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43 > Image 43 of The Cats' Pause, "March 30, 1985"

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Walker Goes Down, But Bounces Back Viewpoint (Continued from page 40) and the game is already out of reach. Most recent point in case was the LSU game. Down 13, with 7 minutes to go, no press used until 2:30 remaining and still down by 11. Too late! We have personnel with great quickness, like Davender, Bennett, Blackmon, Walker, and Madison that could be very effective in a full court press but I have not seen this combination of players used together very often. 4) I think Coach Hall is a great gentleman and a fine person. But an average coach. I'm not calling for his dismissal but I wouldn't be sad to see him retire. I think we would get more positive results from someone like Al McGuire or Pat Riley. Coach Hall has been successful but I think it is mostly because the UK program attracts great talent. 5) There is no one to blame for the loss to Georgetown last year except the coach. Look at the facts: A great point guard - Dicky Beal. A great outside shooter - Jim Master. Not one but two superb 7-footers inside and then add Kenny Walker (even slightly injured). How could they have lost? Coaching 1 Note 1: In that game, Melvin Turpin spent the last 9 minutes of his college career sitting on the bench and he wasn't in foul trouble. Meanwhile, Kentucky was losing the board battle? Note 2: -Jim Master was re-inserted into the lineup at a time when UK was forced to go man to man. Master's man immediately scored a 3-point play extending their lead to 10. Everyone -knew Tim had defensive problems so I Colorado Springs, Colorado why was he put back in at that particular time? 6) I must ask Mr. Bob Watkins (Cats' Pause columnist) to update himself on UK history. In his article about Rupp's Runts (March 2 issue) he stated that they were the last all white team to make the Final Four. In 1975, UK went to the Final Four in San Diego and started: Grevey, Guyette, Connor, Flynn and Robey. Of course, Jack Givens and James lee were the 6th and 7th man. Best Regards, Ron Crigler Louisville, Ky. A True Blue Alien Dear Sir: I'm so proud of the University of Kentucky. With all the scandals across the country, we are so lucky to have class coaches and class academics. I predict the football cats will win the conference next year. Good job Jerry. Joe B. has done a great job this year. The only way to shut the critics up is with a "Sky-Jam". Good luck in the tournament. I am a lost Wildcat in Colorado Springs. Sincerely, Don Summers {he g The Hall's following are Coach Joe B. postgame comments after the University of Kentucky was defeated by St. John's 86-70: Coach Hall: I was real proud of our players. What they accomplished this year was unexpected. The fact that only one team goes through this tournament comes out a winner, why we have nothing to be ashamed of. You do feel bad after any loss, but we just have to forget this one and go back to what we did accomplish this season, especially here in the NCAA playoffs. We lost to an exceptionally fine ballclub that had a fine night tonight. They are an outstanding team. St. John's is well-coached and they made excellent adjustments to what we attempted to do. They worked well against all of our defenses. The main thing was they went to the offensive boards so effectively in the second half. I would say that was the big difference. We were in foul trouble --we had (Bret) Bearup and (Winston) Bennett on the bench -- and had a small lineup in the game and St. John's took advantage of it and really pounded the offensive board. It paid off for them. In the first half, we came out and I don't think that we were especially "hype" as much as we were just playing very efficient and very good basketball in the early part of the first half. When Kenny Walker got the finger in the eye and the cut over his eyelid -- we were ahead 20-13 -- and I thougnt that hurt us a lot. But we held on and were within one point at halftime and we thought that we we could possibly come back out and game back away from St. John's. But they just made excellent adjustments. They've got tremendous players and have talent and they shot the ball so well. They're just a fine club and we wish them well in the rest of the tournament. What about the positive turnaround in the team's shooting against St. John's? Coach Hall: We shot 63 percent in the first half, as did St. John's. That was an excellent half for us and about as well as we could play. I thought the early part in the first half was as good as basketball as we've played all year. So this team did finish strong and I don't think that the final score is an indication of the closeness of the game. It was kind of "ratty" there at the last, but that's the way we had to play it in trying to get back into the game. What about Walker's injury? Coach Hall: I want to give him (Walker) a little bit of credit. His eye was just about shut in the huddle. . .Shut one eye and try to shoot and you lose depth perception. I think it did bother Kenny. What about the team's defense on All-American Chris Mullin? Coach Hall: We tried a little bit of everything. He's just such a quick shooter and has such great touch. He's such an intelligent player in getting himself open. It's kind of wishful thinking that you are going to stop him. I think Kenny Walker is much the same way. He's going to get his points on effort and hustle and Chris is just an outstanding All-America basketball player. d#wf) he-ti ;i9A sv/e/1 a'u/m sri Awf'