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672 > Image 672 of Lexington City Directory 1911

Part of Lexington City Directories

GAS STOVES FITZGERALD I 1 269 w. AND RANGE.S\ The PLUMBER SHORT C M gi-gwsvz R. 1.. x>o1.i< at coss Lexmorou crrv omecronv (mm - E z--E lj TINNERS-Continued A Sl *Swift Wm H 518 NV Maxwell f S , QTrowbridge T A 210 S Upper _ SA {ui |-Woodruff M M 356 Henry TI $ Q TITLE COMPANIES . f||,|Lexington and Central Kentucky Title Co (Inc) *700 :)` ;8 I Trust Co bldg Eff, E TOBACCO HOGSHEADS F_ BQ? Lexington Tobacco Hogshead Co 537 Patterson A L' .S_ >'Waller Manufacturing Co (Inc) 816 W Main A 4g E TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS L. g`EjQMoore ]ohn D Tobacco Co (inc) 138 Loudon av $`g Petty W L & Co 451-55 Chair av gag-E White Plume Tobacco Co (inc) 159 E Short B `{2 TOBACCO WAREHOUSES ` Q"6']: American Tobacco Co 224 Bolivar 255 xCentral Ky Tobacco )xVarehouse Co The 574-96 S Upper L gFayette Leaf Tobacco VVhse Co s w cor Mill and Bol- UA 3 ivar gg Growers Tobacco \\/arehouse Co 626-38 S Broadway ' Lexington Tobacco Warehouse 553-57 S Broadway *( VaughanCunningham Tobacco Co 334 S Broadway Cr W *TOILET ARTICLES *( = CASSELL LEE 167 \V Short (See back cover) Kt TRAINING STABLES ` M O Allen E M fair grounds i E Beachey Clem fair grounds C _ ,,1 Q Bowerman George fair grounds W Bowerman Michael fair grounds i U Cahill David fair grounds B 1 Freeman VVm F fair grounds a NE Davis Crittenden fair grounds Q Davis Emerson fair grounds M = Davis ] W fair grounds Grover ] D fair grounds B m Hayes George B fair grounds A A Horine Henry fair grounds Hussy john fair grounds y jones H M fair grounds x Kerr `W H & Son fair grounds Long R B fair grounds 1 McAllister ] O fair grounds W 0 Moore H W fair grounds Q Nash Robert fair grounds Owings VV A fair grounds C( Ray H B fair grounds