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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, March 23, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Y. W. C. A. PHILOSOPHIAN. Corner Tho Young Woman's Christian Association installed its now cabinet at tho regular evening service, March 19. Tho following aro tho officers for and Scott's Nature Poetry. tho now year: President, Miss Linda 4. A Comparison of "Cotter's Sat- Purnell; vico president, Miss Jano urday Night" and "Snow Bound." Dickey; treasurer, Miss Mary Hamilf. Charles Dickens' Impressions of ton; secretary, Miss Frances Dawes. America. Miss Purnell has shown great InPapers must bo in before April 20. terest In tho work and tho association will have one of Its most prosperous Alphl XI Delta. years under her direction and manTho mombers of Alpha XI Delta so agement. rorlty entertained with a tea at their Miss Dickey has served on tho cabchapter houso on Grosvcnbr Avenue inet for tho past two years as chairFrldny afternoon In honor of their man of tho Social Servlco Committee, patronesses. Tho large guest list In- nnd has merited her election to tho many of their friends in tho vice presidency. cluded city and members of other sororities Although Miss Hamilton has never In tho University. served on the cabinet, her work in Co-E- d PHILOSOPHIAN CON-TES- T WILL BE APR. 26 Each year tho PhiloBophian Literary Society offers tho Darker prize for excellence In declamatory and literary ability. For tho best essay submitted on tho given subjects a prize of $12.50 for the purchase of books will bo given. For tho best declamation In tho' annual declamatory contest, which Is held April 26 in tho chapel, an equal amount will bo offered. All members of tho society aro eligible, and thoso who contemplate entering arc urged to begin work at Owensboro Dance. onco. Any information desired can The Owensboro Club dance at the .be obtained from Miss Marie Becker, Armory Saturday afternoon was all president of tho society. Tho subjects for tho essays are as that was expected of it, which means that It was a success in every sense follows: of the word. 1. Southern War Lyrics. The officers of tho club, Mr. R. E. 2. Puritanism Hawthorne's in Miss Purnell has chosen for her Hundley, president', Miss Martino Works. following young women: president, and Mr. Floyd cabinet tho vice 3. A Comparison of Wordsworth's 'Jhairman of Bible Study, Mist Myrtle Potts, secretary and treasurer, receivSmith; chairman of Program Comed the guests. mittee, Miss Mildred Graham; poster, hospital, Miss Celia Cregor; Miss Fail To Read Alumnae Club. news Vivian DeLaine; association Mrs. J. H. Kastle was elected preschairman, Miss Marie Becker; memident of the Alumnae Club of the University of Kentucky at its meeting bership, Miss Leila Gault; choir, Miss Fran-ce- s Saturday afternoon. Other officers Helen Burkholder. music, Miss Geisel; room, Miss Ruby Asher; 326 W. Main St., Lexington. elected were Mrs. Charles J. Smith, social, Miss Emma Halton; social vice president, and Miss Marguerite News of the Published Three service, Miss Kathleen 'Garrow. Style Changei McLaughlin, .secretary-treasureTimes a Week and the Miss Purnell is to be congratulated In the Special Dally on her excellent cabinet. Some of the Values Lecture at Phoenix. Papers. Offered. before, while Professor E. F. Farquhar will con- members have served others are new in the work. With tinue his series of lectures for the College Club at the Phoenix Hotel Miss Purnell and. her splendid cabinet, year greater and bigger than ever this afternoon at 4 o'clock. His sub- a b;iore is expected for the Y. W. C. A. ject will be "The Pentecost of Dti't Pnrcell's Store News & Club Pins Society In Solid Gold JEWELER 123 EAST MAIN ST. OPPOSITE Race." DR. CROISSANT SPEAKS IN CHAPEL Professor Farquhar delivered his lecture on "The Philosophy of Drama" before the Woman's Association of Georgetown College, Tuesday FRIDAY. Dr. D. W. Croissant, Professor of English in the University of Kansas, wiir address the student body on the subject of "Simplified Spelling" at chapel hour