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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

4 - F. Delegation of Authority to Amend the Clinical Enterprise Code of Conduct Addendum (PR 4) President Todd said that PR 4 is an item that was dealt with at the last Board meeting. This is a recommendation to get final approval for the Board to delegate, through the President, to the University Provost and Executive Vice President for Health Affairs the authority to amend the Clinical Enterprise Code of Conduct Addendum as needed, including any revisions required by law. He said that he would report those amendments to the Clinical Enterprise Code to the Board anytime they occurred. Ms. Sims moved approval of PR 4. Ms. Wickliffe seconded the motion, and it carried without dissent. Mr. Reed then asked for the Academic Affairs Report from Ms. Alice Sparks. G. Academic Affairs Committee Report Ms. Sparks, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, reported that the Committee met and had a very informative meeting. She gave an update on the Early Childhood Education faculty members. She reminded the Board that the College of Human Environmental Sciences was disbanded and most of the College went to the College of Agriculture. A Task Force recommended that the Early Childhood educators be moved to Education, and that has been done. Their two remaining lines will stay in Early Childhood Development, but they are vacant right now. There has been a resignation and a retirement. This resolution met with all of the Deans' approval. Ms. Sparks reported that the Committee also had an update on the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Out of the 30 recommendations UK received from SACS, 26 were resolved. Four remain and, by and large, they center around teaching assistants. The point was made that with the budget cuts, the University will need to rely more on teaching assistants, which could have a bearing on SACS accreditation in the future. She said that the budget cuts are affecting the University adversely. H. Joint Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering and Joint Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Civil Engineering with Western Kentucky University (AACR 1) Ms. Sparks reported that G. T. Lineberry gave a lengthy report to the Committee on the joint engineering program with Western Kentucky University and the UK College of Engineering. He reported that it had taken several years to get the program completed, but it is on track now. The proposal for the joint degree program has gone through the usual procedures and has the support of the Provost. She said that the Academic Affairs Committee moves approval by the Board. Ms. Wilson seconded the motion, and it carried without dissent. (See AACR 1 at the end of the Minutes.) It was pointed out that this program is mechanical engineering and civil engineering. An electrical engineering