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Part of Jeffrey family papers

. a V! N . L J., t _ , * V ;TY`T i;;Y*`i`;Q;ZjT Z;;Q;LT1i~11T;.-.I;:;;r* V r ;; ji ;;;;:t7;1 1;;. Gl . . - L1be1ty and U nion, IN ow and U `\ ` i ` * , T \ 1 T _)Ir. l IIN PINE A] L SUNDA1 , I [ T { , ug off mos}. };,-.lll4_ l.e;ldenv. nmnounccd E I 7 1 V } J hz; xw.lzii`~i,r; rixmate i,iu}ld h,~i1;r3 of _~ ln aww *.3 ii, 1'Tr .T"`[;-ZiI' x..; ie.1 ii? 5{L \liEi, Ul'Hll|.' M: iz ` w ie=Z = *. * ` ;;[Al`ti1Vi!*i{; I B _`.~1., . . e I I= mug: be iriterestixng lo xiiuiiy in laiiow why [WugI3%gi$P and my btI www he `' it i Swnzliiilnni, all the world ovcr, rl>sciv">i*<*=*} mum` ` power and sanctity hc might convert the Pagans h"* hk SMC {""d ih"t g}* mumphcd 1 in A|p_,i(m_ over narrow circumstzmces. His sJrig were S On the 3ULh day of November, AV. D. 359, the "i"*`gqu} ""?g"i Cm&'>Ailc> wd bil the ll - ship on which sitiled the Abbot, und the relics, C*mP_H'9 \'<>bY WQSE W me rd Mid !~mlW` . was wrecked OH the coast og Scommth when, by eil, did not lrnow thczlr author. J The Soon Img tl u miiucle, (so the legion runs,) the good Abbot _ *l"`Y b"_`5'? **8 } mm ld Md h}-`omlj )_ ~ amd the relics were saved. though ull else per- "'Eu '"c ""l `J? m GFS Yi"' WM"! "l'mk.! `, mimi iu tim M. The stm 1mmi1culiiUi hS=r I lliipk 0*, WL Pumch- *1l{r { - SL. lfcgulus, or Et. Ruill, ss us then touixded by mid J fUlm**U ms H} Clobcd bf E`'$5 P the Abbot, now the Uuivmity and (my Ot- Si the {allowing wry happy seritimm-:n_t, wh1rlir`xg;is ?i Andrews, iu the couiityol Fife; and (Jhiistiuuity tl}$}St"`al1Y "?"'E"`*"1f 'MW, lsu* f_bc?t it was first prcuchcd iii Scotland. Au event or ljU*"*tS O'I`S i`*tS fl`dS"S tboms for Its eternal influence I $0*** _ ' , . . hi the eighth century we find how thu Thistle All B"ft$yb*""{c"ud,t ""*?i "Bmgm to beczuhe the cherished emblem of Scotland. A vn rlw Rh"'*{ [*cLh" Vth 1*="**>',h0*3 l fa 181`gi: Dslllish Iicet and :1. povverful army then entitled "}{I`I1H10i1d OH the deems, which *Vi 8.Il'i\'C'j upon the coast of Scotland ior the pur- Sat thc ***}*10 m ** w" P _ , {Tb pose of conquering the island. The Scottish BY Mr John I-*"*'}`""rl he I*""$ King ;mmdi:,_l,)ly gm-,] imma to the Dimes; it Enos B. Rooil beiixg ciillcal upon, 1enm.rked'_ h.ird 1biiglit.h r0>le1iv~ : 1, f[ }-L`l%}2L}terii;x or (_)FFlC!~1R$,~Y]`hI ;ai1ip;i}iill;l-pd 2. Ljrmt dainty 1 And girded tm their arms ' E * [lil; ILL Mu?] iw mg ohwwm ntl Umcells mr! being mostly captured, ior they could not rc| Wncn drst. they herd their country': call . 