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901 > Page 901 of The romance and tragedy of pioneer life. A popular account of the heroes and adventurers who, by their valor and war-craft, beat back the savages from the borders of civilization and gave the American forests to the plow and the sickle ..

HEROES OF THE LONE STAR STATE. 901 ready to give up in despair, when, all at once, I remembered seeing, as I came out, a large lone oak-tree, with a hollow in it about large enough for a man to crawl into, which grew on the banks of a small canon, not more than three or four hundred yards from where I then was. I resolved to make one more effort, and, if possible, to reach this tree before the wolves came up with me again; and if ever there was good, honest running done, without any throw-off about it, I did it then. The fact is, I believe a man can't tell how fast he can run until he gets a pack of wolves after him in this way. A fellow Avill naturally do his best when he knows that if he does n't, in twenty minutes he will be 'parceled out' among as many ravenous wolves, a head to one, a leg to another, an arm to a third, and so on. At least that was the effect of it, and I split the air so fast with my nose that it took the skin off of it, and for a week afterward it looked like a peeled onion. " However, I beat the wolves once more fairly and squarely, not much time to spare either, for just as I crawled into the hollow7 of the tree, which was about as high as my head from the ground, the ravenous creatures were howling all around me. At the bottom of the tree I found a ' skunk' snugly stowed away, but I soon routed him out, and the wolves gobbled him up in an instant. He left a smell behind him that was any thing but agreeable in such close quarters. However, I was safe there at any rate from the attacks of the wolves, and all the smells in the city of New Orleans could n't have driven me from my hole just at that time. "The wolves could only get at me one at a time, and with 'old butch' in my hand I knew I could manage a hundred in that way. They bit and gnawed and scratched, and every now and then a fellow would jump up and poke his nose into the hollow of the tree, but just as sure as he did it, he caught a W'ipe across it with ' old butch' that generally satisfied his curiosity for awhile. All night long they kept up their serenade, and, as you may well suppose, I did n't get much sleep. How-