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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 04, no. 49, 1979

Part of Kentucky alumnus

A/cfftfi W i4' 5Y;-/. University Archive! cover: Margaret l. King Library - Nottli Wildcat Band majorettes are part University of Kentucky of the pageantry in that wonderful Lexkmtom Kentucky C traditionthe haU-time show. UKs band takes that tradition and adds a new dimension for the en- tm terminment Of!-Ootbau farm the kentucky alumnus fall 1979 vol, 49 no, 4 <' features: 1979 Omcms 6 preparations that lead to applause . Pmsment no one works harder at preparing for a successful fall cam- _iOhhC_OwenS5,O paign than the 290 members of the wildcat marching band. L>>. Kentucky reporting to campus a week before classes start, the members ?idE\ work 12 hours a day on perfecting the music and drills for their John C. Nichols ll '53 half_tim Shows L 'li ,K'nt ck ` Gum 9 2 u y 10 gubernatorial candidates 1979 Treasurer _. _ _ _ _ Mm JOF_MOmS38 republican louie b. nunn and democrat iohn y. brown jr. Lexington,Kentucky answer nine questions about higher education and the secretary _ university of kentucky which were presented to them by the 1{*VB":7f*i;d ig k kentucky alumnus. exmg Ol`, an uc y an Oll XCI.l'lZlV talks I'\Igv Association Staff _ _ Director . ~ robert t. mc cowan, an active alumnus and executive of .1ayBrumt1eid48 ashland petroleum company, shares the facts" about the A** D*'*" energy situation with an alumni audience. BobC.Whitaker'58 . h I . 9 Educ, IS CDCTQV t 8 ICB CllSlS. ]__igHOwatd DgmOyan68 four Lll'ilVl'Slly faculty lTllTlbY5_lalTlS funk, elrlglneerlllg; Mbh*P Cjd** curtis harvey, economics; michael brooks, sociology, and AdD bd 39 harriette rose, counseling and testingstart talking about Julia Brothers Ruby Giipin l'll`Q} blll COl'lCI'lll`Hl Oil l'TlOI` f&ll3ClilllQ ll'TlpllCatlOI'i$. Linda Brumfield Ruby Hardin two books on l'llSt0l'lC lXlllQ'lZ0ll Ruth E R9Hlk'`74 two alumni who happen to be teaching courses on the uk Roy Fugitt77 Ennis Johnson h h l d b k d l. . h Amelmcamo Lolapoum campus t is year ave eac re ease a 00 ea mg wit historic lexington. dr. holman hamilton profiles the authors and their books for ou. V 21 charlann carroll recalls getting her p.h.t. The Kentucky Alumnus (USPS 292-840) is "putting hubby through" is a common course of study for published qa""lV bv the U$V { Ke"` many wives. here the governors wife looks back on her days tucky Alumni Association, 400 Rose Street. t k th rt. t I Lexington, Kentucky 40506, for its dues-pay- a u as ano er po lon O er I Q Comes O a C OS' ing members. individual dues are $15 annual- ly with $2.00 of that amount used in publica departments; ` tion of the magazine. Second class postage 2 aimound campus briefly I paid at Lexington, Kentucky, and additional 7 m _ ma,l,,,g Omces pOSTMA$yER, Send budget for 79-80 up 7.3 percent . . . penn central invest- changes ofaddressto The Kentuckyfilumnus, merit tCOupCl . . . faculty, staff activities _ _ _ et(;_ ;}g(5O;tlumn1 Association, Lexington, KY 5 sports gleanings ukit ticket order form . . . playing close-tothebelt . . . all- Opinions expressed in The Kentucky Alum- american c()nteiidei5 _ _ _ et(;_ nus are not necessarily those of the University alumni clubs ` of Kentucky or the Alumni Association. A _ _ member Of me Jomt Alumm Council Of Kem jefferson county club plans day at churchill downs . . . QYC- tucky and CASE, Council for the Advance- class notes ment and Support of Education.