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Frontier Nursing Service records, 1789-1985, 1789

Part of Frontier Nursing Service records, 1789-1985

kukm85m1Guide to the Frontier Nursing Service Collection, 1789-1985Processed by Anne G. Campbell; machine-readable finding aid created by Eric WeigSpecial Collections2005ManuscriptsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=84&llib_id=13<ab_rank=3University of Kentucky Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from typescript by rekeying. Date of source: November 1985Description is in English.Guide to the Frontier Nursing Service Collection, 1789-1985Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsManuscriptsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=84&llib_id=13<ab_rank=3Processed by: Anne G. CampbellDate Completed: November 1985Encoded by: Eric WeigCopyright 2005 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved.Frontier Nursing Service records, 1789-198585M1Frontier Nursing Service157 cubic ft.The materials are in English.Mary Breckinridge founded the Frontier Nursing Service in rural Leslie County, Kentucky in 1925. This collection documents the organization's background and development and includes such materials as correspondence, minutes, reports, promotional materials, guestbooks, financial files, architectural plans, and memorabilia. There is also an accompanying collection of photographs and other audio-visual materials located in Audio-Visual Archives, as well as a collection of oral histories located in the Oral History Center. University of Kentucky Libraries, Special CollectionsCollection is open to researchers by appointment.Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky.[Identification of item], Frontier Nursing Service records, 1789-1985, 85M1, Special Collections, University of Kentucky Libraries, Lexington Breckinridge, Mary, 1881-1965. Breckinridge family. Belknap, Marion. Bolton, Frances Payne Bingham, 1885-1977. Browne, Helen E. Buck, Dorothy Farrar. Caffin, Freda. Caldwell, John, Dr. Cashmore, Maude M. Dabney, Edward S., d. 1983. Dammann, Nancy. Ford, Henry, 1917-1987. Gage, Margaret, d. ca. 1983. Harris, Zaydee Dejonge. Hodge, Lucille. Ireland, Kate. Lewis, Agnes. Massie, Francis M., d. 1985. Morgan, Anne, 1873-1952. O'Rear, Edward Clay, 1863-1961. Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962. Rogers, Will, 1879-1935. Codman, E. A., Mrs. Coffman, William H., Mrs. Wright, Floyd, Mrs. American Association of Nurse-Midwives. Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery. Frontier Nursing Service, inc. Kentucky State Association of Midwives. Health services administration -- Kentucky. Nursing -- Kentucky Women in medicine. Midwives -- Correspondence. Nurses -- Correspondence. Nursing schools -- Kentucky. Appalachian Region -- History. Oral histories. Photoprints. Mary Breckinridge founded the Frontier Nursing Service, originally known as the Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, in rural Leslie County, Kentucky, in 1925. To that mountain area, Breckinridge brought a background and professional training that enabled her to establish and maintain a unique health care organization.A member of a distinguished Kentucky family, Breckinridge began her nursing career in 1907, following the loss of her first husband. The death of her two small children, Polly and Breckie, during a second marriage had a profound and lasting influence. Breckie's death in 1918, particularly, motivated her toward the care of young children. As a spokeswoman for the Children's Bureau in 1918, Breckinridge traveled throughout the United States gathering information and speaking on the welfare of children. Following the First World War she affiliated with the American Committee for Devastated France, whose mission was to aid the French people in recovering from the horrors of war. Working alongside British nurse-midwives and French midwives, Breckinridge realized the worth of combining the two professions -- nursing and midwifery.After her return to the United States, Breckinridge spent the next years formulating a plan for her life's work. She continued her education at Teacher's College, Columbia University, taking courses in public health nursing. Breckinridge then spent the summer of 1923 investigating the conditions of midwifery in three Kentucky counties: Leslie, Knott, and Owsley. Returning to Europe, she studied midwifery at the British Hospital for Mothers and Babies and then traveled to the Scottish Highlands to observe the operation of the Highlands and Islands Medical Service.Having observed the success of nurse-midwives in France, England and Scotland, Breckinridge pioneered the concept in the United States. The Frontier Nursing Service held its initial meeting on May 28, 1925, at the Capitol Hotel in Frankfort, Kentucky. Executive officers, articles of incorporation, by-laws, and a quarterly publication provided the group with the standard trappings of a viable organization. Breckinridge dedicated her time and efforts to establishing her organization with the local residents as well as developing a national network of loyal friends -- members of the city committees -- who remained supporters through the years.This collection relates to the Frontier Nursing Service and its associated organizations, such as the Kentucky State Association of Midwifery, the American Association of Nurse-midwives, and the Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery. Most of the early records included in the collection detail the activities of Mary Breckinridge before the establishment of the FNS. The Mary Breckinridge Series includes copies of her autobiography Wide Neighborhoods, as well as materials relating to her spiritual advisor Adeline Cashmore. The records of the organization itself include office files for the Wendover, Kentucky headquarters and Beech Fork District Office, as well as financial records for other district offices. In addition to Breckinridge, the collection also contains the files of the following staff members: Helen E. Browne, Dorothy Buck, Freda Caffin, Nancy Dammann, Kate Ireland, Agnes Lewis, Lucille Hodge, and Ed Dabney.Materials include correspondence, minutes, reports, promotional materials, guestbooks, financial files, architectural plans, and memorabilia. There is also an accompanying collection of photographs and other audio-visual materials located in Audio-Visual Archives, as well as a collection of oral histories located in the Oral History Center. Related MaterialAdditional Frontier Nursing Service records can be found under accession numbers 2005MS47 (1902-2006) and 96M8 (1959-1971). There is also an accompanying collection of photographs and other audio-visual materials located in Audio-Visual Archives, as well as a collection of oral histories located in the Oral History Center. Container ListORGANIZATIONAL SERIESThe Organizational Series includes documents relating to the administration of the Frontier Nursing Service. The articles of incorporation and the original and amended by-laws provide information on the purpose and goals of the organization from its founding in 1925. Minutes and reports from meetings highlight the concerns and issues which confronted the Frontier Nursing Service. Detailed statistical reports and the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company's Tabulations of Frontier Nursing Service Midwifery Records are evidence of the organization's early success in carrying out its mission.Complete files of the Quarterly Bulletin, as well as numerous examples of promotional materials, illustrate Mary Breckinridge's continuous efforts to publicize the work of the Frontier Nursing Service. Through the years, journals and newspapers featured the Frontier Nursing Service, and many of these articles are included in this series. The memorabilia section contains various items relating to events and people associated with the Frontier Nursing Service, including guest books, which recorded the visits and comments of friends and supporters.ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION AND BY-LAWSArticles of Incorporation11Original set, Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, October 192511aCertificate of Corporation and official documents, September 6, 192812First proposed amendment, First draft, 192813First amendment, 1928 14Second amendment, 192815Correspondence, 1930-193116Amended set, 193217Kentucky Secretary of State, Certificate with amendments, 193218Memo and notes concerning copies of By-laws and Articles of Incorporation, 1950By-Laws19Original set, Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, n.d.110Second set, 1932111Third set, n.d.112Amended set, 1936113Second amended set, n.d.114Amended set, 1949115Amended, 1950RECORDS OF MEETINGS1925 - 193021Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Frontier Nursing Service, Board of Governors' Meetings, Minutes, Summary, 1925-193522Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Organizational Meeting, Minutes, May 28, 192523Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, List of Personnel (Executive Group), c.1925 24Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Leslie County Branch Members, c.192525Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Executive Group (hereafter cited as EG), Minutes, June 9, 192526EG Minutes, October 5, 192527EG Minutes, October 9, 192528Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes, October 9, 192529EG Minutes, October 14, 1925210EG Minutes, December 30, 1925211EG Minutes, February 9, 1926212EG Minutes, April 29, 1926213Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes, May 12, 1926214EG Minutes, June 29, 1926215EG Minutes, August 7, 1926216EG Minutes, September 14, 1926217Treasurer's Report, May 1 - October 1, 1926218Director's Report, November 29, 1926219EG Minutes, December 31, 1926220EG Minutes, April 24, 1926221Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes, May 18, 1927222Director's Report, May 18, 1927223EG Minutes, October 10, 1927224Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes, October 20, 1927225EG Minutes, March 10, 1928226Frontier Nursing Service, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes, May 11, 1928227EG Minutes, August 25, 1928228Frontier Nursing Service, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes and Director's Report, November 8, 1928229EG Minutes, January 11, 1929230Frontier Nursing Service Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes and Director's Report, May 21, 1929231EG Minutes, July 3, 1929232Frontier Nursing Service, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes and Director's Report, October 31, 1929233EG Minutes, May 12, 1930234Frontier Nursing Service, Semi-annual Meeting Minutes and Director's Report, May 31, 1930235EG Minutes and Director's Report, July 21, 1930236EG Minutes, November 14, 1930237Frontier Nursing Service, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes, November 18, 1930238Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Membership Attendance Record, May 28, 1925-October 2U, 1927239Frontier Nursing Service, Membership Attendance Record, May 11, 1928-November 16, 1930240EG Attendance Record, June 9, 1925-July 3, 1929241EG Attendance Record, May 11, 1928-November 16, 1931242Frontier Nursing Service Trustees in Kentucky, Attendance Record, May 11, 1928 - November 16, 19301931 - 193531Frontier Nursing Service Executive Board in Kentucky (hereafter cited as EB), Minutes, April 2, 193132Frontier Nursing Service, Amended Articles of Incorporation and By-laws33Frontier Nursing Service, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes, June 30, 193134EB Minutes, November 14, 193134aSupplemental Material, 193135EB Minutes, March 28, 193236Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 26, 193237Frontier Nursing Service, Board of Trustees, Minutes, May 26, 193238EB Minutes, June 12, 193239EB Minutes, October 12, 1932310EB Minutes, November 19, 1932311Frontier Nursing Service, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes, November 19, 1932311aSupplemental Material, 1932312EB Minutes, May 11, 1933313EB Director's Report, May 11, 1933314Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting Minutes, June 1, 1933315EB Minutes, October 10, 1933316Frontier Nursing Service, Semi-annual Meeting, Minutes, November 17, 1933317EB Minutes, January 31, 1934318EB Minutes, May 7, 1934319Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 29, 1934320Frontier Nursing Service, National Board of Trustees, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 29, 1934321EB Minutes, October 16, 1934322EB Minutes, May 7, 1935323EB Minutes, May 25, 1935324Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting Minutes, May 25, 1935325EB Minutes, October 2, 19351936 - 194041Frontier Nursing Service, Board of Governors' Meeting, Minutes, Summary, 1936-194542Frontier Nursing Service, Executive Committee (hereafter cited as EC), Minutes, April 25, 193643EC Director's Report, April 25, 193644Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 23, 193645Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Director's Report, May 23, 193646Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Resolution, May 23, 193647EC Director's Report, August 8, 193648EC Minutes, November 6, 193649EC Director's Report, November 6, 1936410EC Director's Supplemental Report, November 6, 1936410aSupplemental Material, 1936411EC Minutes, April 8, 1937412EC Director's Report, April 8, 1937413Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Director's Report, May 28, 1937414EC Minutes, October 11, 1937415EC Director's Report, October 18, 1937415aSupplemental Material, 1937416EC Minutes, March 4, 1938417EC Director's Report, March 4, 1938418EC Minutes, May 28, 1938419Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 28, 1938420Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Resolution, May 28, 1938420aSupplemental Material, 1938421EC Minutes, January 12, 1939422EC Director's Report, January 12, 1939423EC Minutes, May 24, 1939424Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 24, 1939425EC Minutes, October 31, 1939426EC Director's Report, October 31, 1939426aSupplemental Material, 1939427Director's Report, c.1940428EC Minutes, February 16, 1940429EC Director's Report, February 16, 1940430EC Minutes, May 28, 1940431Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 28, 1940432EC Minutes, November 26, 1940433EC Director's Report, November 26, 1940433aSupplemental Material, 19401941 - 194551EC Minutes, April 4, 194152EC Director's Report, April 4, 194153EC Minutes, May 28, 1941 54Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 28, 194155Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Director's Report, May 28, 194156EC Minutes, November 7, 194157EC Director's Report, November 7, 194157aSupplemental Material, 194158EC Minutes, February 5, 194259EC Director's Report, February 5, 1942510EC Minutes, May 27, 1942511Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 27, 1942512EC Minutes, October 26, 1942512aSupplemental Material, 1942513EC Minutes, May 29, 1943514Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting Minutes, May 29, 1943515EC Minutes, November 1, 1943516EC Director's Report, November 1, 1943516aSupplemental Material, 1943517EC Minutes, May 25, 1944518Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 25, 1944519EC Minutes, November 28, 1944520EC Director's Report, November 28, 1944521EC Minutes, May 30, 1945522Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 30, 1945523EC Minutes, December 1, 1945524EC Director's Report, December 2, 1945524aSupplemental Material, 19451946 - 195061Frontier Nursing Service, Board of Governors' Meetings, Minutes, Summary, 1946-195562EC Minutes, May 31, 194663Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 31, 194664EC Minutes, December 6, 194665EC Director's Report, December 6, 194665aSupplemental Material, 194666EC Minutes, February 28, 194767SC Director's Report, February 28, 194768Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees, Extract from minutes, February 28, 194769Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 28, 1947610EC Minutes, October 25, 1947611EC Director's Report, October 25, 1947611aSupplemental Material, 1947612EC Minutes, March 16, 1948613EC Director's Report, March 16, 194861414 Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 28, 1948615EC Minutes, December 6, 1948616EC Director's Report, December 6, 1948616aSupplemental Material, 1948617Conference at Hyden Hospital between Mary Breckinridge and J.E. Johnston, W. A. Heck and Gallous Morgan, May 26, 1949 618EC Minutes, June 1, 1949619Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, June 1, 1949620EC Minutes, October 25, 1949620aSupplemental Material, 1949621EC Minutes, March 31, 1950622Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 31, 1950623EC Minutes, December 5, 1950624EC Director's Report, December 5, 1950624aSupplemental Material, 19501951 - 196071Director's Letter to EC, March 12, 195172Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 31, 195173EC Minutes, December 4, 195173aSupplemental Material, 195174Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting Minutes, June 4, 195275EC Minutes, September 24, 195275aSupplemental Material, 195276EC Minutes, March 27, 195377Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 28, 195378EC Minutes, November 18, 195379EC Minutes, April 9, 1954710Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 26, 1954711New York Department of Social Welfare, Form of Consent to Use Names, August 23, 1954712EC Minutes, December 14, 1954713Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting Minutes, May 23, 1955714EC Minutes, May 27, 1955715EC Minutes, November 30, 1955716Frontier Nursing Service, Board of Governors' Meeting, Minutes, Summary, 1956-1965717EC Minutes, March 23, 1956718Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 31, 1956719EC Minutes, October 29, 1956720EC Minutes, March 29, 1957721Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 27, 1957722EC Minutes, November 4, 1957723EC Minutes, March 17, 1958724Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting Minutes, June 4, 1958725EC Minutes, November 11, 1958725aSupplemental Material, 1958726EC Minutes, April 15, 1959727Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, June 8, 1959728EC Minutes, December 4, 1959729EC Minutes, April 12, 1960730Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, June 3, 1960731EC Minutes, December 6, 19601961 - 197181EC Minutes, April 22, 196182Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, June 12, 196183EC Minutes, November 11, 1961 84EC Minutes, April 28, 196285Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, June 12, 196086EC Minutes, November 10, 196287EC Minutes, April 20, 196388EC Minutes, October 10, 196388aSupplemental Material, 196389EC Minutes, April 18, 1964810EC Minutes, December 1, 1964810aSupplemental Material, 1964811EC Minutes, April 10, 1965812EC Minutes, May 18, 1965813EC Minutes, June 8, 1965814EC Minutes, October 8, 1965814aSupplemental Material, 1965815Frontier Nursing Service Board of Governors' Meetings (hereafter cited as BG), Minutes, Summary 1966 - 1974815aBoard Meeting, Notes and Supplemental Material, 1966815bSubcommittee Meeting, Supplemental Material, 1966816BG Field Report, April 4, 1967817BG Minutes, April 15, 1967818Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 31, 1967819BG Minutes, May 31, 1967820BG Field Report, October 10, 1967821BG Minutes, October 10, 1967821aSupplemental Material, 1967821bSubcommittee Meeting, Supplemental Material, 1967822BG Field Report, March 2, 1968823BG Minutes, April 6, 1968824BG Minutes, May 22, 1968825Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 22, 1968826BG Field Report, September 4, 1968827BG Minutes, September 28, 1968827aSubcommittee Meeting, Supplemental Material, 1968828BG Interim Report, January 9, 1969829BG Field Report, March 10, 1969830BG Minutes, March 29, 1969831BG Minutes, May 21, 1969832Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 21, 1969833BG Field Report, October 15, 1969 834BG Minutes, November 6, 1969834aSubcommittee Meeting, Supplemental Material, 1969835BG Field Report, March 19, 1970836BG Minutes, April 4, 1970837BG Minutes, May 27, 1970838Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 27, 1970839BG Field Report, September 5, 1970840BG Minutes, October 21, 1970840aSupplemental Material, 1970840bSubcommittee Meeting, Supplemental Material, 1970840cDistrict Staff Meetings, 1971840dMedical Staff Meetings, 19711971 - 197691BG Field Report, February 197192BG Minutes, March 27, 197193BG Minutes, May 25, 197194BG Minutes May 26, 197195BG Field Report, September 21, 197196Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 26, 197197BG Minutes, October 13, 197198Long Range Planning Committee, Minutes, June 30, 197199Education Committee, Minutes, September 29, 197199aSupplemental Material, 1971910BG Field Report, February 24, 1972911BG Minutes April 16, 1972912Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 24, 1972913BG Minutes, May 24, 1972914BG Field Report, September 1972915BG Minutes October 14, 1972915aSubcommittee Supplemental Material (1 of 2), 1972915bSubcommittee Supplemental Material (2 of 2), 1972916BG Field Report Winter 1973917BG Minutes April 8, 1973918Frontier Nursing Service, Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 23, 1973919BG Minutes May 23, 1973920BG Field Report September 21, 1973921BG Minutes October 13, 1973922Buildings and Grounds Committee, Minutes, October 12, 1973923Development Committee, Minutes, October 12, 1973 924Personnel Committee, Minutes October 12, 1973925BG Memo, November 1, 1973925aSupplemental Material, 1973925bSubcommittee, Supplemental Material, 1973926BG Field Report, February 1974927BG Minutes, March 24, 1974928BG Minutes, May 29, 1974929Frontier Nursing Service Annual Meeting, Minutes, May 29, 1974930BG Field Report, October 1974930aSupplemental Material, 1974930bSubcommittee Supplemental Material, 1974931BG Field Report, March 1975932BG Minutes, April 6, 1975933BG Minutes, May 28, 1975934BG Field Report, October 1975935BG Minutes, October 18, 1975936Program Planning Committee, Minutes, October 17, 1975937Development Committee, Minutes, October 17, 1975938Personnel Committee, Minutes, October 17, 1975938aSupplemental Material, 1975938bSubcommittee Supplemental Material, 1975939BG Minutes, April 10-11, 1976940Education Subcommittee, Minutes, April 10, 1976941Professional Standards Committee, Minutes, April 10, 1976942Personnel Committee, Minutes, April 10, 1976943Development Committee, Minutes, April 10, 1976944Nominating Committee, Minutes, April 10, 1976945BG Minutes, May 25-26, 1976946BG Minutes June 21, 