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Part of Jeffrey family papers

. » a V! N ’ . L J., t _ , ···* V ·· ·;TY`T—— i;;Y*`i`;Q;ZjT Z;;£Q;LT»1i~11T;‘.-.I;:;;r* V r ·;; ji ;;;;:t7;1 1;;. ’ Gl . . - L1be1·ty and U nion, IN ow and U `\ ` i° ` * , T \ ‘ 1 ‘ T _)Ir. l IIN PINE A] L SUNDA1 , I [ ’ T { , ug off mos}. };,-.»lll4_» l’.·e·;ldenv. nmnounccd · E I 7 1 V } J hz; x·w.»lzii`~i,r·¢·; rixmate i¤¢,iu}ld h,~i1;r3‘ of _~ ln aww *.3 ii, 1'Tr .T"`[;-ZiI' x..;“ ‘ie.‘1 ii? 5{L \li·Ei, Ul'Hll|·.' M: iz ` ‘· w i¤e··=Z ··= ··’*. ‘ * ` ;;[¥»Al`ti1Vi!*i{; I B _`¤‘.¤~1¤., . . ‘ e I I= mug: be iriterestixng lo xiiuiiy in laiiow why [°°“Wug§I3%gi$P and my b°°t’I www he °°`°' it i Swnzliiilnni, all the world ovcr, r·l>sci·v">¤i*<·*=·*} mum` ` power and sanctity hc might convert the Pagans h"* hk SMC {""d€“°° i°h"’t g°‘}“*°’ mumphcd 1 in A|p_,i(m_ over narrow circumstzmces. His •sJrig¤ were S· On the 3ULh day of November, AV. D. 359, the “"i"€*`g”qu}’ "·"?g"i¤ C°m‘&'€>Ai”l“c€> wd bil the ll - ship on which sitiled the Abbot, und the relics, C¤*mP_H¥'9» ¢\'<>¤¤—bY WQSE W me r¤d¢ Mid !~ml€’W¢¤`· —°. was wrecked OH the coast og Scommth when, by eil, did not lrnow thczlr author. J The Soon Img tl u miiucle, (so the legion runs,) the good Abbot _ ‘*l"`“Y” b°"“_“`“5'·€? **8 ‘} mm ’°ld‘“‘ · Md h}-`omlj )_ ~ amd the relics were saved. though ull else per- "'Eu “'”"c "“"l‘ `J? m GFS Yi"' WM"! "l'mk.°! `,· mimi iu tim M. The stm ¤¤1¤¤mmi1c¤ul·¤iiUi “ ¤¤¢h¤S¢=r· I lliipk 0*, WL Pumch-¤ ¤*·1l·{¤¤r { - SL. lfcgulus, or Et. Ruill, ss us then touixded by mid J f§°U€l°m**U· ms H°“°}° Clobcd bf E“`”'$5 P the Abbot, now the Uuivémity and (my Ot- Si the {allowing wry happy seritimm-:n_t, wh1·rlir`xg·;is ?i Andrews, iu the couiityol Fife; and (Jhi·istiuuity °“tl}“$}“St"`al1Y "?"'·E"`*"1f 'MW, ”l“su*’ °f_bc?t‘ it was first prcuchcd iii Scotland. Au event or ljU“*"*tS “O“'°I`S i‘”`*tS fl`“’¤dS»"‘S tboms for Its eternal influence I $0*** _ ' , . . hi the eighth century we find how thu Thistle All B‘"f“°t$·yb*""{€c"u“d,°“t· "°"*?°‘i "Bmgm to beczuhe the cherished emblem of Scotland. A vn rlw Rh"'*{· [*’§cLh€" “V‘th “ 1*="°**>',§h0¤‘¤·*3¤¤» l fa 181`gi: Dslllish Iicet and :1. povverful army then entitled "}{I•§`I1H10i1d OH the deems, which ·*·Vi 8.I‘l'i\'C'j upon the coast of Scotland ior the pur- Sat thc ***}*10 m ** w" P _ , {Tb pose of conquering the island. The Scottish BY Mr John I-*"‘*'}`“""‘rl he I*"°"$· King ;mm€di:,_l,)ly gm-,] imma to the Dimes; it Enos B. Rooil beiixg ciillcal upon, 1·•enm.rked'_ h.ird 1biiglit.h’ r·0’>le1iv¢¤~— : 1, f[“·‘§ }»‘-L`l%——}2L}te‘rii;»x or (_)FF’lC!