouand Webster, Engineering Contrac the wheel. one BIG success this year, consider- have all girls' games played by girls' bles of others annoy instead of in Practice will end about the first of ing the fact that the Blue Devils were rules so as to partially eliminate the terest you, your license to practice tors of Boston. Other pictures, each not represented. Enough surprises to strain and chance of injury to play law would be simply an invitation for furnished by a company specializing May for everybody except the ends be required to fill three ordinary tournaments were ers; any member school playing a further and ceaseless annoyance. But in a certain phase of engineering, are and backs, who will keep grinding until the end of school. unfolded, chief of which came on the institution will be declar- if in college days your friends have being shown from time to time. final evening, when the West Louis ed in eligible for tournament play in brought to you their difficulties beor state cause they have found in you a sym ville girls and the Millersburg Mili either district, regional tary Institute boys showed a huge meets. pathetic hearer and a wise counsellor, Drawings for the state tourney the the practice of the law opens the gathering that class B teams aren't so bad after all. In such manner shall be held at least three days be- door for you to a larger and more recame the disappointment, but in this fore the starting date in order to ar- sponsible share in working out the disappointment there was delight and range for publicity. It will also be problems of others. The great task of recommended that coaches may use the lawyer is pot to win lawsuits but joy. Between the final games Mr. Hill different players; in- the different to settle difficulties. The public sees and a few others got their heads to- tourneys instead of turning in one the courtroom and the trial; many so well No gether and worked out several pro- eligibility list of eight names to last times that cannot be avoided. But the posed changes in the rules and by- through all tournaments. These best service of the lawyer is rendered ones changes should make quite a differ- where the public cannot see, and the laws which are as follows: In 1928 schools like M. M. I. having ence in high school sports during the client recalls his attorney not as he argued for him in court, but more of a small student body, all being boys, coming year. ten as he counselled with him in the ompany Transyivania of fjce. An attorney must be a bearer INCORPORATED cognition of his relative chance for of burdens, or else he becomes a mere success, the young man in college promoter of strife. VOCATIONAL can make his guess as to the field There are other difficulties, but GUIDANCE where he should work. And his these suffice. Young men or reason work. more likely to o guess is far any suggestion be a good ably good judgment, of firm courage guess than that may and of unselfish zeal will find an hon ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LAW? come from outsiders. He must, find ored place at the bar towards which his own star and hitch his wagon to they can patiently struggle. This By Chas J. Turck, Dean of College it. place of honor seldom comes to them of Law, University of Kentucky Difficulties Obstruct Path soon or easily, but it comes surely to The very best thing that a man in those whose wisdom, courage and ser It is an impossible task to select a profession can do for those who are vice entitle them to the crown. The out of one hundred college students considering that profession as their Law welcomes such men to its shrine. the five or ten who should study law. life work is to warn them of certain In the first place, while a young man difficulties they, must meet. It in college has within him those traits easy enough to tell a young man of o- of character that will make or mar his limited powers of reason that he will W. A. A. NOTES manhood, he does not have these char- never make a lawyer, but it is a much o so developed that orie can harder task to tell him what he would acteristics (By LEIDA KEYES) predict with certainty the kind of make or what he could do happily man he will be. In the second place, and well. It is wiser to point out Ella Marie Kintsler, manager of SUNDAY TO WEDNESDAY the law is so broad a field that it difficulties than to erect barriers, and track, has announced that practices contains within the ranks of those consequently I would not say to any are being held daily, and urges all who attain success men of very dif- man that he should not study law. girls to participate in this sport. The ferent types, men who are hermits Many a man of limited natural en entrants must attend four classes in their zeal for exact and scholarly dowment has made a career at the bar week, and fourteen practices before IN knowledge as well as men whose which far abler men have envied. But they will be allowed to take part in hearts are aflame with a love of hu- I do say that unless one is willing the annual track contest. A chart is manity. In the third place, those to fight and overcome certain diffi- posted outside the gymnasium where great qualities of the soul that en- culties in the practice of the law, he girls are asked to sign up for classes able men to "win like success as en- ought not to enter the legal profes which are conducted on the plan of gineers or doctors or business men, sion. rifle instruction. If sufficient inter Every calling is great when greatly telegraphic What are these difficulties? First est is shown in track pursued," and young men who are meets will be held with other col there is the tasE of thinking. Most leges probably early in May. capable of the great pursuit will win people find thinking an extremely unsuccess in any field. THURSDAY TO SATURDAY The great question that a young pleasant occupation, a fact which acThe indoor baseball season is com' man must ask himself in college is, counts for the tabloid newspaper, cer- ing to a close with mighty interclass "What do I want to do with my life?" tain film successes and the deserted struggles to be staged this week and He knows by the time he graduates condition of most libraries. The pop next. The following games havejbeen what are the things that bring him ular idea of the lawyer is a man who played; Tuesday, freshman vs. a great deal, but the true picture Thursday, junior vs Jhe largest happiness. Is it books or talks lawyer is ALSO that of man who thinks sophomore-seniofriends, is it power or play, is it of a Friday, freshmen a great deal. Unless one enjoys the vs. the hope, of a great achievement or juniors. The schedule for next COLLEGIANS" the carrying of a great responsibility? habit of climbing the windy heights of week follows: : He also knows, or should at least be- cold reason, he should not study law. Tuesday, pril 5. junior vs. sopho- gin to suspect, what are his chances For however much some lawyers may of accomplishing his purpose. This fall short of this ideal, the responis of course not a matter of compar- sibility of attorney to client requires ing his grades with the grades of the most exacting and penetrating others but of comparing himself with thought. He is a poor lawyer who other selves. How does he stack up does not think through his cases be with them as regards leadership and fore he talks them out in court. Second there is the task of fight perseverance and ability and willing Then, ing. 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