1976946aSupplemental Material, 1976946bSubcommittee Supplemental Material, 1976STATISTICAL REPORTS1925 - 19351925101Hyden and Stinnett Centers, October - December1926102Hyden, February1927103Hyden, January, March, May - July104Hyden, Annual Report, May 1926 - April 1927105Hyden, Wendover, Jessie Preston Draper Centers, January - April, June, December106Hyden, Wendover, Up River Centers, May107Hyden, Wendover, Up River, Confluence Centers, July108Hyden, Wendover, Up River, Possum Bend Centers, August - December109Wendover Center, January - December1010Wendover Center, Annual Report, May 1926 - April 192719281011Hyden, Wendover, Up River, Possum Bend Centers, January, February, March, May, June1012Hyden, Wendover, Up River, Possum Bend, Red Bird River Centers, August1013Wendover Center, January - May19291014Hyden, Wendover, Beechfork, Possum Bend, Red Bird River Centers, January - April1015Hyden, Wendover, Atwood, Red Bird, Beech Fork, Possum Bend Centers, May - October19301016Clay County Centers (Red Bird and Atwood), January - March1017Leslie County Centers, January, February 1018Hyden, Wendover, Beech Fork, Possum Bend, Atwood, Red Bird Centers, January, November, December1019Grand Total - All Centers, May, August - December1020Grand Total - All Centers, May 1929 - April 19301021Leslie and Clay County Centers, May 1, 1929 - April 1, 193019311022Grand Total - All Centers, February, May - December19321023Grand Total - All Centers, January - March, May - December19331024Grand Total - All Centers, January - March, May - July, October - December1934-19351025Grand Total All Centers1940-1941111Comparative Report by Centers, Counties, and Grand Total1942-1943112Comparative Report by Centers, Counties, and Grand Total1943-1944113Comparative Report by Centers, Counties, and Grand Total1944-1945114Comparative Report by Double Centers and Single Centers, Hyden Clinic and Hyden Hospital1946-1947115Comparative Report by Double Centers and Single Centers, Hyden Clinic and Hyden Hospital1947-1948116Comparative Report by Double Centers and Single Centers, Hyden Clinic and Hyden Hospital1948-1949117Grand Total118Comparative Report by Double and Single Centers, Hyden Clinic and Hyden Hospital119Report of Admissions to Hospital and Patient Days1110Operations Performed at Hyden Hospital1949-19501111Comparative Report by Double and Single Centers - Hyden Clinic and Hyden Hospital1952-19531112Comparative Report by Double and Single Centers - Hyden Clinic and Hyden Hospital1953-19541113Comparative Report by Double and Single Centers - Hyden Clinic and Hyden Hospital1954-19551114Grand Total1115Comparative Report by Double Centers and Single Centers - Hyden Clinic and Hyden Hospital1955-19561116Wendover District1117Grand Total1118Comparative Report, All Districts1956-19571119Wendover District1120Comparative Report, All Districts 1958-19591121Wendover District1122Comparative Report, All Districts1959-19601123Wendover District1124Comparative Report, All Districts 1960-19611125Wendover District1126Comparative Report, All Districts1961-19621127Wendover District1128Comparative Report, All Districts1962-19631129Wendover District1130Comparative Report, All Districts1963-19641131Wendover District1132Comparative Report, All Districts1964-19651133Wendover District 1134Comparative Report, All Districts1965-19661135Wendover District1136Comparative Report, All Districts1966-19671137Wendover District1138Comparative Report, All Districts1968-19691139Wendover District 1140Comparative Report, All DistrictsMETROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY TABULATIONS OF FRONTIER NURSING SERVICE MIDWIFERY RECORDS121Series I, First 1000 Deliveries122Series II, Second 1000 Deliveries123Series III, Third 1000 Deliveries 124Series IV, Fourth 1000 Deliveries125Series VI, Sixth 1000 Deliveries126Series X, Tenth 1000 Deliveries127Comparative Tables of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 10th Series128Summary of the Tenth Thousand Confinement Records129CorrespondenceOFFICIAL PUBLICATIONSQuarterly Bulletin131Vol. I, 1925-1926132Vol. II, 1926-1927133Vol. III, 1927-1928 134Vol. IV, 1928-1929135Vol. V, 1929-1930141Vol. VI, 1930-1931142Vol. VII, 1931-1932143Vol. VIII, 1932-1933 144Vol. IX, 1933-1934145Vol. X, 1934-1935151Vol. XI, 1935-1936152Vol. XII, 1936-1937153Vol. XIII, 1937-1938 154Vol. XIV, 1938-1939155Vol. XV, 1939-1940161Vol. XVI, 1940-1941162Vol. XVII, 1941-1942163Vol. 18, 1942-1943 164Vol. 19, 1943-1944 165Vol. 20, 1944-1945171Vol. 21, 1945-1946172Vol. 22, 1946-1947173Vol. 23, 1947-1948174Vol. 24, 1948-1949175Vol. 25, 1949-1950181Vol. 26, 1950-1951182Vol. 27, 1951-1952183Vol. 28, 1952-1953 184Vol. 29, 1953-1954185Vol. 30, 1954-1955191Vol. 31, 1955-1956192Vol. 32, 1956-1957193Vol. 33, 1957-1958 194Vol. 34, 1958-1959195Vol. 35, 1959-1960201Vol. 36, 1960-1961202Vol. 37, 1961-1962203Vol. 38, 1962-1963204Vol. 39, 1963-1964205Vol. 40, 1964-1965211Vol. 41, 1965-1966212Vol. 42, 1966-1967213Vol. 43, 1967-1968214Vol. 44, 1968-1969215Vol. 45, 1969-1970221Vol. 46, 1970-1971222Vol. 47, 1971-1972223Vol. 48, 1972-1973224Vol. 49, 1973-1974225Vol. 50, 1974-1975231Vol. 51, 1975-1976232Vol. 52, 1976-1977233Vol. 53, 1977-1978234Vol. 54, 1978-1979235Vol. 55, 1979-1980241Vol. 56, 1980-1981242Vol. 57, 1981-1982243Vol. 58, 1982-1983 244Vol. 59, 1983-1984245Vol. 60, 1984-198524a1Vol. 61, 1985-198624a2Vol. 62, 1986-198724a3Vol. 63, 1987-1988 24a4Vol. 64, 1988-198924a5Vol. 65, 1989-199024a6Vol. 66, 1990-199124a7Vol. 67, 1991-199224a8Vol. 68, 1992-1993 24a9Vol. 69, 1993-199424a10Vol. 70, 1994-199524a11Vol. 71, 1995-1996 24a12Vol. 72, 1996-1997Quarterly Bulletin Reprints251"Statement of Costs of the Frontier Nursing Service," Ella Woodyard, Vol. III, Winter 1928. 252"Organization and Supervision of the Field Work of the Frontier Nursing Service, Inc.," Mary B. 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(11 types)"Waiting"3011935-193630219373031st and 2nd reminder, Winter 19413043rd reminder, Winter 19413051st and 2nd reminder, Spring and Summer 19423063rd reminder, Spring and Summer 1942 and 1st reminder, 1942307Spring Appeal; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reminder, Summer 19433081st, 2nd, and 3rd reminder, Winter 1943309Spring Appeal; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reminder, Summer 19443010Spring Appeal; 1st nad 3rd reminder, 194530111st, 2nd, and 3rd reminder, Winter 1946 3012194630131st reminder, Spring 1947; 1st reminder, Summer 1947; 3rd reminder, 1947 301419483015195130161st reminder, Winter 1952; 2nd reminder, 1952 30171953 30181969 30191971 30201973 30211974 30221976 30231977, 1st and 2nd Reminder 30241979-1980 3025n.d. 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(oversize box) 507Postcard, Margaret Durbin Harper Nursing Center on Wolf Creek, Big Fork, Kentucky 508Postcard, "Possum Bend" An Outpost Center of the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky 509Postcard, Living Room of an Outpost Center of Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky 5010Postcard, View of Hyden, Kentucky from Hospital 5011Postcard, "Joy House," Home of Medical Director, Frontier Nursing Service, Hyden, Kentucky 5012Postcard, Margaret Voorhies Haggin Quarters for Nurses at Hyden Hospital and Health Center, Hyden, Kentucky 5013Postcard, St. Christopher's Chapel, Frontier Nursing Service Hospital, Hyden, Kentucky 5014Postcard On the Road to Wendover, Kentucky 5015Postcard The Cow Barn at Wendover, Kentucky 5016Postcard, Winter at Wendover, Kentucky 5017Postcard, State Highway Bridge over Middlefork River above Hyden, Kentucky 5018Postcard, A Frontier Nurse's Horse in the Kentucky Mountains 5019Various Forms used by Frontier Nursing Service including Donor Cards, Encounter Forms, Information Blanks, and Midwifery Summary Cards 5020Calendar, October 1985-December 1986 5021Sketch of the Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery 5022Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson Room Dedication Program, University of Kentucky OFFICE RECORDS SERIESExtensive office files document the daily activities at the Wendover office of the Frontier Nursing Service from 1925 to 1973. Files under such headings as "Chickens & Gardens," "Federal Crop Loans," "Horses," and "Uniforms" are found in the earliest sets of records. The correspondence contains numerous acknowledgements of gifts to the Frontier Nursing Service, regardless of the amount. Mary Breckinridge maintained close contact with friends and supporters, always reporting news of her work in the Kentucky mountains. The material is arranged alphabetically within chronological groupings.1925 - 1940A-B511Alpha Omicron Pi 512Annual Report Data, 1929-1930 513Annual Report Data, 1930-1931 514Annual Report Data, 1931-1932 515Annual Report Data, 1932-1933 516Annual Report Data, 1933-1934 517Annual Report Data, 1934-1935 518Annual Report Data, 1935-1936 519Annual Report Data, 1936-1937 5110Annual Report Data, 1937-1938 5111Annual Report Data, 1938-1939 5112Annual Report Data, 1939-1940 5113Atwood Center Records 5114Belle Point Lumber Company, Heidelberg, Kentucky 5115Breckinridge, Mary Carson, Wendover, Kentucky, General Correspondence 5116Breckinridge, Mary Carson, Wendover, Kentucky, Correspondence with staff 5117Breckinridge, Mary Carson, Wendover, Kentucky, Correspondence with staff regarding salaries 5118Brutus (Belle Barrett Hughitt Center), Record of donations Freda Caffin,5211925 5221926, January-April 5231926, July-December 5241927, January-June 5251927, July-December 5261928 5271929 Ch-E531Chickens & Gardens 532Christmas at Wendover 533Clever Country 534Clinic at Hyden (handbill), 1930s 535Cody-Marcum Grocery Company, Garrard, Kentucky 536Coffman, Mrs. William H. (Anne Payne), Georgetown, Kentucky 537Contracts: animal care, coal delivery, painting 538Cowan, Elton I. Co., New York, New York 539Desensitization Technique for the Use of the Frontier Nursing Service, 1930s 5310District Boundaries 5311Drought Assistance, 1931 5312Drug Price Lists, 1930s 5313Employees' Time Book, Hyden, 1936 5314Employees' Time Books, Wendover, 1929-1930, 1938 5315Equipment, Delivery Bag and General Nursing Bag, 1930s 5316Executive Committee, 1928-1935 5317Executive Committee, 1936-1940 5318Executive Committee, Correspondence regarding fire at Wendover, 1936 F-H541Federal Crop Loans, Clay County Recipients, 1931 542Federal Crop Loans, Leslie County Recipients, 1931 543Federal Crop Loans, Correspondence, 1932 544Feed Survey, September 1930 545Feed Survey, October 1930 546Feed Survey, November 1930 547Feed Survey, December 1930 548Feed Survey, January 1931 549Feed Survey, Summary 5410Forests 5411Forgotten Frontier 5412Horses, General 5413Horses, Dr. Duff v. FNS 5414Hyden Hospital's Clinic for tonsils, adenoids, and running ears (handbill), 1930s 5415Hyden Hospital's rates, 1930s K-W 551Kentucky Department of Mines 552Kentucky Division of Forestry 553Kentucky State Board of Health 554Layette Articles, 1930s 555Leslie County Branch of the Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies 556Letter to the Expectant Mother, 1933 557Letter to the People Who Owe Money to the Frontier Nursing Service, 1932 558Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare 559Mattingly, J.M., Wendover, Kentucky 5510Morgan, Kermit, Leslie County, Kentucky, County poll tax receipts 5511Pennsylvania Department of Welfare 5512Quarterly Bulletin 5513Quicksand Conference 5514Testimonials from C.E.A. Winslow and Ella Woodyard, 1930 5515Uniforms 5516Willeford, Mary B. Income and Health in Remote Rural Areas. A Study of 400 Families in Leslie County, Kentucky. New York, 1932. 5517Woodyard, Ella, Comparative Study 1941 - 1946Aa-Az561Aa-Ac 562Ad-Ak 563Ala-Allen 564Allin, Frederic B. Estate, New York, New York 565Alm-Alz 566American College of Surgeons-American Committee in Aid of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives 567American Committee on Maternal Welfare, Chicago, Illinois 568American Hospital Association, Chicago, Illinois 569American Journal of Nursing-Amm 5610American Red Cross, New York, New York 5611Annual Report Data, 1940-1941 5612Annual Report Data, 1941-1942 5613Annual Report Data, 1942-1943 5614Annual Report Data, 1943-1944 5615Annual Report Data, 1944-1945 5616Annual Report Data, 1945-1946 5617As-Az Bar-Bra571Bar-Bat 572Begley, Judge M.C., Leslie County, Kentucky 573Belknap, Mrs. Morris B. (Marion), Louisville, Kentucky, 1941-1944 574Belknap, Mrs. Morris B. (Marion), Louisville, Kentucky, 1945-1946 575Billings, Elizabeth Nixon Estate, Cleveland, Ohio 576Bis 577Bla-Blo 578Bolton, Mrs. Chester C. (Congresswoman Frances Payne), Cleveland, Ohio 579Boncompagni, Madame Margaret Preston Draper, Washington, D.C., New York, New York 5710Boncompagni, Madame Margaret Preston Draper, Cosmopolitan Club Membership, 1944-1949 5711Bor-Bov 5712Bow 5713Bra Bre-Cha581Breckinridge, Mrs. Clifton R. (Martha Rodes Estill Prewitt), San Antonio, Texas 582Breckinridge, Mrs. Desha (Mary Frazer LeBus), Lexington, Kentucky 583Breckinridge, Mrs. John C. (Isabelle Goodrich), New York, New York, Santa Barbara, California 584Breckinridge, Mary Carson, Wendover, Kentucky, General correspondence 585Breckinridge, Mary Carson, Wendover, Kentucky, Correspondence with staff 586Bri 587Byron, F.L., Lexington, Kentucky 588Byron Page Printing Company Lexington, Kentucky, 1941-1943 589Byron Page Printing Company Lexington, Kentucky, 1944-1946 5810Byxbee Company 5811Ca 5812Cadet Nurses 5813Cashmore, Maud M., London, England 5814Cha Chao-Ez591Chao, Dr. Lucy, A Girl on Horseback in North China 592Chi 593Chickens & Gardens 594Childbirth and War, Research and correspondence for Quarterly Bulletin article 595Chr-Chu 596Ci-Cl 597Coa-Coll 598Coffman, Mrs. William H. (Anne Payne), Georgetown, Kentucky 599Comstock, A.B., Louisville, Kentucky 5910Crittenden, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Briggs (Lucy E.), Louisville, Kentucky 5911Dab-Dan 5912Day, John F., Lexington, Kentucky 5913Dea-Dem 5914Doa-Doz 5915Dra-Dun 5916Eisaman, Lillian Hoag Estate, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 5917Ep-Ez Ex-Gar601Executive Committee Correspondence 602Executive Committee Reports, Reports and Minutes 603Fant, Wilson Nelson Estate, Flemingsburg, Kentucky 604Ford Foundation, Dearborn, Michigan 605Ford, Judge H. Church, Jackson, Kentucky 606Ford, Mrs. Henry, Dearborn, Michigan 607Forgotten Frontier, 1939-1949 608Fr 609Gage, Margaret M., Delanson, New York 6010Garden House Fire and Reconstruction, January-February 1942 6011Garden House Reconstruction, March 1942 6012Garden House Reconstruction, April-May 1942 6013Garden House Reconstruction, June-July 1942 6014Garden House Reconstruction, August-December 1942 Ge-H611General Film Productions, New York, New York 612Gill, Mary Parker Fund 613Glancy, Mr. & Mrs. A.R., Duluth, Georgia 614Greendale Reform School, Fayette County, Kentucky 615Grigor, James, Middlesex, England 616Haggin, Margaret Voorhies Trust, New York, New York 617Harkness, William Hale & Harkness, Mrs. William L. (Edith Hale), New York, New York 618Harmon Foundation, New York, New York 619Hollywood File, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Republic Productions 6110Hume, Matilda E., Washington, D.C., Eliza Thackara Memorial Fund J-M621James, Mrs. Henry (Dorothea), New York, New York 622Johnson, Pvt. Walker, U.S. Army, Johnson Children, Buckhorn, Kentucky 623Jouett, Edward S., Louisville, Kentucky 624Joy, Mrs. Henry B. (Helen Newberry), Detroit, Michigan 625Kentucky State Board of Nurse-Examiners 626Lewis, Mrs. Reeve Jr. (Marion Shouse), Washington, D.C. 627Lodge, Sir Oliver, Time article 628McCormack, Arthur Thomas, Louisville, Kentucky 629McLaughlin, Mrs. Lucy S., Santa Fe, New Mexico 6210McMahon, Richard, Lexington, Kentucky 6211Martin, Mrs. Milward Wyatt (Mary "Tip" L. Thurman), Locust Valley, New York 6212Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare 6213Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, New York, New York 6214Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, New York 6215Mooney, J. 6216Morgan, Anne, New York, New York 6217Morrison, Ellen, Louisville, Kentucky N-P631National Information Bureau, New York, New York 632National Organization for Public Health Nursing, New York, New York 633National War Labor Board, Washington, D.C. 634Newspaper clippings on world affairs 635Noe, Dr. James Thomas Cotton, Poet Laureate of Kentucky 636Norris, Fanny Estate, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 637O'Rear, Judge Edward C., Frankfort, Kentucky 638Patterson, Ambassador and Mrs. Jefferson (Mary Marvin Breckinridge), Lima, Peru 639Pennsylvania Department of Welfare 10 Perry, Mrs. Arthur Jr. (Mardi Bemis), Providence, Rhode Island Concord, Massachusetts R-W641Raymond Rich Associates, New York, New York 642Republic Productions, Inc., Hollywood, California 643Rogers, Will, Beverly Hills, California 644Ryan Lantern Slide Service, Davenport, Iowa 645Sloan, Alfred P., Foundation New York, New York 646Stone, Mrs. Herman F. (Florence S.) & Stone, Helen S. Lawrence, New York 647Strong, Mrs. Henry Alvah (Hattie Maria Corrin), Winston-Salem, North Carolina 648Telephone lines, Bowlington & Brutus, Kentucky 649Toland, Charlotte Rush, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 6410Turner, Henry Leningrad, Russia, 1934-1942 6411Trull, Jeannie B., New York, New York 6412University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 6413Veech, Bethel B., Louisville, Kentucky 6414"Victory Starts At Home!" WINX Radio 6415Was 6416"We The People" CBS Network New York, New York 6417Willard, Mrs. Ernest (Marie L.) Estate, Rochester, New York 6418Wilieford, Mary B., New York, New York 6419Williams, Caroline, Cincinnati, Ohio 6420Wills 1947 - 1950 A-Am651A-Requests for literature 652Ab-Ac 653Ada-Add 654"Adventures of Christopher Wells" Columbia Broadcasting System, New York, New York 655Afflerbach, Mrs. Weston, Dayton, Ohio 656Agard, Mrs. Walter Raymond (Elizabeth Maltby), Madison, Wisconsin 657Aik-All 658Allen, Mrs. Marston (Edith M. LaBoiteaux), Glendale, Ohio 659Alpha Omicron Pi 6510Als-Alz 6511Amb-American College of Surgeons 6512American Committee on Maternal Welfare, Chicago, Illinois Am-Az661American Congress on Obstetrics and Gynecology-Amo 662And-Anni 663Annual Fee Cards 664Annual Report Data, 1946-1947 665Annual Report Data, 1947-1948 666Annual Report Data, 1948-1949 667Annual Report Data, 1949-1950 668Annual Verification Report 669Arc-Army Medical Library 6610Arpee, Mrs. Edward (Katherine Trowbridge), Lake Forest, Illinois 6611Arv-Az B-Bek671B-Requests for Literature 672Bab-Bagby, George 673Bagby, Mrs. R. Middleton (Caroline S.), Lexington, Kentucky 674Bai-Bal 675Baird, David, New York, New York 676Bam-Bar 677Bargain Box, New York, New York 678Bas-Baz 679Bea-Bek Bel-Ber681Bell-Bens 682Belknap, Mrs. Morris B., (Marion), Louisville, Kentucky, 1947-1948 683Belknap, Mrs. Morris B., (Marion), Louisville, Kentucky, 1949-1950 684Bent-Berg Ber-Boo691Bergland, Dr. and Mrs. John M. (Alice), Baltimore, Maryland 692Berk-Bett 693Bi-Blai 694Blak-Blu 695Boa-Bol 696Boardman, Mrs. Francis (Anne Calef) New York, New York 697Bolton, Congresswoman Frances Payne (Mrs. Chester C.), Washington, D.C. 698Bom-Bov 699Boncampagni, Mme. Margaret Preston Draper, New York, New York 6910Booth, Percy N., Louisville, Kentucky Bow-Bro701Bow 702Boyd, Mrs. T. Kenneth (Elizabeth), Winnetka, Illinois 703Boy-Ed, Mrs. Karl (Virginia) Berryville, Virginia 704Bra-Brea 705Breckinridge, Mrs. Clifton Rodes (Martha Rodes Estill Prewitt), Flagstaff, Arizona 706Breckinridge, Mrs. Desha (Mary Frazer LeBus), Lexington, Kentucky 707Breckinridge, Mrs. John C. (Isabelle Goodrich), Santa Barbara, California, York Village, Maine, St. Leonard, Maryland 708Breckinridge, Mary Carson Wendover, Kentucky, General correspondence 709Breckinridge, Mary Carson Wendover, Kentucky, Correspondence with staff 7010Bree-Bro Brow-Byrn711Brow-Bry 712Buck, Dorothy Farrar, Wendover, Kentucky, 1948-February 14, 1949 713Buck, Dorothy Farrar, Wendover, Kentucky, February 16, 1949-1950 714Buck, Mrs. George-Bure 715Burk-Byrne Byro721Byron, F.L., Lexington, Kentucky 722Byron-Page Printing Company, Lexington, Kentucky, 1947-1948 723Byron-Page Printing Company, Lexington, Kentucky, 1949-1950 Ca-Ch731Caa-Cam 732Cadet Nurses 733Can-Carr 734Cashmore, Maude M., London, England 735Cars-Ce 736Cha-Che 737Chi-Cho 738Chickens & Gardens Ci-Com741Ci 742Citizens Hospital Fund, Hyden, Kentucky 743Cl 744Clarke, Mrs. Thomas L. (Winifred Ives), Syosset, New York 745Coa-Colo 746Coffman, Mrs. William H. (Anne Payne), Georgetown, Kentucky 747Colonial Dames 748Colston, Judith Braxton, Cincinnati, Ohio 749Colt-Corn 7410Comstock, A.B., Louisville, Kentucky Con-Cz751Con-Cos 752Cosmopolitan Club, New York, New York 753Cot-Coy 754Cra-Cri 755Croc-Cros 756Crowell, Thomas Y., Company, New York, New York 757Crowl-Cz Da-Dy761Dab-Dan 762Dar-Dav 763Daw-Daz 764de Reiset, Mme., Paris, France 765Dea-Dem 766Den-Dez 767Dia-Diz 768Doa-Doz 769Dra-Dun 7610Dup-DyEa-Ex 771Ea-Ek 772El-En 773Ep-Ez 774Executive Committee, 1947775Executive Committee, 1948776Executive Committee, 1949777Executive Committee, 1950F-Foy781F-Requests for literature782Fab-Fay 783Fea-Fer 784Fi-Fl 785Flash Floods, 1947786Foa-FoyFor-Gre797Ford Foundation, Detroit, Michigan798Fra-Fre799Fri-Fy791G-Requests for literature792Gab-Gay793Gea-Gez794Gage, Margaret Santa Monica, California795Gia-Giz796Glancy, Brig. General A.R., Atlanta, Georgia797Glas-Goz798Grab-Graz799Granger, Mrs. Alfred H. (Belle Hughitt), Lake Forest, Illinois7910Grea-GrezGr-Ha801Gri-Gy 802Groner, Mrs. D. Lawrence (Marion Edwards), Washington, D.C. 803H-Requests for literature 804Haa-Hak 805Haggin, Margaret Voohries Trust, New York, New York 806Hal 807Hall, Nat B. Security Trust Company, Lexington, Kentucky 808Ham-Hap 809Hara-Hari 8010Harkness, William Hale, New York, New York 8011Harl-Harr 8012Hart-Haz He-Hu811Hea-Hez 812Hia-Hiz 813Hoa-Holl 814Holm-Hos 815Hot-Hoz 816Howell, Mrs. Alfred H. (Rita Rea), New York, New York 817Hub-Hum 818Hun-Hy 819Hunt, Mrs. George R. (Margaret Howard), Lexington, Kentucky Ia-Jo821Ia-Im 822In 823Ir-Iz 824J-Requests for literature 825Jac-Jam 826Jan-Jasp 827Jastram, Mrs. Edward P. (Laura), Providence, Rhode Island 828Jef-Jew 829Joa-Jok 8210Jol-Jus 8211Jouett, Edward S., Louisville, Kentucky 8212Joy, Mrs. Henry B. (Helen Newberry), Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan K-Ky831K-Requests for literature 832Kaa-Kee 833Kef-Kern 834Kend-Kent 835Kentucky 836Kentucky State Association of Registered Nurses 837Kep-Key 838Kia-Kiz 839King, Mrs. Lyndon M. (Betty Washburn), Minneapolis, Minnesota 8310Kirkwood, Elizabeth S., New Haven, Connecticut 8311Kl-Ky La-Lo841Laa-Laz 842Lawrence, Mrs. George I. (Edith "Andy" Anderson), Highland, New York 843Lea-Lei 844LeBus, Mrs. Clarence (Mary Bell Burt), Lexington, Kentucky 845Lem-Lez 846Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Reeve