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to present that people to the commonwealth, a people happy, contented, intelligent and useful, not merely in its younger generation, but in its entirety. For the older mountain child we can foresee, when educated, years of satisfaction, usefulness and prominence, and for the younger, there seems no pinnacle of success beyond his reach. And when industrial training and lit- erary culture have vied as to which can equip him best, when he has become master of the vineyard, lord of the field and forest, alchemist of the hidden gold beneath his feet; when golden grain rustles in his valleys, prophetic of a plenteous harvest, and ripened fruits sway in the boughs on his hillside, telling of skill and prosperity, when he has redeemed every barren and rocky hill side and transformed them into such fertility that fruit and grain and fattened flock flourish abundantly over his land, then he, who was so long deprived, will open the treasures of his storehouse to develop the world's youth, and will turn again to the Muses who first enticed him--poetry and oratory, and as poet, literateur and statesman will lead the world along a higher plane of thought and endeavor.