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8 > Image 8 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 57. Jessamine County (Nicholasville)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

PXEFLCE The Histric&l Records Survey was begun in January 1936, under the national directorship mf Dr. Luther I. Evans, as a part of the Fclcral nritrs' Project of the Mcrks Progress Administration. Dr. T. D. Clark was appointed project supervisor under the administrative direction of Dr. U. 3. Sell, Director gf the Federal hrit@rs' Project. In July lG36 Dv. Clark returned to the University of Kentucky, being succeeded by Yr. O. 3. Mildew. In Dcccmbor 1936, upon Mr. Wildcr'm resignation, Ir. halter Q. Hosfclmam was mais Stai; Dirct0r From December 1936 until July 51, 1959, lr. Eo;fclm&n directed bhp project, being succeeded by the pruscut dirqctor. During Ir. iOGfGlm&HC dircctorship the following volumes were publislsd; Invntri;s 0f the County Archivgs 0f Fayette, Knox, HcCrcary, Carlisle, and Laurcl; and "Duti .r. s and Suzcticns cf Kgntucky County G0v0rmment." The major portion of th; work of preparing the Jussaminc County book was &cc0;@lishd undpr IT. I0;f;1mun': dircctcrship. In December 1956, thc N;ij0n&l Survey was swparaicd fr0m.thc Tudpral Writers' Project, being dcsignabqd ds Federal Project fumber 1, &ul tL Kc tucky Historical Hcccyds Survey bccumn a stake-wi&0 unit. AS Of Scptqmbwr 1, 1959, the Historical Records Survyy changed its method of 0pr;ti0ms from onc nxtion-wide, lPAsp0ns0?cd Federal projccb to A series 05 state-aide pr0jcts sponsored by legally constituted public agencies. Ab the pr~:nt timc, thc Kcntucky Historical leccrds Survyy Project, spcnsorcd by thc Kentucky Statc Librarian and Director of Archivcs, Irs. Dyna Guy Cromwell, is undo? the a&njn istrativc control of thc Professional and Scrvics Division Of the Mark PrjUcts Administration. A Field work in Jcszaminc Qcwnty began in [arch l93Q, unimr dircqtion of Kiss Virginia Iuvins, District Supervisor. In UQCKbQT lQ35, lr. Bug me Klein was uppointci district gupnrviscr, being sumcV-&l in April l5T by Kiss Edna Wilder, Assisiant State Supgyvigor. In Uncqvbar lD5@ ani Jznvxyy l5Q, thc original listing wg; vsuhqckod under LQ; Iiyqctlcm of [i:r`~ild0r, b2:ishJd by Irs. kynncis F) Cassidy, Irs. Qxrgayet Fiyveui, Ligr Lin; Ckmyriugimg, and Zhu J mmings B. T;ylr, uditoys in the Lpxinftai GinLrLcL mgficc. Field Muyleqs li:t;& the vzriwns ymc1lm of Juszwliue County LH stxndayd forms and also zuyplici tho c&itr1;l viaig my ke st2L Ficwitk tr;nscy17ts of imp0rt4nt court actions. Thu hi;< L2c:1ic;;Ll sZ;bcI1 m ,`. . an igzvizxjw. in .>;iAjf_;4m, ;;>i~; bf j;fYJ'Y].`i` H. Hcskins ;nQ Qubcyt ? Qvnoll, mriL.rs, _ xc; ;;T;i I ?v;T Lx tlc Cilron Club, LOUiSVLia.].3, ;;1; L1J.CYjf, gi;} j1c>71 segurcyu L in ini :1i_>"f,l r. X ;.`>;131";LCfQ {`.Z*?. Dy Lbs. Cgsnidy. This skeich UM; wyit mu in glial , *,~, rm by Qrn. Jliz _ _ ncil Jmlnrton, LSlSiuni Skwbu Sup;rvi:;y,UQe ;l; c;LLmbw* EMI Wib; ,Z$$ i {CT in EEO xfficlc On "fouzixj, C;v@, gni g<0i;:ibilib_ 0;&h; yeur*r," Ly. Clifford L, KLdCT gssistgzq St be SD,TYiT]Y ;;i:L.C gf ix, ;T10l, frobp Eh. v.;y on "G0v;rnmnLxL irjgmizaijog a;@ Qwce Yr Eyw`nw." Vie l2ditl&url j;lc~ crriys were prppnyul, u@gy Q~ gui ;ri;j@3 eV jrr, ]Ix:1w; ;nK `y. .1dr, uy Ausgrs. lobert P. QCLL: . m, ;y;i"1 Q;2=ji:;;` ,'. Vwrdp Q. 4u:7, YlLb;YL, uni Qrc. Jul; A. Ufkli, ;;;m;?cJ Lgziatuyt, ;ry Mbcly f?Q of cetmkj r w/ ,. Er, and jre; l {nl rcs; rch mrip by Q?. ,5ygI k4_ , `r ;; agi 'T. jyxwi., unigy hFc Uir~uLlm 0Lb. nAdr. EF1; ;;Jtri~=: * .~ grci ;ib. Q 1y` ,;r1r. F0:;; C, ii uW,u;, 4'jJ}WLFi) YLLJJ; 1y>;F vicsr, *1d Jy;ph %uyi;;un, ;?LL;y, uxixy tL .iyAr[i~L . ol Q:. ;AIuLu1. .Jg