~1R$,—~Y]`h€I ;ai1i·p;·i<¢·d by the vwzikcfulxicas uml 1·m•.¢,linc¤ss oil To/x:g,£}°é`;l:1t;1${)i‘:ggegefrbgézégll X; ball`) me: Un H'“"$d¤Y_1¤i;{l1t lan, at thel their »~m_·n¤f~'- amd !.liG}’ >¢}iill;l-pd 2. Ljrmt dainty 1 And girded tm their arms ' E * [lil; ILL ‘ Mu?] iw mg ohwwm ntl Umcells mr! being mostly captured, ior they could not rc»| Wncn drst. they herd their country': call . 1 _ _ _$’{'“E“"F< F€¢*¤`· MF. John Jeffrey, who has ‘t·reaE to their fleet across the llcid ot thisrles And wsr’vsmo·tdraud¤1argzel { j l"_“”‘f-*°‘* *"¤l` We Uliih l·»l· illo Litt `rive veiirs I Iwhich lnlromtcvi lih•:iri1:i}·:cdfb0t. In the early Tt}‘,$';g§;‘;;‘§°w§g];lY?iip;¤g;0§§:éFl F l uiiiiinilgxde~oi~vmIly, ihe good opinion <`»t zlllll mom; the Scottish :1I'I11_)' Stood ViCt0l'il`»l1S Oil {ho Z Tnmr mommy llvggrw th us to-nigh; ` ;il';`l If‘fS}lI\vLi1)v ‘1q°l"""1 fl "B €`l<‘*fU·Jii, B.lL}IL)llU`]; |blmlU_§Cld· armed amd €l_m_tgg!1mh_imucagnlh 1 Though uchmvcd form hn um: l Int. giurtiimdity with which the Club insistzd Lkldile °¤1m¢*‘¤· I Mr. John hm ri•· rwcltcd =om•> clmiiieiit 5 [4‘·‘·[v *9 *h‘**1¤*il >¤1*'<3 Plilvihér torni would have}? '}`h<¢ Kill;. ill *JUi¤U¤€¤l‘»·i‘**'·;*—’¤ "Y mis §}'J¥‘i<*¤~* ‘ i ¢·i·s4zs. lwiil and iwamiiotiv, which were well i·o— I { f""i`*‘d ¤ ]_=’*>¥ ·»¥»d¤ii·ate_»Sc0t to yield ucqnicsencl. ~i<·toi·y, winch trawl Scotlimd for num) years CCil·m]_ ` i wi l?}n"¥U lim P"“°“i‘"ié °m°0*`°U€)’€¤·¤‘loiwerj}< from Uiiuisli invasion, ibuxrdcd among hm belted I Thp ywulm uy the acting ‘p,»eSjd€,,L uu, yiuw _1h·»s L»,·)I~1lo|iulI_ was uhoseu Presidgut { W;l.l`1'i0l`3 the *‘Or¤h·1· ut the Knight of ir`. Air l\1`i>E‘lU Club was thci1giv011,w}ir:n11ll x ‘f],mIl°“v O1 "’“"“*‘ }*?¤W`ai1id one who will" l §drcvr." wliow c<»11zirs;uid banners should ho cmr ljojucll in Sgngillg ` €"iUH¢l¤¥ <‘¤€f‘l1five oilitier. Davidl · ‘ 1 ·, __1r_ · {_ ‘ ‘ *f »¤ ,7 *_’ r · . . • . ~ _ l)Iau:0iil:d with the ·']l11i¤t|€· proper , .mj‘I no li; i hlqm. hella right good I-Snow". 