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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 1, 1927

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE EIGHT REGISTRARS TO CONVENE HERE ""(CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) Program of Work." Wednesday, "The Registrar's Office a Laboratory for Administrative Officers." (With special reference to in formation a president should have for use in making his budget). Thursday, "The Registrar's Office a Laboratory for the Department of Education." 10:00 a. m. Special Lecture Course Tuesday, "Operating Costs for the Registrar's Office," Maple Moores, Secretary to the Registrar, University of Kentucky. Wednesday, "Academic Simplicity," by Ernest C. Miller, Registrar of the University of North Dakota. Mortality," Thursday, "Student Helen A. Stanley, Recorder, University of Kentucky. Friday, "Pro Rata Costs for Deter- mining Administrative Budget," Frank L. McVey, President of the University of Kentucky. 11:00 a. m. Techniques Employed in Self Surveys of Colleges and Universities, Floyd W. Reeves, Professor of Education, University of Kentucky. Monday, "Problems Relating to the Self Survey of Colleges and Universities." Wednesday, "The Instructional Load." Friday, "The Computation of Unit Costs." 11:00 a. in. Mental Tests, J. B. Miner, head of Department of Psychology, University of Kentucky. Tuesday, "Sectioning Classes by Mental Tests." Thursday, "Development and Pres ent Use of Mental Tests." 1:30 p. m. Series of Conferences on the Technique of the Office, Ezra L. Gillis, Registrar of the University of Kentucky, presiding. Monday, "Registration Procedure.' Tuesday, "Admissions," (Accredit ing Agencies, Conditional Credit, De funct Colleges). Wednesday, "Records .and Tran scripts." Thursday, "Data That Should Be Kept in the Registrar's Office." 2:30 p. m. Statistical Analysis and Graphical Presentation of Data, C. C. Ross, Professor of Education, University of Kentucky. Monday, "Nature and Purpose of Statistics and Graphics. The Tabula tion of Data. Frequency Tables and Graphs." Tuesday, "Purpose and Calculation of Averages or Measures of Central Tendency, the Median and Mean. Com- - parison." Wednesday, "Purpose and Calculation of Measures of Variability. Various Kinds of Deviation. Types of Curves." y Thursday, "Occupational Distribution of Parents of Students in Kentucky Colleges," Cella Taylor, Secretary College of Education, University of Kentucky. 3:00 p. m. Thursday, Trip through the Blue Grass. 3:30 p. m. Statistics for Registrars. S. E. Leland, Professor of Economics. University of Kentucky. Monday, "Measures of Central Tendency." Tuesday, "The Significance of Aver ages. Wednesday, "Measure of Correla tion." Evening Session, Thursday, April 17 6:00 p. m. Those attending the in stitute and the sectional association meeting will be the guests of the uni versity at dinner in the University Cafeteriaf W. N. Beetham, Registrar of Marshall College, president of the association will preside. Address, "Standards for Accrediting Colleges," Floyd W. Reeves, Professor of Education, University of Kenutcky. Address, "Who Should Go to Col lege?" President McVey. Committees Room Assignments Mrs. Stanley, STUDY FINISH MEN'S GLEE CLUB RETURNS FROM ANNUAL SPRING TRIP GROUPS COURSE I S (CONTINUED FKOM PAGE ONE) CAST ANNOUNCED nATUC LrtlLj S TO ENJOY THEIR ,DT?7TI7II7 V V? OWN BANQUET, APRIL 17 CO-ED- IE, IC (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) Frank University Quartette Brown, Cyrus Poole, Henry Mad-doJohn Beam. Forsyth a. The Bell Man Speaks b. Morning Instrumental Quartette ....Selected Lorraine Yost, Cyrus Poole C. A. Lampert Dixon Rapp, Selected Baritone Solo John R. Beam . a. The Bells of Saint Mary's . Adams Marks b. Sailing 7. a. Banjo Specialty Frank1 Brown. b. Banjo Duet Frank Brown and ' Howard Jenkins. ARE ANNOUNCED (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) ling, stupendous stunts for the (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) amusement of such a discriminating g hops and, high unit is seemingly in better condition, the part of Henry Jordan in the play audience, if youll this year than ever