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945 > Page 945 of The romance and tragedy of pioneer life. A popular account of the heroes and adventurers who, by their valor and war-craft, beat back the savages from the borders of civilization and gave the American forests to the plow and the sickle ..

WAYNE'S SCOUTS. 945 school. He bowed, being educated, read the letter, and became excited. Louisa, perceiving this, said she had risked her life to see him, and asked for a guard back to Marietta. Brant told her he guarded the brave, and would accompany her home. In the evening of the third day they arrived with Hamilton Kerr at the fort, where she introduced Brant to her father, relating the incident. After some hours Brant was escorted out of the lines, returned to the falls, and went up the valley with his warriors. The treaty concluded at Fort Harmar February 9, 1789, was followed with naught but evil for the settlers in the territory, though two additional tribes, the Sacs and the Pottawatamies, had joined in the confirmation of the treaty of Fort Mcintosh, the only result realized at this treaty. A period of Indian murders and wars now set in, which lasted with alternately increasing and diminishing waves until the year 1795. Yet even at that time, when destruction threatened all the whites at the hands of the enraged savages, the emigration Avestward was very great. The commandant at Fort Harmar reported that four thousand and five hundred persons passed that post between February and June in the year 1788. In the year 1787 Captain Abraham Covalt came to Ohio from Bedstone in Pennsylvania, and effected a settlement on the Little Miami, near where Milford now stands. The same year Judge John Cleves Symmes, of New Jersey, crossed the Alleghanies Avith a small party for the purposes of exploration and purchasing land in the neAV territory, and, Avhile in the Miami country, fell in Avith Major Benjamin Stites, of Redstone, Avho had been pursuing some Indian horse-thieves. The latter, learning the intentions of Symmes and his party, at once set about securing an interest in the new purchase. When the explorers returned east, Symmes obtained from Congress a grant of all the lands lying between the t,AAro Miami RiArers, and running north to the treaty line, the entire tract being supposed to contain one million acres. Upon actual survey it was found to con- 53