7 ll Chun, AF, Llioseli b€CI‘8tary m place of I ****1** 1*1** 7%""'j ‘%“'i“’* Um““"* "’ °mT""'“1""» m { `Mr Home willed mit l`··iin Humév, WI10 l f I ulio en Flltwwh MM [hc UM m"mul'°“[" L pui·pl»,·, 11i`g;·0o11,_:1ud in [Old,(I·nldI1tLHLlt('{Yll(} gave, Scotland and thc hmd“,(! HW hh rt vm! 1. e tht 1Il,iii.i1i{.1`ii;; otlgves, iw, l,L M (mlm, '1 he good queen. having bccn all day N] _ Dmicl Bwwp Wim, Nncd u Nm ,_L\.¢_ ,1 1 · M_ _ "~ "'··)···, _J~·—-·;»lz i\)1l'Q]|Qg·: lg.; i‘·jCc_ { 'wiih he? ******1* of }‘°“°'· '?‘*$"S°”* i“ *’i"di"g“P 'l·9[-ililliaii ~Il—i¤ll I~;¤il·»ii6*piitii>ii " I MT iu \ » i·i?`MCm` ~h` Ulm JI`; S‘°""“""""· 'HW i {thc \`_UlUu1$ Ut. Lhc Lhuliah !n_i$UH€I_F' fu Q\_Qutid(. ` . [LLM }i'l`&•l4Y]j}`·l i`r(.;idQnL of Khp { L`. I V lv.l‘1lg})(·1`]€lIl].. I IH} Itllllllill l‘l£iUt)I'ZLIi'ill uf tllljl lyqt U1 hm- w9l» mul w¢_¤x‘e· this !Jl,Ill(_)llS lhigdo I;\h>;NLl_l;1}_> ` " " " ` ‘ ’ 3 1N li11'I{;‘;~~i* ill ir<»bt·il llgimd will NLC MACC OH! l""""‘“ " M‘·"'°'i by Y"? K "'." "??’“’ ¥‘""""~"‘*€ This midi out :.1i-..iem·t»»·,·.»·1.¤ wm it vm 5 ,¤ y `,_jk_j’“‘ "'°‘·= "*‘°" A MSM :;<>~»·i ti1¤ieis;ml1L·;t i` i it i·(. C.;?f'1r¥,?2f‘*C?¥?%~¥€l* ;"*Y?" ml 1 f·¤¤¤~· ··—· W ··*— iw W mr *’¤"¤r· ~··* *.*·?· iw I ` ` i' i the ~nhic·1l i1`-ilpiiii rin; *.wj·»iil fm'] ‘ 'I no .·l¢_·1riox) of ilu- (jnpt. Rohr. Air was i da my l»:i11u•·1*s ··1‘ mit most n<.il·le ·,»ii.i¢·¤ ur the ‘“‘“‘}‘ ““""l"‘*‘ "“‘i "’ S‘l"““"·. .si¤ i Kl.i~i.l> of sl. -i¤·i.—.~»\- :11·c<*iul>r·<·id¢21·r%·l wil .¥"·;l"’“"? "I““""§"‘{‘“r?"‘“‘ ".?"‘“"‘ dw Ot l fh? iqlliliilo wil me—··· Tllu mw not to be muolieii SINME Qnmjr h)l]`€§ U lim bbawi .l*¤‘ . ‘ ` . . A 'I out to tllrz l'i¤v Cuiii1<·iI!»mi1;;hl the you-i "`ggggif,,1lu,§?]’lca]§%_£_l;0 emlilee l’0r»·i· Gilisonhto his {oct, who did honor i A brit thr· zoiiilio !11i}1i·1i»l; nicrcv t(<,» tlmgvnii- to QW L Mlliw `g~_tl)f;`1L;1l;`v'l ,< . _ V _ _ [ * q.,l;i.Qi,i im. is my- the ¤mtmm‘i·i mt-Q miiiser. ‘ “{’?"‘·“‘§ ° [TF`} ," { {“ “"’“l"°‘ ""."{‘€’ Il i S ,`r:oLi:iiidt0-<1u. ‘<’·0l0bi·;tt0s t»h(}§lI1Hi\’€[`SiLI`Y {Crm um m ` COL `ml 4) YO Lit _b€m:r lfmhh Oi No E ` _f’1°·_° W ,_ , ' ;`t. I _ IL _. ._ _ d X \· of the best l·»ve·1 ufhccm ufthc So·;i0ty——-Mr.; }w;fi'__t;’·I‘gfx;{;f{_·l_‘;hC‘;’1‘__r, "“"’“”'“ "r“ ‘°' I P·~·¤r·¤· Gimp, '1`i·ca.sur<:r, limi 1l1i—.1>;il»m 5C.»,¤_|i I A b"“‘ mYY$““*‘S"'“"" *i“‘?""’I*"1* M"} ‘i‘“‘°¥‘¥ i bqiiligliiiiisi was dmnk with d ru.i;i··lt,·d ro¢ixu·» li them