Friday, March 24. Doctor Croissant will come under the auspices of the English Club, at the invitation of Professor Dantzler. His subject Is one of interest to all students, and his audience should be a large one. The Horace Mann Society held its regular meeting Thursday evening, March 16. Mr. W. J. Foster read an interest ing paper on "Habits," and Professor Noe delighted the society with two of his new poems. A business meet ENGLISH DEPARTMENT ing concluded the program. TO CELEBRATE SHAKE- PEARE BITTER-SWEE- HEINTZ THE PHOENIX Department of English is mak to celebrate the Shakein an appropri ate and attractive manner. Students of "Oh hearts that break, oh thoughts the University will present a masque that wing!" on the campus May 11, which will be I simply dote on every line the most ambitious attempt in that They never are too sad for me direction ever made by Kentucky And though they break my very heart I read them all with glee. Tho Deereux players will present F. J. several Shakespeare plays during com mencement week. This company For any kind of dental service call on HUMPHREY. ranks with the Coburn Players and Reduction in rates in effect until Tho Ben Greet troupe in tho excelApril 1 at Humphrey's. Order from CIIKAl'SIDi: lence of Its work, and Lexington lov17 your negatives at once. Office hours 8 a. m. 8 p. m. Phone ers of the drama as well as tho University students, will have a rare op- portunlty. The I love to buy a magazine ing plans And find a verse, a plaintive thing, speare Vague, languishing, and full of woe, We Do Watch and Jewelry Repairing Shake-spoar- Edith Sachs, Austin Lilly. Mary Howard, Nell Craw" Clown Fabian ford. Roberto Juno Sale. Dr. J. T. Slaton College Jewelry During the month of March only, we will offer the following reductions: now now now now $4.00 2.40 $200 now $L60 $1.00 now .80 $5.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 Belts Watch (Incorporated.) Phoenix Hotel Lobby City Phone 1854 Hotel Phone 1900 NI6HT SERVICE CITY RATES 25c 1.60 .80 $1.20 $l-50rnow rODS..,. .50 now .40 llltlltltllllllMIIIIHIII We also have a Line of Kentucky Banners at Reduced Prices, this ( Month Only ! Come Early and Make a GoodGSelection University Book Store WELSH y MURRAY PRINTING CO. 844-- TAXICAB COMPN'Y oss Reductions In DENTIST DAY AND o ly. the HORACE MANN. ORDE'H FROM HEADQUARTERS The production of a Shakespearean play Is a decided departuro from tho usual custom of tho society In giving a modorn drama each year, but It has a peculiar interest during tho celebration, and is a most fcaturo of the literary work of tho Phllosophlan. Dawn Kimball, Ollvla-rEdnFlanory, Kathleen Sullivan. Maria Dow Flanory, Mario Becker. Miss Christine Hopkins will coach Viola Edness Kimball, Ina Darnall. tho players, and tho tcntatlvo cast, as announced by Miss Ina Damall, chairSENATE PICTURE. man of tho play committee, Is as follows: All members of tho Student Senate Duko Orslno Anna E. Lowls, Colla Including five mombers from each other fields has been nmplo proof of Cregor. class will please bo in front of the her ability. Valentine Mary Hamilton, Vivian Library Building today at 12 o'clock. Miss Dawes has been on tho cabi- Do Laine. Will take plcturo for Kentuckian. net for tho past year and her readiO. M. EDWARDS. Sir Toby Belch Celia Cregor, Eyrl ngs to always do her part assures tho fact that her new work will bo done villi this same spirit. Rat-ica- 1 Tho Phllosophlan Literary Society has completed its arrangements for tho staging of "Twelfth Night" by a caHt of young women members of that organization somo time during tho month of April. Richmond. Sir Antlrow Aguecheck Maude Harmon. Dew Sebastian Maude Harmon, Flanory. Antonio Elizabeth Farra, Vivian Do Laine. Malvollo Alma Bolser, Austin Lil- INCORPORATED j At T. C. I I I Miss Cornollson: I never did know how little I know about the Bible till I studied Biblical literature. Now, I always thought Dan and were man and wife. Miss Grimes: Well, Mao, who wore they? Beer-sheb- College Stationery, Engraving anl Die Stamping, Frat and Dance Programs a 124-1- 28 NLimeatone Lexington, Ky