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14 > Image 14 of Lexington City Directory 1911

Part of Lexington City Directories

-- CHEAPSIDE. --- D. H. JAMES, Prest. ` GEO. S. WEEKS, Cashier I J. 1-1. GRAVES, v. P. H. A. STILZ. Am. cnn. E S is (1911) R. 1.. Pork & coss F . T E E Route No. 8Nicholsville, Stones Road, Higby Mill, I E Q Bryans Lane, Brannon, Harrodsburg, Clays Mill ` fg and Bowman Mill Pikes. \ is d Route N0. 9-Todds Road, Boones Pike, Chilesburg and p 5% - Cleveland, Athens, the VValnut Hill and the Rich- a _ mond Pikes. I E E Route No. 10Richmond, ]acks Creek, Tates Creek, I E Walnut Hill and the DeLong Pikes. J D U Route No. 11Athens, VValnut Hill, New, Boonesboro, I . E 5 g Grimes Mill Road and the Richmond Pikes. E g E BOARD OF EDUCATION. I > 567 McClelland Bldg. l . Q R. P. Shryock, president; C. ]. Myers, vice president; G. _ g Ig A. Holland, Robert Kennedy, A. M. Miller, ]. E. ` Neely, C. T. Roszell, S. VV. VVilson, F. G. Ott, ]. M. ] 5: U Kelly, George Land, A. VV. Skinner; M. A. Cassidy, . g g supt. city schools; ]. O. H. Simrall, clerk of board. 1 ` V D COMMITTEES FO`R 1910. I 5 E Finance and AccountsMyers, Kelly, Miller and \/Vilson. - . Contracts and Salaries-Skinner and Myers. , Building and RepairsHolland and Kennedy. _ ;' Examination of Teacl1ersMiller. Neely and Roszell. 3 Supplies and Printing-Skinner, Land and Neely. i g ... RulesRoszell, Miller and VVilson. l 8 Colored SchoolsKennedy, Myers and Holland. Q N Music--Neely, Roszell and Skinner. . E KindergartensV\7ilson, Ott and Holland. B Hygiene and Sanitation-Kelly, Land and Ott. i. LibraryLand, \Nilson and Kennedy. ii.? Manual TrainingLand. Myers and Skinner. -` N 3 SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS. "_ - M. A. Cassidy, superintendent; C. F. Croxton, supervisor Q. m V, of music; Mary Kinkead, supervisor of drawing; _ g Mary Rodes and Anna Bean, supervisors of physical science. : Arlington School+Robert A. Newman, principal. Q -I GJ Dudley SchoolMrs. Milfred Vi/hite, principal. Q O E (Harrison) Second VVard SchoolF. R. Sparks, prin- ii cipal. ` = High School-Milton Elliott, principal; Mazie \Nolver A ton, asst. principal. Y johnson SchoolW. F. DeMoss, principal. Maxwell SchoolE. F. Daranaby, principal.