Jr. (Marion Shouse), Washington, D.C. 847Lia-Liz 848Library requests for Quarterly Bulletin 849Life Magazine 8410Lla-Loc Lo-Mc851Lod-Lov 852Low-Luk 853Lul-Ly 854McA-McC 855McD-McI856McIlvain, Mrs. Walter B. (Alida B.), Downingtown, Pennsylvania857McK-McL858McM-McQ859McMath, Mrs. Francis C. (Madeline D.), Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan 8510McR-McZM-Me861M-Requests for literature 862Maa-Mag 863Magazine Agencies864Magazine Subscriptions865Man-Map 866Mar 867Marquis Company, Chicago, Illinois868Mas-May 869Martin, Mrs. Milward W. (Mary "Tip" L. Thurman), Locust Valley, New York8610Mea-Mer 8611Mes-Mez Mi-Morg871Mic-Miz872Midwifery Routine873Miscellany 874Moa-Moo875Mora-Morg876Morgan Coal Company, Hyden, Kentucky877Morgan, Anne, New York, New YorkMorl-Ne881Morl-Mory882Morton, Mary Ballard, Memorial Wing, Hyden Hospital883Mos-Moz 884Mu-My885N-Requests for literature886Naa-Nat887National Information Bureau, New York, New York888National Institute of Social Sciences, New York, New York889National Organization of Public Health Nursing, New York, New York8810Nea-Net8811Nev-NezNi-O891Nia-Niz892Noa-Noz893Nu-Ny894Oa-On895Op-Oz896O'Rear, Judge Edward C., Versailles, KentuckyP-Po901P-Requests for literature902Paa-Pal903Palmer, Earl, Radford, Virginia 904Pam-Paz905Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson (Mary Marvin Breckinridge), Cairo, Egypt906Pea-Pep907Pennsylvania Department of Welfare908Per-Pez909Perry, Mrs. Arthur Jr. (Mardi Bemis), Concord, Massachusetts9010Pf-Ph9011Pi-Pi9012Poa-Poz9013Poe, Mrs. Parker Barrington (Elizabeth "Pansy" Ireland), Thomasville, Georgia9014Post Box Book Service, New York, New YorkPr-Rh911Pra-Prox912Prunet, Odette France913Ps-Pur914Q915R-Requests for literature916Raa-Raz917Rawnsley, Mr. and Mrs. Noel (Violet), New York, New York918Raymond Rich Associates, American Foundations News Service, New York, New York919Rea-Ree9110Ref-Rez9111Rh-Ri9112Rhine, Lenore, Financial recordsRo-Ry921Roa-Rob922Robinson, E.O. Mountain Fund923Roc-Rog924Rogan, Mrs. Roger K. (Margaret K. Burchenal), Glendale, Ohio925Rogers, Helen Rochester, Rochester, New York926Roh-Roz927Rousmaniere, Mrs. John E. (Mary F. Ayer), Oyster Bay, New York928Ru-RyS-Se931S-Requests for literature932Saa-Sai933St. Luke's School of Nursing, New York, New York 934Sal-Saz935Satterwhite, Preston Pope, Great Neck, New York936Save the Children Foundation, New York, New York937Sc938SeSh-Si941Shac-Shaw942Shaw, Mrs. James Truman (Virginia), Knoxville, Tennessee943She-Shy944Shoemaker, Mrs. Charles S. (Norah Oliver), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania945Si-Sk946Silver Anniversary Fund 1949-March 1950947Silver Anniversary Fund April-June 1950948Silver Anniversary Fund July 1950-1951, n.d.Sl-St951Sl-Sra952Sloan, Alfred P. Foundation, New York, New York953Smithwick, Mrs. Reginald (Eleanor "Elie"), Chesnut Hill, Massachusetts 954Sn-So955Sp-Sq956Sta-Sti957Sto-Sty958Stone, Mrs. Herman F. (Helen "Pebble" S.), Long Island, New York959Strong, Mrs. Henry Alvah (Hattie Maria Corrin), Winston-Salem, North Carolina 9510Structure of National Nursing OrganizationsSu-Ty961Su-Sy 962T-Requests for literature963Ta-Te 964Tantivypat Appeals, Louisville, Kentucky965Telephone Directory requests 966Tha-Thu 967Thorne, Mrs. James Ward (Narcissa N.), Chicago, Illinois968Ti-To 969Tr-Ty U-Wa971U-Requests for literature972Ub-Un 973Up-Uz 974Va-Ve 975Vi-Vy 976W-Requests for literature977Waa-Wai 978Wadsworth, Mrs. Seymour (Phoebe Helmer), New Canaan, Connecticut 979Wai 9710Wam-Waz Was-Will981Washington Committee982Wea-Wez983Wha-Why 984Wia-Will985Williams, Mildred Anna Estate, New York, New YorkWilm-Z991Wilm-Wiz992Wilson, Mrs. E. Waring (Anne S.), Lexington, Kentucky993Woa-Wom994Wolf, Mrs. Philip W. (Leonora "Leo"), Wilmette, Illinois995Woo-Wy996X-Y-Z-Requests for literature997X-Y-Z1951 - 1953Aa-Ay1001Aa-Ac1002Ad-Ak1003Ala-Alz1004Alpha Omicron Pi1005Ama-Amz1006American Committee on Maternal Welfare, Chicago, Illinois1007An1008Annual Fee Cards1009Annual Report Data, 1950-195110010Annual Report Data, 1951-195210011Annual Report Data, 1952-195310012Ap-Ar10013Arpee, Mrs. Edward (Katherine Trowbridge), Lake Forest, Illinois10014As-AyB-Bel1011B-Requests for literature 1012Baa-Bal 1013Bagby, Mr. and Mrs. R. Middleton (Caroline S.), Lexington, Kentucky1014Baird, David, New York, New York 1015Bam-Baz 1016Bargain Box, New York, New York 1017Bea-Bek 1018Bel-Bez1019Belknap, Mrs. Morris B. (Marion), Louisville, Kentucky, 195110110Belknap, Mrs. Morris B. (Marion), Louisville, Kentucky, 195210111Belknap, Mrs. Morris B. (Marion), Louisville, Kentucky, 1953Ber-Bo1021Bergland, Dr. and Mrs. John M. (Alice), Baltimore, Maryland1022Bi-Blai1023Blak-Blu1024Boa-Bol1025Boardman, Mrs. Francis (Anne Calef), New York, New York1026Bolton, Congresswoman Frances Payne, (Mrs. Chester C.), Washington, D.C.1027Bom-Bov1028Boncompagni, Madame Margaret Preston Draper, New York, New York1029Booth, Mr. and Mrs. Percy N. (Florence), Louisville, Kentucky10210Bow10211Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. T. Kenneth (Elizabeth), Winnetka, IllinoisBra-Byr1031Bra1032Bre-Bry1033Breckinridge, Mrs. Clifton R. (Martha Rodes Estill Prewitt), Flagstaff, Arizona, San Rafael, California 1034Breckinridge, Mrs. John C. (Isabelle Goodrich), New York, New York1035Breckinridge, Mary Carson, Wendover, Kentucky, General correspondence1036Breckinridge, Mary Carson Wendover, Kentucky, Correspondence with staff1037Bu-By1038Byron-Page Printing Company, Lexington, KentuckyCa-Cof1041Caa-Carr1042Cars-Ce1043Census Bureau1044Cha-Che1045Chi-Chu1046Chickens & Gardens1047Ci-Cl1048Coa-Col1049Coffman, Mrs. William H. (Anne Payne), Georgetown, KentuckyCol-Dau 1051Colonial Dames1052Comstock, A.B., Louisville, Kentucky1053Con-Coy1054Cosmopolitan Club1055Cra-Cri1056Cro-Cz1057Dab-Dan1058Dar-Day1059Daughters of Colonial WarsDea-Ex1061Dea-Dem1062Den-Dez1063den Dulk, Dr. and Mrs. F. William (Lee), Hyden, Kentucky1064Dia-Diz1065Doa-Doz1066Dra-Dun1067Dup-Dy1068E-Requests for literature1069Ea-Ek10610El-En10611Ep-Ez10612Executive CommitteeFa-Go1071Fab-Faz1072Fea-Fez1073Fi-Fl1074Foa-Foy1075Ford Foundation, New York, New York1076Ford Motor Company Fund, Dearborn, Michigan1077Fra-Fre1078Fri-Fy1079G-Requests for literature10710Gab-Gay10711Gage, Margaret M., Santa Monica, California10712Gea-Gez10713Ghe-Gir10714Gle-Gov10715Goodrich, Mrs. Caspar F. (Sarah "Sally" Minis), Princeton, New JerseyGr-Harb1081Gra1082Granger, Mrs. Alfred (Belle Hughitt), Lake Forest, Illinois1083Grea-Grez 1084Gri-Gy1085Groner, Mrs. D. Lawrence (Marion Edwards), Washington, D.C.1086Haa-Hak1087Haggin, Margaret Voorhies Trust, New York, New York1088Hal1089Hall, Nat B., Security Trust Company, Lexington, Kentucky10810Ham-Han10811Harb-HarrHart-Hy1091Hart-Haz1092Hea-Hey1093Hic-Hin1094Hillenmeyer's Nursery, Lexington, Kentucky1095Hoa-Holl1096Holm-Hoo1097Hop-Hoy1098Howell, Mrs. Alfred H. (Ruth Rea), New York, New York1099Hub-Hum10910Hun-HyHunt-J1101Hunt, Mrs. George R. (Margaret Howard), Lexington, Kentucky1102Hyden Hospital1103Ig-In1104Ir-Is1105Jac-Jam1106Jan-Jen1107Jastram, Mrs. Edward P. (Laura), Providence, Rhode Island1108Joh1109Jon-Ju11010Jouett, Edward S., Louisville, Kentucky11011Joy, Mrs. Henry B. (Helen Newberry), Grosse Pointe Farms, MichiganK-Lek 1111Kai-Kee1112Kel1113Kellogg Foundation Battle Creek, Michigan1114Ken1115Kep-Keu1116Keyes, Frances Parkinson (Mrs. Henry Wilder Keyes), New Orleans, Louisiana1117Ki1118King, Mrs. Lyndon M. (Betty Washburn), Minneapolis, Minnesota1119Kl-Ku11110La11111Lawrence, Mrs. George I. (Edith "Andy" Anderson), Pelham, New York11112Lea-LekLeBus-McL1121LeBus, Mrs. Clarence Jr. (Mary Bell Burt), Lexington, Kentucky1122Lem-Lex1123Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Reeve Jr. (Marion Shouse), Washington, D.C.1124Li1125Ll1126Lom-Lov1127Low-Luk1128Lul-Ly1129McA-McC11210McD-McK11211McIlvain, Mrs. Walter B. (Alida B.), & Fanny B. McIlvain, Downingtown, Pennsylvania11212McLMcM-Morg1131McM-McP1132McMath, Mrs. Francis C. (Madeline D.), Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan1133McT-McV1134M-Requests for literature1135Mac1136Magazine subscriptions1137Mai-Man1138Mar1139Marquis Company, Chicago, Illinois11310Mas-May11311Mea-Mer11312Met-Mey11313Mi11314Mof-Moo11315Mora-MorgMorl-Ox1141Morl-Mort1142Morton, Mary Ballard Memorial Wing, Hyden Hospital1143Mos-Moy 1144Mu-My1145Na1146National Information Bureau, New York, New York1147National Organization for Public Health Nursing, New York, New York1148Neb-Nel1149Nev-New11410Nic-Nix11411No11412Nu11413Ob-On 11414Or-OxO'Rear-Pu1151O'Rear, Judge Edward C., Versailles, Kentucky1152Pac-Pal1153Par-Pay 1154Pe1155Pennsylvania Department of Welfare1156Perry, Mrs. Arthur Jr. (Mardi Bemis), Concord, Massachusetts1157Pf-Ph1158Pi1159Poa-Poo11510Poe, Mrs. Parker B. (Elizabeth Ireland), Harrodsburg, Kentucky11511Por-Pow11512Post Box Book Service, New York, New York11513Pre-Proc 11514Prog-PuQ-Rog1161Q1162Quarterly Bulletin1163R-Requests for literature1164Ra1165Rawnsley, Mr. and Mrs. Noel (Violet), Anacapri, Italy1166Rea-Ree1167Rei-Rey1168Rh-Ri1169Rob11610Roc-RogRogan-Sh1171Rogan, Mrs. Roger K. (Margaret K. Burchenal), Glendale, Ohio1172Rogers, Helen Rochester, Rochester, New York1173Roh-Roy1174Roosevelt, Mrs. Franklin D. (Eleanor Roosevelt), New York, New York1175Rousmaniere, Mrs. John E. (Mary F. Ayer), New York, New York1176Ru-Ry1177Sa1178St. Luke's School of Nursing, New York, New York1179Sc11710Se-Sha11711She-ShuSi-Sz1181Si-Sk1182Sl-Sm1183Sn-Sp1184Smithwick, Mrs. Reginald (Eleanor "Elie"), Marblehead Neck, Massachusetts1185Sta-Sti1186Sto-Stu1187Stone, Mrs. Herman F. (Florence Scofield), & Helen S. Stone Lawrence, New York1188Su-SzTa-Wal1191Ta-Te1192Th1193Thorne, Mrs. James Ward (Narcissa N.), Chicago, Illinois1194Ti-To1195Tr-Ty1196Ul-Us1197United Mine Workers of America Health Care, Agreement with Frontier Nursing Service1198Va-Ve1199Vi-Vo11910W-Requests for literature11911Wac-WalWadsworth-Will1201Wadsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour (Phoebe Helmer), New Canaan, Connecticut, New York, New York1202War-Way1203Washington Committee 1204We1205Wendover Post Office1206Wh1207Wic-WillWill-Z1211Williams, Mildred Anna Estate, New York, New York1212Wils-Wit1213Wilson, Mrs. E. Waring (Anne), Lexington, Kentucky1214Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Karl M. (Mildred Bentley), Rochester, New York1215Wol-Wood1216Wolf, Mrs. Philip W. (Leonora "Leo"), Wilmette, Illinois1217Wool-Wr1218Y-Z1954 - 1957A-N1221Alpha Omicron Pi1222Annual Report Data, 1954-19551223Annual Report Data, 1955-19561224C1225F1226Flood report1227Ford Foundation, New York, New York1228G1229K12210Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare12211M12212Medical Director12213Morton, Mary, Ballard Memorial Wing, Hyden Hospital12214New York Department of Social WelfareN-S1231New York Department of Social Welfare1232O1233Pa1234Pennsylvania Department of Welfare1235Po1236Quarterly Bulletin1237Sloan, Alfred P. Foundation, New York, New York1238Staff1958-1960A-D1241A1242Alpha Omicron Pi1243Annual Report Data, 1959-1960 1244B 1245Bolton, Congresswoman Frances Payne (Mrs. Chester C.), Washington, D.C.1246Boston Committee 1247Breckinridge, Mary Carson, Wendover, Kentucky, Correspondence with staff 1248Buckhorn Dam, Bowlingtown and Confluence1249C12410DE-W1251Executive Committee1252Ford Foundation, New York, New York1253Forgotten Frontier1254G1255Gage, Margaret M., Santa Monica, California1256H1257K1258Kentucky Secretary of State1259M12510Morton, Mary Ballard, Memorial Wing, Hyden Hospital12511N12512Pennsylvania Department of Welfare12513Poe, Mrs. Parker B. (Elizabeth Ireland), Cleveland, Ohio12514Quarterly Bulletin12515Staff meetings, Minutes12516Wendover District, Listing of Files1961 - 1963 A-Ay1261A-Z-Requests for literature 1262Ab-Al1263Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Jr. (Alberta W.), Glenview, Kentucky 1264Allen, Mrs. Marston (Edith M. LaBoiteaux), Glendale, Ohio1265Alpha Omicron Pi 1266Am 1267American Association of Nurse-Midwives 1268An-Ar1269Annual Report Data, 1960-196112610Annual Report Data, 1961-1962 12611Annual Report Data, 1962-196312612Arpee, Mrs. Edward (Katherine Trowbridge), Lake Forest, Illinois 12613As-AyBa-Bl1271Ba1272Bagby, Mrs. Robert M. (Caroline S.), Lexington, Kentucky1273Baird, David, New York, New York 1274Bankers Trust Company, New York, New York 1275Bargain Box, New York, New York 1276Be1277Beasley, Dr. W.B. Rogers and family, Liberia 1278Belknap, Mrs. Morris B. (Marion), Louisville, Kentucky 1279Bi-Bl 12710Bluegrass CommitteeBo-Brec1281Boa-Bol1282Boden, Mrs. Harry Clark IV (Marguerite "Carita"), Newark, Delaware1283Bolton, Congresswoman Frances Payne, (Mrs. Chester C.), Washington, D.C. 1284Bon-Bou1285Boncompagni, Madame Margaret Preston Draper, Washington, D.C.1286Boston Committee1287Bow-Boy1288Boyd, Mrs. T. Kenneth (Elizabeth), Winnetka, Illinois1289Bra12810Bre-Brot12811Breckinridge, Mrs. Clifton R. (Martha Rodes Estill Prewitt), Tiburon, California12812Breckinridge, Mrs. James C. (Dorothy Thomson), Summit Point, West VirginiaBrec-Can1291Breckinridge, Mary Carson, Wendover, Kentucky, General correspondence1292Breckinridge, Mary Carson, Wendover, Kentucky, Correspondence with staff1293Brewer, Dr. and Mrs. Francis (Esther), Bloomfield, Connecticut, Hyden, Kentucky 1294Brow-Bry1295Bu-By1296Bullitt, Mrs. William Marshall (Nora I.), Louisville, Kentucky1297Byron-Page Printing Company, Lexington, Kentucky1298Cab-CanCar-Col1301Car1302Carson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Lucille M.), Milwaukee, Wisconsin1303Cas-Ce 1304Cha-Che1305Chi-Chu1306Chickens & Gardens1307Ci-Cl1308Clay, Mrs. John Harris (Dorothy "Dot" Norton), Paris, Kentucky1309Coa-ColCof-Dan1311Coffman, Mrs. William H. (Anne Payne), Louisville, Kentucky1312Colonial Dames1313Com-Con1314Comstock, A.B., Louisville, Kentucky1315Coo-Cor1316Cooper, Senator John Sherman, Washington, D.C1317Cos-Cow1318Cosmopolitan Club, New York, New York1319Cra-Cri13110Cro13111Cru-Cu13112Dab-DanDar-Dun1321Dar-Day1322Daughters of Colonial Wars1323Dea-Dem1324Den-Dev1325Di1326Do1327Dra-DunDrinker-Fu1331Drinker, Mrs. Henry S. (Sophie H.), Merion Station, Pennsylvania1332Dur-Dy1333Ea-Eh1334El-En1335Ep-Ew1336Executive Committee1337Fa1338Fe1339Fi-Fl13310Fo13311Ford Foundation, New York, New York13312Fr-FuGa-Gr1341Ga1342Gage, Margaret M., Santa Monica, California1343Ge1344Gi1345Gl-Go1346Goodrich, Mrs. Caspar F. (Sarah "Sally" Minis), Princeton, New Jersey1347Gra1348Grandin, Mrs. John L. Jr. (Susanna Preston Wilson), Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts1349Granger, Mrs. Alfred H. (Belle Hughitt), Lake Forest, Illinois13410Gre13411Gri-Gu13412Groner, Mrs. D. Lawrence (Marion Edwards), Washington, D.C.Ha-Ho1351Hac-Hal 1352Haggin, Margaret Voorhies Trust, New York, New York1353Ham-Han 1354Har 1355Harper, Mrs. Paul Church (Marianne "Tips" L. Stevenson), Lake Forest, Illinois 1356Has-Haz 1357He 1358Hi 1359Hoa-Hol 13510Hodges, Mrs. Charles H. Jr. (Grace W.), Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan 13511Hoo-Hoy Horn-Ju1361Horn, Mrs. Tiemann N. (Isabel Rea), New York, New York1362Howell, Mrs. Alfred H. (Ruth Rea), New York, New York1363Hud-Hum 1364Hun-Hy1365Hunt, Mrs. George R. (Margaret Howard), Lexington, Kentucky1366Hyden Committee1367Ib-In1368Iq-Ir1369Ja13610Je13611Jeeps13612Jo13613Joy, Henry B. Jr., Helen Newberry, Joy Fund, Detroit, Michigan13614JuKam-Eli1371Kam-Kel1372Kellogg Foundation, Battle Creek, Michigan1373Ken-Keu1374Kentucky, Commonwealth of1375Kentucky State Board of Health1376Ki1377King, Mrs. Lyndon M. (Betty Washburn), Minneapolis, Minnesota1378Kl-Ku1379La13710Le13711Lewis, Mrs. Marion E.S. (Marion Shouse), Matamoras, Pennsylvania13712Li13713Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IndianaLl-Mas1381Ll-Lo1382Loud, Mrs. Gordon (Honor M.), Washington, D.C. 1383Louisville Committee 1384Lu-Ly1385McA-McK 1386McIlvain, Mrs. Walter B. (Alida B.), Devon, Pennsylvania1387McL-McR 1388Mac-Man1389Mar13810Marquis Company, Chicago, Illinois13811Mas-May13812Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare 13813Massie, Dr. Francis M., Lexington, KentuckyMe-Ne1391Me 1392Mi1393Moa-Moo 1394Moorman, Mrs. Charles H. (Lily Belknap), Louisville, Kentucky1395Mor 1396Mos-Mou1397Mu-My 1398Na1399National Information Bureau, New York, New York 13910NeNew-Pi1401New York Committee1402New York Department of Social Welfare1403Ni 1404No1405Nu-Ny1406O1407O'Rear, Judge Edward C. and Mrs. (Mabel T.), Versailles, Kentucky1408Ormsby Gore, Sir David and Lady Washington, D.C.1409Pa14010Palmer, Earl Cambria, Virginia14011Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson (Mary Marvin Breckinridge), Washington, D.C.14012Pe14013Pennsylvania Department of Welfare 14014Ph14015PiPl-Rog1411Pl-Po 1412Poe, Mrs. Parker B. (Elizabeth "Pansy" Ireland, Thomasville, Georgia1413Potter, Rex B., Lexington, Kentucky 1414Practical nurses1415Pre-Pri1416Pro-Pu1417Q1418Quarterly Bulletin1419Ra14110Re14111Reader's Digest14112Ri14113Riverdale Committee 14114Roa-Rob14115Robinson, Mrs. C.A. Jr. (Celia), Providence, Rhode Island14116Roc-RogRogan-Sho1421Rogan, Mrs. Roger K. (Margaret K. Burchenal), Glendale, Ohio1422Rogers, Helen Rochester, Rochester, New York1423Roo-Roy 1424Ru-Ry1425Sa1426St. Christopher's Chapel1427St. Luke's School of Nursing New York, New York1428Sc1429Se-Sha 14210She-ShoSi-Te1431Si-Sk1432Sl-Sm1433Sn-Sp1434Social Service Referrals to outside hospital or doctor1435Sta-Sti1436Staff meeting Minutes1437Sto-Stu1438Stone, Mrs. Herman F. (Florence Scofield) & Helen S. Stone, Lawrence, New York1439Su-Sw 14310Ta-TeTh-Wash1441Th1442Ti-To1443Tr-Ty 1444U1445University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky1446Va-Ve1447Vi-Vo1448Voice of America, "The American Scene" "Angels on Horseback"1449Wac-Wal14410Wadsworth, Mrs. Seymour (Phoebe Helmer), New York, New York14411War-Wat14412Warfield, Mrs. C. Griffith (Katherine "Kitty" Knight), Washington, D.C.14413Washington CommitteeWe-Z1451We1452Wendover District Listing of Files1453Wh1454White, Mrs. Walter (Manuelita Boldt), Washington, D.C.1455Wic-Will1456Wils-Wit1457Wilson, Mrs. Karl M. (Mildred Bentley), Rochester, New York1458Wol-Wood1459Wolf Creek14510Wool-Wy14511Wright, Mrs. Floyd H. (Margaret "Retta" Johnson), Lexington, Kentucky14512Y-Z1964 - 1966 A-Ay1461A-Z-Requests for literature1462Ab-Ak1463Al1464Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Jr. (Alberta), Glenview, Kentucky1465Alpha Omicron Pi1466Am1467American Association of Nurse-Midwives1468An-Ar1469Annual Report Data14610Arpee, Mrs. Edward (Katherine Trowbridge), Lake Forest, Illinois14611As-AyBa-Bo1471Ba1472Bargain Box New York, New York1473Be1474Beasley, Dr. W.B. Rogers and family, Baltimore, Maryland1475Bi1476Bl1477Blue Cross1478BoBoard-Breck1481Board of Governors1482Boden, Mrs. Harry Clark IV (Marguerite "Carita") & Miss Kep Kelso Boden Newark, Delaware1483Bolton, Congresswoman Frances P. (Mrs. Chester C.), Washington, D.C.1484Boncompagni, Madame Margaret Preston Draper, Washington, D.C.1485Boston Committee1486Boyd, Mrs. T. Kenneth (Elizabeth), Winnetka, Illinois1487Bra1488Bre-Bri1489Breckinridge, Mrs. Clifton R. (Martha Rodes Estill Prewitt), Tiburon, California14810Breckinridge, Mary Carson Wendover, Kentucky, General correspondence14811Breckinridge, Mary Carson Wendover, Kentucky, Correspondence with staff14812Breckinridge, Mary Carson Wendover, Kentucky14813Breckinridge, Mary Festival, Leslie County, Kentucky Bro-Che1491Bro-Bry1492Bu-By1493Bullitt, Mrs. William Marshall (Nora I.) Louisville, Kentucky 1494Byron-Page Printing Company Lexington,Kentucky1495Ca-Ce1496Carson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Lucille M.), Milwaukee, Wisconsin1497Cha-CheChi-Cu1501Chi-Chu1502Chickens & Gardens1503Christmas1504Ci-Cl1505Clay, Mrs. John Harris (Dorothy "Dot" Norton), Paris, Kentucky1506Coa-Col1507Colonial Dames1508Com-Cor1509Comstock, A.B., Louisville, Kentucky15010Cos-Coy15011Cosmopolitan Club, New York, New York15012Cr-CuDa-Do1511Da1512Daughters of Colonial Wars1513De1514Di1515DoDr-Ey1521Dr1522Drinker, Mrs. Henry S. (Sophie H.), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania1523Du-Dy1524Ea-Ei1525El-En1526Ep-EyFa-Goodrich1531Fa1532Fe1533Fi-Fl1534Fo1535Ford Foundation, New York, New York1536Forgotten Frontier1537Fr-Fu1538Ga1539Gage, Margaret M., Santa Monica, California15310Ge15311Gi15312Gl-Go15313Goodrich, Mrs. Caspar F. (Sarah "Sally" Minis), Princeton, New JerseyGra-Hi1541Gra 1542Grandin, Mr. and Mrs. John L. Jr. (Susanna Preston Wilson), Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 1543Gre 1544Gri-Gu 1545Hac-Hal 1546Ham-Han 1547Har 1548Harper & Row, New York, New York1549Has-Haz 15410He 15411Heyburn, Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. (Frances Stark), Louisville, Kentucky15412HiHoa-Is1551Hoa-Hok1552Hodges, Mrs. Charles H. Jr. (Grace W.), Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan1553Hol-Hoo1554Hop-Hoy1555Horn, Mrs. Tiemann N. (Isabel Rea), New York, New York, Greenville, Mississippi1556Howell, Mrs. Alfred H. (Ruth Rea), New York, New York1557Hub-Hum1558Hun-Hy1559Hyden Committee15510Ib-In15511International Survey of Midwifery Practice and Education15512Ir-IsJa-Ki1561Ja1562Je-Ji1563Jeeps1564Jo1565Joy, Henry B. Jr., Helen Newberry Joy Fund, Detroit, Michigan1566Ka1567Kea-Kem1568Ken1569Kentucky, Commonwealth of15610Kentucky State Board of Health15611Ker-Keu15612KiKing-McI1571King, Mrs. Lyndon M. (Betty Washbum), Minneapolis, Minnesota1572Kl-Ku1573La1574Le1575Lewis, Marion E. Shouse, Matamoras, Pennsylvania1576Li1577Ll-Lo1578Loud, Mrs. Gordon (Honor M.), Washington, D.C.1579Louisville Committee15710Lu15711Ly15712McA-McC15713McG-McK15714McIlvain, Mrs. W.B. (Alida B.) & Fanny McIlvain, Devon, PennsylvaniaMcL1581McL-McV1582Mac-Man1583Mar1584Marquis Company, Chicago, Illinois1585Marts and Lundy, New York, New York1586Mary Breckinridge Hospital Fund1587Mas-May1588Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare1589Massie, Dr. Francis M., Lexington, Kentucky15810Mea-Mer15811Medicare15812Mes-Mey15813Mi15814Mob-MooMoorman-Nursing1591Moorman, Mrs. Charles H. (Lily Belknap), Louisville, Kentucky1592Mor1593Mos-Moy 1594Mu-My1595Na1596National Information Bureau, New York, New York1597Ne1598Needlework Guild1599New York Committee15910New York Department of Social Welfare15911Ni15912No15913Nursing OutlookO-Perry1601O1602Pa1603Palmer, Earl, Cambria, Virginia1604Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson (Mary Marvin Breckinridge), Washington, D.C.1605Pe1606Pennsylvania Department of Welfare1607Perry, Mrs. Arthur Jr. (Mardi Bemis), Concord, MassachusettsPh-Ri1611Ph1612Pi1613Pl-Po1614Potter, Rex B., Lexington, Kentucky1615Pra-Pri1616Practical nurses1617Pro-Pu1618Q1619Quarterly Bulletin16110Ra16111Re16112Rh-RiRo-Sh1621Ro1622Robinson, Mrs. C.A. Jr. (Celia), Providence, Rhode Island1623Rogan, Mrs. Roger K. (Margaret K. Burchenal), Glendale, Ohio1624Ru-Ry1625Sa1626St. Luke's