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The Kentucky Kernel, March 23, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA State University of Kentucky VOL. VIII. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, MAR. 23 1916, THIEF STEALS BENNETT TRIO HERE March 28 y IET ARE VERY PROMISING Preliminary Work Has Be- Mustache Contest May Be gun on New Practice Called Off As Field Result Indications of fairer weather than prevailed last week and the first of this week have served to stir the baseball cohorts to increased activity and any afternoon, barring Sunday, a trip to tho east end of Stoll Field will con vince anyone of tho seriousness with which the squad is going into baseball practice. The Wildcat athlete and now progressive assistant coach, Bill Tut-tihas the jneh in charge for the preliminary "loosening up" period. "Doc" Tigert will be out within a few days and will assume command. Only light batting and fielding practice has been indulged in and until the really hard work begins it will be impossible to get a good line on the men. The ability of the members of last years team is well known, but there are quite a few men both in the .freshman and upper" classes who threaten to supplant the regulars. Work is being rushed on the new diamond, which had to be moved a short distance to the east of last year's arena. When this work is completed and the extra bleachers pro vided along tho first base line; a week or so of hard practice will put the 'Vildcat baseball steam roller In readiness to overwhelm the haughty in the opening game, April 8. ex-st- Mich-igande- No. 25 ON FRIDAY ROBINS STATE STUDENT DOES CAMPAIGN Gives Unusual Musical Attraction Is Offering of the Lyceum Course Boy Mountain Chance For Recovery State University is not without her Tho Lyceum Courso has found a heroes. Another has appeared in tho great musical attraction in Mr. person of Elmer Kranz Robertson, a Charles Lowis Bennett, baritone. At special working his. way student McBRAYER IS STATE the outbreak of the war Mr. Bennett through school, In the College of Me ENTRY FOR INTERhad a contract to sing in the Royal COLLEGIATE CONTEST Opera in Brussels, Belgium. He has chanical and Electrical Engineering, who with heroic and unJ. J. McBrayer, of Lawrenceburg, spent soven years abroad in perfect- tiring devotion, has mado it possible won the contest to represent State ing his art, at Paris, London, Dresden for Matt Simms, an orphan from tho Florence. Mr. Bennett sings Kentucky pro- and University in thd mountains, to go out into with an emotional interpretation that hibition contest, April 7. the world, unashamed, without a Only two men entered the contest, makes his work extraordinary. trace of what was once a repulsive Mr. Bennett will be assisted by Miss tho other being D. T. Ricketson, of physical deformity. Elsie Bennett, Miss Kansas City, Missouri. Simms is now at St. Joseph's Hosa great aeai in ueuast pital undergoing on operation whereMr. Me.Braver's subloct was "The f fund by his nose, nearly eaten from his face Great Internal Destroyer," while the and London for the before coming to America. Mrs. Ben-- by subject of Mr. Ricketson was "The successive attacks of catarrh in of the Nation." The judges were nett is' a perfect accompanist in that childhood, will be entirely restored trophy was made of the finest Pall The Professor L. L. Dantzler, Dean Anna she follows the lead of the singer and his features rendered nearly per- silver and was handsomely engraved. without subordinating the accompanJ. Hamilton and Enoch Grehan. feet. In order to make the prize useful as Mr. McBrayer will receive the prize, iment too much. Robertson first saw the boy at a to add to its well as beautiful and AH students are urged to be present five dollars In gold, and will repremission Sunday School in tho appropriateness the cup was made In sent the University in the State con- Friday at 8 p. m., March 24. It will mountains last summer. . Bethe form of a shaving mug. be a rare treat. coming interested In his case, with a building test. How the thief entered the Tho program follows: great pity for the friendless lad, he is unknown, but it is thought that he Prologue 'Taliacci," R. Leoncavalarranged to bring him to Lexington sneaked in and concealed himself DEAN HAMILTON " lo. Mr. Bennett. for a medical examination. While ho while the night watchman had the TALKS TO H. E. CLUB A "The Dawn of Spring," P. .was being treated here, Robertson building open for inspection. Dean Anna J. Hamilton delivered an Tschaikowski. 