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13 > Image 13 of Lexington City Directory 1911

Part of Lexington City Directories

jg TAYLOR BURNER & APPLIANCE C0. . - Gu Appliances for Haskins, Lixhtiux. Cookin: THE CELEBRATED TAYLOR STOVE NEW PHONE 1870 M. J. GOLDEN, Manager ) 106 WALNUT STREET OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE " LEXINGTON CITY DIRECTORY (1911) 17 general delivery. Boxes rented and keys issued and les returned. The delivery of special letters by messen- ,k_ gerls`; also the supervision of the rural carrier service in ayette county. Letter Carriers-W .S. Anderson, Arthur F. Adams, Q. A. Bailey, C. F. Bowman, Raymond Cropper, H. M. Crosthwaite, A. L. Digmond, Thomas Gunn, W. R. Owings, ]. R. Smith, R. F. Williams, Frank P. Dia- mond, P. C. Foushee, Russell S. Griiiee, Fleet M. Hayes, Joseph H. Hukle, Samuel \V. Marrs, Samuel R. McCoe, W. R. Monta ue, Robert L. Oots, Andrew Scott, Benjamin B. Simgox, ]ohn B. Snowden, E. L. Simcox, Clarence N. Welch. Rural CarriersMarshall Alverson, Elijah Cunningham, ri ]ohn Gilchrist, George G. Helm, Edward W. ]ack L. son, C. M. Marshall, ]ohn H. Scruggs, I. S. Vande- rst. ver, ]. H. Marshall, Guy Gordon, W. C. S. Hayden. Substitute CarriersF. A. Durst, ]. H. Laval, F. VV. m- Smith. ce. Special Delivery Messengers-VVm. B. Prather, Clarence ms Zimmerman, ]r. Oy- PostoiTice Messenger-]ames Ellis. xc- Board of Civil Service ExaminersHenry D. \Vilson. secy; Samuel Marrs and james C. Mahoney, mem- :00 bers. Application for examination for positions in ity, Sie poitofficci-land information on civil service should 1ed e ma e to t e secretary. RURAL ROUTES IN FAYETTE COUNTY SERV- ING THE FOLLOVVING PIKESQ Liu Route N0. 1Richmond, Mt. Tabor, Hickman Creek, DeLong, Armstrong Mill and 'l`ate`s Creek Pikes. _3O Route No. 2Versailles, Vanmeter Lane, Bosworth iic Ilgaine, Vanmeter, Elkchester, Redds and Frankfort 1