School of Nursing, New York, New York1627Sc1628Se-ShSi-Sw1631Si-Sk1632Sl-Sm1633Sn-Sq1634Sta1635Staff meetings, Minutes1636Stone, Helen S., Lawrence, New York1637Su-SwTa-We1641Ta-Te1642Th1643Ti-To1644Tr-Ty1645U1646V1647Waa-Wal1648Warn-Wat1649WeWh-Z1651Wh1652Wia-Will1653Wils1654Wilson, Dr. and Mrs. Karl M. (Mildred Bentley), Rochester, New York1655Win-Wit1656Woa-Wood1657Wool-Wy1658Wright, Mrs. F.H. (Margaret "Retta" Johnston), Lexington, Kentucky1659Y-Z1967 - 1970Aa-Az1661Aa-Ac1662Ad-Ak1663Alpha Omicron Pi1664Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Jr. (Alberta W.), Glenview, Kentucky1665Ala-All1666Alm-Alz1667Ama-American L1668American M-Amz1669American College of Nurse-Midwives, New York, New York16610Annual Report Data 1967-196916611An-Ar16612Arpee, Mrs. Edward (Katherine Trowbridge), Lake Forest, Illinois16613As-AzBaa-Booz1671Baa-Bal1672Baird, David G., New York, New York1673Bam-Bap1674Bar-Baz1675Bargain Box1676Bea-Bek1677Beasley, Dr. and Mrs. W.B. Rogers, Hyden, Kentucky1678Bel-Bez1679Bi-Bla16710Boston Committee16711Blak-Blz16712Blue Grass Committee16713Boa-Bol16714Boden, Mrs. Harry Clark (Marguerite "Carita") & Kip Kelso Boden, Newark, Delaware16715Bolton, Mrs. Chester C. (Frances Payne), Cleveland, Ohio16716Bom-Bov16717Boncampagni, Madame Margaret Preston Draper, Washington, D.C.16718Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Washington, D.C.Bow-Byron1681Bow1682Boy-Boz1683Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. T. Kenneth (Elizabeth), Winnetka, Illinois1684Bra1685Brashear, Fred, Hyden, Kentucky1686Bre-Broo1687Breckinridge, Mrs. Clifton R. (Martha Rodes Estill Prewitt), Mount Sterling, Kentucky1688Breckinridge Family1689Brou-Bry16810Browne, Helen, Wendover, Kentucky, Correspondence with staff16811Brutus Center Library16812Bu-By16813Bullitt, Mrs. William Marshall (Nora I.), Louisville, Kentucky16814Byron-Page Printing Company, Lexington, KentuckyCaa-Clay1691Caa-Cam1692Can-Carr1693Cars-Ce1694Carson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph (Lucille M.), Milwaukee, Wisconsin1695Cha-Che1696Chi-Chy1697Christmas1698Ci-Cl1699Clay, Mrs. John Harris (Dorothy "Dot" Norton), Paris, KentuckyCoa-Dav 1701Coa-Col1702Colo-Con1703Comstock, A.B., Louisville, Kentucky1704Coo-Cor1705Cos-Coy1706Cra-Cri1707Cro1708Cur-Cz1709Dab-Dan17010Dar-DavDau-Dy1711Daughters of Colonial Wars1712Daughters of Colonial Wars1713Dea-Dem 1714Den-Dez1715Dia-Diz1716Doa-Doz1717Dra-Dun1718Drew, Homer L., Lexington, Kentucky1719Drinker, Mrs. Henry S. (Sophie H.), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania17110Dup-DyEa-Gage1721Ea-Ek1722El-En1723Ep-Ez1724Fab-Faz1725Fea-Fez1726Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery1727Fi-Fl1728Foa-Foy1729Ford Foundation, New York, New York17210Fra-Fre17211Fri-Fy17212Gab-Gay17213Gage, Margaret M., Los Angeles, CaliforniaGea-Haz1731Gea-Gez1732Gf-Gi1733Gla-Goz1734Grab-Graz1735Grea-Grez1736Gri-Gy1737Haa-Hak1738Hal1739Ham-Hap17310Hara-Hars17311Harper & Brothers, New York, New York17312Harper, Mrs. Paul Church (Marianne "Tips" L. Stevenson), Lake Forest, Illinois17313Hart-HazHea-Hyden1741Hea-Hez1742Heyburn, Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. (Frances Stark), Louisville, Kentucky1743Hia-Hiz1744Hoa-Holl1745Hodges, Mrs. C. H., Jr. (Grace W.), Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan1746Holm-Hoo1747Hop-Hoz1748Horn, Mrs. Tiemann N. (Isabel Rea), Greenville, Mississippi1749Hub-Hum17410Hun-Hy17411Hyden CommitteeIa-Key1751Ia-In1752Or-Oz1753Jac-Jam1754Jan-Ji1755Jeeps1756Joa-Jok1757Jol-Ju1758Joy, Henry B., Helen Newberry Joy Fund, Detroit, Michigan1759Kaa-Kee17510Kef-Kern17511Kellogg Foundation, Battle Creek, Michigan17512Ken17513Kentucky, Commonwealth of17514Kentucky State Board of Health17515Kep-KeyKha-Ly1761Kha-Kiz1762King, Mrs. Lyndon M. (Betty Washburn), Minneapolis, Minnesota1763Kl-Ky1764Laa-Laz1765Lea-Lei1766Lem-Lez1767Lewis, Marion E. Shouse, Metamoras, Pennsylvania1768Lia-Liz1769Lla-Loc17610Lod-Lov17611Louisville Committee17612Low-Luk17613Lul-LyMcA-Mez1771McA-McC1772McD-McK1773McL1774McM-McQ1775Maa-Mag1776Man-Man1777Mara-Marz1778Mary Breckinridge Hospital Fund1779Marquis Publications, Chicago, Illinois17710Marts & Lundy, New York, New York17711Mas-May17712Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare17713Massie, Dr. Francis M., Lexington, Kentucky17714Mea-Mer17715Medicare17716Mes-MezMic-New1781Mic-Miz1782Moa-Moo1783Moorman, Mrs. Charles H. (Lily Belknap), Louisville, Kentucky1784Mora-Morg1785Morl-Mory1786Mos-Moz1787Mu-My1788Naa-National1789National Information Bureau, New York, New York17810Nea-Neu17811Needlework Guild17812Neu-Nez17813New York Committee17814New York Department of Social WelfareNia-Piz1791Nia-Niz1792Noa-Noz1793Nu-Ny1794Nurses1795Oa-Ob1796Op-Oz1797Paa-Pal1798Pam-Paz1799Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson, (Mary Marvin Breckinridge), Washington, D.C.17910Pea-Pez17911Pennsylvania Department of Welfare17912Perry, Mrs. Arthur Jr. (Mardi Bemis), Concord, Massachusetts17913Pf-Ph17914Pia-PizPla-Ri1801Pla-Poo1802Pop-Poz1803Potter, Rex B., Lexington, Kentucky1804Pra-Proc1805Prod-Puy1806Q1807Quarterly Bulletin1808Raa-Raz1809Rea-Ree18010Ref-Rez18011Rh-RiRoa-Sou1811Roa-Rob1812The Road1813Robinson, Mrs. C.A. Jr. (Celia), Providence, Rhode Island1814Roc-Rog1815Rogan, Mrs. Roger K. (Margaret K. Burchenal), Glendale, Ohio1816Roh-Roz1817Ru-Ry1818Saa-Saint L1819St. Luke's Hospital, New York, New York18110Saint M-Saz18111Sc18112Se-Sha18113She-Shy18114Si-Sk18115Sl-Sm18116Sn-Sq18117Southeastern Kentucky Regional Health Demonstration Project, Lexington, KentuckySta-Uz1821Sta-Sti1822Sto-Sty1823Stone, Helen S., Long Island, New York1824Su-Sz1825Ta-Te1826Tha-Thy1827Ti-To1828Tr-Ty1829Ub-Un18210Up-UzVa-Wen1831Va-Ve1832Vi-Vy1833Vision Associates, New York, New York1834Waa-Wal1835Wam-Waz1836Washington Benefit Committee1837Wea-Wez1838Wendover CommitteeWha-Z1841Wha-Why1842Wia-Will1843Wilm-Wiz1844Wilson, Karl M., Rochester, New York1845Woa-Wood1846Wool-Wy1847Wright, Mrs. F. H. (Margaret "Retta" Johnston), Lexington, Kentucky1848X-Y-Z1970 - 1971A-F1851A1852B1853C1854Creason, Joe, Louisville, Kentucky1855D1856E1857FG-L1861G1862H1863I1864J1865K1866LM-R 1871M1872Missions1873N1874O1875P1876Q1877RSaa-Z1881Saa-Sip1882Schools1883Sis-Siz1884T1885U1886V1887W1888X-Y-Z1972 - 1973 A-C1891A1892Baa-Boz1893Br-Bu 1894CD-H1901D1902E1903F1904G1905HI-Mi 1911I1912J1913K1914L1915M-Mar1916Mar-My1917MissionsN-Si 1921N1922O1923Organizations1924P1925Q1926R1927Sa-SiSch-Z1931Schools1932Sk-Sz1933T1934U1935V1936W1937X-Y-ZSTAFF RECORDS SERIESIn addition to the general office files, staff members also kept sets of records while employed at the Frontier Nursing Service. These supplement the Office Records Series and provide detailed information on particular projects and specific areas of interest to staff members. Also included in this series is a group of files from the Beech Fork District as well as several miscellaneous files.HELEN E. BROWNEHelen Browne began her long career with the Frontier Nursing Service in 1938. She became Associate Director in 1957 and succeeded Mary Breckinridge as Director in 1965. She served in this position until 1977.1939 - 1965A-Am1941A-Am1942American Association of Nurse-Midwives1943American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Chicago, Illinois 1944American College of Nurse-Midwifery, New York, New York1945American Committee on Maternal Welfare, Chicago, Illinois1946American Journal of Nursing, New York, New York1947American Medical Association, Chicago, Illinois1948American Nurses Association, New York, New YorkAm-E1951American Public Health Association, New York, New York1952An-As 1953Ba-Bl1954Br-Bu 1955Byron-Page Company, Lexington, Kentucky1956C1957Clinics1958Community Carol Service1959D19510EF-Ke1961F1962G1963H1964I-J1965International contacts1966K1967Kentucky Board of Nursing Education and Nurse Registration1968Kentucky State Association of Registered Nurses Ke-Me1971Kentucky State Department of Health1972L1973M1974Me1975Medical Advisory CommitteeMe-Po1981Medical Routine, 1952-19531982Midwifery Routine, 19481983N1984O-P1985Oneida Hospital1986Personnel requests1987PoliciesPr-T1991Practical nurses' inquiries concerning employment1992Q-R1993Questionnaires1994Routines1995S1996TU-Z2001U-V2002Uniforms2003University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky2004Visitors A-F2005Visitors sent by Federal Security Agency2006Visitors G-P2007Visitors Q-Z2008Visitors miscellaneous2009W20010X-Y-Z1965 - 1977A-S2011Appalachian Regional Commission Procedures, Policies, Actions2012Appalachian Regional Commission Information Kit2013Appalachian Health Component Project2014Appalachian Health Component Project2015Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Washington, D.C.2016Beasley, W.B. Rogers, Correspondence and proposals2021Comprehensive Health Planning Councils, Minutes2022Comprehensive Health Planning Councils, Projects and proposals2023Correspondence and related materials2024Southeastern Kentucky Regional Health Demonstration Project, Lexington, KentuckyFundraising2031Correspondence and related materials2032Financial projections2033Foundations 2034Fundraising2035Legal concerns2036Marts & Lundy AnalysisFundraising (City Committees)2041Blue Grass2042Boston 2043Chicago 2044Cincinnati2045Cleveland2046Detroit2051Louisville 2052New York2053Philadelphia 2054Pittsburgh2055Providence2056Rochester2057WashingtonAGNES LEWISAgnes Lewis arrived at the Frontier Nursing Service in 1930. Her responsibilities ranged from staff supervision to property maintenance, which included care of the horses. In 1967, she retired from the position of Executive Secretary.B-G2061B2062Belknap, Mrs. Morris B. (Marion), Louisville, Kentucky2063Biggerstaff, Mrs. Homer A. (Mary L.), Berea, Kentucky2064Blumhagen, Drs. Jeanne and R.V., Lafayette, California2065Bowling, Oscar, Floyd, Frank and B.C., Big Creek, Clay County, Kentucky2066Branham, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lee, Hingman, Massachusetts2067Breckinridge, Mrs. Clifton (Martha Rodes Estill Prewitt), Tiburon, California & Prewitt, Mrs. John Marshall (Katherine "Kate" Carson Breckinridge), Mt. Sterling, Kentucky2068Breckinridge, Mrs. James C. (Dorothy Thompson) & Breckinridge, Mrs. James T. (Julia Harrison), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania2069Buck, Mr. and Mrs. George (Elizabeth), Towson, Maryland 20610C20611Coal20612Comstock, A.B., Louisville, Kentucky20613D20614F20615G20616Gage, Margaret, Santa Monica, CaliforniaH-N2071H 2072Hamilton, Berta, Newfane, Vermont2073Hensley, Maude H., Lexington, Kentucky 2074Hoskins, Will and Walter, Hyden, Kentucky2075Hull, Mrs. Walter A. (Kate), Marion, Virginia 2076Hurricane Bottom, Leslie County, Kentucky2077Joy, Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. (Helen Newberry), Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan2078Kates, Arnold and Jean, New York, New York2079Kentucky Telephone Company, London and Manchester, Kentucky 20710L20711Lewis, Marion Shouse, Correspondence regarding envelopes and stamps from first flight between Philippines and U.S. via Pan-Am on December 2, 193520712M20713Moorman, Mrs. Charles H. (Lily Belknap), Louisville, Kentucky 20714Mc20715NO-Z2081O2082P2083Patterson, Mrs. Jefferson (Mary Marvin Breckinridge), Washington, D.C.2084Price, Mrs. John W. (Barbara), Louisville, Kentucky2085Queen, Chris G., Clay County, Kentucky and Sylva, North Carolina2086R2087Reeves, Mrs. W.W. (Effie Duke), Hazard, Kentucky2088Reynolds, Mrs. C.K., Hudson, Ohio2089Rogan, Mrs. Roger K. (Margaret K. Burchenal), Cincinnati, Ohio20810S20811St. Mary's Church, Waynesville, Ohio20812Staff20813Stanfill, Sarah Carter, Lexington, Kentucky 20814T20815U20816V20817W20818X-Y-ZLUCILLE HODGELucille Hodge joined the staff of the Frontier Nursing Service as its bookkeeper in 1930. Although not employed on a continuous basis, she spent many years at the Wendover office until her retirement in 1968.1943 - 1964P-Q2091Palethrop, Betty M., Hyden Hospital2092Parke, Davis and Company, Cincinnati, Ohio2093Payrolls2094Peoples Bank, Hazard, Kentucky2095Personnel records2096Petty cash2097Philadelphia Committee2098Phoenix Hotel, Lexington, Kentucky2099Post Office20910Potter, Rex B., Lexington, Kentucky20911Princeton Committee20912Procedures and staff policies20913QR-Se2101R2102Radcliffe, Rosemary, Hyden Hospital 2103Ratliff, Katherine W., Security Trust Company, Lexington, Kentucky2104Receipts2105Hugh Rees, Ltd., London, England 2106Refunds of midwifery fee2107Rent 2108Reports 2109Reserves21010Roberts, Joe, Leslie County, Kentucky 21011Russell, Ann Chadwick, Hyden Hospital 21012S 21013Salaries 21014Sears, Roebuck and Company, Atlanta, Georgia 21015Secretaries 21016Security Trust Company, Lexington, Kentucky21017Seifert, Ruth Bessie, Hyden Hospital Sc-So2111Schedule of accounts2112Schildroth, Rachel C., Beech Fork2113Scott, Betty R., Hyden Hospital 2114Silver Anniversary2115Summers, Mary, Flat Creek2116Sizemore2117Smith2118Social Security Account Numbers, Domestic Staff2119Social Security Account Numbers, Nursing and Secretarial Staff21110Social Security Account Numbers, Correspondence with Department of Health, Education, and Welfare21111Social Security, General Correspondence21112Social Security, Correspondence with Kentucky Department of Economic Security21113Social Security, General InformationSo-St2121Social Service2122Southern States Cooperative, Richmond, Virginia2123Sparks, Mary Ruth, Wendover 2124Staff comings and goings2125Staff meetings, Minutes2126Staff payroll2127State of New York, Department of Social Welfare2128Statements of cost2129Stevens, Patricia Diane, Hyden Hospital 21210StidhamSu-Ti2131Summers, Vanda, New York, New York2132Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C.2133Sutcliffe, Brigit, Confluence2134Swindells, Marlene, Beech Fork2135T2136Tax Exempt Status2137Tax Exemptions for employees2138Tax returns, Employees2139Tax returns, Frontier Nursing Service21310Taxes21311Telephone21312Term of service21313Terrill, Grace A., Wendover 21314Time sheets, domestic employeesTr-We2141Transfers, Lexington, Kentucky2142Transylvania Printing Company2143Treasurer's reports 2144U2145V2146Vacation and sick leave2147Verification of corporation certificate2148W2149Wages, local employees21410Ware, Patricia M., Brutus21411Washington Committee21412Wesley, Dorothy, Security Trust Company, Lexington, Kentucky1965 - 1968A-B2151A2152American Journal of Nursing, New York, New York2153Alpha Omicron Pi2154Analysis of contributions2155Audits2156B2157Baird, David G., New York, New York2158Bank Accounts2159Beasley, W.B. Rogers, Hyden Hospital21510Bills21511Board21512Mary Breckinridge Hospital Fund21513Browne, Helen E., Hyden Hospital 21514Budgets21515Bulletin21516Byron-Page Printing Company, Lexington, KentuckyC-F2161C2162Campbell, Kathryn, New York, New York2163Centers 2164Checks2165Checks2166Christmas2167Committees2168Contributions2169D21610Dividends21611E21612Employees local21613Endowments21614Executive Committee21615F21616First Security National Bank and Trust Company, Lexington, Kentucky21617Ford Foundation Fund21618Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery21619Frontier Nursing Service Petty Cash ReimbursementG-J2172Gallaher, Jane, Owens, Potter & Hisle, Lexington, Kentucky2173Gamble, Madeline, Wendover 2174Gifts in kind2175H2176Margaret Durbin Harper Building Fund2177Hazard Insurance Agency, Hazard, Kentucky2178Heyburn, Henry, Louisville, Kentucky2179Holidays and vacation21710Hyden Citizens Bank21711I21712Income taxes21713Insurance Blue Cross and Blue Shield21714Internal Revenue Service21715Inventories21716JK-P2181K2182Kentucky Trust Company, Louisville, Kentucky 2183L 2184Legacies2185Leslie County Development Association 2186M2187Miscellaneous 2188Mudd, Mary Helen, Security Trust Company, Lexington, Kentucky2189Mc21810N 21811New York Committee 21812Nurses 21813Nursing Outlook, New York, New York 21814O21815P 21816Payroll21817Peoples Bank, Hazard, Kentucky 21818Petty cash21819Potter, Rex B., Lexington, Kentucky 21820Procedures and staff policiesR-Se2191R2192Receipts, Mary Breckinridge Hospital Fund2193Receipts and correspondence, Mary Breckinridge Hospital Fund 2194Receipts, miscellaneous2195Refunds2196Rent2197S2198Salaries2199Schedule of accounts21910Security Trust Company, Lexington, KentuckySo-Z2201Social Security Account Numbers, Domestic staff2202Social Security Account Numbers, Nursing and secretarial staff2203Social Security Account Numbers, Correspondence with Department of Health, Education and Welfare 2204Social Security, General correspondence2205Social Security, Correspondence with Kentucky Department of Economic Security2206Social Security, General information2207Social service2208Staff comings and goings2209Staff meetings, Minutes22010Statements of costs22011Student nurses22012T22013Taxes22014Telephone22015Term of service22016Transylvania Printing Company, Lexington, Kentucky22017U22018Vacation and sick leave22019W22020Wages, Local employees22021Wide Neighborhoods22022Workmen's compensation22023X-Y-ZNANCY DAMMANNNancy Dammann served as a Frontier Nursing Service courier on several occasions. After working overseas for the Agency for International Development, she returned to Leslie County to work with the Frontier Nursing Service in the area of public relations.A-Fo2211Agency for International Development, Washington, D.C.2212Airlie Foundation, Airlie, Virginia2213Appalachian Regional Commission, Washington, D.C. 2214Beasley, Gabrielle, Hyden, Kentucky2215Census and related information2216Clippings2217Couriers2218Crafts2219Family nurse practitioners22110Family planning, Frontier Nursing Service22111Family Planning, Kentucky22112Family Planning, regional22113Forgotton FrontierFrontier Nursing Service2221Frontier Nursing Service, Board of Governors 2222Frontier Nursing Service, Fiftieth Anniversary 2223Frontier Nursing Service, Fiscal Information 2224Frontier Nursing Service, Historical Information2225Frontier Nursing Service, Staff 2226Frontier Nursing Service, Staff Workshop2227Frontier Nursing Service, Statistics H-L2231Health Maintenance Organization2232Hospital news2233Hospitals 2234Humane Society 2235Johnson, Robert Wood Foundation 2236Kentucky River Area Development District, Hazard, Kentucky2237Leslie County News, 19742238Leslie County News, 19752239Leslie County News, n.d.M-W2241Medical directories2242Miscellaneous2243Nurses, recruiting2244Pharmacy2245Public relations2246Public relations2247Reinhart, Sally, Hyden, Kentucky2248Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts2249Statistics22410Thousandsticks News, Hyden, Kentucky22411University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky22412University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky22413Volunteers22414Wooten Family Health CenterBEECH FORK DISTRICT FILES2251Animals 2252Buildings and grounds 2253Christmas 2254District Committee2255Employees2256Expenditures2257Fees2258Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery2259Medicare22510Miscellaneous22511Nursing22512Petty cash22513Social Security 22514Social service22515Staff meetings, minutes22516Staff policies22517Statistics22518UniformsADDITIONAL FILES2261Dr. John Caldwell, Cincinnati, Ohio, Correspondence (1939-1950)Includes correspondence between Dr. Caldwell and several members of Frontier Nursing Service staff relating to patients requiring special medical attention. Dr. Caldwell's son (Jack) and daughter (Dorothy) gave copies of originals to the Frontier Nursing Service Collection.2262Zaydee Dejonge Harris Fitchburg, MassachusettsZaydee Dejonge and Mary Breckinridge became acquainted while working for the American Committee for Devastated France. Ms. Dejonge later served as Secretary of the Frontier Nursing Service's Boston Office. This correspondence from Ms. Dejonge to her mother describes her work in France and a visit to Kentucky.2263Oral History ProjectCorrespondence relating to Oral History Project directed by Dale Deaton, 1978-1980. Taped interviews record the history of the Frontier Nursing Service and its founder Mary Breckinridge, as well as the social, economic, and political life of the rural mountain area which it serves. Copies of over 200 interviews from this project are included in the Oral History Collection, University of Kentucky Library.MEMORABILIADIPLOMASFreda M. Caffin2261Society of the Lying-In Hospital of New York. Certificate of Instruction. March 15, 1913.2262Societe Francaise de Bienfaisance de New York. Certificate of Service. May 14, 1913.2263State of New York. Registered Nurse Certificate. August 27, 1913.2264Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital. Nursing and Midwifery Certificate. May 5, 1925.2265State Board of Health, State of Kentucky. Midwifery Certificate. October 10, 1925.2266Arkansas State Board of Examiners. Registered Nurse Certificate. August 27, 1926.2267Kentucky State Board of Examiners. Registered Nurse Certificate. October 10, 1926.2268California Board of Health. Registered Nurse Certificate. July 9, 1927.Edna C. Rockstroh2261Syracuse Hospital for Women and Children, Syracuse, New York. Certificate for completion of course in Obstetrics. June 26, 1918.2262Clifton Springs Sanitarium Training School for Nurses. Certificate of Completion. June 3, 1920.2263University of State of New York. Registered Nurse Certificate. July 1, 1920.2264Co. Clerk's Office, Kings County, New York. October 1, 1920.2265Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital. May 6, 1925.2266Central Midwives Board (England). June 13, 1925.2267State Board of Health, State of Kentucky. Midwifery Certificate. October 20, 1925.2268Arkansas State Board of Examiners. Registered Nurse Certificate. August 27, 1926.2269Kentucky State Board of Nurse Examiners. Registered Nurse License. October 20, 1926.22610California State Board of Health. Registered Nurse License. January 2, 1927.Edith Marsh2261Christmas card (photo of Marsh on horse as FNS nurse), n.d.; with accompanying explanatory letter, December 31, 1992.PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS SERIESIn 1928, the Frontier Nursing Service staff founded the Kentucky-State Association of Midwives with the intention of improving the professional status of nurse-midwives. The Central Midwives Board in England provided a model which the Frontier Nursing Service hoped to duplicate. The Kentucky State Association of Midwives later became the American Association of Nurse-Midwives. These records contain general information on both organizations.KENTUCKY STATE ASSOCIATION OF MIDWIVES2271Articles of Incorporation2272Amendments to Articles of Incorporation, October 19412273Membership Lists, 1928-19492274Treasurer's Reports, 1928-19492275Bank Statements and Account books, 1928-1948AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF NURSE-MIDWIVESMiscellaneous2281Articles of