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The Kentucky Kernel, October 5, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL University of Kentucky LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, OCT. 5, I9J6. VOL IX 10,000 OLD STATE STUDENTS FOR GOLDEN JUBILEE ELECT LOGAN TO RETURN TO BE HELD OCT. 14 Every Mail Bringing Letters From Graduates Who Will Return to Their Alma Mater Most Reg markable Ever Held. Home-Comin- ACADEMIC PARADE WILL OPEN CEREMONIES They are all coming back. Perhaps this la the best way to tell the story of what In all probability will be the most remarkable home coming ever held in the South. The Golden Jubilee of the Univer sity of Kentucky will take place Sat urday, October 14, and from all Indi cations a new and luminous page in , the educational history of the State will be written. Dean F. Paul Anderson is still at work making arrangements, sending out letters and taking up different phases of the celebration with the committee. Dean Anderson, who ex pects 10,000 old students to be in at tendance, says that he receives a thrill every minute of the day as every let ter opened tells of another "Old State" man who is coming back. The following events will form part of the festivities in connection with the celebration. On Friday afternoon, October 13, at 2 o'clock, the annual between the Freshmen and Sophomore classes will take place across Clifton Heights Pond. At 8 oclock, Friday evening there will be an meeting of the alumni and former students of the University at the Phoenix Hotel. At 9 o'clock, Saturday morning, October 14, the ceremonies of the Jubilee will begin with an academic procession. The undergraduate student body, by classes, will march through the principle streets of Lexington, proceeding to Patterson Hall, where iney win 30m tne academic procession of the trustees, faculty and alumni by classes, and march to the University campus where, under a largo, tent, erected in front of the Main Building, the following program will be adhered to, beginning promptly at 10 o'clock: President Charles W. Dabney, of the University of Cincinnati, will make an address on "The University and the State." President Emeritus James K. Pat- tug-of-w- t( - ' v Major John T. Geary, an orator alumnus of the University, will dedi cate to the University a tablet nam ing the field. Governor A. O. Stanley will receive the commemorative tablet on the part of the University. President Henry S. Barker will pre side at the ceremonies of the Jubilee and at the dedication of Stoll Field. After the dedication of Stoll Field, the most important football game of the year will be played between University and the University of Kentucky. Vanderbilt always has a strong team and a lively contest is anticipated. Last year Kentucky defeated Pur due, seven to nothing, and the 1916 team promises to be even stronger than the 1915 team, altho some very excellent men graduated and will not be a part of the organization this year. The lovers of football, therefore, will have an opportunity to see one of the best games of football that they ever have been privileged to witness in Kentucky. Van-derbi- lt Many enthusiastic letters have been received from alumni, indicating that they will take advantage of this opportunity to participate in a University that has been planned to make everybody have a good time and see the progress the University has made during the first fifty years of its existence. All of tho fraternities are in touch with their alumni and will arrange for a reunion in connection with the Golden Jubilee plans. according to The professional and honorary fraternities will also send out letters and attempt to get their alumni to return. The literary societies and organizations of tho University are ex pected to make an effort to bring a large delegation of old mon back to tho scenes of their college days. home-comin- g BUTLER TAKEN LEARN THESE YELLS PRESIDENT The Kernel prints below a number of the college yells, and requests that all students not familiar with them already commit them to memory. Yell Leader Whayne Haffler requests everybody to attend chapel Friday morning, as he has a few surprises in store. s The will sit on the north side of the chapel and attempt to the male section, but It is not believed they can do It, owing to the fact that they are not so numerous. Learn these yells and get ready for Centre: d Game J. A. Brittain and Harry State Wins 39 to 3 Rodes and Milward Are Close Contestants Brittain Star One-Side- FACTIONALISM RULES PLAY out-ye- ll Su-K- Sky-rock- p Tear-'em-u- p Tiger. Kentucky! Rah-h-h-a- Rah! Kentucky. Ken Tuc c Ky. K-- y KENTUCKY. d U. K. Rah. 1916-191- Rah! Rah! U. K.! Rah! Rah! Hurrah! Hurrah! U. K.! Rah! Rah! U. K.! Wildcat. 