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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 5, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Page 6 THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. Suits PrcMcd 21c CO-E- D Suit! MU I Ordkr $18.00 ami up PHONE 621.Y CORNER Mrs. J. C. Helburn and 'Mrs. I. B. Helburn, of Eminence, were the guests of Miss Esther Helburn laBt week. Miss Mary Hamilton will spend the week-enat her home In Cynthiana. Mr. and Mrs. It. K. Grundy and son, William, motored from Louisville and spent the week-enat the Phoenix, visiting their daughters, Misses Lillian and Mary Grundy. Misses Miriam Horlne and Mattie McMurtry spent Sunday at their home In Nicholasvllle. Miss Lucy Cracraft, of White Sul phur, was at home for the week-end- . Mr. B. F. Swinney, of Eminence, vis ited his daughter, Miss Lula Swinney, Friday. Mrs. J. C. Risque, of Midway, was at the Hall Monday with her daugh ter, Miss Juliet Lee Risque. Misses Ina Scherrebeck and Aiice Y. Brower, Y. W. C. A. field student secretaries, visited the local associa tion this week. Miss Lavinla McDanell, of Warsaw, came last week for a visit to her aunt, Mrs. Flora Wooley. Miss Roberta Green spent the week end with friends in Richmond. Miss Jessie Florence, who has been employed in government service in Stearns, has returned to the Hall. Miss Lena Clem, of Bedford, will be at home this week-enMrs. M. R. Houston, of Anchorage, visited her niece, Miss Bernice Ell- wanger, Saturday. Miss Mary Ricketts will spend the week-enat her home in Mt. Sterling, Miss Frances Grant was the guest of Mrs. Louis Johnson at Sommer's Forest, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Richardson, Miss Ambrose Anderson, Sydney Anderson and Saxton Richardson, of Midway, motored in to see Miss Virginia Helen Milner Monday. Miss Susanne Beitz was at Kister-towith Miss Christine Keller for the d d d n . CUfti an4 DRY CLEANING COMPANY C. R. McGAUGHEY, GItb Ui a Trial mmI daily papers spoke very highly CLUB WILL of the ability and talent of the young Boloist, and the professionals who appeared on the same platform with her MEETING FRIDAY were much' impressed by her voice. Miss Mitchell took a prominent part in the musical activities while she All Students of Library was a student at the University, apTraining Are Invited pearing in the title roles in two canTo Attend tatas given by the Choral Society. She was also prominent in many other stuThe Library Club will meet tomordent activities, being a member of the row afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in the Strollers, Staff and Crown and Kappa club room of the Library Building. All Kappa Gamma. students who have taken, or are taking library training, are eligible to CO-ED- S ARE TREATED membership and are cordially invited to be present at the first meeting of the year. s The fair at Patt Hall suffered following officers were elected a delightful treat Monday night when The at the May meeting: Vivian DeLalne, "Harney's Meat House Quartet" renpresident; Elizabeth Crow, vice presidered a few vocal selections for their dent, and Minnie Neville, secretary. delectation. The girls responded nobAn interesting program and refreshly and the quartet was presented with ments are promised for Friday. many souvenirs of the occasion. The boys reported a fine reception and an invitation to return and torture the T s again. PtwMw Frt4 $1.90 Stwknti Always WsksfM 111 S. LIMESTONE Caaviitcri vlllo PATT HALL PERSONALS week-end- Saftt STROLLERS' MEETING The first meeting of the Strollers this year will be held in the Stroller studio, in the basement of the Main Building, this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. The election of a stage manager for this year and of several officers to take the place of those who did not return to the University will be the most important business on the program. ASSOCIATION SOCIAL TOMORROW EVENING The first social event of the year on the campus will be given In the Y. M. C. A. rooms in the Gym Building tomorrow evening, October 6, and all students are cordially invited to attend. The Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W. C. A. will be the hosts and a royal time is promised. The management holds out music, "eats" and girls as to male students and inducements music and "eats" as bait to lure the ladles. Miss Mary Crates, of Carrollton, was the guest of Miss Anna K. Told "K" DANCE OCTOBER 13 this week. Mrs. L. M. Sale and Miss Pauline The Kentucklan dance, the first Sale, of Frankfort, were with Miss event of the kind this year, will be June Sale at the Hall, Monday. given In Buell Armory Friday evening, October 13, and all students are inMISS MITCHELL WINS vited to attend. The "K" dance is alPRAISE AS SOLOIST ways one of the best of the school dances, and as it is given for the beneStudents at the University will