Incorporation2282Correspondence concerning amended Articles of Incorporation2283Kentucky Secretary of State Annual Verification 2284Council Doctors2285Council Nurses2286Nurse-Midwives in the United States2287History of Midwifery Typescript, n.d.Annual Meetings22911939-194522921946-195022931951-195522941956-196022951961-19652296"American Association of Nurse-Midwives" by Dorothy F. Buck, reprint. Quarterly Bulletin of the Frontier Nursing Service, Vol. XVII, Spring 1942.Correspondence2301A2302B2303C 2304D2305E2306F2311G2312H2313I2314J-K2315L2316M2317N2318O-P2321Q-R2322S2323T2324U-ZFINANCIAL RECORDS SERIESFinancial records provide extensive documentation of the administration of Frontier Nursing Service funds. Pages from numerous ledger books offer detailed records of the accounting system set up by Mary Breckinridge and a Lexington accountant in 1929. The Wendover staff accurately kept records of expenditures and income for a variety of accounts. Also included in this series are official audits which summarize each year's financial activity, statements of costs, payroll accounts for medical, office and domestic staff, endowments, and correspondence between the Wendover staff and the Frontier Nursing Service Treasurer.AUDITS1925 - 1940 2331May 28, 1925 - April 30, 1926 2332May 1, 1926 - April 30, 19272333May 1, 1928 - April 30, 19292334May 1, 1929 - May 10, 1930 2335May 11, 1931 - May 10, 19322336May 11, 1932 - May 10, 19332337May 11, 1933 - May 10, 19342338May 11, 1934 - May 10, 19352339May 11, 1935 - April 30, 1936 23310May 1, 1936 - April 30, 193723311May 1, 1937 - April 30, 193823312May 1, 1938 - April 30, 193923313May 1, 1939 - April 30, 1940 1940 - 1949 2341May 1, 1940 - April 30, 19412342May 1, 1941 - April 30, 19422343May 1, 1942 - April 30, 19432344May 1, 1943 - April 30, 19442345May 1, 1944 - April 30, 19452346May 1, 1945 - April 30, 19462347May 1, 1946 - April 30, 19472348May 1, 1947 - April 30, 19482349May 1, 1948 - April 30, 19491949 - 1956 2351May 1, 1949 - April 30, 19502352May 1, 1950 - April 30, 19512353May 1, 1951 - April 30, 19522354May 1, 1952 - April 30, 19532355May 1, 1953 - April 30, 19542356May 1, 1954 - April 30, 19552357May 1, 1955 - April 30, 19561956 - 1963 2361May 1, 1956 - April 30, 1957 2362May 1, 1957 - April 30, 19582363May 1, 1958 - April 30, 19592364May 1, 1959 - April 30, 19602365May 1, 1960 - April 30, 19612366May 1, 1961 - April 30, 19622367May 1, 1962 - April 30, 1963 1963 - 1970 2371May 1, 1963 - April 30, 19642372May 1, 1964 - April 30, 19652373May 1, 1965 - April 30, 19662374May 1, 1966 - April 30, 19672375May 1, 1967 - April 30, 19682376May 1, 1968 - April 30, 19692377May 1, 1969 - April 30, 1970 1970 - 1972 2381May 1, 1970 - April 30, 19712382May 1, 1971 - April 30, 1972ACCOUNTSTitle2391Statement of Receipts and Disbursements, May 28, 1925 to April 30, 1929, Used as opening entry for books, May 29, 19292392Schedule of accounts, Master Lists, c.1949Account A - General Fund2401May 1, 1929 - February 18, 19302402February 18, 1930 - May 15, 19302403May 15, 1930 - October 31, 19302404October 31, 1930 - December 22, 19302405December 22, 1930 - March 12, 19312406March 12, 1931 - June 8, 19312407June 8, 1931 - September 21, 19312408September 21, 1931 - December 15, 19312409December 15, 1931 - February 18, 193224010February 18, 1932 - June 11, 193224011June 11, 1932 - October 21, 193224012October 21, 1932 - February 8, 193324013February 8, 1933 - July 28, 193324014July 28, 1933 - November 8, 193324015November 8, 1933 - April 5, 1934 2411April 5, 1934 - August 11, 19342412August 11, 1934 - November 14, 19342413November 14, 1934 - April 1, 1935 2414April 1, 1935 - August 21, 19352415August 21, 1935 - December 13, 19352416December 13, 1935 - March 27, 19362417April 2, 1936 - July 22, 19362418July 22, 1936 - November 2, 19362419November 2, 1936 - February 26, 193724110February 26, 1937 - May 17, 193724111May 17, 1937 - October 9, 193724112October 9, 1937 - January 5, 193824113January 5, 1938 - April 27, 193824114April 27, 1938 - July 11, 193824115July 11, 1938 - November 30, 193824116November 30, 1938 - March 20, 193924117March 20, 1939 - June 15, 19392421June 15, 1939 - October 2, 19392422October 2, 1939 - January 9, 19402423January 9, 1940 - April 19, 1940 2424April 19, 1940 - June 26, 19402425June 26, 1940 - October 18, 19402426October 18, 1940 - December 30, 19402427December 30, 1940 - February 28, 19412428February 28, 1941 - May 29, 19412429May 29, 1941 - September 13, 194124210September 13, 1941 - November 24, 194124211November 24, 1941 - February 3, 194224212February 3, 1942 - April 30, 194224213April 30, 1942 - July 10, 1942 24214July 10, 1942 - October 31, 194224215November 3, 1942 - December 14, 194224216December 14, 1942 - April 19, 194324217April 19, 1943 - July 12, 19432431July 12, 1943 - October 11, 19432432October 19, 1943 - December 2, 19432433December 2, 1943 - March 8, 1944 2434March 8, 1944 - June 21, 19442435June 21, 1944 - November 7, 19442436November 7, 1944 - June 7, 19452437June 7, 1945 - December 22, 19452438December 22, 1945 - June 24, 19462439June 24, 1946 - January 31, 1947 24310January 31, 1947 - June 20, 194724311June 21, 1947 - November 15, 194724312November 15, 1947 - March 18, 194824313March 18, 1948 - July 31, 194824314July 31, 1948 - November 13, 194824315November 13, 1948 - June 25, 194924316June 25, 1949 - April 29, 195024317April 30, 1950 - February 28, 19512441March 10, 1951 - April 30, 19522442April 30, 1952 - June 12, 19532443June 12, 1953 - April 30, 19542444April 30, 1954 - February 11, 19552445February 11, 1955 - November 7, 19552446November 7, 1955 - Jun* 7, 19562447June 12, 1956 - February 18, 19572448February 23, 1957 - October 23, 19572449October 23, 1957 - November 28, 195824410December 19, 1958 - June 30, 196024411July 8, 1960 - December 31, 194124412January 2, 1962 - May 16, 196324413May 17, 1963 - October 16, 196324414October 29, 1963 - February 4, 196624415February 15, 1966 - April 30, 1967Account B - Petty Cash2451May 1, 1929 - November 10, 19302452November 10, 1930 - September 23, 19312453September 23, 1931 - October 19, 1932 2454October 29, 1932 - December 18, 19332455December 19, 1933 - May 31, 19312456June 5, 1934 - October 15, 19342457October 15, 1934 - March 8, 19352458March 8, 1935 - August 13, 19352459August 13, 1935 - January 18, 193624510January 20 1936 - June 12, 193624511June 12, 1936 - September 19, 193624512September 19, 1936 - January 16, 193724513January 16, 1937 - April 29, 193724514May 1, 1937 - August 6, 193724515August 6, 1937 - November 18, 19372461November 22, 1937 - March 15, 19382462March 15, 1938 - July 6, 19382463July 7, 1938 - November , 19382464November 4, 1938 - March 10, 19392465March 10, 1939 - June 13, 19392466June 14, 1939 - September 11, 19392467September 11, 1939 - December 8, 19392468December 8, 1939 - April 2, 19402469April 2, 1940 - June 21, 194024610June 21, 1940 - September 14, 194024611September 14, 1940 - December 13, 194024612December 13, 1940 - March 15, 194124613March 15, 1941 - May 28, 1941 24614May 28, 1941 - August 16, 194124615August 16, 1941 - November 4, 19412471November 4, 1941 - January 26, 19422472January 26, 1942 - April 19, 19422473April 28, 1942 - July 22, 1942 2474July 22, 1942 - October 5, 19422475October 4, 1942 - February 10, 19432476February 10, 1943 - May 22, 19432477May 22, 1943 - August 28, 19432478August 28, 1943 - December 11, 19432479December 11, 1943 - April 7, 194424710April 7, 1944 - July 11, 194424711July 11, 1944 - November 24, 194424712November 24, 1944 - April 12, 194524713April 12, 1945 - August 21, 194524714August 21, 1945 - January 11, 194624715January 11, 1946 - April 27, 19462481May 1, 1946 - September 4, 19462482September 4, 1946 - January 25, 19472483January 25, 1947 - June 13, 19472484June 13, 1947 - September 11, 19472485September 11, 1947 - January 20, 19482486January 20, 1948 - May 22, 19482487May 22, 1948 - September 17, 19482488September 17, 1948 - December 17, 19482489December 17, 1948 - March 12, 194924810March 12, 1949 - May 28, 194924811May 28, 1949 - August 8, 194924812August 8, 1949 - October 26, 194924813October 26, 1949 - December 31, 1949 24814March 1, 1950 - May 2, 1950Account B - Organization Fund2491May 2, 1950 - July 19, 19502492July 19, 1950 - September 19, 19502493September 30, 1950 - December 8, 19502494December 8, 1950 - March 3, 19512495March 3, 1951 - May 12, 19512496May 22, 1951 - August 29, 19512497August 20, 1951 - November 16, 19512498November 16, 1951 - January 25, 19522499February 1, 1952 - April 10, 195224910April 10, 1952 - July 30, 195224911August 1, 1952 - October 23, 195224912October 23, 1952 - February 4, 195324913February 4, 1953 - May 5, 1953 24914May 5, 1953 - July 31, 195324915July 31, 1953 - October 31, 19532501October 31, 1953 - January 25, 19542502January 25, 1954 - April 10, 19542503April 10, 1954 - June 17, 19542504June 17, 1954 - September 14, 19542505September 14, 1954 - November 23, 19542506November 23, 1954 - February 10, 19552507February 10, 1955 - April 22, 19552508April 22, 1955 - September 14, 19552509September 16, 1955 - December 2, 195525010December 2, 1955 - February 10, 195625011February 10, 1956 - April 11, 195625012April 11, 1956 - June 1, 195625013June 1, 1956 - July 27, 195625014July 27, 1956 - September 10, 195625015September 10, 1956 - November 30, 19562511December 1, 1956 - February 7, 19572512February 8, 1957 - April 19, 19572513April 19, 1957 - June 15, 1957 2514June 17, 1957 - August 10, 19572515August 10, 1957 - October 10, 19572516October 10, 1957 - December 6, 19572517December 6, 1957 - February 10, 19582518February 10, 1958 - April 24, 19582519April 24, 1958 - June 30, 195825110June 30, 1958 - September 23, 195825111September 23, 1958 - November 20, 195825112November 25, 1958 - February 13, 195925113February 13, 1959 - April 3, 195925114April 3, 1959 - June 26, 195925115June 26, 1959 - September 4, 19592521September 4, 1959 - November 17, 19592522November 17, 1959 - January 20, 19602523January 20, 1960 - March 31, 1960 2524March 31, 1960 - June 7, 19602525July 7, 1960 - August 16, 19602526August 16, 1960 - October 31, 19602527October 31, 1960 - December 14, 19602528December 17, 1960 - February 28, 19602529February 28, 1961 - April 30, 196125210May 1, 1961 - June 20, 196125211June 20, 1961 - August 31, 196125212August 31, 1961 - November 1, 196125213November 2, 1961 - January 5, 1962 25214January 5, 1962 - March 2, 196225215March 2, 1962 - April 19, 194225216April 19, 1962 - June 15, 19622531June 15, 1962 - August 7, 19622532August 7, 1962 - October 5, 19622533October 5, 1962 - December 6, 19622534December 6, 1962 - February 8, 19632535February 8, 1963 - April 9, 19632536April 10, 1963 - June 13, 19432537June 14, 1963 - August 6, 19632538August 7, 1963 - October 8, 19632539October 8, 1963 - December 6, 196325310December 6, 1963 - February 6, 196425311February 6, 1964 - April 2, 196425312April 2, 1964 - May 29, 196425313May 29, 1964 - July 15, 196425314July 15, 1964 - September 4, 196425315September 4, 1964 - October 30, 196425316October 31, 1964 - February 18, 19652541February 19, 1965 - April 8, 19652542April 8, 1965 - June 5, 19652543June 5, 1965 - July 31, 19652544July 31, 1965 - September 16, 19652545September 8, 1965 - November 26, 19652546November 26, 1965 - January 28, 19662547January 28, 1966 - March 23, 19662548March 24, 1966 - May 20, 19662549May 21, 1966 - July 29, 196625410July 29, 1966 - September 23, 196625411September 23, 1966 - November 11, 196625412November 11, 1966 - January 10, 196625413January 10, 1967 - March 4, 1967 25414March 4, 1967 - May 31, 1967Accounts C - W2551C Hyden District Fund2552D Wendover District Fund2553E Beech Fork District Fund2554F Possum Bend District Fund2555G Red Bird District Fund2556H Hyden Operating Fund2557H Hyden Operating Fund2558I Hyden Building Fund2559J Red Bird Building Fund25510K Possum Bend Building Fund25511L M. Ross Trustee Account25512M Flat Creek District Fund25513N Flat Creek Building Fund25514O Wendover25515P Ozark Fund25516Q Beverly District Fund25517R Brutus District Fund25518S Bowlingtown District Fund25519T Brutus Building Fund25520U Bowlingtown District Fund25521V Jessie Preston Draper Addition25522W Trustee Account - ManchesterAccounts X - Johnson Children Trustee2561X - Alpha Omicron Pi, October 14, 1932 - December 8, 19362562X - Alpha Omicron Pi, December 8, 1936 - December 31, 1941 2563X - Alpha Omicron Pi, February 21, 1942 - April 26, 19462564X - Alpha Omicron Pi, May 15, 1946 - October 31, 19502565X - Alpha Omicron Pi, November 2, 1950 - December 23, 1954 2566X - Alpha Omicron Pi, January 5, 1955 - December 23, 19582567X - Alpha Omicron Pi, December 31, 1958 - July 30, 1960 2568X - Alpha Omicron Pi, July 31, 1960 - December 30, 19612569X - Alpha Omicron Pi, January 6, 1962 - April 30, 1963 25610X - Alpha Omicron Pi, May 1, 1963 - September 14, 1965 25611X - Alpha Omicron Pi, September 10, 1965 - April 30, 196725612Y - New York Office25613Z - Special Building Fund - Nurses Quarters25614AA - Margaret Durbin Harper Building Fund25615BB - Frances Bolton Nursing Center25616FJ - Ford Foundation Checking Account25617GJ - General Journal25618Citizens Hospital Fund25619Johnson Children Trustee AccountAccount PR - Staff Payroll2571July 1958 - July 19602572July 1960 - April 19632573May 1963 - October 19652574November 1965 - April 19672575Miscellaneous staff payroll informationAccounts 1 - 33A25811 Security Trust Company, General Account25822 Security Trust Company, Alpha Omicron Pi25833 Security Trust Company, Staff Payroll25844 Security Trust Company, Margaret Durbin Harper Building Fund25855 People's Bank (Hazard), Organization Account258610 Accounts Receivable258712 Guaranty Trust Company (New York), Income Account258813 United States Trust Company, Income Account258914 Investments2581015 Land and Buildings - Hyden2581115A Hyden Hospital Annex2581215B The Hospital Cottage2581315C New Tank - Hyden Hospital 2581415D New Barn - Hyden Hospital2581515E Special Building Fund (Joy House and Lower Porch - Hospital)2581615F Midwifery Training School Cottage2581715G Furnishings - Joy House2581815H New Stone Cistern - Hyden Hospital2581915J Building Fund - Nurses Quarters2582015K Nurses Quarters - Expense Account2582115M Citizens Hospital Fund2582215P Chapel - Hyden2582316 Land and Buildings - Wendover 2582416A New Office Rooms - Wendover2582516B New Administration Building2582616c Garden House - Wendover2582716D New Garden House - Wendover2582816E Garden House Addition2582917 Land and Buildings - Beech Fork2583017A Jessie Preston Draper Addition2583118 Land and Buildings - Possum Bend (Confluence)2583219 Land and Buildings - Red Bird2583320 Land and Buildings - Flat Creek(Atwood) 2583421 Land and Buildings - The Clearing2583522 Equipment - Hyden2583623 Equipment - Wendover2583724 Equipment - Beech Fork2583825 Equipment - Possum Bend2583926 Equipment - Red Bird2584027 Equipment - Flat Creek (Atwood)2584128 Equipment - The Clearing2584229 Equipment - Household2584330 Equipment - Dispensary2584431 Equipment - Motion Pictures2584532 Equipment - Office2584633 Equipment - Horses2584733A Equipment - Motor VehiclesAccounts 34 - 540259134 Horses and Wagons259235 Sheep, Cattle and Hogs259337 US Trust Company - Trustee259437A Security Trust Company - Trustee259537C Bankers Trust Company - Trustee259637D Investments - Stocks General Endowment Fund259737E Investments - Bonds259838 Land and Buildings - Brutus259939 Land and Buildings - Bowlingtown2591040 Equipment - Brutus2591141 Equipment - Bowlingtown2591242 Equipment - Beverly2591343 Equipment - Wolf Creek2591444 Land and Buildings - Wolf Creek2591545 Investments in Bonds - Building Fund2591648 Transfer from Reserves2591749 Money Borrowed2591850 Victory Tax - Withholding Tax2591950A Social Security2592050B State Withholding Tax2592151 Trust Funds - Specific Endowments2592251-22 Louie A. Hall Legacy2592351-26 Reserve Account2592451-37 Helen Hayes Watson Legacy2592551-48 Bertha G. Wood Legacy2592652 Revenue and Expense2592753 Contributions - Social Service Work2592853A Social Service Special Account2592954 Contributions and Subscriptions2593054A Receipts for sales of Clever Country2593154B Proceeds of Britannic Cruise2593254C Receipts for Income and Health in Remote Rural Areas2593354D Receipts for sales of Nurses on Horseback2593454D-1 Receipts for sales of "I Wanted to Live, America"2593554D-2 Receipts for sales of the Medical Routine2593654D-3 Receipts for sales of Organdie and Mull2593754D-4 Sale of Postcards2593854D-5 Wide Neighborhoods miscellaneous2593954D-6 Wide Neighborhoods inventory2594054D-7 Wide Neighborhoods sales2594154E Fees for speaking engagements2594254F Benefits2594354G Leslie County Infantile Paralysis Fund2594454H Scholarships Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery2594554I Margaret Durbin Harper Building Fund2594654K Gifts in Kind2594754O Livestock SalesAccounts 55 - 98B260155 Income from Nursing Centers260255A Receipts for Medical Fees260355B Hospital Fees260455C Hyden Hospital Clinic Fees260556 State Board of Health260657 Post Office Receipts260759 Refunds - Miscellaneous260860 Nurses Board260960A Board Hyden Nurses and Patients2601060B Board Nurses Midwives Quarters2601160C Board Nurses Wooten Clinic2601260D Board Nurses Beech Fork2601361 Income from Investments2601461A Rent Received2601565 Cumulated (Yearly) Expense2601666 Cumulated (Yearly) Contributions2601786 Rent - General2601896 Petty Cash2601997 Loans - Local2602098 Returned Checks2602199 Clearing Account2602299A Bank Transfer2602399B Accounts ReceivableAccounts 101 - 1202611101 Traveling - Director and Personnel2612101A Traveling - Assistant Director2613101B Salary - Director2614101C Salary - Research Director2615102 Salary - Secretaries2616103 Salaries - Accounting Department2617103A Clerical and Stenographic2618103B Furlough Salaries2619104 Stationery, Stamps and Printing26110104a Stationery, Stamps and Printing26111105 Office Supplies26112105A Office Supplies - Midwives' Quarters26113106 Telephone and Telegraph26114107 Auditing26115108 Advertising for Staff26116109 Books and Magazines26117109A Books and Magazines - Midwives' Quarters26118110 Insurance26119110A Insurance - Fire and Liability26120111 Interest26121112 Taxes26122112A Excise and Stamp Taxes26123120 Miscellaneous Administrative ExpenseAccounts 125 - 1642621125 Bulletins2622126 Scholarships and Educational Work2623126A Cadet Nurses' Stipend2624127 Donations2625128 Social Service Work2626128A Relief - Drought2627128B Social Service Work Expense2628129 Dentist2629130 Motion Picture Expense26210130A Stereopticoms and Slides26211131 Economic Survey26212145 Housekeeper - Salary26213150 Contact Secretary - Salary26214150A F.I.C.A. Taxes - Employee26215151 Indian Nurses - Expenses26216151 Salary - Research Director (formerly 101C)26217151A Indian Survey26218152 Contact Secretary - Telephone and Telegraph26219153 New York Office Expense26220154 Chicago Office Expense26221155 Record Department Expense - Carnegie Corporation Grant 26222155A Salaries - Record Department26223156 Membership Drive - Salaries 26224156 Settlement of Old Claims 26225157 Membership Drive - Expense 26226157 Books and Magazines (formerly 109) 26227158 State Committee Expense 26228159 Interest (formerly 111) 26229160 Agricultural Secretary Salary 26230161 Miscellaneous Promotional Expense 26231163 Boston Office Expense 26232164 Cincinnati Office ExpenseAccounts 175 - 1852631175 Salary - Nurses2632175A Salary and Expenses - Doctor2633176 Nurses Records2634176 Wages - General2635176A Extra Labs2636176C Wages - General - All Centers2637177 Registration of Nurses and Doctor2638178 Nurses Uniforms2639178A Nurses Uniforms - Midwifery Students26310179 Dispensary Supplies26311179A Dispensary Supplies (diapers, layettes, repairs to instruments)26312180 Hospital and Medical Attention26313180A Hospital and Medical Attention26314181 Repairs and Upkeep26315181-1 Household Supplies - General26316181AC Electricity (All Centers except Wolf Creek)26317181B Repairs and Upkeep - General26318181C Repairs and Upkeep - Wages (All Center except Wolf Creek)26319181C-1 Repairs and Upkeep - Materials, tools, replacements (All Centers except Wolf Creek) 26320182 Feed and Care of Horses26321182A Clearing Expenses26322182C Feed and Care of Horses - Wages (All Centers except Wolf Creek)26323182C-1 Feed and Care of Horses - Feed, shoes, etc. (All Centers except Wolf Creek)26324183 Freight and Hauling26325183C Freight and Hauling - Hauling Wages (All Centers except Wolf Creek) 26326184 Transportation - Patients26327184A Transportation - New Nurses and Attendants26328185 Transportation - New Nurses - GeneralAccounts 186 - 2992641186 Fuel, Gasoline, etc.2642187 Operation - Hyden Hospital 2643187A Operation - Hyden Hospital - Salaries2644187C Fuel - Wages for hauling (All Centers except Wolf Creek)2645187C1 Fuel - Coal, wood (All Centers except Wolf Creek)2646188 Laundry2647189 Telephone and Telegraph 2648189C Laundry and Clearing - Wages (All Centers except Wolf Creek)2649190 Postage and Telephone26410190C Telephone and Telegraph - All Centers26411191 Postage and Stationery26412191A Nurses' Records and Supplies - General26413191C Postage and Stationery - All Centers26414192 Motor Vehicle Expense 26415192-1 Motor Vehicle Expense26416193 Food and Supplies - General26417194 Patients Staying at Center - General26418194C Cost of Living Subsidy26419195 Guests - General26420195C Guests - Couriers and Staff (All Centers) 26421196 Live Stock and Poultry Expense - General26422196C Live Stock and Poultry Expense - Wages (All Centers except Wolf Creek)26423196C-1 Live Stock and Poultry Expense - Feed, salt, etc. (All Centers except Wolf Creek)26424197 Cows and Hogs 26425197A Feed and Care of Pets26426199 Miscellaneous Field Expense (All Centers except Wolf Creek)26427275 Salaries - Nurses, Hyden26428276A Salaries and Wages, Joy House26429276B Wages - General Work, Joy House26430279 Dispensary Supplies Hyden26431280 Hospital - Surgical Attention, Hyden26432280A Hospital - Medical Attention, Hyden26433281 Repairs and Upkeep, Hyden26434281A Electricity, Joy House 26435281B Repairs and Upkeep, Joy House 26436281B-1 Household Supplies and Furnishings, Joy House26437282 Feed and Care of Horses, Hyden26438283 Hauling and Freight, Hyden 26439283A Hauling and Freight, Joy House26440284 Transportation - Patients and Attendants, Hyden26441286 Rent, Hyden 26442287 Fuel, Hyden26443287A Fuel, Joy House26444288 Gasoline and Oil, Hyden26445289 Laundry and Cleaning, Hyden26446289A Laundry and Cleaning, Joy House26447290 Telephone and Telegraph, Thousandsticks, Joy House26448291 Postage and Stationery, Hyden26449292 Ambulance Expense, Hyden26450293 Food and Supplies, Hyden26451293A Food and supplies, Joy House26452296 Live Stock and Poultry Expense, Hyden26453297 Cows and Hogs, Hyden 26454298A Garden Joy, House26455299 Miscellaneous