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The Kentucky Kernel, February 26, 1954

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

oopy Mvanaoie De&i T JlHE n; MA voi.i in um i:ksity :ntucecy Kernel or kkxitcky. .kxixgtox. kkxivc :ky. kiiiday. i Week For Pledges R"ltable To DisCUSS To Be Inaugurated iW t, Arl '' t ; ii:m;iTAi;Y 2(. iri MMi5i:u j ' "t UK Roundtable. an informal radio discussion program series produced by the University Broadcasting Service, explores the idea of art in the western world in the broadcast next Work Day, 13uiuiicl Sol Bv IFC, Panhell week. This panel discussion marks the sixth program in a special series devoted to "Foundations of Western broadCivilization." The half-hocasts are planned and moderated by Greek Week, designed to cut down fraternity and sorority ha Dr. Jonah W. D. Skiles. head of the iutl. preeediii' initiation, is sV)iisored lv the Intcrf ratcrnity CounD( oartment of Ancient Languages cil and I'anhcllcnic (louncil. Plans call for the program to lie and Literature. UK Roundtable is aired over widely expanded in later years to include a full week of radio station WHAS, Louisville, each activities for pledges. Sunday morning at 10. and over All fraternity and sorority pledges WBKY, the University station, each will meet at 9:30 p.m. tomorrow Monday night at 7:30. 1 moniiiiB at the Student Union for Appearing as guest panelists with Work Hay. They will be accomDr. Skiles next week to discuss art panied by pledge trainers and will in the western world will be Dr. po to the Ehriner s Crippled ChilDonald L. Weismann. head of the dren's Hospital, the colored orphan-ruDepartment of Art. Clifford Amyx. the VM and YWCA. the FlorC. Raymond Barnhart. and Edward ence Crittenden Home, and a librai y W. Rannells. all members of the BILLIAIiDS CIIAMIMONS-T- he three top Tk billiards players are shown above practicing lor the underprivileged. Art Department. for the annual national tournament which they have- won the riuht to enter. .soof pledges will Other The special series of broadcasts They are. 1. to r.. Mills boone, third, John Kelley, winner, and Dave Nakdiinen. second place. licit funds for the local heart drive dealing with Foundations of Westcampaign in downtown Lexington. ern Civilization was originated to Kelley won the trophy .shown on the table, and the other two were awarded iold medals. The Work Day will end about 3 review the great ideas that have set p.m. the character and direction of our The banquet will be given at 6 culture. p.m. Wednesday in the Student In explaining the purpose of the Union Ballroom. All pledges, presidiscussion programs. Dr. Skiles dents, and pledge trainers will atpointed to a study of the western tend, and Dean of Men A. D. foundations in order to understand Sarah B. Holmes, dean or and build today's civilization. women. President H. L. Donovan, "There is a direct contrast beWorship services from 5 to 5:15 tween the character of western end faculty advisors will be present. The Panhellenic committee of four FHEI) DALE By KOXNIE Bl P m. on Mondays and Thursdays m civilization and the character of the The Greek organizations have .. ,x hi..h h.. Chapel will be the first nominated a candidate for outCommunist ideology with which we oie To I'lav At Military li.i Panhellenic Council cracked down was comprised of Dean of Women , standing pledge from each of their are contending today," the program I -, Sarah R Wnnif"; Awivtnt rxti nf in n ii ui llic 111 l v l ill tl H UK rii Hiuiega sorority mis -nledgc classes. The two winners will christian Church student roup. moderator said. cri, ucMiiuK us nuuaiion aaie be- - chosen on scholarship. Kathv Fiver publicitv chairman. el"hus" Dr. Skiles noted that the Comit(tV for one calendar month as a penalty KI'Pa Delta and Judy Henry. has thls wwk munist ideology is primarily of an mima ueua Formed to give Christian students. Oriental cast in which kings ruled lor breaking a rush rule. each receive a silver cup. Voting of tne committee members. AVa7 "e Panhellenic making the second largest religious group at will take place in the Student Union without consideration for the .,.F.c.i.alil..i i is auppolicy me uis. ui an VK an oplonunitv to meet to- masses. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. UK's annual Military Ball, sponItwi LUU.1UICI U in, miiitt. Lion tll Ul llltfS. "The difference between western tile The nominees include Joann Bar- sored by Scabbard Blade, m,jr ollc. sinte worse ones have gcther on campus during plansweek, and Members of the Delta Delta Delta the group is developing for rett, 2.5, Alpha Delta Pi: Joan Col- Arnold Air Society, and Freshing civilization and the Communist doc- sorority been kllown but not reported, reported the Chi Omega's future discussion groups and in- lins, 2.2. Alpha Gamma Delta: Alice trines is clearly marked in almost Members of several sororities have formal parties. Miss Fi ver said. Rifles, will be held from 8:30 p.m. every one of the great ideas of to Panhellenic last Wednesday Rose Brinegar, 2.. Alpha Xi Delta: to 12:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 6 western civilization dignity of man. night for violating a rule which commented that the breaking of They plan to help promote a stuMarilyn Marquette. 1.9. Chi Omega: in the Ballroom of the Student freedom, the search for truth, and states that no rushee shall remain ruk's during sorority rush, formal dent center or room on campus in Mary Tippy Daniels. 2.6. Kappa Al- Union. informal, is common, at a rush party longer than the and the future, she added. social justice." he commented. pha Theta: Jane Cole. 2.. Kappa Oriskill Gives Reason Fred Dale and his Indiana Unithe prescribed amount of time. discusses A meeting of Christian students UK Roundtable Delta; Elizabeth Ann Bell, 2.4.. Kap- versity band will play, featuring Martha Driskill. president of Delta was held last Sunday, and Margie Rushees Were Late special topic, "Foundations of Westpa Kappa Gamma; Carol Conrad. Delta- sald the Chi Omega's as voeanst - every third week aoooie winters The Tri Delts said that two uie m civlllzatlonDysart hLstorv major' was eltcted 1.9, Zeta Tau Alpha. u iiht w ill ioi mill wilii iiu ' in its broadcasts over WHAS and rushees came to their house party had been turnea in because "we v rship chalrman. The group also Charles Yancey. 1.7. Alpha Gam- flowers. 11 11 11 ,ulp ,lllP' is nel,1S DroKen, discussed the most suitable time lor WBKY. The two intervening weeks late from a Chi Omega party. ma Rho: Ted Creedman, 2., Alpha A queen will be selected from a Chi Omega officials admitted the and' aftel' a11- if a rule Ls broken it the initial services. Tau Omega; Joe Lamkin. 2 2. Farm group of five candidates, to be an- are devoted to subjects of past and infraction, be admitted." but attributed it to a House; Ray McWhjjjier. T75. Kappa nounced next week. Tickets are current, interest. she also commented that she All Christian students are in- of Panhellenic In the upcoming programs Dr. misunderstanding Sigma; Charles Scoit. 1.7. Phi Delta $2 50 a coupie rules. Ann Marie O'Roark, Chi knew of no other infraction of so- vited to attend the services. Miss Skiles plans for the panel to disThcta; Al Arney, 1.5, Phi Kappa Dean of Women Sarah B. Holmes cuss ethics, immortality, law. and Omega president, said that Pan- rority rush rules. stated. Tau; Bob Florence. 1.7. Phi Sigma has granted late permission for . "The issue is closer as far as I'm other phases of past civilization that hellenic did not announce that rush Kappa. women attending the dance. concerned," she said. would be formal until the Wednes- built our western world. Alpha; Tom Frymire, Pi Kappa One of the rushees who left the UK Roundtable is now in its 25th day, before the Chi Omega's were David Allen. 2.. Sigma Chi; Bob Chi Omega house late pledged Delta reported by the Tri Delts. broadcasting over WHAS. vear of Linke. 