'e-- 'o-- u-- ! u-- Siren. ! (Shriek) Kentucky! Locomotive. Rah Rah! U. K. (Slow) Rail Rah! U. K. U. K. U. K. (Fast) Rah Rah! (Fastor) Rah Rah! (Fastest) Long Yell. VANDY OCT. 14 The Wildcats defeated Butler College, of Indianapolis, in the first game of the season last Saturday on Stoll Field by the score of 39 to 3. "Doc" Rodes and Brittain starred for Ken tucky while Bonham, the Butler quar ter, was the of the visiting team. Ideal weather and a large crowd greeted the Wildcats in their first game, Cheer Leader Haffler and his corps of assistants leading the bleach ers In the Kentucky yells. Kentucky took the lead In the first quarter and almost rushed the Butler boys off their feet before they were able to summon their full strength for the fray. Rodes, the famous quarterback for the Wildcats, kicked off and assumed the role of chief butcher in which followed. the Rodes' first kick landed on the But line and was returned by ler Bonham, the Butler quarter, to the line. After three plays Butler gained only four yards and a kick gave Kentucky the ball on her line. Rodes gained 50 yards in a run around the Butler right end. In a series of plays which followed a total of twenty-one yards was made and the pigskin was finally carried over the line by the Kentucky quarter. Klnne missed kicking goal. d d The Wildcats second touchdown also came in the first quarter. Butler received tho kick and on failing to gain yielded tho ball to Kentucky on line. Plunges through the her line by Rhodes and Grabfelder placed line from where the ball on the it was carried over by Haydon. Again Kinno missed goal. d At this point Butler took on a new supply of courage and registered a small gain but kicked out of bounds on tho Kentucy lino. Rodes reeled off another gain around tho Butler end and tho quarter was brought to a close. Score at the end of tho first quarter, Kentucky 12, Butd MECHANICAL HALL ler 0. THOROLY RENOVATED Grabfelder Wildcats! (Repeat) Kentucky! NOTICE, SENIORS! Notices were posted in certain places on the campus yesterday afternoon calling a meeting of the Senior class for 3:30 o'clock this afternoon, at which time class officers will be elected for A warm the term of campaign has been waged" by at least two parties contending for the honors, and a lively time is expected at this meeting. Every Senior should be there to record his choice. n CAMP BY OF CLASS Lindsey Logan, of Shelbyville, was chosen president of the Junior class at the annual election of officers held in Buell Armory last Thursday afternoon. Miss Celia Cregor, vice president of the class last year, presided. The other officers elected were as follows: Miss Lena Clem, vice president; Miss Lela Kerswlll, secretary; C. L. Morgan, treasurer; Virgil Chapman, class representative; M. C. Fin Hip! Hi! Hip! Hi! ney, Junior editor of the Kentuckian; Yell! Yell! W. B. Martin, assistant business manager of the Kentuckian; B. J. Riley, Nine M. L. Watson, and Frank Grainger, Rah, Rah, Rah! assistant football managers. Rah, Rah, Rah! Considerable interest and enthusiRah, Rah, Rah! asm was manifested in the election, Team, Team, Team! over a hundred Juniors being present. The election narrowed to a contest between the fraternity and (Long whistle)! Boom! Ah! factions, despite an appeal by Kentucky State. Joe M. Robinson that these differences should be forgotten and that each canFifteen didate should be considered on his Rah! Rah! Rah, Rah, Rah! merits. Rah! Rah! Rah, Rah, Rah! Prior to the election caucuses were Rah! Rah! Rah, Rah, Rah! held and candidates for each office Varsity, Varsity, Varsity! were selected. In the election of president, Lindsey Logan headed the non-frEat 'Em Up. ticket; J. A. Brittain led the fra! ternity faction, and Harry Milward ! was nominated on the independent Smash 'em, Smash 'em, Smash 'em!! ticket. From all sourcos that are expected to bo drawn from It is expected that fully 10,000 will attend and preparations aro being made to entertain that tho University of Kentucky." number. One class of prominent men Mr. Charles R. Brock, of the class who will attend aro tho college presi of '90, will present tho portrait of dents to whom tho University author- (Low) James K. Patterson from the alumni ities have sent out special engraved to the University. invitations. Kentucky! During these ceremonies a number of honorary degrees will be conferred SCOTT IS SPORTING Rah! Rah! upon distinguished scholars and mon EDITOR OF LEADER of affairs of the United States. Rah! Rah! At 12 o'clock a lunch will bo served J. M. Scott, a Junior in tho College on the campus to visitors and underof Arts and Science last year, has ac- Rah! Rah! graduates. In the afternoon, at 1:30 o'clock, the cepted a position as sporting editor of ceremonies of the formal dedication of the Lexington Leader and is now on Rah! Rah! Stoll Field, in honor of Richard C. tho job. He did not return to college this fall Stoll, will be held. V, No. 3 U. K. U. K. U. K. U. K. Mechanical Hall seoms to be dressed in gala attire for the opening of Tho vines tho collego term 191G-1and Mowers please tho eye when approaching tho building; entering tho main hall, the old boys feel almost lost, for tho hall has boon remodeled and white walls, hung with interesting cIbbs pictures, and a floor of blue and white tllo with tho words "Mechanical in tho and Electrical Engineering" center, have replacod the dingy entrance that they romombored. Tho building has boon thoroly renovated during tho summer and the new Senior study room is a delight to tho class. started tho onslaught in the second quarter by breaking thru tho lino for a gain of 30 yards and a Rodes missed kicking touchdown. goal. Klnne replaced Rodes at quarter and for tho remainder of tho quarter the honors woro about equally divided between the two teams, neither side scoring. Score at tho end of the second period, Kentucky 18, Butler 0. Tho third quarter found Butler making gains through her superior forButler's hopes fell, ward passing. howevor, when Mcllvaln, who succeedr ed Gumbort seized a toss near the of the field and scored a touchdown. Rodes kicked goal. con-to-