Expense, HydenAccounts 375 - 381, Wendover2651375 Salaries - Nurses2652376 Salaries and Wages2653376A Extra Labor2654376B Wages, Nightwatchman2655379 Dispensary Supplies2656380 Hospital - Surgical Attention2657380A Hospital - Medical Attention2658381 Repairs and Upkeep2659381 Repairs and Upkeep26510381 Repairs and Upkeep26511381 Repairs and UpkeepAccounts 381-1 - 392, Wendover2661381-1 Household Supplies and Furnishings2662381A Electricity2663381B Repairs and Upkeep - Wages2664381C Repairs and Upkeep - Building New Chicken Houses2665381D Repairs and Upkeep - Building New Barn known as "Jeep Shed"2666381E Enlarging Far-End Room Lower Shelf2667382 Feed and Care of Horses2668382-1 Feed and Care of Horses - Feed2669383 Hauling and Freight26610384 Transportation - Patients26611387 Fuel26612387-1 Fuel Products - coal, wood26613388 Gasoline and oil26614389 Laundry and Cleaning26615389-1 Laundry and Cleaning - outside laundries and supplies26616390 Telephone and Telegraph26617391 Postage and Stationery26618391A Nurses' Records and Supplies26619392 Motor Vehicle ExpenseAccounts 393 - 399, Wendover2671393 Food and Supplies2672393 Food and Supplies2673396 Livestock and Poultry Expense2674396-1 Livestock and Poultry Expense - feed, salt brick, milk buckets, etc.2675397 Cow Feed2676398 Garden2677398-1 Garden - seeds, plants2678399 Miscellaneous expenseAccounts 475 - 499, Beech Fork 2681475 Salaries - Nurses2682476 Salaries and Wages2683395 Guests2684476A Extra Labor2685479 Dispensary Supplies2686480 Hospital - Surgical Attention2687480A Hospital - Medical Attention2688481 Repairs and Upkeep2689481-1 Household Supplies26810481A Electricity26811482 Feed and Care of Horses26812483 Hauling and Freight26813484 Transportation - Patients26814487 Fuel26815488 Gasoline and Oil26816489 Laundry and Cleaning26817490 Telephone and Telegraph26818491 Postage and Stationery26819491A Nurses' Records and Supplies26820492 Car Expense26821493 Food and Supplies26822494 Patients Staying at Center26823495 Guests26824495A Nurses Staying at Center26825496 Livestock and Poultry Expense26826498 Garden26827499 Miscellaneous ExpenseAccounts 575 - 599, Possum Bend, etc.2691575 Salaries - Nurses2692576 Wages2693579 Dispensary Supplies2694580 Hospital - Surgical Attention2695581 Repairs and Upkeep2696581-1 Household Supplies2697581A Electricity2698582 Feed and Care of Horses2699583 Hauling and Freight26910584 Transportation - Patients26911587 Fuel26912588 Gasoline and Oil26913589 Laundry and Cleaning26914590 Telephone and Telegraph26915591 Postage and Stationery26916591A Nurses' Records and Supplies26917592 Motor Vehicle Expense26918593 Food and Supplies26919594 Patients Staying at Center26920595 Guests26921595A Nurses Staying at Center26922596 Livestock and Poultry Expense26923598 Garden26924599 Miscellaneous Field ExpenseAccounts 675 - 699, Red Bird2701675 Salaries - Nurses2702676 Wages2703676A Extra Labor2704679 Dispensary Supplies2705680 Hospital - Surgical Attention2706680A Hospital - Medical Attention2707681 Repairs and Upkeep2708681-1 Household Supplies2709681A Electricity27010682 Feed and Care of Horses27011683 Hauling and Freight27012684 Transportation - Patients27013687 Fuel27014688 Gasoline and Oil27015689 Laundry and Cleaning27016690 Telephone and Telegraph27017691 Postage and Stationery27018691A Nurses' Records and Supplies27019692 Car Expense27020693 Food and supplies27021694 Patients Staying at Center27022695 Guests27023695A Nurses Staying at Center27024696 Livestock and Poultry Expense27025698 Garden27026699 Miscellaneous Field ExpenseAccounts 775-799, Flat Creek2711775 Salaries - Nurses2712776 Wages2713779 Dispensary Supplies2714780A Hospital - Medical Attention2715781 Repairs and Upkeep2716781-1 Household Supplies2717781-A Electricity2718782 Feed and Care of Horses2719783 Hauling and Freight27110784 Transportation - Patients27111787 Fuel27112788 Gasoline and Oil27113789 Laundry and Cleaning27114780 Telephone and Telegraph27115791 Postage and Stationery27116791A Nurses' Records and Supplies27117792 Car Expense27118793 Food and Supplies27119794 Patients Staying at Center27120795 Guests27121795A Nurses Staying at Center27122796 Live Stock and Poultry Expense27123798 Garden27124799 Miscellaneous Field ExpenseAccounts 875 - 881C, Hyden Hospital2721875 Salaries - Nurses2722876 Salaries and Wages2723876 Salaries and Wages2724876 Salaries and Wages2725876A Extra labor2726876 Wages - Nightwatchman2727879 Dispensary Supplies2728880 Surgical Attention2729880A Medical Attention27210881 Repairs and Upkeep27211881 Repairs and Upkeep27212881 Repairs and Upkeep27213881-1 Household Supplies27214881A Electricity27215881B Repairs and Upkeep - attic, dormer, windows, roof27216881C Citizens Hospital Fund - remodeling jobAccounts 882 - 899, Hyden Hospital2731882 Feed and Care of Horses2732882-1 Feed and Care of Horses - feed2733883 Hauling and Freight2734884 Transportation - Patients2735887 Fuel2736887-1 Fuel products - coal, wood, etc.2737887A Royalties on coal mined on hospital property2738888 Gasoline and Oil2739889 Laundry and Cleaning27310889-1 Laundry and Cleaning - outside laundries, supplies27311890 Telephone and Telegraph27312891 Postage and Stationery27313891A Nurses' Records and Supplies27314892 Car Expense27315893 Food and Supplies27316893 Food and Supplies27317893-1 Household Supplies27318896 Livestock and Poultry Expense27319896-1 Livestock and Poultry Expense - feed, supplies, etc.27320897 Cows and Hogs27321898 Garden27322899 Miscellaneous Field ExpenseAccounts 976 - 998, The Clearing2741976 Wages - Repairs and Upkeep2742981 Repairs and Upkeep2743981-1 Repairs and Upkeep - household supplies, furnishings, wire fence2744981A Electricity2745982 Feed and Care of Horses2746983 Hauling and Freight2747983 Food and Supplies2748996 Live Stock and Poultry Expense2749996-1 Live Stock and Poultry Expense - feed, salt27410998 GardenAccounts 1075 -1099, Brutus27511075 Salaries - Nurses 27521076 Wages 27531076A Extra Labor 27541079 Dispensary Supply 27551081 Repairs and upkeep 27561081-1 Household Supplies 27571081A Electricity27581082 Feed and Care of Horses27591083 Hauling and Freight275101084 Transportation - Patients275111086 Rent275121087 Fuel275131089 Laundry and Cleaning275141090 Telephone and Telegraph 275151091 Postage and Stationery275161091A Nurses' Records and Supplies275171092 Car Expense275181093 Food and Supplies 275191094 Patients Staying at Center275201095 Guests275211095A Nurses Staying at Center275221096 Live Stock and Poultry Expense275231098 Garden 275241099 Miscellaneous Field ExpenseAccounts 1175 - 1199, Bowlingtown 27611175 Salaries - Nurses27621176 Wages27631176A Extra labor27641179 Dispensary supplies27651180 Hospital - Surgical Attention27661180A Hospital - Medical Attention27671181 Repairs and Upkeep27681181-1 Household Supplies27691181A Electricity276101182 Feed and Care of Horses276111183 Hauling and Freight276121184 Transportation - Patients276131186 Rent 276141187 Fuel276151189 Laundry and Cleaning276161190 Telephone and Telegraph276171191 Postage and Stationery276181191A Nurses' Records and Supplies276191192 Car Expenses276201193 Food and Supplies276211194 Patients Staying at Center276221195 Guests276231195A Nurses Staying at Center276241196 Livestock and Poultry Expense276251197 Cow - Feed, etc.276261198 Garden276271199 Miscellaneous Field ExpenseAccounts 1275 - 1299, Beverly27711275 Salaries - Nurses27721279 Dispensary Supplies27731281 Repairs and Upkeep27741282 Feed and Care of Horses27751283 Freight and Hauling27761286 Rent27771289 Laundry and Cleaning27781290 Telephone and Telegraph27791291 Postage and Stationery277101295 Guests277111299 Miscellaneous Field ExpenseAccounts 1375 - 1399, Midwives' Quarters27811375 Salaries - Nurses27821376 Salaries and Wages27831379 Dispensary Supplies27841381 Repairs and Upkeep27851381-1 Household Supplies27861381A Electricity27871383 Hauling and Freight27881387 Fuel27891387-1 Fuel - gas, oil, coal, wood 278101388 Gasoline and Oil278111389 Laundry and Cleaning278121389-1 Laundry and Cleaning - outside laundries, soap, etc.278131390 Telephone and Telegraph 278141391 Postage and Stationery278151392 Motor Vehicle Expense278161393 Food and Supplies278171393-1 Household Supplies278181396 Livestock and Poultry Expense278191398 Garden278201399 Miscellaneous Field ExpenseAccounts 1475 - 1499, Wooten Clinic, Wolf Creek Center27911475 Salaries - Nurses27921476 Salaries and Wages27931476A Extra Labor27941481 Repair and Upkeep27951481-1 Household Supplies27961481A Electricity27971482 Feed and Care of Horses27981482-1 Feed and Care of Horses - feed, etc.27991483 Hauling and Freight279101486 Rent279111487 Fuel279121487-1 Fuel - coal, wood, etc.279131488 Gasoline and Oil279141489 Laundry and Cleaning279151489-1 Laundry and Cleaning - outside laundries, soap, etc.279161490 Telephone and Telegraph 279171491 Postage279181492 Motor Vehicle Expense 279191492-1 Motor Vehicle Expense - tires, tubes, repair279201493 Food and Supplies 279211495 Guests, Couriers and Staff279221496 Livestock and Poultry Expense279231496-1 Livestock and Poultry Expense - feed 279241498 Garden 279251499 Miscellaneous Field ExpenseAccounts 1576 - 1599, Haggin Quarters28011576 Wages28021581 Repairs and Upkeep 28031581-1 Household Supplies28041583 Hauling and Freight28051587 Fuel28061589 Laundry and Cleaning28071590 Telephone28081598 Garden28091599 MiscellaneousDISTRICT ACCOUNTS 2811Atwood, 1954-19682812Beech Fork 1, 1954-19682813Beech Fork 2, 1954-1968 2814Beech Fork 3, 1965-1966As of October 1946, Beech Fork 3 was included in Beech Fork 1 and 2. 2815Brutus, 1954-19682816Brutus 1, 1959-1968Brutus 1 and 2 were combined into one district from May 1952 through December 1958, and funds collected were posted to Brutus 1. Two districts were re-established on January 1, 1959, and separate postings were made thereafter.2817Hyden, 1954-19632818Hyden Hospital, 1954-19622819Hyden Hospital, 1962-196828110MTD, 1954-1967As of August 1967, MTD funds are included in the Hyden Hospital and Hyden Clinic funds.28111Red Bird 1, 1954-196828112Red Bird 2, 1954-196828113Wendover, 1954-196828114Wolf Creek 1, 1959-196828115Wolf Creek 2, 1958-1967CORRESPONDENCE WITH FRONTIER NURSING SERVICE TREASURER2821Correspondence with C.N. Manning, 1925-19472822Correspondence with C.N. Manning Executive Committee and others regarding financial matters, 1941-19462823Correspondence with Minnie Grove, 1940-1947 2824General correspondence, 19402825Lucille Hodges' file, 1931-19392826C.N. Manning's Office Files, Correspondence, 1929-19462827C.N. Manning's Office Files, Miscellaneous items, 1930-19362828C.N. Manning's Office Files, Financial statements (receipts and disbursements), 1925-19312831Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19472832Ed Dabney's Office Files, 19472833Correspondence with Annie Ledridge, 1947-1949 2834Correspondence with Security Trust Company, 1947-19502835Correspondence with Ed Dabney2836Ed Dabney's Office Files, 19482841Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19492842Ed Dabney's Office Files, 19492843Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19502844Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19502845Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19502851Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19512852Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19512853Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 1951 2854Correspondence with Security Trust Company, 1951-19532855Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19522856Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19522857Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19522861Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19532862Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19532863Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 1953 2864Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19542865Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19542866Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19542867Correspondence with Security Trust Company, 1954-19572871Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19552872Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19552873Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19552874Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19542875Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19562876Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19562881Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19572882Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19572883Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 1957 2884Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19502885Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19582886Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19582891Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19592892Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19592893Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19592894Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19602895Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19602896Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19602901Correspondence with Ed Dabney, 19612902Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 19612903Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19612904Correspondence with Ed Dabney, January-June 19622905Correspondence with Ed Dabney, July-December 19622911Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 1962 2912Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 1962 2913Correspondence with Ed Dabney, January-June 19632914Correspondence with Ed Dabney, July-December 19632915Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 1963 2916Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 19632921Correspondence with Ed Dabney, January-June 1964 2922Correspondence with Ed Dabney, July-December 1964 2923Ed Dabney's Office Files, January-June 1964 2924Ed Dabney's Office Files, July-December 1964 2925First Security National Bank & Trust Company of Lexington, Trust Department Account Analysis, 19642931Correspondence with Ed Dabney, January-June 19652932Correspondence with Ed Dabney, July-December 19652933Correspondence with Ed Dabney, January-June 1966 2934Correspondence with Ed Dabney, July-December 1966 2935Ed Dabney's Office Files: Wills, Trusts, EndowmentsENDOWMENTS2941Alexander, Elizabeth Agnes, New York, New York2942Arden, Elizabeth, New York, New York2943Atwood, Jane Short, Lexington, Kentucky 2944Baird Foundation, New York, New York2945Ballard, Sunshine Harris, Glenview, Kentucky2946Boehm, Margaret Donaldson, Baltimore, Maryland2947Boyd, Thomas Kenneth, Wichita, Kansas2948Breckinridge, Margaret C., Chicago, Illinois2949Browne, Eliza A., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania29410Bullock, Grace H., Lexington, Kentucky29411Carey, Mary Barney, Hartford, Connecticut29412Crane, Louisa D., Cincinnati, Ohio29413Davidson, Grace H., Chicago, Illinois29414Douglas, Mrs. Archibald, New York, New York29415Eisaman, Lillian Hoag, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania29416Errett, Augusta Tomlinson, Cincinnati, Ohio29417Eudy, Mary Cummings Paine, Louisville, Kentucky29418Fant, Nelson, Flemingsburg, Kentucky29419Ford Foundation, Dearborn, Michigan29420Gage, Margaret M., New York, New York29421Gill, Mary Parker, Louisville, Kentucky29422Goldsmith, Hugo, Cincinnati, Ohio29423Griffing, Martine McHenry, Indianapolis, Indiana 29424Hall, Louie Alice, Rochester, New York29425Ham, Susanne M., Washington, D.C.29426Hubbell, Anna D., Rochester, New York29427Hubbell, Bertha D., Rochester, New York29428Ireland, Elizabeth ("Pansy"), Harrodsburg, Kentucky29429Johnson, Mrs. Walter I., New York, New York29430Jones, Fannie L., Lexington, Kentucky2951Lewis, Margaret M., Detroit, Michigan2952Males, Ada L., Cincinnati, Ohio2953Mclntosh, Callae M., Lake Forest, Illinois2954McKerchey, John M., Detroit, Michigan2955McLennan, Mrs. Donald R. (Katherine N.), Chicago, Illinois2956McMahon, Dick, Lexington, Kentucky2957McReynolds, James Clark, Washington, D.C.2958Morgan, Lelia A., Farmington, Connecticut2959Morton, Mary Ballard, Louisville, Kentucky29510Norris, Fanny, New York, New York29511Perkins, Elizabeth Bishop, York, Maine29512Pettet, Mary Attree, Louisville, Kentucky29513Rodes, Bettie Starks, Louisville, Kentucky 29514Ross, Frances, Kendall, California29515Satterwhite, Preston Pope, Great Neck, New York29516Seasongood, Ada R., Cincinnati, Ohio29517Sinkler, Elsie Brock, Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania29518Stebbins, Grace C.B., Springfield, Massachusetts29519Stone, Jennie Hinzen, Atlantic City, New Jersey29520Strong, Hattie M., Rochester, New York29521Taylor, Francis B., Louisville, Kentucky29522Toland, Charlotte Rush, Norristown, Pennsylvania29523Trevor, Emily, New York, New York29524Trull, Jeannie B., New York, New York29525Wilkie, William E., Litchfield, Illinois29526Wright, Warren, Oklahoma County, OklahomaSTATEMENT OF COSTS29611930296219312963193229641933296519342966193529671936296819372969193829610193929611194129612n.d.MEDICAL AND OFFICE STAFF PAYROLL ACCOUNTS2971Adams, Marian Elizabeth2972Adamson, Myra Audrey2973Adolph, Paul Ernest M.D.2974Alexander, Ruth Elizabeth2975Anderson, Edith2976Ash, Edra Marie2977Avery, Rose Kathleen2978Axelson, Alice2979Bader, Ninalei29710Baker, Florence Emily29711Balch, Mary29712Baughart, Carolyn A.29713Barney, Maurice 0. M.D.29714Beasley, W. B. Rogers M.D.29715Becker, Jean29716Begley, Leona Maggard29717Belding, Trudis29718Benson, Phyllis P.29719Bertholf, Mabelyn29720Beyeler, Esther29721Bishop, Dorothy R.29722Bisset, Sharon Barbara29723Blackburn, Thelma29724Blair, Nola Irene29725Blake, Vivienne A.29726Bloomer, Bertha Louise29727Bluemel, Gertrude29728Blumhagen, R.V. M.D.29729Bobbitt, Helen Mae29730Bodteker, Olive M.29731Boer, Ella29732Booth, Carolyn29733Boss, Gladys R.29734Boswell, Ruth29735Bougher, Vivian29736Bowling, Juanita29737Boyce, Olin M.29738Boyle, Anne Elizabeth29739Bracy, Ann C.29740Bradbury, Betty Ann29741Bradford, Bobby Jean29742Bradley, Jean29743Brainard, Norma Brooks29744Bray, Alison29745Breckinridge, Mary29746Brenn, Dolores Jean29747Brill, Mary V.29748Broomfield, Joy D.H.29749Broughton, Janet S.29750Brown, Emma Ruth29751Brown, Kathryn I.29752Brown, Peggy Helen29753Brown, Rebecca29754Browne, Helen E.2981Brunen, Wilhelmina2982Buchanan, Gwendolyn Marie2983Buck, Dorothy F. 2984Bunce, Olive2985Burbank, Marcia E.2986Burget, Madonna2987Burleigh, Ruth Anne2988Burt, Jane Sanders2989Burton, Jennie29810Byrne, Jean29811Cadwallader, Marian F.29812Callen, Helen29813Canfield, Jean F.29814Carlson, Leona Mae29815Carpenter, Barbara J.29816Carpenter, Mary29817Cartwell, Anne29818Caudill, Ivallean Huff29819Chadwell, Vera G.29820Chapman, Louise29821Chetwynd, Eve29822Chubbee, Lucinda L.29823Cirves, Catherine Porter 29824Clark, Mary Jo29825Clemons, Barbara29826Collins, Audrey29827Comingore, Pauline29828Conaway, Charlotte29829Conley, Lyndon N.M.D.29830Contessa, Barabara Ann29831Cook, Madeline Foster29832Cooper, Myrtle L.29833Court, Joan Muriel29834Cox, Edith Roxanna29835Creech, Wanda Jo Morgan29836Cressman, Ruth29837Crozier, Agnes Mary29838Crumley, Patsy Loretta29839Cundle, Pamela Anne29840Curtis, Betty Faye29841Cyr, Madge D.29842Day, Ruby29843De Korte, Johanna29844den Dulk, F. William M.D.29845De Tournay, Anne M.29846Dinkle, Elizabeth29847Dodds, Alexander Earl M.D.29848Doggett, Kathleen29849Dole, Margaret Lincoln M.D.29850Duferedach, Hazel29851Duffy, Marjorie Ann29852Dyer, Audrey2991Echols, Clara Dale2992Edwards Bowling, Primrose2993Eimon, Margaret E.2994Elmore, Peggy Gibbs2995Ernst, Beverly Jean2996Evans, Rose2997Ewing, Mary Virginia2998Farrington, Helen2999Fedde, Helen Marie29910Fenstermaker, Maxine29911Ferguson, Margaret29912Fetterman, Theda C.29913Field, Margaret29914Fielding, Jane Jeffrey29915Fink, Louise29916Finnerty, Annie Josephine29917Ford, Alice29918Foster, Margaret M.29919Fox, Anne29920Frank, Rosemary Elizabeth29921Fraser, James M.M.D.29922Franzer, Dorothy Alice29923Freas, Howard M.D.29924Frederick, Virginia L.29925Freund, Ethel Broughall29926Fuchs, Gloria J.29927Fugate, Hazel29928Fullam, Maryellen29929Furnas, E. Jane29930Gubbert, Caryellen29931Gallagher, Bridget29932Garwood, Alice29933Germans, Rosette J. 29934Geyer, Minnie29935Gilbert, Eva M.29936Glasenupp, Geraldine Ruth29937Glass, Alice E.29938Gledhille, Vivian29939Gonzalez, Ethel29940Goodice, Francette Marie29941Gray, Lena29942Green, Josephine29943Greenwald, Hortense Luckey29944Gresman, Dorothy3001Hacker, Leila Gail3002Hamilton, Addie Ellen3003Hanson, Hilda Evelyn3004Harry, Pamela Ruth3005Hastings, Ruth Vivian3006Hayes, Monica3007Haynes, Polly Anna3008Heally, Mildred3009Heller, Patricia30010Helwig, Dorothy Ann30011Henricksen, Dorothy30012Henson, Mary K.30013Herb, Marilyn30014Herman, Alice Gertrude30015Hero, Nancy Jane30016Hewat, Mary D.30017Hewson, Nancy Jane30018Hibberd, Georgia G.30019Hicks, E. Pauline30020Hickson, Marion30021Hilditch, Joyce E.30022Hillman, Elizabeth30023Hobson, Margaret30024Hodges, Lucile30025Holdridge, Josephine Grace30026Hoolseman, Angie30027Hoskins, Marian Moore30028Hotchkiss, Mary K.30029Houtenville, May30030Howard, Barbara Ruth30031Howard, Juanita30032Howe, Martha E.M.D.30033Hull, Lila30034Hulse, Martha Jane30035Humphrey, Cynthia Ann30036Humphreys, Mabel30037Hunt, Barbara S.30038Hunt, Josephine A.30039Hutson, Dorothy 30040Int-Hunt, Delia 30041Isaacs, Gertrude 30042Iverson, Ethel J.3011January, Anna May3012Jaqua, Ruth Elizabeth3013Jeffries, May3014Jelleyman, Givendalen Mary3015Jenks, Katherine S.3016Jewell, Edna Delphine3017Johanesen, Asse3018Johnson, Dorothy Lee3019Jolliffe, Ruth30110Jones, Barbara M.30111Jones, Elaine L.30112Jones, Jeanette30113Jordan, Harriet30114Josline, Muriel30115Kammerand, Ruth30116Kay, Jean30117Kelly, Elsie N.30118Kemner, Hannah Margaret30119Kennedy, Pauline Laura30120Kennell, Edna May30121Kerfoot, Jean30122Kieper, Barbara30123Kierkegaard, Shirley Ida30124Kindzerski, Elizabeth30125Kirchgassner, Mollie K.30126Klosterman, Meta A.30127Knechtly, Veraa Lucille30128Kooser, John H.M.D.30129Krikorian, Diana A.30130Lafnenz, Audrey W.30131Laird, Katherine30132Lamb, Jean30133La Motte, Mary Elvera30134Landon, Marie30135Langley, Frances Mayline30136Larson, Joanne Elaine30137Laughlen, Mary Jane30138Lawrence, Edith Anderson30139Leatherman, Mary Elizabeth30140Leatherwood, Sylvia J.30141Ledridge, Annie M.30142Lee, Molly30143Le Fevre, Mary R.30144Leiby, Rowland W. Jr. M.D.30145Lenhert, Rhoda30146Lester, Betty30147Lewis, Agnes30148Lewis, Jack D.30149Lewis, Lillian Ruth30150Lindblade, Zondra30151Linthicurn, Charles Milton M.D.30152Logan, Sheila30153Lucas, Cecelia30154Luce, Harriet30155Luhr, Carroll M.D.30156Lutz, Maria Miriam3021McCall, Matildia Marie3022McCracken, Margaret Mary 3023McEvens, John H.M.D.3024Mclntosh, Sarah L. 3025McQuate, Thelma Jane3026MacDonald, Eunice Katherine 3027MacKinnon, Ann