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12 > Image 12 of Lexington City Directory 1911

Part of Lexington City Directories

on mum: I I sts I. I. FITZGERALD <=~ " FOR BEST PLUMBING 5 O 0 E I __, - . _ BOARD OF PARK COMMISSIONERS. E _Q M. A, Scovell pres., Porter,.sec., T. Tunis, Charles = E Scott, R. D. Williams. Office First National Bank. :" UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE. L Q POSTOFFICE BUILDING. , g CollectorT. A. Field. Chief Deputy CollectorIIarry R. McEldowney. Q CashierTheodore M. Shaw. . POSTOFFICE. x E. Main, cor. Walnut. . __- Standard Time. R Executive DivisionRoom end of V\/alnut street corri _ dor. Office hours from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Thomas L. ' ' VValker, postmaster; David N. Zimmerman, asst. : c A postmaster; Henry D. V\/ilson, stenographeir. H S g Re uests for improvements in the service an a com- Q_ = qplaints should be made to the postmasters office. S N The entry of new publications and the regulations A ,= governing the mailing of second-class matter and or- P A , G ders for request envelopes should be made here. Ac E _ = counts against the postmaster paid at this office. 1 - N Money Order DivisionOpen from 8:30 a. m. to 9:00 _ p. m. VValter M. Bruce, Miss Katie T. Hardesty. 0 clerks. Domestic and foreign money orders issued g E and paid in this department. E Registry DivisionOpen from 8:30 a. m. to 9:00 p. m. E Q bl-Ienry F. Chapman, Walter j. jordan, clerks. All 1. [I. as valuable matter should be registered and mailed in this Division. Ia l Stamp and General Delivery DivisionOpen from 6:30 E -, = 2 a. m. to 9 p. m. Miss Emma S. Gilroy, Miss Mattie ._ G _= VValker, Mrs. Sadonia M. Elkins, Charles F. VI/ord, 1; . *0 clerks. _ 2 Mailing Divisionjohn VV. Rucker, Otta T. jones, Clar- E i S ence B. Miller, G. Stanley Milligan, George A. Batc- gy il man, Ernest B. Foley, Andrew Harmon, clerks. I f u 2 This division has charge of the classification, distri- g Q bution and dispatch and mails. I __ 'E '5 Rural and City Delivery Division--George R. Warren, Q u supt. ; james C. Mahoney, john B. Irvine, Miss Mar- I ` garet Carroll, james M. West, clerks. To this divi- t E sion is assigned the supervision of all mail matter I delivered in the city by carrier, through lock boxes or