be fit of the University annual, no stuglad to hear of the success during dent should be absent. A large numthe past summer of Miss Katherine ber of alumni who will be in the city Mitchell, an alumna of the class of for the Jubilee will attend. The ad1916. In August Miss Mitchell apmission has been fixed at 50 cents, peared on the chautauqua platform in and tickets will be placed on sale eara series of concerts and attracted ly next week. much favorable comment. Her concerts were given at Monteagle, Tenn., DEPARTMENT OF JOURNALISM of the known as the "Chautauqua ANNOUNCES DEPARTURE. year an assembly South," where each is held thru the entire summer. The The Department of Journalism anmusical programs at Monteagle are very marked nounces that until October 10 it will featured and it was a compliment to Miss Mitchell's ability enroll students in its class in verbal criticism and copyreadlng for the as a singer that she was engaged for Monday, Wednesday and - third hour The Nasha series of five concerts. Friday as that particular hour is open for the work thruout the year by Eat Your Sandwiches reason of the merging of other diviand Hot Chocolate at the sions in the Junior year. Students WOMAN'S EXCHANGE majoring in other courses that journalism and who have had as much as 207 W. Short St. two yearB of Latin are eligible. MAKE UP GYM WORK MIn Laura Spurr wfll fhre her opening dance of the icason, FRIDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 6 Over Fayette Drug Co, &30toM:30 : Admwtlon 50c missionary. Before leaving New York Mr. Smith made an extended vlslf. tc for "The Lexington and arranged graduate of the Alumnus" to visit him regularly. L. E. Smith, a University in 1911, and Johns Hopkins University in 1915, with an M. D. degree, has gone to Kaheroon, West Africa, where he will be a medical L. E. SMITH MEDICAL MISSIONARY TO AFRICA When You Arc Hungry SEE Mrs. Barnctt At the University Lunch Stand WATCHES There's A Snap In OF DEPENDABLE ACCURACY Until Gym. Credits Are Secured Juniors and Seniors in the College of Arts and Science and in the College of Agriculture, who are deficient in gymnasium work, will be required to make it up before being granted diplomas, according to a statement made last week by S. A. Boles, physical director. Two years' training in gym, is required of all students enrolled in the above named colleges and Mr. Boles is determined to see that this rule is enforced. Gymnasium classes for Freshmen 'and Sophomores in the College of Arts and Science and in the College of Agriculture were begun last Thursday afternoon and 214 students have enrolled in them. Gymnasium suits and shoes are sold at cost in the physical director's office by George Gumbert. DR. PETER DIRECTS WORK AT STATION Dr. Alfred M. Peter, head of the department of chemistry at the Experiment Station and senior member of the staff, is now acting head of the Station until a successor can be selected to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Dr. Kastle. It has been officially stated that there has been no consideration of a successor to Dr. Kastle, and it will probably be several weeks before any action is taken. A special meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University has been called by Gov. A. O. Stanley for, October 13th, and while it is not certain that definite action will be taken, the question of a new head for the station will be discussed. Dr. Peter took up his new duties immediately, combining the work of director with that of his own department. 123 COLLEGE Jeweler East MainlStreet Opposite Phoenix Lexington, Ky. 16.50 MEN LIKE WE REPAIR WATCHES United (Drifting Scores 115 INCORPORATE EAST MAIN STREET KENTUCKY. LEXINGTON. Lexington College of Music 441 West Second Street Regular Conservatory Course in Allj, Departments g Tuesday Nights Sight-Singin- Orchestra Nights Wednesday FACULTY B" Concert Ptantot Concert Pianist and Organlat Tenor Solotot Norwegian Baritone Sopramo Soloist Concert 'Vlollnlrt Portrait Painter Impersonator, Reader Director and Business Manager MISS ANNA CHANDLER GOFF MB. EDWARD WEISS MR. HARRY MUELLER . . MR. LAWRENCE A. COVER MR. PER NIELSEN MISS MARY FRANCES SCOTT MR, BRUCE REYNOLDS MR. SUDDUTH GOFF MR. ALBERT F. SMITH MISS ANNA CHANDLER GOFF PHONE 639-- C. D. Calloway Co, & FOOT BALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS 146 WEST MAIN STREET STAR self filling FOUNTAIN PEN 2.2? WILLIAM E G UARANTEED STAGG, Your Druggist Exquisite Corsage Bouquets "We Make Them Prettier" Just a little bluffing, Lots of air quite hot, Make a recitation Seem like what it's not. The Golden Rule. Clothes make the man Courier. HEINTZ, AT THAT $5.00 and Up $2.50, Suits & Overcoats Diplomas Will Not Be Given $2.00 $1.50, $1.00, United Special John A. Keller Co INCORPORATED. FLORISTS 123 pay East Sixth St. . . JEFF IAMUS . r S. U. RefreseiUttYe Phone 945-- Y