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SONG-SURF (Being the Lyrics of Plays and Lyrics) by CALE YOUNG PRICE M /[R. RICE'S work betrays wide sym- pathies with nature and life, and a welcome originality of sentiment and metrical harmony." Sydney Lee. "In his lyrics Mr. Rice's imagination works most successfully. He is an optimist - and in these days an optimist is irresistible - and he can touch delicately things too holy for a rough or violent pathos." The London Star (James Douglas). " Mr. Rice's highest gift is essentially lyrical. His lyrics have a charm and grace of melody distinctively their own." The London Bookman. "Mr. Rice is keenly responsive to the loveliness of the outside world, and he re- veals this beauty in words that sing them- selves." The Boston Transcript. "Mr. Rice's work is everywhere marked by true imaginative power and elevation of feeling." The Scotsman. "Mr. Rice's work would seem to rank with the best of our American poets of to-day." The Atlanta Constitution. I I i I I I I i I i I i Ii i i I I I i i