before, and every "Icebound." He is a member of the jumps hitherto Kappa Alpha fraternity and a junior pardon the Cockney used in the cause man is doing his best to keep the in the Arts and Sciences College. distinguish college rating which was of circus diction. Henrietta Blackburn Is Heroine There'll be a place at our banquet secured last year at the expense of Every play must have a heroine or for the dilletante and the flapper, the several other institutions of very high else it falls flat and in the character sensation chaser, the modernist, the merit. of Isabel Blyds is found a most ex- materialist and the aesthete. cellent heroine. This part is taken of the culinary art will tickle LOST Gold Sigma Chi pin between by Henrietta Blackburn who as a the palate, brilliant 'speeches will in- Tavern and Kappa Delta house. Finmember of the cast of "Icebound" last trigue the intellect, entrancing music der call Henry Mortimer, 5185. year proved her ability as an actor. will stir the senses. Miss Blackburn is a sophomore and To be blunt for we've used all the a member of the Chi Omega sorority, big words in our vocabulary you'd W. W. Y. W. C. A. UNIVERSITY Mary Virginia Hailey as Marion the better take that last half dollar and ANNOUNCES NOMINATIONS admiring and jof buy your ticket to do a little society KODAKS EASTMAN FILMS k daughter Oliver Blayds gives a splendid charDEVELOPING and PRINTING for there's a big banquet April 7 (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) acterization. Miss Hailey has studied and you're expected to come. 129 W. Short St. Lexington, Ky. and taken part in many dramatic pro- erine Best, Louise Rogers. ductions at Miss Kendrick's School in Under graduate representative Cincinnati. This is her first appearMargaret Gooch and Mildred Kidd ance on the campus of the University McGURK In any nominations of this sort, it of Kentucky as she entered the uniOur fountain is equipped for the best is only fair that the student body at versity only last fall. She is a mem fancy drinks and sandwiches large may Tsnow the qualifications of ber of the Kappa Delta sorority. COME IN the various candidates, their ability, The part of William Blayds-Coand past interest and cooperation, in 'way, the nervous and precise son-iorder that a careful consideration may law and secretary ol Blayds the poet be given before any final vote is cast, is admirably portrayed by Benjamin The election of these officers will Van Meter, a member of the Kappa take place on April 5 and 6 and a Alpha fraternity. table for this purpose will be placed Oliver, the young son of William, in the hall of the administration build is presented by Leonard Weakley, a hoped that every woman freshman in the university and i ing. It is COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR 216 S. lime Phone 929 student on the campus will vote. member of the Delta Tau Delta fra ternity. THE KERNEL IS HOST Minna Hagerdon, also a freshman TO ANNUAL BANQUET at the university, is cast for the part of Septima, the unruly daughter of (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) Marion, and is said to give a very natural and realistic characterization, Yeaman Takes Part constitutes a good banquet, meaning "Simp" Estes, once editor speeches. A. Y. Yeaman, who is well known of The Kernel but since reformed, was in the dramatic field of the university present so long as any food was going as he has taken part in both Romany around. As soon as that ceased, he and the Stroller productions is tak pretended his services were needed in ing the part of A. L. Royce. Those the news room of the Herald and de- who have seen him in the role of m im m mi-w iw m mi parted. Marchbanks in "Candida" know his Professoi Grehan (that's "Uncle ability. He is also helping Mr. Sax Enoch," you know) acted a s on with the directing of the play. He toastmaster in his "usual classical and a member of the Phi Delta Theta scholarly manner." Johnny Bullock, fraternity and a sophomore in the was the first speaker university. The stiffly correct and politely of the evening. He said nothing in his usual charming manner. Manag polished butler or rather handy man exof the play is