'shared his room with the boy, solicit The news of this robbery comes as B "The Swan Bent Low to the ing aid for him from anyone he could a sad hlow to manv of the seniors. address before the Home Economics c "A Maid sinS Light," Ed. interegt oE the University on "The Home;L11y-ln the case who, since the announcement of the;club MacDowell. D "The Bird and the In a few weeks Simms will be dis contest, have been so diligently culti- - Beautiful," Monday afternoon at 3:30. Mls9 emphasized Hamilton the Rose," Amy Horrocks. Miss Bennett. missed from the hospital. He Is a vating their "brushes." One senior, and Sheperds, Henry capable house-wa- s three-folfunction of woman as weU mannered and of no upon hearing the news of the robbery, TJ WTinn V.of l.r keeper, wife and mother, and the need Plirnoll bad habits. His many friends are with difficulty prevented from parted, Secchi. C Tho Fool's Solil- looking for employment for him in leaping from the window of his room oC her influence. A11 tho Home Economics faculty oquy (by request), Campbell Tipton. Lexington. in the dorm and cutting himself to Mr. Bennett. and a larSe number of the major pieces on the broken glass below. At A "Ah, mon flls," from "LePro-phete,- " dents of that department were latest report ho was resting G. Meyerbeer. B Habaners ent at tho talk, and at the tea which T IS ELECTED G. Biset. C Ah, was given later in honor of Missjfroin "Carmen," in ..Liiiinn tn ti, ii.inf .Unniivno of the Love, but a day," H. H. A. Beach. tho North Broadway Detective Force Hamilton by the members D Fair Vision. E By the Riverside. will Vin nut nn Hio nnao nnlnaa thn Clllb, F Under the Roses (by request), .Edstolen goods is recovered before tho ward Grieg. G "How's my Boy?" S. R. S. HART DIES AT end of the week. Dr. Tigert Entertains "K" LEXINGTON HOME Homer. Miss Bennett. A Life and Death, S. Coleridge Men and Women PATTERSON SOCIETY Doctor R. S. Hart, father of Derrill Taylor. B Banjo Song, S. Homer. Dinner TO HOLD ANNUAL Hart, in the department of C Forever and a Day, Albert Mack. CONTEST MONDAY Englisha fellow University, George Gumbert, star basketball died at his D Mandalay, Oley Speaks. Mr. Benof this The annual oratorical contest of the home on tho Versailles piko at 9 nett. guard, was elected captain of the 1917 Patterson Literary Society will bo o'clock last night, after an illness of Wildcat fivo at a dinner given to tho hold in tho University chapel next about three weeks. 1916 K men and women at th0 homo HERBERT GRAHAM IS Monday night. The winner of this His death was caused by a weakMADE MANAGER OF court' contest will meot tho representative ening of tho heart duo to an attack of tho Union Literary Society later of grippe. STATE TRACK MEET Server, tho lengthy center, so well- afand tho victor in tho Dr. Hart was 73 years old and was known to Kentucky fans, was chosen Horbort D. Graham, of Frankfort, a manager. Tho election of Miss Innis fair will roprosont tho University in a Confederate veteran, having boon contest a member tho Kentucky of tho 22nd Alabama senior in tho Collego of Arts and Sci-- .as captain and Miss Haydon as man- ' bo hold in May. A gold medal will Regiment, under Genoral Bragg, dur- - 0,1C0' haS beoU elected ,nterscla8tic ager of tho 'girls' team for 1917 was bo awarded tho winner of tho contest ing tho internal strife, Ho studied track "onager at a meeting of tho fonmiuy confirmed by tho young Monday night. medicino at Baltimoro immediately athlot,c committee. This Is tho first women Thoso presont at the dinner Tho speakers .and subjects will bo after tho war's close, and then camo t,mo a student 1,as ll0ld BUC a Psl''woro: Misses Nancy Inula, Pearl I. as follows: M. U. Conditt, "Tho Evo- to this Stato whoro ho located near it , Domocracy;" David lution of tho Woodford County lino. Ho has and Lillian Haydon. "Tho Next War;" William Shin-nic- lived thoro practicing his profession will bo hold on Stoll Field May 13, tho Messrs. Karl Zerfoss, Derrill Hart, same dny as tho interscholastio meet James Sorvor, Georgo Gumbert, R. Y. "America and tho Ago of tho over since. Tho miners will bo assigned tho foot Iroland, Georgo Zorfoss and Ariniel C. P. Nicholson, "Our Ideal," and hall field for operations, while tho Carman. Country and Our Presidont." Tho Illinois. track men will uso tho oastoru portion public is invited to attend tho contest, Illinois University has loaned which will bogin at 8 So'clock. No to students this year as ngainst MICROBE CLUB MEETS MONDAY admission will bo charged. $irS in 1895. EVENING IN CLUB ROOMS. CLASS PAY YOUR DUES NOW. The handsomo engraved loving cup which was to bo given by tho Kernel as a prize to tho senior possessing tho finest mustache was stolen from tho Kernel room by unknown persons Tuesday night. Tho thief entorsd by picking the lock of tho door and left absolutely no clue as to his identity. Student detectives are on the trail, however, and it is probable that the offender will bo caught before the date set for tho awarding of the cup. In case the prize is not recovered the contest will be called off, as the Kernel has recently paid a large debt and is financially unable to purchase another cup. e e mezzo-sopran- war-relie- 1 i Ken-jtuck- y " d j ROBINS COMMENDABLE ACT NIGHT i stu-th- e pres-nulptl- v Committees Busy Working Out Plans Among Uni- versity Students WHAT THEY SAY. Judge Barker says: "This is tho most extensive effort ever undertaken to uplift tho moral life on tho campus. I want every member of the student body to take part in it." ( at stLay , President Torrenco says: "The Y. M. C. A. is pouring its whole soul into tho Robins' campaign and asks all the men in the school to take their stand with it in tho fight." Secretary Zerfoss says: "Tho message of Raymond Robins has made a stronger appeal to College men of tho United States than has any thing of its kind in the history of tho Nation." (Continued on Pago 2) i intor-sociot- 1 o Gllck-man- $70,-00- 0 tlg" "jZs 4 1