1.6, Sigma Nu; Phil Barbee. IH11(I 'Yo It was only assumed at the Pan Delta Delta. The other pledged Chi i.z. Sigma mi tpsnon; am fenaiey. hellenic meeting that formal rush Omega 2 4. Lambda Chi Alpha. AI rules would go into effect, she said, The organization whose outstandadding that no definite reference to Degrees in the College of Arts ing pledge is not in the above list A newly formed 15 piece band formal rules had been made. and Sciences and the College of cither would not release the name under the direction of Charlie Blair, "I only hope that everyone realEngineering may now be combined, until sometime later in the spring a iunior in Arts and Sciences, will izes that it Uhe infraction was unM. M. White, clean of Arts and Sci- or could not be contacted by phone make its first appearance at the Members for the spring staff of intentional and caused by an ignorences, has announced. Wednesday night. next Sweater Swing at 8 p.m. Tucs- - stvlus. UK literarv magazine, will ance of Panhellenic rush rules." she The combining of the two degrees An exhibit of paintings by faculty was day in the Student Union Ball- - be selected at 3 p.m. today in Room said. approved at the last meeting room. Building. 206 of the Journalism Both rushees, Miss O'Roark said, members of the Department of Art of the UK faculty, he said. will be on exhibit in the Student There is no admission, and stu- carol Sue Caton, has an- came to the Chi Omega house late A B.S. or A.B. degree may now through cients may come stag or drag. It nounced. from another party Friday night Union from Saturday be gained after three years in Arts is scheduled to be over at 9:45 p.m. The spring edition will include One of them was 10 minutes late March 13, Elsie Kennedy, chairman and and one 'ln Engineer- The Student Union House Commit- - short stories, plays, essays, and and the other 15 to 20 minutes late of the Art Committe announced, ing College. tee sponsors the event. poems written by students and other in leaving for the Tri Delt house, The following five requirements The faculty members include Dr. contributors, she said. she said. 'Donald Weismann. head of the de- - must first be txdtmei: 100 credits Deadline for campus contributions Neither Girl Asked To Slav in Arts and Sciences subjects, with Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain, vice -meM. Prof. Edward Rannells. a Mandi is March 25. Contributors are asked ()f r3 ou aU work com. Miss O Roark said that, although president of the University, is at manuscripts on it was not known that formal rush Clifford Amyx, Raymond Barnhart, pleted before transferrin to submit their to the tending a meeting of the Southern standard size paper, either typed or rules were in effect, neither girl Anne Green, and Janis Sternsbergs. Engineering College. Association of Colleges and Seconin legible handwriting. No change was asked to stay beyond the pre- Club news for publication in dary Schools, in Atlanta, Ga., towill be made in any material with- - scribed period of time. the Kentucky Kernel will be acday. cepted all day Monday until out the author's approval. He will work with a committee Tuesday afternoon by tel phone publicaon the application of the new gradStylus is a Lx. 22751 or by mail. When uate standards of the association. tion sponsored Jointly by Chi Delta mailing notices, please give the McrMine with Dr. Chamberlain on Phi. women's writing honorary, and name of the person to whom the the committee will be Dr. Lewis A. the English Club. storv mav be attributed. P.'iciue. a former member of the UK An award of J50 will be given an-- ! Phv.-io- s department now n nually to the outstanding and dean of the graduate The Kernel was highly instruin the College of Arts and By BILL HI 1. 1. I l l K school ill Virginia Polytechnical mental m getting the mascot. It Sciences who has chosen medicine Collier has replaced Bryant, but was not until November of 1947. as a career. The award will be doDr. Chamberlain will also reprehowever, that the drive for a wildwho will replace. Colonel? nated by Dr. A. J. Whilehouse of sent UK at the ninth annual Colonel, a female "wildcat" and cat materialized. A premature anLexington. on higher educaconference game the The purposes of the award are the official UK mascot for the past nouncement atthat Alabama tion. March 3, in Chicago. 