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9 > Image 9 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 57. Jessamine County (Nicholasville)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

l { { . 11 { Preface { { dr. Simmons classified and arranged the entries, under supervision of Qr. { Hoefolman. The indexes were prepared by Irs. hyklo, lr. Richard Spriggs, and { Hr. Kenney, under the direction of hr. Sim ons. Stencils used in this publica- { tion were out by Hrs. Nykle, Miss Sallie E. Dickinson, list {ary L. Coons, and { lk. Charles Hockenjos. I { { The Kentucky Historical Records Survey Project wishes to express its deep { { appreciation to the following members of the Uashington staff for their services { { in thc preparation of this book; Liss Label Brodie, Editor in the Surveys Wash* { ington office, for her careful editorial analysis; and Ir. John C. L. Andreassen, { former Regional Supervisor, and Hr. Dan Lacy, present Regional Supervisor, for ` { their valuable suggestions. { Grateful acknowledgment is made to the officials of the Work Projects Ad- _ { ministration in Kentucky for the use of mineographing equipment; to the Univer- { sity of Kentucky, Lexington, for the use of the library; to Irs, Jeuett Taylor { Cannon, Secretary of the Kentucky State Historical Society in Frankfort, for her { { assistance in supplying special historical information; to Lis. Emma Guy Orem- _ { well, for supplying our editorial staff with volumes used in the compilation of { inventory material; and to the Pilsen Club, Louisville, for use of its library. { The courtesy shown to our workers by County Jud;;_T. L. Guyn, County Clerk Deck .{ Corman, Circuit Court Clerk V. E. Latthews, Jr., and KE. lb R, Traynor of the { Jessamine County Welfare Department is also greatly appreciated. { Forthcoming volumes of the Inventory of the County Archives of Kentucky ' { will be issued in mimeograph forETl?E?diZ?;Tdit;f5Eien' { libraries, and historical societies in Kintucky, as well as to selected libraries { and depositories in other states. Reouects for information concerning partieu { lar volumes should be addressed to the State Supervisor, 307 South Fifth Street, { Louisville, Kentucky. Ci) { . { A { / { , ~ .-..1/f e { (j_,(Z /65 _/!<:1)~<_q>_ { Earl TlLQM: "`1i?J_ { State Supervisor { The Historical Records Survey Project { { Q Louisville, Kentucky { February l, lUlO `