P. 3028MacMillan, Mary Katherine 3029MacMillan, Sally Williams 30210Maggard, Melva Gladys30211Meeke, Minnie30212Metcalfe, Edna Valerie 30213Meyer, Clara Louise30214Meyer, Hazel30215Mickle, Edith30216Mickle, Patricia30217Micus, Alice Marie30218Mihalevic, Mary E. 30219Miller, Beatrice M.30220Miller, Gail Marie30221Miller, Margaret30222Miller, Mary Lois30223Mincher, Mary M.D.30224Minton, Eileen30225Mirabito, Catherine Mary 30226Mitchell, Hannah D. 30227Moberg, Gladys Irene30228Moberly, Virginia Carol30229Moore, Celia30230Morgan, Eileen Hacker30231Moore, Juanetta30232Morgan, Gladys30233Morgan, Grace30234Morgan, Ruth LaVonne30235Morris, Mary Lee30236Morrison, Mary Estelle30237Morrison, Richard C.M.D.30238Morse, Sylvia A.30239Mottram, Evelyn Marie30240Mowbray, Louise30241Mueller, Adelheid P.30242Muncy, Hope30243Muncy, Jane30244Murphy, Mary Ellen30245Neibick, Ruth E.30246Nelson, Barbara Eleanor30247Nelson, Grace A.30248Newcomb, Nancy Ruth30249Noggle, Fay A.30250Olson, Beulah30251Onsrud, Myrtle30252Osborne, Shelby Jean30253Otty, Barbara Dickson30254Owens, Edna Mae3031Palethorp, Betty M.3032Peninger, Ruth3033Peterson, Helen D. 3034Pierce, Alice M.3035Pierce, Clara3036Pierson, Jane3037Pierson, Zelda3038Poston, Amy3039Powell, Marvis Marie30310Prescott, Margaret L.30311Prunet, Odette30312Quarles, Mary Anne30313Quarmby, Kathleen Marie30314Radcliffe, Audry Rosemary30315Ramsey, Odessa Fay30316Rainey, Jane30317Ramos, Lilia30318Ratliff, Katherine W.30319Ratliff, Lucille30320Raymond, Wilhelminia Sophia30321Rayson, Margaret Eileen30322Reaves, Anna F.30323Ree, Eunice Ruth30324Reeder, Grace30325Reid, Doris E.30326Reinbrecht, Janet30327Rhine, Lenore M.30328Richards, Patricia Mary30329Ritcha, Virginia Lee30330Roberts, Grace30331Roberts, Nancy30332Rose, Nancy Evelyn30333Rose, Wilma Garnet 30334Ross, Caroline30335Ross, Jeanne Perin30336Rubin, Riva30337Runyon, Dorothy Bulkeley30338Rutherford, Hannah30339Sagebeer, Josephine 30340Samson, Florence30341Sandmeyer, Melvin M.D.30342Savage, Lucille Marjorie30343Saxon, Wini30344Scanlon, Pauline Patricia30345Schiefer, Clara-Louise30346Schiffer, Christina M.30347Schneider, Susan Jane30348Scott, Betty R.30349Scougall, Mary30350Seifert, Ruth Bessie30351Sell, Elaine Lillian30352Shade, Florence30353Shultz, Debra Marion30354Simmers, Mary Louise30355Simmons, Mary Patricia30356Sobral, Helda C.30357Spalding, Althaire30358Sparks, Mary Ruth30359Spence, Hannah Lewis3041Stanley, Georgia Hibberd3042Stephens, Adine3043Stephens, Joyce E.3044Slowey, Rita Raymond3045Smith, Noel Seymour3046Snyder, Betty3047Stickney, Carol Anne3048Stillman, Caroline3049Stokes, Helen E.30410Summers, Vanda30411Sutcliffe, Brigit30412Swindells, Marlene30413Te Kampe, Anne30414Terrill, Grace A.30415Thompson, Esther V.30416Thompson, Lydia S.30417Thorton, Maxine Lillian30418Tucher, Charlene30419Tyler, Sally Anne30420Tyson, Patsy Morgaine30421Uhl, Catherine V.30422Van Beek, Jean Doris30423Vander Meulen, Ruth30424Vaughn, Bella R.30425Walker, John A. M.M.D.30426Walsh, Barbara Edwards30427Warren, Helen Van V.30428Waterbury, Ruth G.30429Waters, Henry S.30430Watters, Cecile D.30431Watts, Georgia30432Wechtel, Eleanor30433Werner, Wilhelmina K. 30434Wesley, Dorothy30435Wheat, Ruby L.30436White, Ruth30437Whiteaker, Mary E.30438Whitehead, Roger Donald M.D.30439Wilke. Darlene Julia30440Will, Louise30441Williams, Audrey C.30442Williams, Barbara Paul30443Willson, Margaret I.30444Wilson, Nancy30445Wiseman, Greta Ann30446Woodyard, Ella30447Wooton, Luree Evelyn30448Wyckoff, Dorothy Jean30449Yeich, Barbara Dameier30450Young, Alice M.30451Zoeckler, Francis L.DOMESTIC STAFF PAYROLL ACCOUNTS3051Adams, Cova3052Adams, Donald3053Adams, Elmer3054Adams, Ira James3055Adams, Janice3056Adams, Kenneth3057Adams, Leslie3058Adams, Logan3059Adams, Margaret30510Adams, Orie30511Adams, Tyler Mae30512Adams, Viola30513Arnett, Roosevelt 30514Asher, Bernice30515Asher, Eleanor H.30516Asher, Eliza30517Asher, Mary30518Bailey, Price30519Baker, Fanny30520Baker, Harlan30521Baker, Hazel30522Baker, Lulu Faye30523Baker, Minnie Bell 30524Baker, Opal Lee30525Barger, Charley30526Barger, Lettie30527Barger, Matt30528Barger, Romalee30529Barger, Vanda30530Beardsworth, Thomas30531Begley, Beulah30532Begley, Devadies30533Begley, Laura Jean (Farley) 30534Begley, Lillie30535Begley, Maults30536Begley, Norma Jean30537Bell, Evelyn30538Blanton, Jessie30539Bledsoe, Ethel 30540Boggs, Susie3061Bowling, Arthur3062Bowling, Bertha3063Bowling, Bev3064Bowling, Clay W.3065Bowling, Donald Ray3066Bowling, Doshia3067Bowling, Earl3068Bowling, Edwin3069Bowling, Elmer30610Bowling, Elsie30611Bowling, Etna30612Bowling, Fannie30613Bowling, Floyd 30614Bowling, Garnett30615Bowling, George Jr.30616Bowling, George Sr.30617Bowling, Hazel30618Bowling, Ida30619Bowling, Janice Marie30620Bowling, Josephine30621Bowling, Kathleen30622Bowling, Lawrence30623Bowling, Lettie30624Bowling, Mandy30625Bowling, Margie Ellen30626Bowling, Marshall30627Bowling, Mildred J.30628Bowling, Myrtle30629Bowling, Norma Jean30630Bowling, Oda30631Bowling, Oscar30632Bowling, Ottis A.30633Bowling, Shafter, Jr. 30634Bowling, Vance30635Bowling, Vernon30636Bowling, Vernon Edward30637Bowling, Wanda30638Bowling, Winnie3071Brashear, Patricia Jean3072Brashear, Ruby Mae (Schell)3073Bray, Alta3074Bray, Dennis3075Bray, Leonard3076Bray, Nancy3077Bray, Peggy3078Bray, Stella3079Brock, Allie30710Brock, Hettie30711Brock, Louise C.30712Brock, Oma30713Brock, Susie30714Brock, Virginia (Howard)30715Brock, Will30716Brown, Arthur30717Brown, Edna Sue30718Brown, Ruby30719Brown, Verlin30720Burns, Hazel30721Burns, Helen30722Burns, Norma Jean30723Burton, Ruth30724Caldwell, Dorothy30725Chandler, Marilyn30726Chappell, Pauline30727Cody, James30728Cody, Jessie30729Collett, Bobby Rae30730Collett, Edith30731Collett, Elva30732Collett, Frank30733Collett, Gewandene 30734Collett, Martha Lane30735Collett, Ruby30736Collett, Ruth Mae30737Collett, Sallie Faye30738Collett, Thelma30739Collins, Callie30740Collins, Clyde 30741Collins, Farmer30742Collins, Rhoda30743Collins, Ruthean30744Collins, Sophia30745Colwell, Elbert30746Colwell, Geneva30747Colwell, Katie30748Combs, Edith30749Coots, Edna30750Coots, Mallie3081Coraett, Donald3082Cornett, Douglas3083Cornett, Hobert3084Cornett, Lee Roy3085Cornett, Mary Barn3086Cornett, Mildred3087Cornett, Nora3088Couch, Albert3089Couch, Beatrice30810Couch, Bertha M.30811Couch, Christine30812Couch, Dallie30813Couch, Denver 30814Couch, Ethel30815Couch, Gaston30816Couch, Georgia30817Couch, James30818Couch, Jewell Dean30819Couch, Juanita30820Couch, Leroy30821Couch, Lola Mae30822Couch, Martha30823Couch, Marth30824Couch, Matilda Young30825Couch, Mollie30826Couch, Nora30827Couch, Ray30828Couch, Sarah Jane30829Couch, Van30830Couch, Wiley30831Cox, Pearlie30832Creech, Lorene30833Cunagin, Ona3091Davidson, Emily3092Davidson, Raleigh3093Davidson, Sibyl 3094Dairs, Joe3095Eversole, Fannie3096Farler, Betty3097Farler, Dolphie3098Farler, Tomraie3099Farler, Tyler30910Farley, Forrest30911Farley, Shirley30912Fee, Ruby30913Feltner, Cory30914Feltner, Jewel Dean30915Feltner, Leona30916Feltner, Maurice30917Feltner, Rose Nell30918Fields, Dallie30919Fields, Jonathan30920Fields, Oscar30921Gabbard, Jean Napier30922Gay, Annie30923Gay, Milton30924Gay, Sally30925Gipson, Julia30926Gray, Florence30927Griffith, Evelyn30928Gross, Farmer30929Gross, Mallie30930Hacker, James Mearl30931Hacker, Lilly (Jones)30932Hacker, Maynard30933Hall, Cecil30934Hamblin, Alechia Mallicent30935Hamblin, Mary Susan30936Hamblin, Opsie30937Hampton, Harvey30938Hampton, Lillian Salyers30939Hayes, James M. 30940Hays, James30941Helton, Molly30942Hensley, Easter Sizemore30943Hensley, Lula30944Hinkle, Jim30945Holland, Frances30946Holland, Martha30947Holland, Nannie3101Hoskins, Blanche3102Hoskins, Clarence3103Hoskins, Donald M.3104Hoskins, Don (Edward)3105Hoskins, Hazel3106Hoskins, Henry3107Hoskins, James3108Hoskins, Jewelldene3109Hoskins, Lloyd31010Hoskins, Lorie31011Hoskins, Massie31012Hoskins, Nora31013Hoskins, Norma Jean 31014Hoskins, Ozial31015Hoskins, Robert31016Hoskins, Sam C.31017Hoskins, Shirley31018Howard, Alonzo31019Howard, Annette31020Howard, Bonnie Wilson31021Howard, Cassie31022Howard, Dallie31023Howard, Elmer 31024Howard, Eugene31025Howard, James31026Howard, Jurdon31027Howard, Leonard31028Howard, Lulu31029Howard, Mae31030Howard, Mary31031Howard, Ray31032Howard, Robert31033Howard, Rose Nel31034Howard, Siller31035Howard, Violet31036Howard, Willard31037Howard, William31038Howard, William Lawrence31039Hudson, Maude 31040Huff, Damon31041Huff, Martha Jane3111Ivy, America3112Johnson, Bernice3113Johnson, Edith3114Johnson, Lucille3115Jones, Alta3116Jones, Bernice3117Jones, Geneva (Napier)3118Jones, Lee3119Jones, Lucy Jane31110Jones, Marie31111Jones, Quillie31112Jones, Willie (Bill)31113Joseph, Martha 31114Joseph, Mattie31115Kilburn, Joyce31116Kilburn, Massie31117Lambdin, Frances31118Langdon, Green31119Langdon, Pearl (Haskins)31120Ledford, Bernice31121Ledford, Opal31122Ledford, Palmer31123Lewis, Barbara 31124Lewis, Clinton31125Lewis, Edith31126Lewis, Emily Mae31127Lewis, Helen31128Lewis, James Ray31129Lewis, Mary Lee31130Lewis, Mary Rose31131Lewis, Mildred31132Lewis, Nannie31133Lewis, Patsy 31134Lewis, Sadie31135Lewis, Sarah31136Lewis, Tinsley31137Lewis, Wanda31138Lipps, Dorothy3121Maggard, Bev3122Maggard, David3123Martin, Daisy 3124Martin, Estill3125Mae, Rose Mary3126Melton, Green3127Melton, Johnny Edgar3128Miller, Anna Lee3129Morgan, Aden Lawrence31210Morgan, Alabam31211Morgan, Alice31212Morgan, Aulty31213Morgan, Bailey 31214Morgan, Barbara31215Morgan, Becky Jean31216Morgan, Betty Sybil31217Morgan, Beulah31218Morgan, Bonnie31219Morgan, Callie31220Morgan, Charles31221Morgan, Christine31222Morgan, Cleopas31223Morgan, Conley31224Morgan, Cora31225Morgan, Delmer31226Morgan, Edith31227Morgan, Edward31228Morgan, Effie31229Morgan, Ella31230Morgan, Ellen31231Morgan, Elsie O.31232Morgan, Ernestine31233Morgan, Flora Pace 31234Morgan, Glenda Fay31235Morgan, Goldia31236Morgan, Gordon31237Morgan, Grace31238Morgan, Hays31239Morgan, Hazel31240Morgan, Ira Jean31241Morgan, Joyce31242Morgan, Lewis31243Morgan, Lloyd31244Morgan, Malcolm (Toby)31245Morgan, Margaret G. (Gayle)31246Morgan, Marie31247Morgan, Matt L.31248Morgan, Nancy31249Morgan, Nettie31250Morgan, Norman31251Morgan, Opal31252Morgan, Pearl31253Morgan, Ralph 31254Morgan, Ronald31255Morgan, Ruthene31256Morgan, Sharon31257Morgan, Thelma31258Morgan, Wayde3131Mosley, Arthur3132Mosley, Beulah3133Mosley, Carolyn 3134Mosley, Edwin3135Mosley, Fanny Spurlock3136Mosley, Jimmy R.3137Mosley, Mary Ellen3138Muncy, Laura Collins3139Muncy, Linda Lou31310Muncy, Massie Napier31311Muncie, Mildred Jean31312Napier, Alta31313Napier, Carrie31314Napier, Carts Lee31315Napier, Corrine Sue31316Napier, Damon31317Napier, Edith31318Napier, Ella31319Napier, Emmit31320Napier, Eniree31321Napier, Flora Miller31322Napier, Idia31323Napier, James 31324Napier, Jean B.31325Napier, Jessie31326Napier, Leona31327Napier, Loyce Bell31328Napier, Mechaline31329Napier, Mitchel31330Napier, Ora31331Napier, Rose31332Napier, Siller31333Nicholson, Margaret31334North, Edna Mae (Coots)31335North, Henry31336Oliver, Alma Jean31337Osborne, Frankie31338Osborne, Johnie Mae31339Parker, Maggie31340Parker, Willie 31341Patterson, Ted31342Pennington, Delphia31343Pennington, Golden31344Pennington, Henry (John)31345Pennington, Jimmy31346Pennington, Polly3141Ratliff, Jink3142Ratliff, Mattie C.3143Rees, Lucy Jo 3144Reese, Ruby3145Rice, Christine3146Rice, Estimae3147Rice, Peggy3148Riley, Dorothy Sizemore3149Roark, Daphine Jean31410Roberts, Beulah31411Roberts, Clinton31412Roberts, Edwin31413Roberts, Golden31414Roberts, Herbert31415Roberts, Joe31416Roberts, John31417Roberts, Lucille31418Roberts, Mollie31419Roberts, Nancy31420Roberts, Nannie31421Roberts, Oltia31422Roberts, Penic31423Roberts, Verlie 31424Salyers, Ruth 31425Sandlin, Ida31426Sandlin, Nancy Begley31427Sandlin, Riley31428Scalf, Sylvester31429Shell, Elsie31430Shell, Eunice31431Shell, Grace31432Shell, Herman Irvin31433Shell, Mariha Lee 31434Shepherd, Beulah31435Shepherd, Ora31436Shepherd, Wanda (Bray)31437Shepherd, Willa31438Shoupe, Jessie (Cody)3151Simpson, Lela Mae3152Sizemore, Bernice3153Sizemore, Beulah 3154Sizemore, Bill3155Sizemore, Dorothy3156Sizemore, Duane3157Sizemore, Easter3158Sizemore, Edith Edna3159Sizemore, Flora Miller31510Sizemore, Hallie31511Sizemore, Helen31512Sizemore, Jessie31513Sizemore, Jewell 31514Sizemore, Lena31515Sizemore, Lucy31516Sizemore, Mallie31517Sizemore, Margaret31518Sizemore, Mildred31519Sizemore, Mollie31520Sizemore, Ola Mae31521Sizemore, Orie Rilla31522Sizemore, Prudie31523Sizemore, Roscoe 31524Sizemore, Tannie31525Sizemore Zilpha31526Skeens, Ann31527Skeens, Dewey David31528Skeens, Harold31529Skeens, Raymond31530Smallwood, Eva31531Smallwood, Nora31532Smith, Noel31533Smith, Rose Nell 31534Smith, Rufus31535Smith, Ruthie31536Smith, Ruth Perkins31537Smith, Verdie Lee31538Stamper, Mary31539Stewart, Mahala31540Stidham, David31541Stidham, Delver31542Stidham, Esther31543Stidham, Jewel31544Stidham, Kenneth31545Stidham, Nancy31546Stidham, Polly31547Stidham, Willie Rae31548Surer, Mabel3161Turner, Charlotte3162Turner, Delia3163Turner, Monique 3164Vanover, Elvin3165Vanover, Helen3166Wagers, Anna Lee3167Wagers, Carb3168Wagers, Curtis3169Wagers, Goldie31610Wagers, Lila31611Wagers, Loretta31612Wagers, Orville31613Wagers, Oscar 31614Wagers, Rosalie31615Wagers, Siller Napier31616Walker, Martin31617Washburn, Audrey Jean31618Weber, Lorraine31619Whitehead, Addie31620Whitehead, Bardie31621Williams, Joyce (Morgan)31622Williams, Raymond31623Wilson, Bonnie31624Wilson, Clarence31625Wilson, Henry Clay31626Wilson, Hosea31627Wilson, Mildred31628Woods, Darrele31629Woods, Felix31630Woods, Helen31631Woods, Leta31632Woods, Peggy31633Woods, Woodrow31634Young, MarieBACK SALARIES3171Correspondence, 1937-19473172Status reports, 1937-19473173Carson, Jessie 3174Copeland, Anne3175Dougal, Isabel3176Dunstan, Doris3177Duvall, Wilma3178Gardner, Mrs.3179Green, May V.31710Grove, Minnie31711Harris, Lois31712Harry, Mary31713Hodges, Lucille31714Kooser, J.M., M.D.31715MacKinnon, Annie P.31716McQueen, Margaret T.31717Marsh, Edith31718Matthews, Edith31719Mercer-Cox, Edith31720Morgan, Grayce31721Morgan, Leona31722Peacock, Gladys31723Ross, Marion31724Stevenson, Elizabeth B.31725Waller, Bessie31726Willeford, Mary B.31727Worchester, Ada F.MISCELLANEOUS FINANCIAL RECORDS3181 Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, Cancelled checks and bank statement, 19253182Clara Ford Fund check stubs and unused checks, 1928-19333183List of loans to Frontier Nursing Service, 1928-1951 3184Correspondence regarding collection of payment for midwifery services to indigent cases in Clay County, 1932-19333185U.S. Treasury Department Tax-Free Alcohol, Application and information, 1948-19733186Account book Bills owing in Wendover district, 1957-19623187StatementsBills owing in Wendover district, 1957-19623188Hyden Hospital Pharmacy loans, 1969-19763189U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Hospital-based Home Health Agency Statement of Reimbursable Cost, 197131810Expenses of Indian nurses, n.d.BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS SERIESMary Breckinridge modeled the physical arrangement of the Frontier Nursing Service on a decentralized plan utilized by the Highlands and Islands Medical Service in Scotland and the American Committee for Devastated France.The outpost nursing centers served as residences and clinics for the trained nurse-midwives.Between 1927 and 1930 the Frontier Nursing Service constructed six such facilities to carry out its work.Mary Breckinridge successfully solicited funding for these centers from loyal supporters and each carried its donor's name as well as a local one.As changes occurred over the years, the Frontier Nursing Service made necessary adjustments to continue to provide health care to its constituents.The following files provide general information on several outpost centers as well as blueprints for numerous buildings.OFFICE RECORDSMiscellaneous3191Garden House Building Permit, 19423192Garden House Building Materials, 19423193Bolton House3194Haggin Quarters for Nurses3195Joy House3196Mardi Cottage3197Chapel3198CottagesHyden Hospital and Health Center3201Proposed addition, 1943-19443202Addition, 1949-19513203Addition, 1957 3204Addition 19643205Addition, 1975 Mary Breckinridge Hospital32061965320719663208196732091968Hospital3211Drainage, Special Projects 3212Dumb Waiter Construction3213Road, Special Projects3214Sewage Disposal Plant, Proposal, permit, correspondence3215Sewage Disposal Plant, Booklets, blueprints3216Water SystemOutposts3221Bowlingtown3222Confluence3223Confluence Center's Grassy Clinic3224Flat Creek3225Squabble Creek3226Wendover Electricity3227Wolf Creek Center3228Wooten ClinicBLUEPRINTS AND BUILDING PLANSWendover1Sketch of a House (original sketch of Wendover), Louis H. Rush, c.19252Proposed Building, Clarence E. Smith, January 19423Office Building (Garden House), Clarence E. Smith, February 19424Log House, Rhine & Larkby, December 19475Big House, Rhine & Larkby, c.19476Plot Plan, Rhine & Larkby, December 1947 Hyden Hospital and Health Center7Annex to Hospital, Frankel & Curtis, c.19318Addition and Alternation, U.S. Public Health Service, September 19449Water Supply System, C. E. Queen, July and October 195110Piping Layout, Rowe Blue Print Company, July 195311Patients' Porch and Steps, Philip Dixon November, 196212Porch, Philip Dixon October, 196613Building plans, Frankel & Curtis, n.d.14Ground plan of present building and proposed additions, n.d.15Electrical supplies, Beard & Lyons Company, n.d.16Piping layout, Frankel & Curtis, n.d. Hospital Plans U.S. Public Health Service, 1942-194417Central Sterilizing and Supply Room for a 50-Bed Acute General Hospital18Delivery Suite for 100-Bed Acute General Hospital19Hospital Room Details (Floor Pantry)20Hospital Room Details (Operating Rooms)21Hospital Room Details (Private Room)22Hospital Room Details (Semi-Private)23Hospital Room Details (Typical U-Bed Ward)24Hospital Room Details (Utility Room and Nurses' Station)25Hospital Room Details (Nursery Layout for 235 Expected Live Births per Year)26Hospital Room Details (Nursery Layout for 470 Expected Live Births per Year)27Hospital Room Details (Plan of Kitchen for 30-Bed Acute General Hospital)28Hospital Room Details (Laundry for 50-Bed Hospital)29Isolation Suite 30Nurses' Station and Stretcher Space31Operating Suite for 50-Bed Acute General Hospital32School of Nursing, Classroom Details33School of Nursing, Dormitory and Recreation Units for 64 Students 34Typical Acute General Hospital and Health Center (30 Beds)35Typical 25-Bed Nursing Unit Mary Breckinridge Hospital36Floor Plans, Watkins, Burrows & Associates, November 196737Clinical Training Center, Watkins, Burrows & Associates, July 1971Medical Personnel Quarters38Midwifery Training School Cottage, Clarence E. Smith, 193939Haggin Quarters, Floor Plan, Clarence E. Smith, May 1949 40Haggin Quarters, Plumbing and Heating Layout, Harlan Plumbing & Heating Company, June 1949 41Haggin Quarters, 195042Haggin Quarters, Second Floor Addition, 1964 43Mardi Cottage, Sewer Connection, March 1965 44Joy House, Double Garage, Clarence E. Smith, n.d.St. Christopher's Chapel45Suggested Plans, Cram & Ferguson, March 1940 46Suggested Plans, Hoyle, Doran, & Berry, 1959 47Details, Clarence Wooten, February 1960Outpost Centers48Confluence Center, The House Beautiful Publishing Company, Inc, May 1927 49Unlabelled House Plans, The House Beautiful Publishing Company, Inc, May 1928 50Drawings for New Center on Squabble Creek, Clarence E. Smith, January 1957Frontier Nursing Service Property Maps51Property of the Frontier Nursing Service. Hyden, Leslie County, Kentucky, John H. Lewis, Sr., April 196352Property of the Frontier Nursing Service. Hyden, Leslie County, Kentucky, John H. Lewis, Sr., April 196353Contour Map of Fred Brashear Property, H.A. Spaulding, 196454Property of The Frontier Nursing Service, Carl T. Hancock, n.d.55Untitled map of Frontier Nursing Service property, n.d.56Nettie Eversole et al. - VS - Judgment, Hyden Citizens Bank, n.d.Leslie and Clay County Maps57Maps of Leslie and portions of Clay County Reference Maps58General Highway Map, Clay County, Kentucky State Highway Department, 195159General Highway Map, Leslie County Kentucky State Highway Department, 195260Topographic Index for Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Survey, "Handed Mrs. Breckinridge at Annual Meeting," 195761Topographic Quadrangle Map, Hyden, East Kentucky Geological Survey, 1961Sanitation62Kentucky Pit Privy, Kentucky State Board of Health, July 192763Methods of Protecting Wells against Surface Pollutants, Kentucky State Board of Health, August 1927 64Aer-O-Flow Sewage Treatment Plant, E.W. Hacker, Summer 1964Miscellaneous 65Proposed River House, Clarence E. Smith, n.d66Proposed River House, Revised Sketch, Clarence E. Smith, n.d. 67Proposed River House, Revised Sketch, Clarence E. Smith, n.d. FRONTIER GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MIDWIFERY SERIESThe Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery admitted its first class in November 1939-Mary Breckinridge organized this educational component of the Frontier Nursing Service when her British nurses returned home to assist with their country's war efforts and wartime travel restrictions made it impossible to send American nurses to Britain for midwifery training. In 1970, a family nurse-practitioner program was begun and combined with nurse-midwifery education to create a unique family nurse-midwifery program at the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing.General information on the school is available in the various catalogues in this series. Also included are several boxes of publications and reports on the status of midwifery in the 1940s.CATALOGUES3231194332321944323319463234194732351951-19523235a1958-195932361960-196132371963-196432381965-196632391968-1969323101969-1970323111971-197232312Midwifery Seminar Catalogue, 1972323131977-1978323141978-197932314a1979-1980323151980-1982CORRESPONDENCE3241Correspondence with Miss Brierly regarding recognition of Frontier School of Midwifery by Central Midwives Board, 1962-19643242Nursing Seminar to discuss the Family Nurse Practitioner, Lexington, Kentucky, May 19693243Report of On-Site Visit by Lily Hsia and Sister Jeanne Meurer, 19723244Self-Evaluation Report of the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing, 19723245Correspondence regarding Self-Evaluation Report and Supplemental Report, 19733246Family Nurse Training Proposal, n.d.RELATED MATERIALSHelen Fedde attended the Frontier Graduate School of Midwifery in 19H6-1947. She received a Frontier Nursing Service Fellowship to continue her studies at the University of Kentucky where she conducted a survey on the status of midwifery. The following files include the materials collected for this study as well as related items.3251Correspondence, 1949, November-December 143252Correspondence, 1949, December 15-December 303253Correspondence, 19503254Alaska Department of Health. Midwifery Teaching Guide for Public Health Nurses. 