taken by Thomas Plummer followed his ample. Miss Martha, Minihan, society Adams, a member of the Kappa Sigma to be present and fraternity. editor, was unable Miss Helen King, who once directed Other changes have also been made We Have a Complete Line of Easter Candies that column, responded in her stead in the staff as Jack Griffith has been Sigma Phi, women's honor- appointed to the place of stage man and Novelties Attractive Baskets of "Every Theta ary journalistic fraternity, , then ager and is in complete charge of Description." We invite you to come in and see. begged time out to hold pledging serv the properties for the spring play. ices. Three persons, all women, were yourself. (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) x, gram was in charge of Forrest Mer, cer. Groups Are Named The groups which took part in the course this year, the leaders and the" average attendance per centage for the ten weeks are as follows: Alpha Gamma Epsilon, 83.9, Dr. C. Taylor. Rho, 93, Dean Alpha Gamma George Roberts. Alpha Tau Omega, 75.1 T. F. Zer- foss. Delta Chi, 69.4, Dean W. E. Free man. Delta Tau Delta, 89.9, Prof. Dana hair-raisin- , Delic-caci- STILL awe-struc- Card. Kappa Alpha, 82, Prof. B. P. Davis, (five meetings). Kappa Sigma, 98, Dr. Thomas Set tle. Phi Kappa Sigma, 90 Prof. E. A. Bureau. Phi Delta Theta, 75, Bart N. Peak, (eight meetings). Phi Kappa Tau, 80, Prof. Roy More land. Pi Kappa Alpha 64.4, Dean Robert and O'BRIEN Massey. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 89, Prof. Thompson Bryant (eight meetings). Miss Miss Wilson. Miss Cleveland. Sigma Beta Xi, 80.3, Prof. T. T. Buehler. Jones. Registration and Introduction Sigma Chi, 82.2, Prof. J. C. Jones, Miss Mores Miss Gardner, Miss Mid- Sigma Nu 88, Dean Charles Turck, dleton. Mrs. Lee. (seven meetings). Following is the program of the Triangle, 86.9, Prof. C. S. Crouse, Fifth Annual Meeting of the Ken 346 Harrison avenue, 81, Prof. B As Barnett. tucky branch of the American sociation of Collegiate Registrars. 336 Harrison avenue, 100, Prof. E, Friday, April 8 S. Good. OFFICERS OF THE ASSOCIATION 601 S. Limestone, 100, John Owen for 1926-2- 7 628 S. Limestone, 84, Prof. A. B. Beet- - Crawford. Nelson President William Registrar of Marshall College. ham, 132 Graham avenue, 86 Hoe Hurt Secretary Margaret Kidwan, Reg' 401 Linden Walk, 100, J. H. Swee istrar, University of Louisville. ney. 1:30 p. m. Opening of the meeting 324 S. Upper, 100, Rev. A. R. Per in charge of President W. N. Beet kins. ham. Fourth Floor Men's Dormitory," 90, Opportunity for W. G. Woolum. The Registrar's Advising Students in Their College Career and Life Work, by E. H. Can THREE ALUMNI ARE. ON on, Registrar of Western State Teach NORMAL SCHOOL FACULTY ers College, Bowling Green, Ky. The Best System of Making and Preserving Permanent Records, by J, (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) R. Robinson, Registrar of George Pea versity the class of '26. Last body College for Teachers, Nashville, semesterwith was assistant instructor he Tenn. in the department of journalism, leavCollege Use of Standardized Tests ing in February to accept his present and Other Rating Schemes, by War- position at Murray. ren C. Lappin, Morehead State Teach Miss Tandy was graduated from the ers College, Morehead, Ky. university with the class of '26 and Round Table Discussion. began teaching in the Normal the fol lowing fall. Miss Bishop was a grad- pledged. uate at the university last semester. Miss Lucille Cook, creator of the delightful characters of her "Squirrel SHOP CONCERT BY UNIVERSITY Phude" column, was next called upon BAND IS GREAT SUCCESS to tell all she knew about the egotis tical "Akkie" and 'the modest "Ikkie.' (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) Miss Cook explained that the charac LIME AND MAIN ters are entirely imaginary and have Gamma chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, no campus counter parts as some had honorary musical fraternity held its imagined. At this point Sigma Delta Chi, na annual pledging exeercises, under the DRY CLEANING CO. supervision of Cyrus Poole, acting tional professional fraternity of jour DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING president. At this time six men from nalism, displayed themselves while SUITS PRESSED 35 CENTS the band and two from the glee club they pledged seven men from the 152 South Lime Phone 1550 present. were pledged. Their names and adQuality and Service Kathleen Peffley, feature editor, dresses are, C. F. Daly, Owingsville; Forest Mercer, Owensboro; J. B. was next to take the floor. She con Humphrey, Lexington; R. B. Carter, cluded her remarks with a poetic narHuston-villLexington; Beecher Adams, ration of a story that would have been Penrose Ecton, Lexington; Clar- a scoop if it had ever reached the We hardly think Peffley ence Valade, Detroit, Mich., and R. F. papers. wrote it as it was very interesting. Doctor J. B. Miner, head of the Frank Hoover, editor of sports department of psychology at the uni- arose with the avowed intention of versity, has been requested to make speaking two minutes but sat down two talks at th'e seventh annual ses- ten seconds ahead of time. Then the sion of the Ohio State Educational business staff which had heretofore Conference to be held Apri 7, 8, and been heartily maligned by certain 9. This is one of the largest con- speakers from the editorial staff was ferences of its kind in the country. given a chance to reply. Fred Conn Mr. Shrop Both of Dr. Miner's lectures will be was their spokesman. given on April 8. He will address the shire was evidently not satisfied for clinical psychologists on "The Use of he supplemented Mr. Conn's remarks Objective Measurement in Diagnosis." with a few of his own. And at the special educational session The two requisites of a good ban he will talk about "Training for the quet having been satisfied, the party adjourned. Unstable Child." P. ROBARDS B. Pressing Dry Cleaning Altering "To Your Health and Happiness" - editor-in-chie- f, ing-edit- WITH A REPUTATION TRY THE QTD fX T CD 1 IxWLLLjIV k McATEE SHOE SHOP PARRISH pseudo-journalis- ts for CARL SANDBURG THRILLS UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Place Your Order (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) Now-T- o Be Delivered; at, Easter. Lincoln's trial in a magistrate's court on a charge of carrvine Dassencera across a river for hire, in violation of tne terry law of the State, a charge oi which he was acquitted. In Mr. Sandburg's afternoon ad dress he spoke on American art and poetry, gave several readings of his own free verse composition. He sang several folk songs to conclude his lecture. 152 WEST MAIN) TELEPHONE 249 LEXINGTON, KY. e; Good enough for Dad good enough for you Edgeworth DENTISTS Rent DRS. J. T. & E. D. SLATON Hours A NEW CAR FORDS DODGES CHEVROLETS HERTZ STOREY Lafayette-Phoeni- x 204 Guaranty Bank Bldg. Suits Cleaned and Pressed $1.25 Suits Pressed 35c WORK CALLED Phone 3616 mmx Plain Dresses Cleaned and Pressed $1.25 FOR AND DELIVERED' THE CLOTHES SHOP Mrs. Pearl White, Mgr. CO, RENT-A-CA- R Garage 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. ALTERATIONS AND REPAIRING Dress Making a Specialty Phone 6120 Phone 2259 175 E. High jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMMMiiniiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimg Before EASTER And After The Show Go To The good DANDEE pop corn CANDY and SHOPPE CANDY WE MAKE EVERYTHING WE SELL is ORDER April 17th YOUR CANDY Bonnie Scotland produces two things that go big with college men. especially the Both are popular because of their exquisite blending woolens. Colors that are as clear, yet as soft as the midnight sun designs that are the masterpieces of a long line of artisans guided by young men who make the likes and dislikes of college men a life study. These are the sort of fabrics we have chosen this season for our NOW We Have a Full Line of Candies, Favors, Boxes and Baskets. PARCEL POST SERVICE Mrs. Thomas' Candies MRS. AT THE WEBBER CANARY COTTAGE iiiiitf)niiiiiiin)ii)iiiiiii)iiiiii)iii)ii)iiiiiiiiiiii)iiiii)iiiui)tiiiiiiiiiiiji That they will register with you is a foregone conclusion, especially when you the price thirty-fiv- e and forty dollars. THE K SH0P In The Tavern Building 'Branch Store of Kaufman Clothing Co. Wear