1947 stated the cat had arto give recognition to a distinguished six years, was retired last month in The group, composed of reprerived, it was not true. When student and to encourage a more to a fish and wildlife reserve in Colonel but sentatives from colleges and unifinally arrived two weeks adequate preparation for the study Frankfort. The "wildcat" (actually versities throughout the United jump-gu- n announcement and practice of medicine. The a bobcat was retired by Suky after alter the ran a picture of the aniStales, will study problems of comthe award is made on the basis of having a long and colorful career mal Kernel mon interest arising in the educaand featured space on the front scholastic achievement, personality, as the Kentucky Wildcat. tional program. Suky oflicers explained that page about the new mascot. social service, ability, and integrity. Suky was given official charge of A plaque bearing the recipient's Colonel was retired to the Frankname will be placed near the bul- fort reserve because the animal was Colonel, which in turn entrusted to Jack Tiiuhner. animal letin board on the Inst floor of the no longer in condition to stand the her care strains that go with being a mascot. caretaker at the Funkhouser BuildFunkhouser building. Each year a ing. Tinchner cared mascot Try-ou- t 'student's name will be added to The "wildcat." Suky explained, no during the enure six for the feeding yeais. longer paced in her cage during this plaque. mandatory diet ot i a combined The procedure for determining athletic events. Old age was setting Colonel her eftort to aroLV : horsemeat. in. organthe student is as follows: interest in Suky, student xp Y I.'sraped Once Never Missed A Game Students with junior or senior ization, and to better acquaint men Tmchner said that the "wildcat" The fierce little animal, as mascot, standing will be screened to select students with the group, the club presented lew problems during her the seven or eight who have the never mi. sed a game, ram or shine, stay. inaugurated its second semester She escaped tnmi her cage highest grades. These students will when Kentucky's teams played. The try-operiod with a party last 'cat would screech and snarl in its once. Tiiuhner said, and sent an be rated individually by the anatomy class in the building into night In the recreation lounge of Commit tee; these ratinss specially built cage at the opposing panic, but was recaptured without side, and the entrance ot Colonel the men's dorms. will be combined to make an overall rating, and investigation will be at football games was as regular incident. During the evening, motion picColonel, said Tine liner, learned to made concerning the student's social and expected as that of the band. tures of the card sections at home Colonel was a gift to Suky from become calm when he alone was service activities. football games v.ere shown, alter Glen W. Denliam, a Williamsburg around, br.t when others approached, which the purposes and the aims atlorncv. Dciiham procured the the 'cat leaped and snarled as u 'cat Irom a filling station owner she had ju.-- t been taken from the were explained bv of the club . According to Tmchner. it is near Williamsburg who had the wood.