1955.3255Alaska Department of Health. Manual for Alaska's Midwives. 1955.3256Connecticut Department of Health. The Sanitary Code of the State of Connecticut. 1948.3257Connecticut Department of Health. Midwifery Examination and Registration. 1949.3258Connecticut Department of Health. List of Midwives Registered in Connecticut. 1949.3259Florida Board of Health. A Manual for Midwives. 1945.3261Georgia Department of Public Health. Midwife Regulations. 1949.3262Georgia Department of Public Health. Midwifery Lesson Plans for Use by Public Health Nurses. n.d.3263Kentucky Department of Health. A Primer for Midwives in Kentucky. 1941. 3264Kentucky Department of Health. A Primer for Midwives in Kentucky. n.d.3265Kentucky Department of Health. Special Delivery. A Manual for Kentucky's Midwives. 1957.3266Louisiana Department of Health. Quarterly Bulletin. 1949.3267Mississippi Board of Health. Manual for Midwives. 1948.3268Mississippi Board of Health. Manual for Midwives. n.d.3269Mississippi Board of Health. Maternal and Child Health Statistics. 1948. 32610New Mexico Department of Public Health. Classes for Midwives. 1942.32611New Mexico Department of Public Health. Regulations Governing the Practice of Midwifery. 1944.32612New Mexico Department of Public Health. Nurse-Midwife Regulations for New Mexico. 1945.32613New Mexico Department of Public Health. New Mexico Health Officer Annual Report. 1947. 32614New Jersey Bureau of Child Hygiene. Annual Report. 1927.32615New York Department of Health. Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Practice of Midwifery. 1947.32616New York City Department of Health. Nurse-Midwifery Service Program of the Maternal and Infant Care Projects and Participating Hospitals. 1968.32617North Carolina Board of Health. Instructions for North Carolina Midwives. n.d.32618Ohio The Statutes of Ohio. 1948.32619Pennsylvania Department of Public Instruction. State Board of Medical Educations and Licensure. 1929.32620Santa Fe Catholic Maternity Institute. School for Nurse-Midwifery. Information Bulletin. 1945.32621Tennessee Department of Public Health. Manual for Midwives. 1944.32622Tuskegee School of- Nurse-Midwifery. Bulletin. 1945.32623U.S. Department of Labor. Children's Bureau. Standards of Prenatal Care. 1940.32624U.S. Federal Security Agency. Children's Bureau. Standards and Recommendations for Hospital Care of Newborn Infants. 1943. 32625Virginia Department of Health. Help for Midwives. n.d.3271Canada. Alberta Department of Public Health. Obstetric Manual for District Nurses. 1948.3272England. Central Midwives Board. Handbook. 1955.3273Mexico. Instituto Indigenista Interamericano. Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn: A Manual for Rural Midwives. 1955.3274World Health Organization. Expert Committee on Midwifery Training: First Report. 1955.3275International Confederation of Midwives. New Horizons in Midwifery. 1972.3276Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. Responding to the Demands for Nurse-Midwives in the United States. March 1973.3277"The Management of the Puerperium and Its Minor Abnormalities," B.A. Fedde, reprint. The Medical Record, April 1913.3278"Fundamental Training for Obstetrical Nurses," George W. Kosmak, reprint. Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, November 1927.3279"Arkansas Teaches Her Midwives," Mamie O. Hale, reprint. The Child, October 1946.32710"Is Nurse-Midwifery the Solution?" Sister M. Theophane Shoemaker, reprint. Public Health Nursing, December 1946.32711"Arkansas Midwives Have All-Day Graduation Exercises" Mamie 0. Hale, reprint. The Child, October 1948.32712"Nurse Midwifery Today," reprint. Public Health Nursing, May 1949.32713Medical Expressions, n.d.32714Non-Medical Expressions, n.d.32715Obstetrics Natural treatment, n.d.32716Pharmacopeia Natural treatments, n.d.32717Prescriptions Natural treatments, n.d.32718Therapeutics Natural treatments, n.d.32719Management of Normal Labor, n.d.CITY AND DISTRICT COMMITTEE SERIESThe initial organization of committees, both in Kentucky and beyond the mountains, is recorded in these files. Minutes of meetings, invitations, and mementos from committee activities are evidence of Mary Breckinridge's successful efforts to establish and maintain support for the Frontier Nursing Service. Events sponsored by the committees, including two cruises in the early 1930s, are highlighted in this series.CITY COMMITTEESMisc3281Jessie "Kit" Carson Correspondence and information regarding establishment of City Committees3282Baltimore Boston Mrs. E.A. Codman's correspondence relating to Committee activities32831928 328419293285193032861931328719323288193332891934328101935328111936328121937328131938 328141939 3281519403291Office files, 19303292Office files, 19313293Office files, 19323294Committee files, 1963-19693295Committee files, 1970-19773296Committee files, n.d.3297Invitations, appeals, promotional materialsBuffalo-Minneapolis3301Buffalo3302Chicago3303Cincinnati 3304Cleveland3305Columbus3306Dayton3307Detroit3308Hartford3309Kansas City33010Lexington33011Louisville33012MinneapolisNew York3311192633121927-19283313Invitations, appeals, promotional materialsOklahoma City-Publicity3321Oklahoma City, Tulsa 3322Philadelphia3323Pittsburgh 3324Princeton3325Providence 3326Riverdale3327Rochester 3328St. Louis3329St. Paul33210Washington, 1941-1969 33211Washington, 1970-1976 33212Washington Invitations, appeals, promotional materials33213Wilmington 33214Miscellaneous tickets33215Mary Breckinridge's memorandum regarding donations of money at benefits, 1947 33216Publicity posters for various eventsBrittanic (1932) and Belgenland(1933)Cruises3331Correspondence, Boston and New York offices, 19313332Correspondence, Boston and New York offices, 19323333Correspondence, Boston and New York offices, 19343334Brittanic material3335Belgenland materialScrapbook334Various City Committee Events 1935-1939DISTRICT COMMITTEES3351Beech Fork3352Bowlingtown3353Brutus3354Flat Creek3355Hazard3356Hyden3357Possum Bend3358Red Bird3359Wendover 1925-192733510Wendover 1928-195733511Wolf Creek33512MiscellaneousMARY BRECKINRIDGE SERIESMary Breckinridge's personal papers, writings, and memorabilia form a significant part of this collection. Items including pages from her girlhood journal, correspondence with her mother while in France after World War I, and notebooks documenting her travel in England and Scotland relate to Breckinridge's experiences before she settled in the Kentucky mountains. Two correspondence files kept by Breckinridge contain letters with family members and close friends. Research materials, correspondence, and manuscripts for several of Breckinridge's books, as well as copies of many of her articles, are available in this series. The numerous awards and honors received by Breckinridge also are included here, as are personal belongings such as books, journals, handwritten notes, calendars, and a uniform hat.CORRESPONDENCE1915-1922336119153362191633631917 336419183365Reports, announcements and clippings on Breckinridge's lecture tour for the Children's Bureau, 19183366191933671920336819213369Reports and correspondence concerning establishment of Training School for Nurses in France, 1921-19221922-19263371192233721923337319243374American Committee for Devastated France Sample medical forms, promotional brochure, and Summarized Statement of the Work of the American Committee for Devastated France from 1918 to March 31,192433751925, January-February33761925, March-September33771925, October-December337819261927-1935338119273382192833831929, January-June33841929, July-December33851930338619313387193233881933338919343381019351936-1943339119363392193733931938 3394193933951940 33961941 33971942, January-June33981942, August-December33991943, January-June339101943, July-December1944-194634011944, January-June34021944, July-December34031945, January-June34041945, July-December34051946, January-June34061946, July-December1947-195934111947, January-June34121947, July-December34131948, January-June34141948, July-December34151949 1950-195934211950 34221951 34231952 34241953 34251956 342619573427195834281959A-H3431A3432Arkansas Valley Trust Company Fort Smith, Arkansas 1927-19523433Arkansas Valley Trust Company Fort Smith, Arkansas 1953-19593434B3435C3436D3437E3438F3439G34310HAdeline CashmoreAdeline Cashmore, an anchoress in the Church of All Saints in York, England, met Mary Breckinridge in 1924. Cashmore strongly influenced Breckinridge's spiritual beliefs. In Wide Neighborhoods (p.153-156, 364-365) Breckinridge notes that Cashmore kept the Frontier Nursing Service in her prayers, thus having a significant role in its successful development.Cashmore died in India in 1945.The materials on Cashmore include correspondence and related items from Adeline Cashmore, as well as letters from Maud Cashmore (Adeline Cashmore's sister), Lillian Neld, and others in reference to Adeline Cashmore. Typescripts of the original letters are included.Originals343a11924343a21925343a31926343a41927343a51928343a61929343a71930343a81931343a91932343a101933343a111934343a121935343b11936343b21937343b31938343b41939343b51940343b61941343b71942343b81943343b91944343b101945343b111946 (In reference to Adeline Cashmore's death)343b121957-1962 (letters relating to the publication of The Alabaster Vase, a biography of Adeline Cashmore)343b13Related Material (Quotes selected and compiled by Breckinridge from Cashmore's letters)343b14Related Material (English Series- Breckinridge describes meetings with Cashmore)343b15Related Material (Biographical Information on Adeline Cashmore)343b16Related Material (Postcards- East Harptree, England, c.1920's-1930's)Typescripts of Correspondence in Box 343a343c11924343c21925343c31926343c41927343c51928343c61929343c71930343c81931343c91932343c101933343c111934343c121935Typescripts of Correspondence in Box 343b343d11936343d21937343d31938343d41939343d51940343d61941343d71942343d81943343d91944343d101945343d111946Josephine Hunt34411925-19303442193134431932, January-June34441932, July-December34451933, January-June34461933, July-December344719343448193534491936344101937344111938345119393452194034531941345419423455194334561944345719453458194634591947345101948345111949345121950345131951-1953345141961-19633461J3462K3463L3464Lexington Cemetery Company, Lexington, Kentucky3465London Spiritualist Alliance, London, England3466M3467N3468O3469P34610R34611S34612T34613Turner, Mrs. Jesse ("Pansy"), Fort Smith, Arkansas 34614U34615Villeminot, P. Edward, Jr., Lexington, Kentucky34616WFINANCIAL AND LEGAL DOCUMENTS3471Income Tax Returns, 19413472Income Tax Returns, 19423473Income Tax Returns, 19433474Income Tax Returns, 19443475Income Tax Returns, 19453476Income Tax Returns, 19463477Income Tax Returns, 19473478Income Tax Returns, 19483479Income Tax Returns, 194934710Income Tax Returns, 195034711Income Tax Returns, 195134712Income Tax Returns, 195234713Income Tax Returns, 195334714Income Tax Returns, 195434715Income Tax Returns, 195534716Income Tax Returns, 195634717Income Tax Returns, 195734718Income Tax Returns, 195834719Income Tax Returns, 195934720Income Tax Returns, 196034721Income Tax Returns, 196134722Income Tax Returns, 196234723Income Tax Returns, 196334724Income Tax Returns, 196434725U.S. Treasury Department, Office of the Collector of Internal Revenue, Correspondence relating to taxes due, 1951-1952 34726Kentucky Department of Revenue, Correspondence relating to taxes due, 1958 34727Social Security Benefits, 1956 34728Miscellaneous financial records, 1943, 1947, 1963 34729Correspondence relating to Breckinridge's will 34730Power of Attorney, 1956PUBLICATIONS WRITTEN BY MARY BRECKINRIDGEMidwifery in the Kentucky Mountains: An Investigation3481Midwifery in the Kentucky Mountains: An Investigation Privately printed, 1923.3482Research materials and surveys3483Correspondence with Annie Veech 3484Kentucky State Board of Health3485"Midwifery in the Kentucky Mountains. An Investigation in 1923," reprint. Quarterly Bulletin of the Frontier Nursing Service, Vol. XVII, Spring 1942.3486Library of Congress, Acquisition acknowledgement, 1925Matins and Evensong3491Matins and Evensong. Compiled and arranged by Mary Breckinridge. Lexington, Kentucky: Privately printed, 1935.3492Manuscript Typescript with handwritten notes, n.d.3493Correspondence concerning copyright, 1942Organdie and Mull3494Organdie and Mull, Wendover, Kentucky: Frontier Nursing Service, 1948. First edition limited to 1000 copies. Nos. 151, 169, and 379 (autographed).3495Correspondence concerning printing and copyright3496Correspondence and excerpts of comments about Organdie and Mull3497Orders3498Office records for orders3499Organdie and Mull reviewed by Marion Shouse Lewis, reprint. Quarterly Bulletin of the Frontier Nursing Service, Vol. 24, Summer 1948.Wide Neighborhoods3501Wide Neighborhoods. A Story of the Frontier Nursing Service. New York: Harper and Brothers, 1952.3502Manuscript, Typescript with notes for revisions, Chapters 1-53503Manuscript, Typescript with notes for revisions, Chapters 6-11 3504Manuscript, Typescript with notes for revisions, Chapters 12-20 3505Manuscript, Typescript with notes for revisions, Chapters 21-353511Manuscript, Typescript with revisions, Chapters 1-53512Manuscript, Typescript with revisions, Chapters 6-103513Manuscript, Typescript with revisions, Chapters 11-153514Manuscript, Typescript with revisions, Chapters 16-203515Manuscript, Typescript with revisions, Chapters 21-253516Manuscript, Typescript with revisions, Chapters 26-303517Manuscript, Typescript with revisions, Chapters 31-353521Correspondence, Margaret Gage and Gerald Heard, 1949-19523522Correspondence, Harper & Brothers, 1949-19513523Correspondence, Harper & Brothers, 19523524Correspondence and related material regarding forests, 1933-19513525Promotional flyersWide Neighborhoods "Fan Folder"35311952 April35321952 May35331952 June 35341952 July35351952 August35361952 September35371952 October35411952 November35421952 December35431953 January-March 35441953 April-June35451953 July-December3546195435471955354819563549Lists of gift books"Motherhood--A Career. A Series of Lessons Learned by the Writer from Her Own Life," Mary Thompson, R.N., Southern Woman's Magazine3551Part I "Girlhood's Preparation," November 19163552Part II "Preparation of the Expectant Mother," December 19163553Part III "Final Preparation," January 1917 3554Part IV "The Nursing Mother," February 19173555Part V "The Bottle-fed Baby," March 19173556Part VI "Training or Punishment--Which?" May 19173557Part VII "Training or Punishment--Which?" June 1917Articles3561"The Women of Thackeray: A Tribute," The Westminster Review, 1907.3562"The Poetry of the Southern United States," The Westminster Review, 1911. 3563"An Adventure in Midwifery. The Nurse-on-Horseback Gets a 'Soon Start'," reprint. Survey Graphic, October 1926.3564"The Nurse-Midwife--A Pioneer," reprint. American Journal of Public Health, November 1927.3565"The Nurse on Horseback," The Woman's Journal, February 1928. 3566"A Frontier Nursing Service," reprint. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, June 1928.3567"Frontier Nursing in the United States," (continued) St. Luke's Alumnae Bulletin, February 1930.3568"Frontier Nursing in the United States," (concluded) St. Luke's Alumnae Bulletin, March 1930.3569"The Corn-Bread Line," reprint. The Survey, August 1930. 35610"Is Birth Control the Answer?" reprint. Harper's Magazine, July 1931. 35611"Where the Frontier Lingers," The Rotarian, September 1935. 35612"A Frontier Nurse Speaks Out. Six Facts About Women, War and Union Now," reprint. Lexington Herald-Leader, August 11, 1940. 35613"The Frontier Nursing Service," reprint. The Crippled Child, October 1941.35614"Childbirth and War," reprint. Quarterly Bulletin of the Frontier Nursing Service, Autumn 1942. 35615"The Rural Family and its Mother," reprint. The Mother, April 1944.Newspaper Articles and Letters by Mary Breckinridge Thompson3571Arkansas State Hospital for Mental Diseases Resignation of Director, 19143572Eureka Springs Municipal Library, 19153573Defense of Dogs, 1915-19163574Belgian Children Relief Fund, 19173575Child Welfare Week in Eureka Springs, 19173576Red Cross Support, 19173577Modern Hygiene, 19173578Articles about Mary Breckinridge Thompson's activities, 19173579Women's Suffrage, 1917-191835710Child Labor Laws, 191835711Child Welfare Course at Crescent College, 1917PUBLICATIONS OWNED BY MARY BRECKINRIDGELIGHT3581Note from Mary Breckinridge regarding LIGHT, October 31, 1960358219253583192635841927358519283586192935871930358819313589193435810193535811193635911937359219383593193935941940359519413596194235971943359819483599195335910London Spiritualist Alliance. Leaflet No. 3 and 4, n.d.35911n.d.MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATIONS3601Notes on Nursing. Florence Nightingale. London, 1859.3602American Industries. 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Special Service Badge, c.19183648Bronze medal with inscription "La Victoire Restaure Le Droit," 19193649Silver pin with inscription "Les Habitants de Vic-sur-Aisne Reconnaissants," 191936410C.A.R.D. Citation, 192136411Diplome d'Honneur, 192136412Reconnaissance Francaise Citation, 192136413Reconnaissance Francaise, Medal, Ribbon, Pins and Bow, 192136414Ecole Florence Nightingale American Nurses Memorial Bronze Medallion, 192136415Comite Americain pour les Regions Devastees de la France Citation, 1923 [In oversize box at end of collection; box is unnumbered.]36416Comite Americain pour les Regions Devastees de la France Medal with inscription "Do Right and Fear No Man," 192336417Kentucky State Board of Health Certificate to Practice Midwifery, 192536418University of Kentucky Algernon Sydney Sullivan Medallion, 193536419University of Louisville Doctor of Laws (Honorary) Certificate and Hood [Doctoral Hoods are located in box 365], 193736420National Society of Colonial Dames of America Eleanor Van Rensselaer Fairfax Medal for Eminent Patriot Service, 193936421University of Rochester Doctor of Laws (Honorary), 194036422University of Kentucky Doctor of Laws (Honorary) Certificate and Hood, 194236423Berea College Doctor of Laws (Honorary) Certificate and Hood, 194736424Transylvania College Citation, 1954 36425Bob Hope "Woman of the Week" Citation, 195436426National Federation of Business and Professional Womens Clubs, Distinguished Service Award, July 1954.36427Keuka College Doctor of Humane Letters, Keuka, New York, 195536428Berea College Wilderness Road Award Citation, 195636429Governor's (Kentucky) Service Award Citation and Medallion, 195936430National League for Nursing The Adelaide Nutting Award, Silver Medallion, 196136431The Merrill-Palmer Institute of Human Development and Family Life Citation and Gold Key, 196236432Honorary Citizen of Tennessee, 196436433Kentucky Hospital Association Award of Merit Certificate, 196436434Hazard, Kentucky Honorary Citizen Certificate36435National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., Dedication of Banners in Memory of Mary Breckinridge, Program, October 197736436United Daughters of the Confederacy Membership Certificate, n.d.36437American Legion Auxiliary Distinguished Service Pin, n.d.36438National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club Service Award Pin, n.d.365Doctoral HoodsPERSONAL MEMORABILIATITLE3661Diploma of Bachelor Degree of Law given to Henry Ruffner Morrison in Washington and Lee University, Virginia, June 16, 18973662Money of the French Revolution given to Breckinridge in Bordeaux, June 19213663Account of King Christian III of Denmark's appointment of a midwife to the Island of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, in 18063664A Paper Doll Book Called Little Mischiefs or Dot and Bill, written by Mary Breckinridge at the Tag-End of Her Childhood. St. Petersburg, Russia, 1896. Original typescript and carbon. Includes correspondence (1944) with Macmillan and Houghton-Mifflin regarding possible publication and a memorandum from Breckinridge concerning origin of manuscript. 3665Yearbook, Miss Low's School, Stamford, Connecticut, 18983666Journal. Pages from girlhood journal, July 19, 19013667Journal. Transcript from girlhood journal, July 31, 19013668Journal. Pages and cover from girlhood journals, Early 1900s3669Pages from girlhood journal, n.d.36610Isabelle of Angouleme, Paper written for correspondence course, c.190836611University of Chicago, Correspondence Study Certificate, June 29, 191136612Columbia University Teachers College Papers for Coursework, 1922-192336613National Child Labor Committee, Certificate of Membership, 192436614Scotch Notebook, 192436615London Notebook, 1924-192536616British Hospital for Mothers and Babies, Lecture case record (unused,) c.19253671Sketch of Wendover, 19333672General J.C. Breckinridge Memorial Fund Correspondence and related materials, 19423673List of contents of address book, 19483674Handwritten notes and personal items found in bedside table, May 19453675Great Souls in Prayer Breckinridge's daily prayer book with handwritten notes, n.d.3676List of notes in Great Souls in Prayer, n.d.3677Greeting cards and miscellaneous personal items3678Quarterly Bulletin fillers and miscellany3679Frontier Nursing Service uniform hat36710Crucifix containing ruby-colored stones36711Hand magnifier36712Description of "The Big House," Mary Breckinridge's house at Wendover, n.d.Personal Calendars368119283682192936831930 368419313685193236861933368719343688193536891936Biographical Information on Mary Breckinridge and Family Members3691Breckinridge Genealogy3692Mary Carson Breckinridge3693Clifton Rodes Breckinridge 3694Carson familyScrapbook3701965AUDIO-VISUAL SERIESIn addition to the manuscript materials which document the history of the Frontier Nursing Service and its founder Mary Breckinridge, this collection includes several hundred photographs which are housed in Audio-Visual Archives. The photographs provide visual documentation of the people, events, and places associated with the Frontier Nursing Service through the years. Included in this series are the works of photographers from Caulfield & Shook, Life Magazine, and the Louisville Courier-Journal, as well as works by individuals such as Marvin Breckinridge Patterson, Virginia Branham, and Earl Palmer.Videotape copies of films on the Frontier Nursing Service are also located in Audio-Visual Archives. The Forgotten Frontier, filmed by Marvin Breckinridge Patterson in the Frontier Nursing Service's early years, portrays the organization and the area it served in the late 1920s. Later films include The Road (1967) and Cherish the Children (1974). Frontier Nursing Service records, 1789-1985