1 _ _ _${'E"F< F*` MF. John Jeffrey, who has treaE to their fleet across the llcid ot thisrles And wsrvsmotdraud1argzel { j l"_f-** *"l` We Uliih ll illo Litt `rive veiirs I Iwhich lnlromtcvi lih:iri1:i}:cdfb0t. In the early Tt},$';g;;;wg];lY?iip;g;0:Fl F l uiiiiinilgxde~oi~vmIly, ihe good opinion <`t zlllll mom; the Scottish :1I'I11_)' Stood ViCt0l'il`l1S Oil {ho Z Tnmr mommy llvggrw th us to-nigh; ` ;il';`l IffS}lI\vLi1)v 1ql"""1 fl "B `l<*fUJii, B.lL}IL)llU`]; |blmlU_Cld armed amd l_m_tgg!1mh_imucagnlh 1 Though uchmvcd form hn um: l Int. giurtiimdity with which the Club insistzd Lkldile 1m* I Mr. John hm ri rwcltcd =om> clmiiieiit 5 [4[v *9 *h**1*il >1*'<3 Plilvihr torni would have}? '}`h< Kill;. ill *JUiUli**';* "Y mis }'Ji<*~* i is4zs. lwiil and iwamiiotiv, which were well io I { f""i`*d ]_=*> diiate_Sc0t to yield ucqnicsencl. ~ii>ElU Club was thci1giv011,w}ir:n11ll x f],mIlv O1 ""* }*?W`ai1id one who will" l drcvr." wliow c<11zirs;uid banners should ho cmr ljojucll in Sgngillg ` "iUHl ii " I MT iu \ ii?`MCm` ~h` Ulm JI`; S"""""" 'HW i {thc \`_UlUu1$ Ut. Lhc Lhuliah !n_i$UHI_F' fu Q\_Qutid(. ` . [LLM }i'l`&l4Y]j}`l i`r(.;idQnL of Khp { L`. I V lv.l1lg})(1`]lIl].. I IH} Itllllllill lliUt)I'ZLIi'ill uf tllljl lyqt U1 hm- w9l mul w_xe this !Jl,Ill(_)llS lhigdo I;\h>;NLl_l;1}_> ` " " " ` 3 1N li11'I{;;~~i* ill ir~i ti1ieis;ml1L;t i` i it i(. C.;?f'1r,?2f*C??%~l* ;"*Y?" ml 1 f~ W * iw W mr *"r ~* *.*? iw I ` ` i' i the ~nhic1l i1`-ilpiiii rin; *.wjiil fm'] 'I no .l_1riox) of ilu- (jnpt. Rohr. Air was i da my l:i11u1*s 1 mit most n<.ille ,ii.i ur the } ""l"* "i " Sl"". .si i Kl.i~i.l> of sl. -ii..~\- :11c<*iul>r;ilm 5C.,_|i I A b" mYY$*S"'"" *i?""I*"1* M"} i i bqiiligliiiiisi was dmnk with d ru.i;ilt,d roixu li them wc1:(wciimal Rosccraim. ui1dMnyorH;rrmg. f I _ _ I mm xt I The lauientcd President of the Society huviiw 0 emmm>m dm "`r ' ~ _ . . I T _ b ` F. H 1 _ _. _; __ . ` me mcg Regret cmiavd by the inch of these ofhcois F l _ m "*"`t I"` ". t K V @10* i.mH L. uecessitrv ubsuucc 011 uccouiii, of severe sicliucso g ( [)IS,111CllY`, Join; \\_. lilliblfj, prcs1ie;i1, xghilo Mr. _J:md cmhugmsm on account of the hupm, re j Jh 'Im`Y mldcm of h.BuFnS ("1ub was meiiihmxive of their ilA)l`lIlU?' 0iitiibutimi$,, in F Uhofch {O mcsldc at thc wm Ut [hl. mbl l ,;iud ,tX`\l1;ty\\ hich creiitgil Fucli zi juror among; U , New the m_Cdy amd bury the dead HE cy uccrtunxn hast Teuuusscataunlry Rcgimeyrgttudt honed me young mcmbm,5 to a regular ummd_ wzio pic:tche;d Ibuiorv Gon. Rogexrrains and mul'?. ` , { ance at the niectiiigs of the Society, iu order to I 1: II *{ld't 11V;;l=$!1;31 {`m}*f dw? 3 hgPP.Y Mi , keep up amd mziiiitatiu the good work. ( "> du mu} * to J0) md") wc _ l The next in order was the reading ofthc l ~----~-- X REGULAR TOASTd i Th (ggmpilid for the Nstlziml Xnlcni .l 1*~ ly mma auch <;:ii0m. Vrlmt, vm; mid .. xg I mn wl: ` wma well mid limi said bii0fiywe nrc *Y*JIlY:1d\iU lm0;l;a,_ ll, ' glmro nrc no uliaitteriiig pzxrmts among the mam- I mq ll(.Siin,, ,,1. = here l' ilu: ('iilcdouiain Sorl my ;~gbgll' i excellent, x

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