wc·1·:·(wciim·al Rosccraim. ui1dMnyorH;rrmg. f I _ _ I mm xt °’ ¤ I The lauientcd President of the Society huviiw 0 emm°m>m dm "`°r° ' ~ _ . . I » T _ b ` F. H 1 _ _. _; __ . ` me mcg Regret cmiavd by the inch of these ofhcois F l ¥‘”“·_ m "*"`t I"` ". t K V @10* i°.m¥‘°H· L. ° uecessitrv ubsuucc 011 uccouiii, of severe sicliucso g ( [)I‘€S,111CllY`, Join; \\_. lilliblfj, prcs1·ie;i1, xghilo Mr. _J:md cmhugmsm on account of the hupm, re j J°h“ 'I°m`°Y· méldcm of °h°.BuFnS ("1ub’ was meiiihmxive of their ilA)l`lIlU?' ¤·0iiti·ibutimi$,, in F Uhofch {O mcsldc at thc wm Ut [hl. mbl°‘ l ,;iud »,tX`\l1;ty‘\\ hich creiitgil Fucli zi juror among; U , New the m_Cdy‘ amd bury the dead HE cy uccrtunxn hast Teuuusscataunlry Rcgimeyrgttudt ¥ honed me young mcmbm,5 to a regular ummd_ ‘ wzio pi·c:tche;d Ibuiorv Gon. Rogexrrains and mul'?. ` , { ance at the niectiiigs of the Society, iu order to I 1: II *{l‘°d't ¤11V;¤;l=$!1;31··¤ {`m}*“f’“ dw? 3 hgPP.Y Mi , keep up amd mziiiitatiu the good work. ( ‘“"> du mu} ·‘ *‘ ° to °“J0) md") wc · _ l The next in order was the reading ofthc l ···~——·———•••-—---~-- X REGULAR TOASTd‘ i Th (ggmpilid for the Nstlziml Xnlcni .l 1—¤‘*~ ly mma auch <»·»;··:¤¤ii0m. Vrlmt, vm; mid .. xg I mn wl: ` wma well mid limi said bi·i0fiy——·we nrc *Y*JIlY:1d\i‘»U‘» lm0‘¢€;l;»a,_ ll, ' · glmro nrc no uliaitteriiig pzxrmts among the mam- I mq ll(.Siin,, ,,1. = here ·»l' ilu: ('iilcdouiain So<·icty—ii` tligw are d`·(,l.n`1nM§»L they were not present lust Monday evening. i }`J\`[`f'I`lL¤ iw I ]yl ;u]1l]'im| lo llw reiglllftr ]'•;Sl¤OIl:¤{1 Irl) HIS and kyjdh th ‘ § :!,I’l|l}' amd ihc iicix y, N1`. }'Z. M. I’ower·s wm, c1ilIr·i1`thm.,, {bust 1 ‘ UPU;] lor ii soiighaiiiti Qi-L\'UlK1iTI\€ Yonge und m<>r¤l ¤ my ;~gbgll' i excellent, €x<·c\1EI0l1, V WO lil R€DUbIl(|\|*", TW the put down iglojc of the lust verse substituting the numc 0f ~·[ wil], l(;€ll€ml Rosecmns for the ragul:u· words. This LO me - { ·,·,·llg me cue for a voriferous mill for that hcro, mma 3 . who arose amd modestly beggod to be excused street r from making u spcscb, being, as he said, on thc you g t i "invalid list," mid being i`urt.he1·assured by his gm ii J I trlend, Peter Gibmn, that if he would attend he il l should not be culled upon tbr st speech. 4 · D Q VOLUNTFLF; TO.\:$Tn. · TP 'l`h·: r<;gul;•,r t0a.;st.s being through with » rpm; . ¢