-,various Suky members. virtually impossible to tame a "wildanimal caged as an attraction. Membership in Suky is based on v Ward was the winM'lT.CII COMI'ST Late in l!i4ii a move was started cat"- even it it is a Kentucky bob Last a semester ol at UK to obtain a live wildcat as cat. l c ampns li iiipiiraiii'iiiis si akiii' tlir Inst ner In retirement at the quiet FrankThe personnel director of the an otficial mascot. Bryant was the semester 22 new members were adcontest laid last week. Shown Willi lur arc raiictti' Hill. Oruen Watch Company will speak new grid coach, and the student fort reserve. Colonel will be well led mitted into the oiganiation. and taken care of. A plaque will be second, and l.antrr. nine al ion major, who pi. ici-to the laculty and students of the Try-omeetings are being held College of Commerce at 4 p.m. on body believed that a mascot was placed on her cage proclaiming her: w !i Siiliji ct ul (he w is "I low ( ':in c iini- in third I S ji m e.ieh Tile- d.iv in the 5V:i-March 11 ln l,.te Hall. Dean C. IV needed to swnbolie the strength of "Colonel official UK mascot, V I lest Juipi i)c L K.J nt Union. Carpenter has announced. the lisiiiL; football team. I'k's deck Vek will Day and cud March 6 witli a banquet. first annual lu-iii- Saturday w itli a v k t e, f inter-collegia- IT Kir-wa- n, Rule Infraction Halts Chi Omega Initiation -- - I btarts Sernecs inThe ciuqui TI-E- -- 1L - I 3l7 For Bull Set i i. Week . v . 17 J" - - Sweater Swing Stylus Officers To Be Selected Art To le Shown In Student Union Dr. Chamberlain Attends Meeting Of Educators Ie Phoned. Mailed In al UK Mascot Retired; Got A Replacement? jToj) Med Student To Receive Award nt upper-classma- al i Snky Sponsors Parly V ut al Omen Official To Talk March point-raisin- ut - Five finalists, chosen from a iroup of contestants, will vie. (ueen honors at the sixth annual Mardi Gras Dance tomorrow niulit in the Student I'nion HallnHim. I for Driin Sj)ivt'V Scls Mxamiiialioii Dates I ore is n language r r a d i n g exams fur graduate students, announced Ust week by Dean Herman K. Spivcy of the Graduate Si liool. appeared incorrectly in the Kernel. The correct schedule is as fullows: French. April 1.!; German, April 14. anil Spanish, April 15. All examinations will be held at 2 p.m. in Kooni Ml of Miller j ' Hull. I'can Spivey urged that students planning to take the exams confer in advance of the examinations with Prof. Adolph Kigge. German, Prof. Thomas Walker. French, or Prof. Alberta Server to get appropriate books approved. I Martina Campbell. Kappa Delta, Joanne Shelton. Phi Delta Then, Rose Gayle Waterfiekl. Chi Omega. Marlene Young, Alpha Delta Pi. and Pat Wheatley. Alpha Xi Delta, were selected by a group of judues Moii-- I day evening in Memorial Hall, One of the six finalists will reign v. ith Rex Holhs Summers as queen of the dance. Dr. Summers, as- sociatc professor of English, wis elected mit-- t popular professor on campus. Costume Parade To Follow A parade of costumes will follow the clowning of the king and queen at the dance. The man and woman with the most original costume will te awarded a trophy to be kept for cne year The trophies will become the prmianent property of the group whuh wins the costume award the create-number of times in five years. Forrest Dean and with g'ic.t Foster, of Cincinnati, the dance, sponsored Colony's, 'lie Newman his Kentucky soloist Futh will play for each year by Club. Late Permission Granted Late permission has been granted by Dean Sarah B. Holmes. The dance will begin at 8:30 p m. and last until 12:30 a.m. Admission will be $3 a couple. $1.50 stag at the UK Places Second In Kiflc Contest UK placed second in the 33rd an- - dor. Judges for the quetn contest were Hearst nual William Randolph nOTC Rifle Competition for 1953- - MLss Laura Lyons, society editor of 54. it was recently announced by the the Lexington Herald-Leade- r. Miss Air Force. Ruth Towiisend. interior r The University of Louisville had lor Lute's Furniture Store, and Jou lne winning team with a total score Cox. WLEX disc jockev. of 955. as compared with UK's score Contestants Listed of 919. Contestants in the costume tt,st and Sp,)n.,ors include Rhea . Peacher. Alpha Delta Pi: John Lorth. Alpha Gamma Rho: Becky Bishop. Chi Omega: Bobbv Aiato. Phi Kappa Tau; Judy Biennan. Delta Delta Delta: Lynne Appleii.tte. Kappa Kappa Gamma: Carroll Morrow. Lambda Chi Alpha. All specified requirements of Arts Gene Croft. Sigma Alpha Epsiion; and Science must be met and at Vivian Long. Alpha Gamma Delta: least 20 credits must be earned in Rene demons. Alpha Xi LVlta: the field of concentration before John Strachan. Sigma Nu: Mary transferring. Burns. Delta Zeta; Phil Dixon, Student must have registered in Sigma Phi F.psilon; Jack Pet t us. Arts and Sciences for at least one Tau Kappa Epsiion. Jane Cole. lull year immediately preceechng Kappa Delta. Kappa Alpha the completion of his Arts and Sci- Susan Druley. ences requirements, and must have Theta: Jack Sleinburu. Zeta Beta earned at least 30 credits in Arts Tau: and Charlie Wells. Kappa and Sciences subjects. Sigma. At least one year must be Had Not ( hosen in the College of Engineering in a Fraternities and sororities not curriculum approved by the Engl- - lusted had not chosen a candidate night when the neer's Council tor Professional De- - bv Wednesday velopment. Kernel called. In his professional courses the Winners of the costume content must secure sufficient last year were Martha Whalin hr student credits to bring his total in Arts Alpha Xi Delta and Ellis Easterly and Science's and professional work for Kappa Sigma. up to 1.8 credits, and must have a standing of at least 1. or its equivalent in the professional work. Professional courses duplicating Arts and Sciences courses or duplicating course's elected in other colleges oi the University by the above all UK fraternities ranke-student while registered in the College of Arts and Sc ience will not be other state universities in the United States in fraternity scholarship for counted in the total. according to figures just reThe same tye of combined 1932-5courses also include degrees in Arts leased by the College Fratermtv and Law. Arts and Medicine. Arts Scholarship Processing oruai'.iat ion and Dentistry, and Arts and For- with headquarters m Lexington. University fraternities aNo maae estry. the urea test improvement in l.i;j-5- J over the previous year, a double e honor believed to be an slate university record by the st hol.uship processing group. In making the announcement. Continued performances of "Beggar's Opera" will be given tonight, Col. Ralph W. Wilson, executive ditomorrow night, and Monday in the rector of the scholarship organization, told the Kernel that a search Guignol Theater, starting at 8 William Nave and Harry Stantum through records dating back t:i failed to reveal another simile.? have the male leads, with Joanne Anderson and Nancy Don Freed double record. "The great fraternity schol.irsh;: starring in the feminine roles. to The play is directed by Robei". lecoid may come as a surpri-It wili be pi enlac ed in those who have thought Kentucky C'ha'.leiuler is just good in ba ;: b.r.l." thu Restoration costumes, with properties being iiseil. executive director commenieei. The processing group pra sed the Scenery will be panned backdrops. Admission tor students will be 70 recent laculty adopted rule requiraver$1.J." or ing lratei miles to maintain an ccnis and lor :! KO lor all presentations of the age standing ot 1 i "T'.'e f.icul''' deserves the thank- - oi everv loyal (llama festival. said 1'iateinily man." Col Wil-o' con-Fry- er A&S, Engineering Degrees May Now Be Combined I'lllV semi-annu- Mardi Gras Winner To Reign With Rex O. , ;Chil News Can Five Finalists Chosen To Vie For Ball Queen M 11. V) i : 4 s(H-n- t l'Yaternilies Cet Seholarship Honor 3. () peril lej;iarV Continues To Klin :. 1 e s. History I lonorary To Hear Dr. Hull' UK scored a 5 til per cet'.'. all men's average in comparison w.tri Rank.'i all other state nniver-i- t a re behind UK in the!- ! 4 03 Utah. 3 .7. Louisiana. I)r Jacqueline Bull, head oi the Arkansas. I 'M. and Oklahoma. 2 5.j UK Archives Department, will rounding out the first five cuss "Using the Archives For average la-The search Projects" at the next meeting year was the best it has even been of I Mi i Alpha Theta. history honor JO tratein:-tie- s ary, at :t 4"i p.m. Wednesdav m at UK. Sixteen of the on the campus mane a'oo.e t.v Room J05 of the Student Union ac- to: .sr.'h'. required 1.3 overall p ;;i;nv:'mv. '" Mont dent. the vear. rac-we- ',